Home School Mom Demonized by Texas State Board of Education Member

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I never thought I would be doing what I am doing today and that is fighting for the rights of children in Texas to have a good education. I was fortunate enough to home school my girls which afforded us the ability to travel.  Homeschooling was a personal decision for my husband and I and realize some families are not able to do so. Both my girls went on to finish college and plan on home schooling their children. I believe I can say that home schooling for our family was a huge success. I know many home school families and their children are and have been very successful with their education.

Due to the discovery of a hidden progressive/constructionist curriculum called Cscope in Texas schools, has inspired me to get more involved in educational issues rather public or home school.

Texas State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff obviously thinks a Home School mom is not capable of running for School Board which is absurd.

His behavior is an embarrassment for the state of Texas and totally unethical. Texas can do better!

Thomas Ratliff

Texas State Board of Education Member
Thomas Ratliff


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  1. Nova Kyle

    This Man Needs To Be Removed ASAP, He Is Not What We Want Looking After The Education of Our Children, He Is A Disgraceful Pig.

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