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CYFAIR ISD School Board made the decision without a board vote to remove prayer from their school board meeting and replace it with “movement of silence”.

Cyfair’s recent school board meeting was Sept 12th. The community came in protest to the board’s decision and during the moment of silence quoted the “Lords Prayer”.


In trying to figure out how and what prompted the school board to eliminate prayer from their meetings I then submitted a Public Information Requesting asking for the following….

“Any/All communication, emails, text messages with board, administration, communications director relating to the CYFAIR ISD SCHOOL BOARD removing the Invocation/Prayer from their school board meeting and replacing with a Moment of Silence.” 

Today I received an email from  CYFAIR ISD stating the following..

Ms. Russell, your request has been processed, however, it appears the responsive documents are required to be withheld under provisions of the TPIA addressing attorney-client privileged communications and the deliberative process privilege.  A request will be submitted to the Texas Attorney General in order to confirm.  You will be copied on the correspondence.  Once the applicability of the privileges has been determined, any responsive documents that are releasable will be provided to you. 

Thank you,

Marney Collins Sims,

General Counsel


My gut feeling is the TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS (TASB) is behind it but we will find out.

I later received the following letter that was sent to the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton.


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  1. Max Forester

    Good job screwing up a moment of silence! There are people who don’t pray Christian prayers but still have the equal right to access public education. Key word, public. Not religious or Christian. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Atheist…all are welcomed at public schools. The moment of silence doesn’t take away from anyone, but it allows all to participate in a way they believe is right. Believe me, God can hear your silent prayers. He might even prefer them (remember what Jesus said about not making a public display of prayer?).

  2. Sterling W Russell Jr

    Why change what we have been doing for over 200 years it’s like my dad used to say ” when in Rome you act like a Roman ” . Our country was founded on christian principles. We shouldn’t make changes to our way of life because others have relocated to our country. This is the United States of America and I don’t care what belief others live by they shouldn’t come here if they don’t assimilate. And that all there is to it !

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