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I have NEVER witnessed so much political corruption and pay to play politics as I have with the School Choice agenda in Texas. This past September, I attended a School Choice Policy Summit hosted by the the not so TEXAS CONSERVATIVE COALITION. This meeting was nothing but a rally cry to promote the agenda of School Choice in Texas through the use of government subsidies titled “Education Savings Accounts” (ESA). Both School Choice and Education Savings Accounts are misnomers. We already have school choice in Texas and Education Savings Accounts (ESA) are government subsidies.

Speakers at the Pro School Choice Policy Summit were Lt Gov Dan Patrick, Senator Larry Taylor, Senator Bettencourt, State Representatives Rick Miller, Dennis Paul, Mike Schofield, and Dwayne Bohac.  Stacy Hock with Texas for Educational Opportunity and Empower Texas Board member, Mayes Middleton their “money buddies” joined them. Middleton also sits on the board of Texas Public Policy Foundation. TPPF is also a huge advocate of School Choice. Texas Public Policy Foundation provided a brochure titled “The Archilles Heel of Texas. Improving College Eligibility Rates through K-12 Education Savings Accounts.”

I could not help but notice on the bottom of the brochure was Mr. Common Core (aka) Jeb Bush’s company “ExcelinEd” listed as one of the sponsors.





Below you can see a few who fund ExcelinEd.  NOTE: BILL & MELINDA GATES




Stacy Hock






I listened for almost 2 hours to them pushing for School Choice. As the meeting wrapped up they did not welcome questions from those in the audience. I approached Senator Bettencourt afterwards and mentioned to him “I as a homeschool mother am concerned about this due to Government encroachment.  Also I do not like the government in my business knowing what I am doing and where I am”.  When I said this to him  he walked away waving his mobile phone in the air stating “you need to be more concerned about this, (the mobile phone) which always knows where your are”.  I was shocked at his response and lack of professionalism and disturbed that I had paid his company thousands over the years to protest my property taxes. NEVER AGAIN.

After further research into the money. I was shocked at the thousands of dollars that Stacy Hock and Mayes Middleton combined, have contributed to Texas politicians. I am also well aware today March 16, 2017 that Mayes makes regular visits to those legislators in Austin that he has funded to encourage them to support School Choice.


NOTE: The Montgomery County Tea Party held a debate on School Choice on March 6th. Scheduled to sit on the panel in favor of School Choice was Peggy Venable and Mayes Middleton, against school choice was Alice Linahan and myself (Ginger Russell). The tea party was notified one week prior my our modeator Dale Huls that Mayes would not make the debate and Tim Lambert from the Texas Homeschool Coalition would sit in his place.  Here is the video from that debate.

**NOTE** Stacy Hock recently returned from New York, She has no education experience. Her experience in Technology. With that said she has made her way up into the helms of the Texas Education Establishment. Governor Abbott, Mr. Pro School Choice advocate, appointed Stacy Hock to the Texas Commission of Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability. Senator Larry Taylor (author of School Choice SB 3)  also sits on this Commission. The Commission just turned over their final report in September asking Gov Abbott to align our State Standards/Accountability with the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act.

You may wonder how Stacy Hock can arrive out of nowhere and be placed in such a position to make recommendations regarding the education of Thousands of Texas Children. Look no further.

greg abbott stacy



I will highlight our new Texas Representative Briscoe Cain. Mr. Money man, Mayes Middleton and Briscoe seem to be tied at the hip on the School Choice policy issue. Could it be due to his campaign funding? Mayes Middleton, other Empower Texans board members, and unfortunately school choice advocate Texas Home School Coalition have contributed thousands to Briscoe’s campaign. Despite the fact that this is another government program reigning in Texas Home Schoolers and placing all those under the umbrella of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act,  through campaign donations,  Liberty Caucus member Briscoe Cain is part of School “Choice” elite special interest group.


Briscoe money trail

                                          Rep. Briscoe Cain Money Trail


Representative Bricoe went on  Twitter calling Texas moms that are busy schooling their children and are genuinely concerned that School Choice legislation will affect their homeschooling freedom Kool-Aid Drinkers. Briscoe Kool=Aid


David “Mayes” Middleton funded Konni Burton’s campaign $5000.00.




To make matters worse School Choice advocate, Peggy Venable, posts the following photo on her Face Book page cheering their lavish dinner this week hosted by the not so Texas Conservative Coalition.  Are you seeing a pattern here?

