Senator Dan Patrick Press Release on Cscope

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Dan Patrick PhotoTexas Education Service Centers have had a tough week after last weeks Senate Hearing on their controversial curriculum Cscope. After the senate hearing it appears that those responsible for this Progressive/Marxist Curriculum  have been jumping through hoops trying to please the Senate Education Committee. We appreciate all that the Senate Committee for holding the hearings and bring this to light. This curriculum has been in Texas schools for 6-7 years and children and country are the ones that will suffer for this.

Senator Dan Patrick just released the following statement. I would call this a HUGE WIN for the grass-roots.

Dan Patrick Press  Release

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  1. Danette

    Please see the info I sent you under your contact page. There are culprits behind CSCOPE that need to be targeted as well. They were infiltrating Texas schools before CSCOPE. Awesome what you guys are doing! I have a nationwide list of schools indoctrinating on my site – please share so other states can follow your lead and take back education for all US students.

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