Moms Arrested if they Walk Kids Home from School

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The Education Gestapo is at it again. The days of walking to the school or riding your bike are now over at least in Magnolia ISD. Principal, Holly Ray of Bear Branch Elementary had the bike rack removed prior to the beginning of the school year to stop children from riding their bike to and from school. Parents are not allowed to walk from their homes to pick up their children either. I find this ridiculous and hypocritical to the core. Our education system is busy brainwashing our children with the Global Warming agenda in limiting carbon emissions but then they turn around and demand you drive your car and sit in a long car line and emit carbon into the atmosphere (Disclaimer: I think Global Warming/Climate Change is a HOAX).


holly ray

Holly Ray


Parents in the Lake Windcrest subdivision which backs up to the school property have been issued warnings and restraining orders for walking and retrieving their children at the end of a school day. I would like to note these parents volunteer at the school on a regular basis. What are their options? They have to get in their gas guzzling cars and sit in the long car line or their children have to ride the bus even if their home backs right up to the school. As you can see in the diagram below the houses in Lake Windcrest are in great walking distance which I am sure was a positive when purchasing their home.



bear branch houses





I am not an attorney but this law might need to be looked at by the Magnolia ISD administration.

Federal Law Now Says Kids Can Walk to School Alone

Parent, Frank Young was issued a Trespass Warning to not step foot on any MISD campus in the Fall of 2015 without prior warning when he disagreed with Principal, Holly’s Ray’s policy. Frank later confronted the school board and has since removed his children from the district.



I would like to mention that the 3 following Magnolia ISD Board Members live in the Lake Windcrest Subdivision. Do you think they have stood up and helped the parents (the voters who put them in office)? Not in the least. Like I have always said school board members do not represent those that elect them. They become rubber stampers for the ISD administration.

travis moffattkristi MHGary Blizzard

UPDATE: Parents upset over policy banning walking kids to school

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  1. Dan Smith

    You may think that global warming is a hoax, I know that it is a hoax. Yes, the school Nazis are alive and well. I was careful to say school as opposed to education since this form of fascism has nothing whatsoever to do with the education of the children, only with their brainwashing. The NEA and all of its adjunct subordinates needs to disappear forever.

    • The only language is when the masses rise up like a swarm of killer bees and sting these leaders and instigators to death – Only when they realize they have to sleep with one eye open will thing begin to change but when will that be ?

    • Dan

      Hey dummy. The heroic Nazis fought against the sickness of International Jew Communists and International Jew Bankers, the very sickness that has been destroying Western Civilization.

    • Tanis Tetreault

      You Dan are a very ignorant and uninformed person. The scary thing is the ignorant never know they are ignorant. I wish you well.

  2. Im not sure which is worse – we have over 400 children walk and parents who don’t use the carline but pick up their kids in side streets and parks ..put other kids at risk. One child was was injured due to an illegally parked vehicle and a parent car. Pick your battle but I would rather have kids safe and parents use the carline #deretchincarlinecheaters #nocarlinecheaters

    • The Children belong to the parents.

  3. Mark Young

    Sounds like a “teaching moment” in organizing your neighborhood to storm the next school board meeting.

  4. tonya Cains

    I mean I get it and it sucks but like boohoo . They got to wait for their kids like every other parent at every other elementary. That line has no comparison to the line at magnolia elementary at all. And we wait in and and use our gas and we are from trailer subdivisions not huge ass fancy lake windcrest.

    • This has to do with parental rights as to how they chose to pick up their kids.

      How you got the idea it had anything to do with type of family homes they have is beyond me.

      It appears that you begrudge those that may have more than you. Sad.

  5. It is fools like this idiot that we cannot get rid of in public schools. These people make national news for the massive stupidity they show in their decision making. We need a review system for these idiots every year and we need a process to rid our ourselves from these tax dollar leeches.