Bricoe is holding a sign up titled EDCHOICE. EDCHOICE is a national School Choice policy pusher aligned with none other than Jeb Bush and ExcelinEd funded by Bill Gates.


So when our Texas Representatives go to Austin claiming they are conservative. I believe it will be few are far between that truly represent their constituents and adhere to their values. Sad but true.




Oh the tangled web we weave. 


Afterwards Peggy posted the following on facebook. Many responded including myself of our concerns and the money ties to this School Choice shenanigan.  Peggy Venable deleted all the post and blocked many of us. Some of the things we posted are below.



nickii truesdall






It is with much regret that the Texas Home School Coalition is no longer looking out for Texas homeschoolers now or those in the future when it comes to government infringement. We value our liberty and freedom in educating our children as see fit.


THSC has lost their way.






Mayes Middleton/Empower Texans  Money Flow Chart Coming soon.


If you are interesting in who is funding your state rep or senator check out the following links.


This is an easy one. Type in their name and click funding on the right.


If there funding is not listed you  can go to the Texas Ethics Commission and see all their contribution and expenditures. It is just a more time consuming. If you will go to the link on the left titled Search Campaign Finance and Lobbying Reports. You will click Campaign Finance once again and do the simple form. Enter their last/first name and your good to go. If you have trouble navigating your way through their call their office. They have always been more than willing to help.


























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Open Letter to the Argyle ISD School Board- TRANSDISCIPLINARY (Updated)

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By Alice Linahan

Voices Empower


As a Mom with a student in Argyle ISD, I am very concerned about the direction our school district is heading.  As our schools embrace 21st Century Learning and the College and Career ready standards, we must ask ourselves as parents and adults; are our children being harmed by this?

As Moms and Dads, we need to step back and start asking “ourselves”…….

1. If our children graduate from high school or college with the attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviors and a worldview that we oppose and we know it is because their teachers have been trained to believe it is their responsibility to be the devil’s advocate and teach our children ‘Critical Thinking’ and to question and even oppose the foundational beliefs of our family; is that really a solid academic education that will serve our children and their future well?

2. Is our child getting college credits in high school more important than protecting our child’s mind and their soul?

3. If your child graduates from college, gets a great high paying job but no longer respects, much less believes, they are worthy of a strong marriage, a free and prosperous country, and that by the grace of God anything is possible; have we done our best to give our child a strong foundation for a happy joy filled life?

Let me give you a personal story from right here in Argyle ISD. This is what “21st Century Learning” also known as getting students “College and Career Ready” looks like in the classroom.

For a little background, my daughter is the only student in her class whose parents have refused to allow her to use a district issued chrome book or google student account.

One day she texted me screen shots of a quiz her AP/Dual Credit English 3 teacher asked the class to take. Because my daughter did not have a chromebook her teacher told her to take the quiz from her cell phone. The lesson plan for the class shows that they were working on group presentations on philosophy (in an English Class) and these quizzes were a part of the research each group was to do. Each group was assigned a Philosophy and after their research, each group gave a presentation to the class. The Philosophy’s the groups were assigned were….

1. Utilitarianism

2. Objectivism

3. Civil DisobedienceIMG_8005

4. Existentialism

5. Categorical Imperative

6. Hierarchy of Human Needs

7. Social Contract

Parents!! Would you want your child taking a quiz called ‘Philosophy Experiments,’ in high school, much less on their district issued Chromebook, that grades their answers, compatibility, and then gives the student a “tension score” on a bar graph. Whatever two answers contradict, it plays devils advocate and makes the student question their beliefs.

Here are just some of the questions asked:


* There are no objective moral standards; moral judgements are merely an expression of the values of particular cultures. Agree or Disagree 

* So long as they do not harm others, individuals should be free to pursue their own ends. Agree or Disagree

* It is always wrong to take another persons life. Agree or Disagree 

* The right to life is so fundamental that financial considerations are irrelevant in any effort to save lives. Agree or Disagree 

* Homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural. Agree or Disagree 

* It is quite reasonable to believe in the existence of a thing without even the possibility of evidence for its existence. Agree or Disagree 

* There exists an all-powerful, loving and good God. Agree or Disagree

* The second world war was a just war. Agree or Disagree 

* There are no objective truths about matters of fact; “truth” is always relative to particular cultures and individuals. Agree or Disagree 

* Atheism is a faith just like any other, because it is not possible to prove the non-existence of God. Agree or Disagree 

* To allow an innocent child to suffer needlessly when one could easily prevent it is morally reprehensible.  Agree or Disagree 

* The holocaust is an historical reality, taking place more or less as the history books report. Agree or Disagree


As I said, where there is a conflict with two answers, it analyzes the two and scores the student.

