Commissioner Riley Votes for Common Core!

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Unfortunately our Texas education system has changed radically in the last decade and not for the better. A good classical education has been replaced with technology and a progressive teaching pedagogy of social emotional learning in order to change a child’s attitudes, values and beliefs and behavior. We are seeing that played out across the county with a rapid decline of allegiance to our country or God.

In 2013 I discovered a curriculum system within over 90% of our Texas schools called Cscope (Common Core). Cscope encompassed the progressive pedagogy mentioned. In addition Cscope was found to promote Islam, Communism and globalism. In 2013 a Senate hearing put a damper on the program itself but the transformation of our classrooms continued at a rapid pace. Though Magnolia ISD had not purchased the actual Cscope program they had implemented the same teaching philosophy. Read HERE.

April 9, 2012 the Magnolia ISD school board unanimously signed Texas Association of Schools Board’s (TASA) resolution promoting the progressive transformation.   At the time Commissioner Charlie Riley sat on the board and signed up for this. Why? Honestly, Riley was working his way up the ladder to be  Montgomery County Commissioner of PCT 2. If he had known what he was signing up for he would not have taken a stand against it making waves with the administration voting block of Magnolia ISD and jeopardize he win as Commissioner.  Instead in reality our children today are guinea pigs in this experiment of changing the American society to a more global one with global values not American values.

Eleven reasons not to give Charlie Riley a second term.

  1. Voted for Toll Roads
  2. Voted in favor of homosexual and transgender adoptions.
  3. Voted for Common Core education transformation
  4. Voted to limit bow hunting rights for hunter.
  5. Is under indictment.
  6. Is currently under Grand Jury investigation for abuse his office.
  7. Violates Ethics laws and uses School District to campaign.
  8. Voted himself a pay raise making 160,000+
  9. Violated nepotism laws creating a position for his wife Deanne in Constable Hills office.
  10. He lies to protect himself.
  11. Bonus Refuses to call out his tribe of supporters for their abusive actions and behavior.
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  1. Nunya

    What a crock of shit this article is.

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