  6. Courtney Watson

    I’m Thirty-nine at midnight tonight…
    When I was a kid, I rode my bike almost a mile each way to get to school. There was a bus, but it would mean getting up two hours earlier, and being at school over an hour before it started… just sitting in the cafeteria until 8:15 – OR I could ride my bike, be there in 20 minutes, wait 5 or 10 and then go to class.
    We played outside, we roamed for miles and as long as we were home before dark, it was fine. We made mistakes, and took risks, and got hurt, broke bones, skinned knees, and we learned from our mistakes. We were also taught to fight, and WHEN to fight, and to read situations so we didn’t wind up in some pervert’s van…
    We played sports and had to learn to deal with the crushing blow of defeat, and rather than hurt our poor little psyches and self-esteems, it taught us to deal with disappointment. Yeah, there were lots of potential disasters in our lives from this freedom, but guess what… you never heard about a school shooting until 5 years after I graduated.
    Sheltered kids lash out more than kids who understand the world. Rather than protecting these kids, the people who have decided this have actually hindered and hampered the children the seek to protect.

  7. Gaylon Lloyd Mott

    When I was going to schooll I have rode my bike and walked to school many times over. This is someone who thinks she knows what is better for your children than you do and is part of dumbing down our nation children and turning them into entitled kids who will grow up whinning about safe spacwes and that they should not be responsible for their own actions. If I lived in that area I would be trying to organize everyone for a petition and the next school board meeting.

    Wake up people you do not have to be zombies you have a voice use it.

  8. Gaylon Lloyd Mott

    When I was going to school I have rode my bike and walked to school many times over. This is someone who thinks she knows what is better for your children than you do and is part of dumbing down our nation children and turning them into entitled kids who will grow up whining about safe spaces and that they should not be responsible for their own actions. If I lived in that area I would be trying to organize everyone for a petition and the next school board meeting.

    Wake up people you do not have to be zombies you have a voice use it.

  9. roxie leatherman

    this is just one more push at taking parents rights away! these arent the school districts children,they are the parents! and last i checked those parents are the ones paying the taxes that fund those schools! let them decide what is best for their own children! and seriously? restraining orders? what is this nazi germany? this do as i say and shut up about it attitude these schools have nowadays is why so many are homeschooling their children!

  10. Mary

    We had this conversation at our school. We have a handful of children that can walk home, but the reason they had to reduce the number of walkers was because of parents being negligent and allowing little bitties (pre-k – 2) walk alone down Nichols Sawmill. Pretty sure our school would allow a parent to walk them home if they signed them out at the office. Sometimes it’s the parents that take full advantage of something that destroys the opportunity for others. On that same note … the schools should have the common sense to know when it’s appropriate.

  11. Mona Kent

    Idiot Principles! Really!!!

    • bob

      Surely you mean ‘principals’ vs. ‘principles’, don’t you?

    • HB

      “Idiot Principles!” I believe you mean “principals”.

      • Holly Barlaam, do you have to be so petty?

  12. PJ

    What law on the books are they breaking? This is insane.

  13. Okay just a couple of thoughts here. First and foremost – why can’t parent’s walk their kids to and from school? As a child I didn’t have a choice, it was either walk or ride my bike and neither of my parents walked with us but in todays society I understand why many parents do. Second – regardless if you believe in global warming, trying to state that that is the reason the principal says one thing but promotes another is ridiculous. Lets face it – you are not telling the whole story as to why the school is not allowing kids to walk or ride a bike to school. Look at the schools and where they are placed – on some of the busiest streets in our areas. 2978, 1488 and even Nichol Sawmill are getting busier and busier now. I am not saying that I agree with this decision but lets find out what is truly going on here before you start calling someone a Nazi!

  14. Deb

    Watched the little video. Nice to know you are breaking the law of not wearing your seatbelt as the ding of put your seat belt on dummy is going off. Worried about global warming with your styro foam container on the dash that is non recyclable. Worried only because the cars are parked in front of nice homes….Here is an idea, drive into Houston, go to Memorial, you know where there are MULTI MILLION dollar homes, school car rider lines are just as long. This is a safety issue. Have you driven on FM 1488?? Speed limit 55, people running it at 70MPH, our little K-4th graders were walking on the shoulder of this road to adjacent parking lots last year due to lazy parents who refused to wait in the line to pick up their kids, they were actually car riders, not walkers. Had these parents not been so self righteous the upper crust Lake Windcrest stay at home mommas might be able to walk their kids home.