Here is an example……

 Statements 5 and 29: Can you put a price on a human life?

28% of the people who have completed this activity have this tension in their beliefs.

You agreed that:
The right to life is so fundamental that financial considerations are irrelevant in any effort to save lives
But disagreed that:
Governments should be allowed to increase taxes sharply to save lives in the developing world

If the right to life is so fundamental that financial considerations are irrelevant when it comes to making decisions about saving human lives, then that must mean that we should always spend as much money as possible to save lives. If it costs £4 million to save a cancer patient’s life, that money should be spent, period. But if this is true, then surely the West should spend as much money as possible saving lives in the developing world. You may already give $100 dollars a month to save lives in the developing world. But if financial considerations are irrelevant when it comes to saving lives, why not $200, or $1000, or just as much as you can afford? If you do not do so, you are implicitly endorsing the principle that individuals and governments are not obliged to save lives at all financial cost – that one can spend ‘enough’ on saving lives even though spending more, which one could afford to do, would save more lives. This suggests that financial considerations are relevant when it comes to making decisions about saving lives – there is a limit to how much one should spend to save a life.


28% of the people who have completed this activity have this tension in their beliefs.

You agreed that:
There exists an all-powerful, loving and good God
And also that:
TransdisiplinaryTo allow an innocent child to suffer needlessly when one could easily prevent it is morally reprehensible

These two beliefs together generate what is known as ‘The Problem of Evil’. The problem is simple: if God is all-powerful, loving and good, that means he can do what he wants and will do what is morally right. But surely this means that he would not allow an innocent child to suffer needlessly, as he could easily prevent it. Yet he does. Much infant suffering is the result of human action, but much is also due to natural causes, such as disease, flood or famine. In both cases, God could stop it, yet he does not.

Attempts to explain this apparent contradiction are known as ‘theodicies’ and many have been produced. Most conclude that God allows suffering to help us grow spiritually and/or to allow the greater good of human freedom. Whether these theodicies are adequate is the subject of continuing debate.


Do you realize these responses and their data can legally be tracked for research purposes by 3rd party contractors? President Obama changed the regulation on the FERPA law? A student’s private data can be collected without parental consent in the name of “Education Research”. Here is a link you can take the quiz yourself.

After taking this quiz herself, Clinical Mental Health Counselor Joan Landes stated….

“It’s a classic psychological deconstruction technique to put a person in a double bind and collapse his cognitive framework. Then the “leader” picks up the pieces and reassembles them to order. This is an inappropriate use of psychological force on impressionable minds and unformed identities.”-

Now, you might say, what public high school teacher would think this is a good quiz to give and blame it all on the teacher, but…..

That local superintendent is ultimately  in charge of curriculum, and you the locally elected school board are ultimately in charge of approving funding for the professional development of both the teacher and the superintendent. In addition, you are in charge of funding technology used in the classroom that allows for our student’s data to be collected. It has been stated to me that this is an AP/Dual Credit class, therefore it is a college level course and okay. To that I have to ask. Why is this okay in college? It is certainly not appropriate for high school age students.

The challenge with 21st Century Learning/Common Core/College and Career Ready Standards transformation of education, is how teachers are being re- trained to teach. It is their professional development. In addition, administrators are being trained, through their professional development, how to deal with parents who complain. It is actually the teacher who is in danger, because they are many times used as the fall guy. Education is no longer about reading, and writing in a 21st Century English classroom.  It is about the 4 C’s Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking and Collaboration.

In Texas we said NO to the Common Core National Standards, but we’ve said yes to our teachers being re-trained for 21st Century Learning using the InTASC Model CoreTeaching Standards; Learning Progressions for Teachers.  The Copyright for these standards is owned by the Council of Chief State School Officers, who as you will remember own the copyright to the Common Core National Standards. They are all aligned to a collectivist philosophy of education. Check out standard #5. When you begin to research what is happening, you will see, this is NOT 21st Century Learning it is simply another push for OBE (Outcome Based Education). 

