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CSCOPE Curriculum Designer Employed by CCSSO Partner to Aid in Implementing

Common Core

Grant Wiggins CSCOPE and Common Core Developer

Posted on March 19, 2013 By Danette Clark

Grant Wiggins, one of eight designers of curriculum, standards and instruction of the pro-communist Texas CSCOPE curriculum, also provides professional development to aid educators in implementing the national Common Core State Standards. Pearson, the education service company widely known for publishing textbooks, has partnered with the Council of Chief State School Officers in providing training and other resources to states implementing Common Core.

Pearson is the company who helps create, prints, and scores the Texas State STAAR tests. This company also publishes booklets to help students study for the STAAR tests. These should be good booklets since Pearson knows exactly what is on the STAAR tests. UUM! Do you think this might be a conflict of interest? No more than Pat Hardy, State Board of Education member who reviews the STAAR tests and promotes CSCOPE, stating that the CSCOPE assessments and STAAR tests are similar in type. Comment by Janice 

Through the ‘Pearson Common Core Institute’, Wiggins provides instruction via several Pearson Common Core webinar videos. In one such webinar, Wiggins discusses “how issues of backward transfer relate to the Common Core”.

Why does the Texas SBOE give Pearson contracts to print GED material, all the STAARs, and then Texas allowed Pearson to purchase Texas online virtual education?

Pearson also supports TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) who are working to implement common core into Texas schools. 

‘Backward transfer’ (also commonly referred to as ‘backward design’ or ‘planning backwards’) is part of the Understanding by Design® framework for curriculum, assessment, and learning created by Wiggins and co-author, Jay McTighe, also a designer of CSCOPE.

As explained here and here, the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is the progressive education reform movement behind both CSCOPE and Common Core. Grant Wiggins has worked with the Coalition of Essential Schools for many years, studying CES method and pedagogy, and incorporating them into the creation of his own curriculum and instruction design for use in CES schools. A staple of the CES reform model has long been the use of ’essential questions’ in identifying desired results of teacher instruction.

Stage one of Wiggins and McTighe’s backward design process is identifying essential questions.

In 2011 and 2012, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) partnered with ASCD (the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) to hold statewide summits in several states on the implementation of Common Core. Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design® was originally published by ASCD. Read about Texas ASCD’s involvement with the Coalition of Essential Schools and CSCOPE here and here. Also, read more about Wiggins and others behind the Coalition of Essential Schools at Name Names — The People Behind the Largest Progressive Indoctrination Movement in the U.S.


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  1. Neva Kelly

    Grant Wiggins is not one of the designers of CSCOPE.

  2. Neva Kelly

    My point is that you and Ms. Clark are not accurate when you write that those listed on the slide are the designers, authors, or creators of CSCOPE.

    I have contacted her.

    When you make a statement such as “there are no absolutes in CSCOPE everything is subjective,” (which, by the way, is a run-on sentence), you are once again not being accurate. The vast majority of the content of CSCOPE is objective because it is aligned to the TEKS. The subjective content is also aligned to the TEKS. The TEKS include content and process skills, and require students to think and read critically.

    I do not believe that CSCOPE promotes Marxism. I love my country and believe it is the greatest country on the planet. Like you, I am concerned with many things I see happening in our society. I am even more concerned, however, with this movement that seems to want to prevent our students from developing the ability to critically analyze and question. From what I’ve read on your site and others like it, it seems that you think that those who question are in some way un-American. I believe it’s just the opposite. Our Founding Fathers questioned the actions and philosophies of other countries and governments. Those questions and resulting conversations and reflections cemented their beliefs and led to the creation of this amazing country.

    Let me give you an example, and I’ll use the “burka” event from Lumberton ISD. The district made it clear that that lesson did not come from CSCOPE, and I know because of my access to CSCOPE that it was not one of the exemplar lessons. I cannot begin to know the thought process of the teacher. I would hope that she was trying to use concrete artifacts from the culture they were studying. But this is one thing I know for sure: If I were a student in that class, and I volunteered to don the clothing that is customary for many Middle-Eastern and other women, I know I would not have been comfortable in those clothes. I know I would not soon forget that feeling of being totally covered and constricted — and probably very hot! I know I would begin questioning, and I know that the experience would cement my conviction that I never want the United States to become a country where I would be forced to wear a burka each day.

    • Ginger

      You will not find anything I have written that says those listed on the powerpoint have written Cscope content are lessons. I have said that Cscope is based on their philosophies… how can you deny that Cscope is not based on Marxism when it states it right there.

      Your right our founding father discussed many things they were highly educated grown men not impressionable children at school. I believe you need to teach children the right from wrong and facts. Everything doesn’t have to be up for discussion. I am tired of the Cscope lingo “Rigor” “Critical thinking”, etc. etc.. And all those within the “support Cscope” camp passes all responsibility on to the TEKS. Cscope will take one TEK and reuse it to a fault to carry through with their progressive agenda. I know there is no lesson in the Cscope content where it calls for the teacher to wear a Burqa though Cscope does promote a postitive view of Islam. I bet your school officials would be in an uproar if some student was asked to dress like Jesus and carry a cross. I have had access to Cscope as well thanks to teachers and friends that hate Cscope and are tired of being Controlled by it.I went through all the assessments for Grade 3 Social Studies. They are all on the environment, community, lack of resources..It is all based on the Global United Nations Agenda 21. If this is not stopped you can kiss America Good Bye As Lenin said.. Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. Vladimir Lenin

      • Danette


    • Danette

      You are correct – it is ‘subjective’ which is why Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design is so important to focus on – it IS incorporated into CSCOPE and being used by teachers using CSCOPE and Wiggins trains Texas educators to use this design. It is very important to consider when talking about “the DESIGN” of CSCOPE.

      For more on this and why it is important and why Wiggins and McTighe should remain a focus, read

  3. Danette

    I did post a ‘correction’ and update to this — whether Wiggins is technically a ‘designer’ of CSCOPE. It can be found at the link below.

  4. Angie

    Neva, I am a parent. The bottom line for me, as well as many parents in our school district, is that CSCOPE cannot meet the majority of the elementary student’s learning needs. I have seen one of my children go from top 2% in the nation academically to making 70’s and hating school in the last three and a half years since it’s implementation. I have three children and I will fight this until it is no longer providing stipends to administrators, brainwashing our youth, setting our country up for future failure and dependency, and I could go on. One thing I have learned in all of this is that the average person is stupid and ignorant to what is going on around them. I could see right through this thing from day 1! I am now at a crossroads( like many others in my community and even Texas) of private versus public. NEVER did I dream I would even be considering this since my mom was a public educator for 30 years. It is time for people to wake up and stop taking the easy road out. The school districts need to jump off that cliff and get rid of CSCOPE. It will be a little messy for a few years, but not nearly as messy as things will be if we keep it. Now jump off that cliff Texas!!

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