New Communist Flag drawn in Texas Schools

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Texas students that are currently attending a school that has implemented the progressive, pro Islamic curriculum CSCOPE are asked to draw a new Soviet Nation Flag, read excerpts from the Communist  Manifesto.


The students are also asked to read the quotes below from the socialist reformer Robert Owen who was known thinking that all religions were “based on the same absurd imagination” which he said made mankind “a weak, imbecile animal; a furious bigot and fanatic; or a miserable hypocrite.”

owen model



The Men and Women Behind the Marxist Curriculum

Please learn more about Cscope @



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  1. Samuel Johnston

    What are the names of these teachers? Can someone publish their addresses, I mean they publish the names and addresses of legal gun owners, how about publishing the addresses of these communist infiltrators?

    • Tristan

      If you notice, this activity includes an excerpt/quote and then asks the students to use it to explain socialism. This does not ask students to change their beliefs, nor does it claim to make any statements in an authoritative way.

      In education, critical thinking is important, but just as important is the skill of understanding another’s belief.

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  3. There is no contrast or opposition between Communism and Conservatism. The classification scheme of “left and right” is nonsense —- and always was nonsense. Communism is, has always been, and always will be an ultra-Conservative ideology. Modern Conservatism is simply the old Communism re-branded and repackaged. Conservatives and Communists have always had absolutely identical aims, motives, values and tactics. The aim of both movements is to create a society in which a small, fabulously wealthy aristocracy rules over a society of powerless peasants and slaves. Both peddle crackpot economic “systems” that the leaders know are nonsense, but are good for confusing or intimidating the suckers and the yokels. Both can deploy armies of “useful idiots” (Lenin’s phrase) and true believers who will parrot their slogans, infiltrate and manipulate legitimate social and protest movements, clog up universities with jargon-spouting hacks, and undermine rational democratic institutions. Both substitute fantasy for history. Both peddle phony “populism” and claim to be on the side of the weak and oppressed, while scheming to enslave them. Both will tell any lie or commit any crime to get or preserve power. Only the slogans and catch-phrases are different. The essence is the same.

    • Tristan

      A Communist society would be a classless society by definition. State Communism does present your points. However the aims of Communists are not the same as those of Conservatives.

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