“The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues.” 

Clearly worded in the InTASC paper is states; “these standards differ from the original standards in one key respect: These standards are no longer intended only for “beginning” teachers but as professional practice standards.”  

Have you heard the term Transdisiplinary ?

The College Board’s SAT and AP (Advanced Placement) assessments and conceptual frameworks can be described as “Transdisiplinary” in their purpose.

Transdisiplinary is when the function of the subject matter, concept themes in the syllabus, and course frameworks are all used to guide how a student views the world. The technical term most commonly used is lenses. Effectively these lenses become the values, attitudes, and beliefs the students are to be taking away from the curriculum.

Therefore my question is, are you okay with this? As parents are you okay with your child in Argyle ISD being taught using these learning theories and teaching strategies?

Argyle ISD is not an isolated incident. Nor is it isolated to AP/Dual Credit classes.  This is happening in school districts across Texas. (RISD) Richardson ISD held a meeting for angry parents speaking out against (PBL) Project-based learning. In the audio clip below you will hear Tabitha Branum, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education (formerly Coppell ISD) describe how teachers are no longer teaching as they did in the past and are being re-trained. She goes on to explain that the STAAR exams no longer ask questions about facts, such as “can you identify this organ” and or “what is the function of this organ?” Then the biology lead teacher explains why they are shifting away from learning facts in exchange for building “social skills”.

I would also like to let you know that my children are NOT allowed to take any surveys online or for the school district, state or federal government. If their grades suffer because of this I would like to let you know about this federal law.

Limits on Survey, Analysis, Evaluations, or Data Collection (United States Code, Title 20 1232h)

(b) Limits on survey, analysis, or evaluations

No student shall be required, as part of any applicable program, to submit to a survey, analysis, or evaluation that reveals information concerning—

(1) political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student’s parent;

(2) mental or psychological problems of the student or the student’s family;

(3) sex behavior or attitudes;

(4) illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;

(5) critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships;

(6) legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers;

(7) religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student’s parent; or

(8) income (other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under such program), without the prior consent of the student (if the student is an adult or emancipated minor), or in the case of an unemancipated minor, without the prior written consent of the parent.




In preparation for the Argyle ISD school board meeting on Tuesday Jan. 19th, 2016. Here is a link to my public testimony at the Jan. 19th meeting.



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Student who exposed ‘God is myth’ assignment invited TX Governor’s Mansion

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eag news

November 3, 2015

Victor Skinner

Victor Skinner – Victor is a communications specialist for EAG and joined in 2009. Previously, he was a newspaper journalist.


KATY, Texas – When Texas middle schooler Jordan Wooley recently highlighted a reading assignment that required students to deny God, school administrators, her teacher, and some students painted her as a liar.

But a flood of support from residents across the state, including and Gov. Greg Abbott, is buoying her spirits as she heads to the Governor’s Mansion Saturday to share her story.

Wooley, 12, testified before the Katy Independent School Board last Monday about a reading assignment at West Memorial Junior High in which her teacher instructed students to label statements as fact, opinion or commonplace assertion, which her teacher characterized as a myth.

When Wooley and numerous other students answered fact to the statement “There is a God,” the teacher told them they’re wrong, God is a myth, Wooley said.

Jordan Katy podiumSuperintendent Alton Frailey vowed to investigate the incident, and the next day apologized to Wooley. The district issued a statement that said the “ill-conceived” assignment “included an item that was unnecessary for achieving the instructional standard,” Fox 26 reports.

But the next day Frailey called a press conference to allege Wooley is a liar and countering Wooley’s assertions the assignment was graded, and students would be penalized if they answered that “fact” to “There is a God.”

“Nothing that the principal has found supports the assertions that the teacher deliberately threatened (students), or tried to force them to deny God,” Frailey said, according to ABC 13. “In the investigation those assertions were not corroborated by the other students. Was the activity graded? It was not graded. Was it 40 percent of their grade? Were the students told they had to deny God? No one corroborated that, at all.”

“If I had any reason to believe or evidence to support that a teacher did what has been alleged I would stand with Jordan, as well,” he said. But when a flood of students and parents later confirmed Wooley’s account, Frailey broke his word and issued a politically correct statement instead.

