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  1. sam

    agenda 21 is being introduced in schools via back door 501c3 group called urban land initiative…here in texas

  2. Michael

    Hi there!

    I thought you might be interested in the viewpoint of someone who is not American.

    As a Canadian, I would like to say that it is because of people such as yourself, that many people around the world think that many, many Americans are completely insane.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ginger

      I would like to say.. it is people such as yourself as to why I would never move to Canada. It is people like me that have helped preserve the FREEDOM we have had in America for so long.

    • Dennis Jackson

      Excellent.. keep you and your person attacking unreasonable logically fallacious statement up there.

      If you have been reduced in intellect to the level that your only comment is to attack the speaker, then you have place yourself in to the realm of brainless protazoan levels of existance. Of course to answer your statement… those suffering from insanity often view the rest of the world to be the insane ones.

      I am an Alaskan and I am a gun toting Bible carying Citizen with all my rights that the Creator endowed me by birth with. We really don’t care about our socialists neighbors to the north, asctually to the east of me. So do as you wish and remember every time you open your mouth you show the level of your IQ and your teeth at the same time… 32.

  3. Ryan Whittle

    I hate to do this in a comments section, but I couldn’t find any direct contact information on your website, or twitter account. My question is this: what reporting went into your article “WARNING: PROJECT BASED LEARNING”? I am a former graduate of a Project-Based Learning high school and couldn’t help but notice multiple inaccuracies in your article. I would love to enlighten you on the specifics of the PBL environment. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to email me.

    • Ginger

      Mr. Whittle,

      I appreciate your candidness to tell me I am incorrect in my reporting. I would appreciate it if you would please bullet point what you view to be my mistakes.

  4. L. Robertson

    Ginger, you are the reason I have to regularly apologize for being a conservative. I don’t speak my political views in my school setting because of uninformed, unrealistic and incorrigible people like you. You didn’t attack the teacher, you humiliated a kid. SHAME ON YOU!! I regularly issue this challenge to people who don’t do what I do– teach.


    • Ginger

      Do you truly think students are reading my website? Teachers should not be posting students work or photos online anyway!

    • Ginger

      Another thought.. this was not the work of one individual but a group of students.

  5. AlM

    Obama and the democrats are responsible for the government shutdown.

  6. Nan Saucier

    Why did you not post my comment?

    • Alicia

      This site is a load of poop. Good points are being overshadowed by lies….

  7. Alicia

    “The truth shall set you free” is your motto…..bahhhhaaaaaaa?

  8. Julia S.

    I am responding about Project Based Learning. They just implemented it in my son’s school and I didn’t know it. My son, as well as his teacher, who does not care for this teaching method herself. It teaches on a system of “LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD”. My son wants to be an engineer, he’s in AP Chemistry. This system is a MARXIST SYSTEM. It puts students in groups or teams. One student from each group learns with the teacher. If there are 10 groups, then 10 students will have a lecture learning the current material for that unit. That student takes notes, goes back to their group and has to teach the group what they learned. Excuse my french, but how in the hell is another child NOT DEGREED IN THE SUBJECT MATTER” teach my child something they are just learning? Level the playing field my a$$. What about the child that doesn’t give a crap about any education after high school… With no ambitions or goals and yet my child that wants to be an engineer has to suffer? Some of the parents probably don’t care about their children’s education like I do, so are they going to push their kid like I do mine? Those of you in Texas, ask your child if they are teaching this way in their science classes. Sorry for any typos or mispronounced words, I am using my phone to type all of this.

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