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Magnolia ISD Magnolia Superintendent, Todd Stephens

Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens


Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens can’t seem to abide by the same ISD policy expected of his district employees. The Magnolia ISD policy employee policy states the following:

This past Saturday evening, October 14, 2017 Commissioner Charlie Riley held his campaign kickoff event at Unity Park in Magnolia. Entertainment was provided by none other than the Charlie Riley Band during the evening. In setting up for the band’s performance Riley and Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens utilized a couple of district employees and a Magnolia ISD Maintenance Truck to transport equipment. 


Stephens, Riley the maintenance truck, another cargo van and  were seen exiting the Magnolia ISD the Celeste Graves Education Support Center  @31141 Nichols Sawmill Rd around 2:00 pm. The vehicles proceeded to drive down Unity Drive to Unity Park. The vehicles pulled into the park and backed up to the stage area to unload equipment. After unloading the Maintenance vehicle  was then relocated to the administration building until the event was over. In relocating Stephens followed the vehicle back to the administration building and picked up the driver (district employee, Louis Bennett). They then returned to the event in finishing the setting up and practice. 


Around 4pm Stephens and 3 other men returned to the Administration building prior to their band performance. The gentlemen were the only ones in the building for 1 1/2 hours. One could surmise they took the 1 1/2 break to watch the OU and Texas Longhorn game before preforming. Just prior to the end of the 4th quarter with OU leading the game Stephens exits the building to retrieve a change of clothes  for the event. Within minutes all 4 men exited the Magnolia ISD administration building to return to the Charlie Riley Campaign event. DSC02795 DSC02806









Once the event was over at 8:00 pm (1 hour early due to poor attendance) the maintenance vehicle was picked up and brought back to the park to reload the band equipment. It returned to the administration building where Superintendent Todd Stephens and some other band members along with MISD employee Louis Bennett unloaded the equipment. Louis Bennett then returned the vehicle to the maintenance yard and locked it up. He left in a vehicle that remained on the property for the day’s duration registered to Commissioner Charlie Riley.


Will the our elected Magnolia ISD elected School Board do anything about this district violation and abuse of taxpayer funds? I seriously doubt it. School boards no longer represent those that elect them they are “yes” people and rubber stamp the schools agenda.


The bigger question is will the Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon stop this taxpayer abuse or will he once again turn a blind eye to it? 




In the video go to 4:20 minutes. Commissioner Riley admits to the audience that they were using Magnolia ISD equipment and employees.








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  1. Gordon Allday

    Dr. Todd Stephens is a good friend of mine, he is a stand-up kind of guy, and does an AWESOME job as superintendent of the Magnolia School District. He is not the bad guys that they are trying to make him out to be. I’ve known Dr. Todd Stephens for a number of years and he has always been an AWESOME man and I’m very proud to be able to call him a good friend. Magnolia School District could not find anyone more qualified to run the district than Dr. Stephens.

    • Do you think he would fire another employee if they had taken the Magnolia ISD Maintenance truck off for personal use? By the way it is against District policy.

  2. Wendy Taylor

    Ginger, I guess I am trying to figure out what you are most upset about…the $2.00 worth of gas or the fact there were 4 men alone in a building and you couldn’t get pictures of what they were doing.Good grief, enough of the petty B.S. We live in a small town, we help our friends,and neighbors and work and play together as a COMMUNITY.

    • You obviously have no concern when the law is broken and the taxpayers are abused.

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