Frailey’s comments, of course, put a target on Wooley’s back and some of her classmates reacted accordingly with taunts and harassment for standing up for her faith. At the same time, Gov. Greg Abbott spoke out in support of Wooley, something her mother, Chantel Wooley, said has lifted her spirits.

“Governor Abbott is the only person in any position of authority in Texas that stood up for Jordan from the very beginning of this ordeal. He set an example of what it means to stand up for the truth and God,” Chantel Wooley said.

“His instinct was to see the truth, coming from a child. What people do not know, is how bad Jordan was hurting at school after she spoke out publicly, how many people turned away from her, including her principal, the Katy ISD school board and Superintendent Frailey,” she continued.

“She was so upset – she said no one believes me mom, sent via text messages from school. That was when I saw the tweet by Gov. Abbott. I texted her to let her know that the governor stood with her and it changed everything.”

Text messages between Wooley and her mother illustrate how stressful the situation has been at school since Frailey attacked Wooley.

“I have been getting both good and bad sides at school, but I just ignore the bad and thank the good,” Wooley texted her mother.

“Don’t stress my love. You told the truth. That is all that matters,” Chantel Wooley replied.

“People are sticking up the middle finger to me. People are saying curse words at me. People are saying I am an attention seeking hog that’s just a b’,” Woodley replied.

“The governor stands with you,” Chantel texted back.

“OMG,” Wooley responded.

Chantel texted Wooley a link to Abbott’s tweet: “I’m proud of this 7th grader’s unyielding commitment to God. She’s Texas tough. #IStandWithJordan.”

“Dang!” Wooley replied.

Abbott’s staff later invited Wooley to visit the Governor’s Mansion this Saturday, which she gladly accepted.

But Abbott is not the only Texan to stand with Jordan, and God.

The Wooleys have also received a flood of support from not only parents and students in the Katy ISD, but from across the state of Texas.

“I am proud of the courage shown by Jordan, some of her peers and their parents. In today’s environment, where administrators are trained by TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) to quiet opposition and shun parents who stand up for their children, I think this was a great step forward for shoring up student and parental rights. People need to be of good courage. – Kim Belcher, Katy ISD parent.”

“As a Texas Mom, I applaud Governor Abbott’s support of Jordan Wooley and her family by inviting them to the Governor’s mansion. It is because of one child, with the courage to question what she and her classmates were being taught, which has given other students and their parents the courage to question and speak out publicly. For that, I am forever grateful to them. We now see clearly the real impact on students of TASA’s (Texas Assoc. of School Administrators) New Vision for Texas Public Education, which mirrors the vision of the Common Core State Standards nationally. The fact is, it was Alton Frailey, Katy ISD’s superintendent, who led the implementation of this vision, as president of TASA.

“I also applaud Gov. Abbott for letting Texas parents know, that Alton Frailey is not on the list of possible candidates to replace resigning Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams. – Alice Linahan, Argyle, Texas.”

“I am so proud of the courage Jordan has shown in standing up for her faith and God. I pray Jordan’s courage and testimony awaken parents to what is happening in classrooms in America as a result of the nationalization of education. – Meg Bakich, Highland Park, Texas.”

“What happened in Katy ISD is due to the shift away from a traditional academic education, based on fact and knowledge to the 21st Century/Common Core model under education reform, based on opinion and the subjective.  Children need to be taught reading, writing, arithmetic and history that has not been revised to fulfill a political agenda or bias. Through Jordan’s courage, TASA’s new vision of education has now been exposed in Texas. – Mellany Lamb, Lewisville, Texas.”

“Jordan Woolery and her bravery I can pray will be modeled after others her age. I am so proud of her and abhor the Katy Administration for marginalizing her for speaking up. Our education system has changed drastically and unfortunately it is not geared to teaching ‘Absolute Truth’ or academic achievement any longer.  Everything is now up for debate with the radical education reform. – Ginger Russell, Montgomery, Texas.”

“By standing up for herself, Jordan- perhaps unknowingly- stands up for me.  By defending her faith in God, she defends mine, and for this I am grateful.  I am further grateful for what has become a restoration of my confidence in the character of our children.  The type of character exhibited by this young lady over the past few days is an example that adults would do well to likewise demonstrate. Her mother must be an incredible example of honor and courage for Jordan to show such principle, regardless of whatever lack of peer approval she may garner, whatever resistance and outright defamation she may be required to endure.

