Marxist Curriculum in Texas & Supported by State Board of Education Members

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Our country is  on the brink of losing it’s freedom and its constitutional rights due to the progressive/Marxist ideology of the Obama Administration and those that support his leftist (government knows best, collectivist) ideology. Unbeknownst to many who voted for Texas State  Board of Education members Thomas Ratliff and Pat Hardy,  who ran as republicans and stand by  a Marxist Curriculum that is  in a majority of Texas Schools. This so-called curriculum is called Cscope. If you have not heard about it before don’t be surprised a majority of the parents whose kids are being indoctrinated with it haven’t heard of it either. Why? Parents have not been allowed to view it. Teachers had to sign a non disclosure statement that they would not release the contents of it or say anything negative about it. Homework is discouraged and most schools who have purchased it have no text books for children to bring home.  Surely this isn’t happening in Texas you may say. Sadly it is! Here is a list of Texas Schools that have purchased and implemented Cscope.

Texas has 20 Education Service Centers that were originally set up to help local schools. The directors of  nineteen of the 20 (excluding 4)  formed a non-profit called Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative , TESCCC which owns Cscope.  ESC 4 is now a part of TESCCC. Follow me here for a minute, state employees, use tax money to form a non-profit which operates in state buildings and use state employees to sell their product. You can read more about the formation and lack of transparency in regard to TESCCC at the following links.

Cscope, What is behind the curtain Part I

Cscope What is behind the Curtain Part II


As mentioned earlier we have two State Board of Education Members Thomas Ratliff and Pat Hardy which stand behind and support the use of this Marxist Curriculum and its lack of transparency. We expect to have to battle the left in protecting our children form a ideology that is anti Christian but now we have those that run on a Republican ticket betray those that put their trust in them.

Mr. Ratiff has written a letter of support on behalf of the State Board of Education.  Here is an audio of Mr. Ratliff supporting Cscope. Pat Hardy went on a diatribe of her love of Cscope at the November State Board of Education Why is the State Board of Education promoting a private vendor when they have no authority of the Curriculum.


Thomas Ratliff support of Cscope wrote a letter stating those in opposition have amnesia. Serious? Patricia “Pat” Hardy went on a diatribe at the Nov. 15th State Board Meeting stating her love and support of Cscope.

 Texas State Board of Education Rinos



Patrcia Hardy

   Thomas Ratliff (R)                                                       Patricia Hardy (R)

P.O. Box 232                                                                             900 North Elm
Mount Pleasant,
TX 75456                                       Weatherford, TX 76086
(817) 598-2968                                                                         (903) 717-1190                                                                                               

                                                                                                            (817) 598-2833 FAX                                    


 The Marxist approach to education is broadly constructivist, and emphasises activitycollaboration and critique, rather than passive absorption of knowledge, emulation of elders and conformism; it is student-centred rather than teacher centred, but recognises that education cannot transcend the problems and capabilities of the society in which it is located. 

Cscope is based on the collective and not individual achievement. It promotes a pro Islamic view and an Anti Christian one.

For more information on Cscope check out            

Six Graders chart road to Mecca.

Cscope says Allah is the Only God

  Cscope Islam Powerpoint  Islam CSCOPE (2) Cscope reps will state that they have removed the powerpoint but the question why was it on there in the first place?


Teachers and Parents speak out against Cscope.






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  2. Michelle Maderer

    Please keep me informed. Just finding out about this in Bellville, Texas. There is nothing in this curiculum for students with disabilities. It has been said that the disailities must be addressed by someone on campus.

  3. Michelle Maderer

    Please keep me updated on new posts

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