Cscope Students Tested On Sharia Law

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State Cscope Director Wade Laby and Texas Education Service Center Directors will continue to LIE and tell legislators, parents and communities that Cscope is not Pro Islamic but the mounting evidence proves otherwise. Below is a History  Cscope Assessment question  testing students on Sharia Law. SERIOUSLY!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

Cscope aligns with the TEKS? Where in the Texas Teks is Sharia Law listed? It isn’t! If you have questions as to why Cscope is testing your child or grandchildren on Islamic Sharia Law email the State Cscope Director Wade Labay at and ask him why?




I have research Cscope for over a year. My first findings was this Islamic Powerpoint. Notice on the  Power point is dated 2008 on the bottom left of the front page. The  powerpoint accompanies this lesson titled The Islamic World which calls for the teacher to hand out verses of the Quran to the students.


Please get involved and contact your superintendents and those in your communities and inform them about Cscope. Hold town hall meetings to inform your community. Our children deserve better.


Those behind this Marxist, Pro Communist and Pro Islamic Curriculum, Cscope. 





There has been a concerted attempt lately to try to downplay the negative aspects of sharia law in order to mainstream its acceptance into Western legal systems. I think it’s important to show the reality of what sharia law entails in order for a wider audience to fully grasp its ramifications. Reading words on paper about how incompatible it is with Western law is wholly different from seeing innocent women being murdered for the slightest triviality. Video link here. (hat tip Golem)



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