Common Core in Texas @ Spring Hill ISD

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Texas is one of five states that did not adopt the Obama’s Progressive Common Core Education Standards. The 83rd legislature passed HB 462 prohibiting the adoption and use of Common Core in Texas. Despite the law numerous school districts across the state are ignoring the law. I wrote about Waco ISD and its use of common core and now we have been alerted to Spring Hill ISD using Common Core stands. Below are homework papers one 1st grade student brought home.

I have been begging parents across the state to please wake up and pay attention to what is going on not just in your child’s classroom but the ideology that administrators are trying to implement district wide across the state; which is a progressive one. It is called Type 2 in education establishment and it is built around the collective and not individual achievement, often referred to as Project Based Learning (PBL).  Parents and taxpayers need to pay close to the financials as well. Despite the millions of dollars running through your local school district the education establishment still lobby for more funds.


****The same progressive educators behind Common Core are the same behind Cscope. It is the same Marxist philosophy built around the collective to create diversity, equity and globalization. ****

common core

Who is behind Common Core and the progressive ideology across the Country? 






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