Magnolia ISD, Cscope & Common Core?

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Magnolia ISD, Cscope & Common Core?

One thing I have learned and I have learned it well is that “EDUCRATS” are masters at deception. The directors of the Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s) and those involved with creating & selling the controversial curriculum system “Cscope” to Texas school districts were terrific at deceiving parents and their communities . To top off their deception they had teachers sign non-disclosure statements that they would not release the contents nor say anything negative about the curriculum or face legal action. Makes one wonder if we still live in America. Today Cscope has been re-branded by a new name “TEKS RESOURCE SYSTEM”.  The only thing  that has officially changed with Cscope other than the re-branding is that the actual Cscope lessons were removed, though school districts were instructed to download them. ESC’s have also sold zip drives of the lessons to school districts.

Though Texas has not legislatively adopted Common Core the philosophy behind it has made its way into Texas with federal grant money through ESC’s and school districts. Cscope and Common Core share the same “constructivist philosophy” built on group learning and not individual achievement also known as Project Based Learning (PBL).

Though the Magnolia ISD school district has never officially purchased the official “Cscope” curriculum; we all know “a rose by any other name is still a rose”.

Is the Cscope/Common Core philosophy in the Magnolia ISD school district? Well, I will let you be the judge.

Cscope’s research base was built upon the individuals listed below. The first listed is Robert Marzano, a HUGE Common Core promoter. Marzano is known for reforming education as we have known it.

Cscope’s research base marzano cscope

 On the  Magnolia ISD’s curriculum department website it states they have been implementing Marzano’s teaching strategies listed below.

Marzano 2

MISD Curriculum Department Newsletter



Magnolia Math

Unfortunately, many are  just discovering what is going on in the Texas education system.  Across the state educators are great at speaking “educanese” a lingo unrecognizable to you.  You will hear terms like “increased rigor”, 21st Century Learning skills, scope & sequence, vertically aligned, higher-order cognitive skills, learner based, student centered, etc.,. This is intentional to keep parents and the community at bay to the transformation taking place.

Magnolia ISD has also signed a resolution with the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) in “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas”. Most likely the community and parents in Magnolia are completely unaware of this commitment made on behalf of the MISD administration and the school board.

Wake up Every school district in the state of Texas is implementing a progressive reform of our education system. Below is a comparison to a Traditional Education and what is now being implemented. PBL COMPARISON


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