Dear Commissioner Charlie Riley,

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Are you telling people that I ran Deanne off the side of the road with your grand baby in the car. If so, you are lying to them. I would say I am surprised but I am not. God knows the truth! Is it really so hard to do the right thing Charlie?

Now for a little history on this. The Magnolia establishment is corrupt and abusive and it has been for years. Sadly, most taxpayers are oblivious and those that are aware of it either fear for their jobs or business and many that know will sell their integrity for a bar-b-q plate courtesy of Commissioner Riley.
I suspected and was right assuming that the Riley’s would be abusing their positions as county employees in preparation for the Charlie Riley Campaign Event, Sat. Oct. 14, 2017.
I drove to Magnolia suspecting to see the Commissioners yard being utilized in some fashion in setting up for Riley’s event. I did not expect to see Mr. Deanne  Riley who just returned to her office (Constable David Hill) that afternoon and rummaged through the Campaign T-Shirts in the back of her vehicle. I assume I was seen parked in Commissioner’s parking lot after witnessing Riley slamming the back door and jumping in the passenger side of Deanna’s vehicle. They drove out onto Unity Park Drive heading into the park towards 1488. Deanna turned east on 1488 and did not get in the line of traffic but proceeded up the side of the road as seen in photo below. Why she was driving so erratically and off the road is leaves room for question.
The story that Charlie Riley I know has been telling that I (Ginger Russell) ran his wife off the road with his grand baby in it is NOTHING BUT A LIE!
Proverbs 12:22  ” The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.”

Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley

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  1. I’m really shocked that a County Commissioner would treat one of his constituents as badly as he’s treating you. You’ve done so much service to our community. He should thank you, not lie about you. I hope that Commissioner Riley will calm down, apologize to you privately, and then work with you to bring conservative policies to Precinct 2.

    • Thank you Mr. Yollick.

  2. Mike

    Wait, so you were using your cell phone while driving down the road? That’s not safe.

    • Donna

      First of all, the grammatical errors in this piece make the story hard to follow, and calls into question the journalistic integrity of the publication. Secondly,the very first comment is that of a convicted fraudster who also runs a fake news page, which selectively targets political rivals of himself and those he supports. This tells me similar smear campaign tactics masquerading as “news” is being used here. In closing, it appears Ginger was stalking the family by taking paparazzi style photos from a distance, and then followed them in a vehicle, snapping pictures WHILE DRIVING in traffic. I’d like to see your media credentials, please post them for your “readership” to review. I would also like you to explain your decision to endanger lives in Montgomery County by using electronic devices while driving. How do you EXPECT citizens to believe your reports of others wrong-doing when you are breaking the law yourself?

    • Aubrey


  3. Paula Claborn

    Driving down the road taking pictures with your cell phone? That became a felony on September 1st Ginger. Being that the photo is on your phone and you took it and you are obviously in the driver’s seat based on where your car is in traffic, I wonder if you can still be ticketed and fined for this. Id like to know.

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