Rockwall ISD School Board President Lies!

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doug hamilton

You would hope that when you elect your school board members, they represented you and not the liberal agenda of the school superintendent. Such is the case with Rockwall ISD school board President,Doug Hamilton. Hamilton answered a series of questions for the Rockwell News in hopes of convincing the Rockwall community that the Marxist Curriculum, CSCOPE was a great and needed product for Rockwall ISD. Despite the mounting evidence of Pro Communist/Pro Islamic material that is riddled throughout CSCOPE, and the fact that it is now under the review of the Texas Attorney General, Gregg Abott, Hamiton can still support  CSCOPE. Though Hamilton’s article is riddled with misstatements and lies, below is one question posed to Hamilton about CSCOPE’s Pro Communist material which I can personally say, his response is a lie.


Rockwall isd

To counter his response I have posted David Bellow’s article with Texas Conservative Republican News  that came out today.

Time we elect school board members that represent the voters. 


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  1. Does this school board member know that TEA and the ESCs were given $152 million to develop TEKS professional development programs for education. Materials were developed but teachers were not told about it. WHY? Every ESC could have emailed all the teachers in their regions–several times.

    Instead, of providing free fantastic TEKS training for Texas Educators, the ESCs sold CSCOPE to the school districts and your school board and superintendent bought this unapproved supplemental material. Now that the school boards and superintendents of Texas know the ESCs hid the FREE TEKS instruction material, will they still be defending CSCOPE? Check for a series of articles proving that CSCOPE is not only a poor quality, incorrect instruction material, but CSCOPE is robbing your children of a quality education by using CSCOPE. Again-there is proof.

  2. Larry Wilburn

    I graduated in 1960. I was a teacher and Principal for 32 years in public schools. Sixteen years was Pre-mass testing and kids learned like my generation learned. Then, the Xerox made it possible to mass produce work sheets. After my retirement, I began teaching at a Jr. College and students practically begged for these work sheets. Note-taking was unknown. “Isthis going to be on the test was THE MOST ASKED QUESTION. Second was where are our review sheets? When I said, “your notes and the textbooks”, many asked “Is it open-book”? I wanted to make 50 years in education, but after 48, I could stand no more. I gave up.

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