    I stand behind Ms. Ray. I applaud her efforts to keep ALL children left in her care SAFE.

    • Debra,

      Please find me the law where you have to have on your seat belt on private property? I would be very interested in see it.

      FYI.. The dinging you heard Ms Debra was my door was opened. LOL

    • What in world does this have to do with the “NICE HOUSES” in Lake Windcrest?

    • Marie

      Deb, you sure like to talk trash about all of the stay at home moms from Lake Windcrest, I’ve seen your comments here and on the Nextdoor App. All I can say is, jealous much? And I have always picked my child up as a walk up and now a car rider and I never saw people walking down the shoulder of 1488, yes they walked in the grass to the churches on either side of the school, but not on 1488. Talk about reaching…. You always have hateful things to say, and you are sure to jump on someone who doesn’t agree with you, but you don’t think anyone should say anything to you when they don’t agree with you. Obviously you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

    • What a Statist! you are anti-Freedom. you give up your Liberty for Security, you deserve neither.

  15. HB

    No offense intended, but this write up is poorly written. Where are the supporting facts? Where is the other side to the story? The story has the shocking, attention-grabbing title of “Moms Arrested…” and the article states parents have been issued restraining orders and warnings, but there are no supporting details for any of this. Have you called the school yourself, contacted the principal, the school board, etc., to get the official policies and reasons behind them? You either haven’t, or you chose not to include them in the article. It sounds like you are trying to get people riled up to attack the principal, but frankly, you haven’t given any supporting details to justify taking action.

    • csaaphill

      And what other info would one need on this? You see the video of how far they are form the school correct? Or is it the lines of cars don’t bother you any? OR the ticket is that not enough info for you? What would that info be pray tell? Safety issues or something related? That’s enough for you to come here and say just how poorly written this is just because it doesn’t state the obvious? I have no clue as to what’s worse. Liberals coming to these sites and defending their asinine status Crap, or Conservatives who have no sense enough to know that it’s these little things just like this, that little by little erode individual rights and defend the crap as well. Believe me I know for I’ve fought against both sides on these issues, so I know for a fact it’s not always a liberal who defends this kind of crap.
      Really well written for my two cents worth and has the relevant info that one needs to know that their rights are being trampled on and that peace and safety is the culprit. I don’t’ need to know that it’s more than likely for safety reasons. But here’s the sticker defend this crap all you want, but don’t whine later when some side or other starts gripping about how much this is hurting the environment. You can’t support collective thinking on one issue then support individual rights another. I’m sorry but this having your cake and eat it too crap isn’t going to fly! Not with me it wont.

    • Johnny

      Here is the explanation letter from the superintendent (That Ms. Russell has neglected to post) It seems that certain impatient parents got unruly and had to be removed (not everyone). Ms. Russell appears to just be a busy-body that likes whipping up discord in the community.

      • Johnny (real name?) I am sorry that you failed to see that I posted the superintendent’s explanation letter the day he released it within this link. Magnolia ISD: 12 Student Withdrawals or 67+ Withdrawals? You be the Judge.

        I would hope that it would concern you that our basic fundamental rights as parents are being stripped away daily by various governmental entities and in this case the school district.

        Does it concern you that 2 mothers were served papers by the constable in front of their children? There crime being none other than walking their children home from school.

        Does it concern you that the superintendents claim as to how many students have withdrawn from the campus do not add up to their earlier statement?

        Does it concern you that the superintendent claims that a parent (who was issued the trespassing warrant) has been accused (recently) of threatening a staff member and when this parent went to the Constables office to retrieve the report as to why he was served a trespass warning there was no report?

