Magnolia ISD Fails to Inform Parents Their Children are being Exploited!

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Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens can’t seem to abide by the district’s own policy and has made the local news lately due to Stephens using district vehicles on a Saturday to assist local Commissioner, Charlie Riley with his campaign event. You can read about it here.  One would think the Magnolia ISD school board would immediately address the issue at hand due to Stephens violating district policy. Instead one of their school board members, Secretary Kristi Baker seeks to divert community attention to an unnamed individual (Me) claiming the children in the district are being “pursued, antagonized and exploited”  on social media (post below). If these allegations were factual one would think the district would immediately alert parents of this so called abuse.

Upon being alerted of of Ms. Baker’s post on social media I filed an opens records request asking for any and all documentation alerting parents of this “suggested” abuse and how to assist their children through such abuse. Interesting enough Magnolia ISD has not addressed these allegations. Why would a district ignore such claims by a school board member and fail to alert the parents? The reason Baker thinks nothing of putting out lies and propaganda under the disguise of “These poor baby children”.

Why Magnolia ISD allows this unacceptable behavior by Ms. Baker is questionable. The board may want to get back and do their job address the issue of Stephens not only utilizing district vehicles to assist with a political event but allowing the Charlie Riley band to practice at the administration building.

Commissioner Charlie Riley and Magnolia ISD School Board Member, Kristi Baker.


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