CSCOPE vs Traditional Education

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The controversy and concerns surrounding the  Marxist/Progressive Curriculum CSCOPE should be heeded by parents across the state. CSCOPE is HARMFUL to students and the differences in a traditional education and a Progressive Social Constructivist education (CSCOPE) is not only harmful to the child but will have detrimental effects on the future of our country.

Owners of CSCOPE have hidden this from the public for 6-7 years. There are over 875 school districts in Texas that have purchased and implemented CSCOPE. You still have school administrations such in Friendswood ISD and Brazosport ISD  over riding parents concerns in order to implement CSCOPE. Please make of copies of the comparison between a Traditional Education vs CSCOPE and hand them out to parents and your community. GET INVOLVED and make your voices heard.


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