        I am sorry a school district is a governmental entity and I have no loyalty to any governmental entity. There are great teachers and administrators that truly care about the children and want them to learn and then there is

  16. Allen

    What authority do you have, to tell a parent that they can’t walk their child home? What country is this and what have you done with America???

    • Melinda

      I totally agree Allen. How can anyone tell you that you cannot walk up and pick up your child? And as for Deb saying kids are walking on the shoulder of 1488 that live in Lake Windcrest is totally a lie!! Also I would get in touch with one of these board members who live in LW. I know of 2 who don’t have kids at BBES anymore, so they don’t care and they also know this has nothing to do with safety, just a Principal trying to be a dictator!! I wonder who she voted for!

  17. Tom Washington

    I would like to see one of those trespass citations challenged in court. Public property (ISD Property) cannot be treated like private property. How does someone trespass on public property. Also, the voters need to clean out that school board.

    • The whole Magnolia ISD School Board needs to cleaned out. Magnolia like all district boards are nothing but rubber stampers for the administration. The people vote them in then they no longer represent or stand up for them.

  18. will casey

    I would enjoy the challenge. I would contact the EPA and inform them that NOBAMA false climate change is being ignored by the government.

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  20. csaaphill

    What gets me is this is Texas too. Just goes to show you that all states Red and blue are turning purple. Forcefully no doubt too.

  21. Steve West

    Ginger at some point you will realize how wrong it is to post pictures of the volunteers working on our school board. They now have complete strangers walking up to their homes asking about this while they deal with macro district issues much more complicated and stressful than a car line. Decisions and plans that effect our district for the next decade. We have 2 children attending the school and learn to adjust, its a good lesson to kids before they get in the big world.

    • Steve, I will try to address your points as politely as possible while giving my opinion. If the volunteers that you are speaking of are school board members, they are not volunteers. They are elected officials and there is a competition to become a school board member every three years for each position. As far as having complete strangers walking up to anyone’s home, I have not had a part in that. The pictures of the school board members are plentiful in the public arena and anyone could access them if they wished. I guess “one person’s macro district issue” us “another person’s car line issue” and some people, including me think that it’s totally unnecessary. As far as learning to adjust and provide lessons for the big world, a couple of thoughts. This is where we have a much wider disagreement. I believe that our children are exactly that, our children and the State has no right to have me arrested or charged with trespassing when it comes to access to one’s child. I believe that if we always bow down to an authoritative state which continues to overstep it’s constitutional boundaries, we will continue to see our rights trampled and done away with over time. It’s happening right now as we type to each other on this blog. I will try to teach my family that the family unit is the single most important body and it’s rights and responsibilities should remain even in the face of a State’s attempt at bullying them away. Maybe we just have different opinions of the role of the people and the role of the government.

      • Steve West

        Ginger these are volunteers and dont get paid a dollar when elected. I think its best to go thru the Superintendent who rolled this out to all schools, BBES was the last to activate it.
        Its just reality, if you looked at an agenda of projects the board must complete theres no way to find time for a topic like this. Thats why we pay the Superintendent such a nice salary to step in and resolve complaints.

        • Do you think these parents have not been to the superintendent? Of course they have. Parents Frank Young spoke at the school board meeting in Sept. Has anything changed? No. Also, please provide truth that this is a district wide policy due to the fact that has not been proven. The Bear Branch policy was only implemented when Ms. Ray became principal.

          I have seen plenty agendas and if a board is so swamped that it cannot address issues where parents fundamental parental rights are being infringed then we need a bigger board or less projects.

