ORE CITY ISD Curriculum Director is Progressive

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Ore City ISD Curriculum Director Dr.Ray Deason

The fact that Ore City ISD is still utilizing the controversial curriculum CSCOPE was brought to may attention today via twitter. Ore City ISD curriculum director Dr. Ray Deacon tweeted Sean Cain a thumbs up  for costing Texas Taxpayers millions of dollars for his “progressive”  indoctrination. You can read about Sean Cain and Lead Your School corruption here Why There is no Money for Texas Teachers.




In the tweets below Deason is tweeting Sean Cain @LYSNATION of Lead Your School. Lacks Professionalism I would say.





ray deason



For a curriculum director of a Texas school district I found Ray Deason’s tweet to be immature. No only does Deason not give a care that millions of dollars are wasted but he has also shown a lack of concern for parents that are concerned about the progressive Marxist philosophy behind CSCOPE aka TEKS Resource System. Below is a post Deason left on my blog last June. Progressives will stop at nothing in accomplishing their goal and Deason is a prime example.


ray D




If you disagree with Deasons progressive ideology in our Texas schools email him and let him know @ore city



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  1. Madaline Barber

    CSCOPE should not be taught in schools if students are being taught the theory of Evolution; that human life began when we crawled out of the sea and evolved into humans. THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE AND KIDS SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT THIS THEORY!

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