        • Cheryl Koch

          They are not legally considered volunteers, as they are elected in a public election, and their “volunteering” and not receiving financial compensation is considered service to their community as a civic duty. They are also covered as elected officials if they are sued during their tenure and would be represented by legal counsel for the school board. In my experience, most of the individuals that run and get elected to school boards do not have children, nor grandchildren that live and attend school in the district they serve; it is almost always the same people who run year after year, and they don’t really care about the kids, or parents of those actively attending the school. As a parent, I was in a position that made me choose to remove my kids from school, and I taught them at home. The school retaliated and stated that I was not qualified to educate my children on my own. After a lot of BS, CPS complaints against me, numerous types of testing imposed on my kids, guess what? It was determined that my kids performed better, and got higher grades AFTER they were home schooled. My kids are very bright, articulate, and avid readers. We did not have TV (cable or satellite) accessible in the home. We had movies and other forms of entertainment. They watched TV sometimes, but preferred to read. Even as adults and now parents themselves, my kids don’t watch much TV nor do their kids. My lawyer had a field day with the school during my divorce, as the school colluded with my ex-husband by assisting him with kidnapping the children, removing them to another state and hiding them from me, and lodging false charges against me with CPS! Once my divorce was final, I moved to another area, and continued to teach my kids at home. By the time they were ready for high school, I gave them the option of going to school or continuing at home. By that time they were old enough to stand up for themselves with me backing them up. High school had a few bumps, but we managed to make the experience better, as I was always there to help them if needed when it came to school administrators. The school hated to see me coming if there was an issue, because I was not willing to back down, no matter what they threatened. They finally decided to leave me alone, as it seemed they just kept digging themselves a bigger hole each time.

  22. Brian

    I think it all comes down to a few parents wanting to drive a golf cart up to the front door and avoid waiting in a car line. That was a bad situation with golf carts zig zaging thru cars. The bike racks never got used. I bet these parents causing attention would not sign a letter to only walk on campus and not drive a golf cart. 🙂 No teacher or staff have left, its a good school and principal.

    • Has nothing to do with golf carts!

  23. Cliff

    How can anyone deny change? This change includes both warming AND cooling of our atmosphere, we do not exist in a snow-globe, change is inevitable. Sure the methane emissions and/or fossil fuels we disburse into the air over many years can’t help us any but again, change itself is inevitable. Careful not to deny the obvious, we’re on a spin cycle around the sun, these things happen.

    • Well Cliff there is climate change. It changes every day and always will just like God created it.

  24. Brian

    So glad the principal took action against these parents wanting special treatment when all the district schools have the same procedure. Way to go BBES!!

    • As Ben Franklin so eloquently stated.
      “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.”

  25. Brian

    Your darn right but he didn’t intend that statement for these disruptors to others freedom. Many of us parents believe this 1% having temper tamtrums is a risk to our kids safety. Who knows what they will do next since they don’t respect the very basic foundation of the school security process. We are not talking about freedom to visit a grocery store we are talking about the collective safety of the children our community trusts daily.

    • Brian. Why are you hiding your identity?

  26. sally bryant

    FIRE Holly Ray and the entire school board, get rid of them all immediately. Since when does anyone have this type of authority over our children. This is totally out of line, and someone with an intelligent commonsense mind should take control of this ridiculous situation immediately.

  27. Brian

    Wow thats really nice Sally. 7 other schools in our district all have the same policy yet parents adapted with no TV stations being called. Holly and staff pay with their own money meals for children that for various reasons cant afford or bring a lunch. Im sure glad she is willing to take action against a couple parents that dont respect policy. I live in LW and been a substitute teacher a few days.

    • Brian, the policy evolves. Where is the written policy. Can you please provide one?

  28. Brian

    Maybe policy is not the right word. The process in place. Either way the former principal would have been in the same situation with 3 parents, in my view.

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  30. Joshua Mackenroth

    I am from California, and have always thought that Texas was the most “free” state in the nation. That was until I visited Houston last year. My God – what a police state! There was a cop on every corner. Even the way the police dressed and presented themselves made me feel as if I was in a concentration camp. The cops scared the hell out of me, and you can tell they’d just as soon shoot you as look at you. California isn’t much better, but jeez Texas is Hell. I feel for all of you having to deal with these mentally ill bastards in the school district. Everyone should pull their children out of these schools so that they won’t have any school left to ruin.

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