“I am very grateful to Jordan for her principle, honesty, and courage. – Joe Palmer, Burleson, Texas.”

Here’s Wooley’s original statement to the school board:


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VIDEO: Student says TX teacher forced 7th graders to deny God is real, or take a failing grade

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Victor Skinner   Victor Skinner,

Victor is a communications specialist for EAG and joined in 2009. Previously, he was a newspaper journalist.



KATY, Texas – A Texas seventh-grader is standing up for her religious beliefs after she alleges her teacher forced students to deny that God is real, and threatened them with failing grades if they don’t agree.

Jordan Wooley, a seventh grade student at West Memorial Junior High School in the Katy Independent School District, testified at a school board meeting last night about an assignment in her reading class that caused a serious controversy, and expressed frustration about her teacher’s atheist indoctrination.

“Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real. Our teacher had started off saying that the assignment had been giving problems all day. We were asked to take a poll to say whether God is fact, opinion or a myth and she told anyone who said fact or opinion was wrong and God was only a myth,” Wooley told board members.

Students immediately objected, Wooley said, but the teacher refused to consider their position.

The teacher, “started telling kids they were completely wrong and that when kids argued we were told we would get in trouble. When I tried to argue, she told me to prove it, and I tried to reference things such as the Bible and stories I have read before from people who have died and went to heaven but came back and told their stories, and she told me both were just things people were doing to get attention.

“I know it wasn’t just me who was affected by it. My friend, she went home and started crying. She was supposed to come with me but she didn’t know if she could” because she was so upset, Wooley said.

The teen explained she spoke with other students in the class who were marked down because they believe God is real, as well as compromises proposed by students to avoid rejecting their faith.

“Another student asked the teacher if we could put what we believe in the paper, and she said we could … but you would fail the paper if you do,” Wooley told the board. “I had known before that our schools aren’t really supposed to teach us much about religion or question religion. When I asked my teacher about it she said it doesn’t have anything to do with religion because the problem is just saying there is no God.”

Wooley was accompanied to the meeting by her mother, Chantel Wooley, who texted with her daughter about the assignment earlier in the day and posted a video to Facebook about the incident after school.

“Hey mom so in reading we were required to say that God is just a myth,” Jordan texted her mother shortly before 3 p.m. Monday. “I thought if a question was against our religion that we could put what we think is true but we got in trouble for saying He is true.”

“Wait what? Myth?” Chantel Wooley replied.

“We had to deny God is real. Yeah, we had to say he was just a myth,” Jordan wrote.

“You got in trouble?” Chantel questioned.

“Yeah she told me I was wrong bc I put it was fact,” Jordan wrote.

“What did you say?” Chantel texted.

“I said he is real and she said that can’t be proven,” Jordan replied.

“And what happened?” Chantel wrote.

“I still put fact on my paper,” Jordan texted.

Jordan told school board members her family contacted the school principal, who promised to speak with the teacher and investigate the incident. Board members also vowed to “look into it,” but said school administrators should first focus on addressing the issue.

They also thanked Wooley for voicing her concerns.

In a Facebook video posted to Chantel Wooley’s profile, Jordan explained the situation in more detail.

“Basically, a lot of people said it was true and real, and she told us we were all wrong,” Jordan said. “She told us it was a commonplace assertion, just a myth, and lot of people got upset about it.

“I called my friend to see how she felt about it, and she was just crying,” Wooley continued.

“And how did that make you feel?” an off-camera voice questions.

“Like she was taking away my religion, what I believe is true,” the teen replied.

Texas education activist Alice Linahan told EAGnews the incident, and how district officials respond, could be an especially important indicator of things to come in the Lone Star state.

Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey, president of the national American Association of School Administrators, was a central figure in crafting the state’s education standards as the former president of the Texas Association of School Administrators.

Frailey is now working to expand similar standards nationally, Linahan said, and is reportedly on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s short list to replace education Commissioner Michael Williams, who resigned last week.

Linahan pointed to standards Frailey help craft that require a teacher “understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues,” as evidence that the state standards and closely aligned national Common Core standards divert focus from core subjects to less important issues.

“Will Texas students get a good job when they grow up because they can read well, write well, do math and know history?” Linahan questioned. “Or, will they get a good job, without strong academics, but an emotional attachment and classroom experience to save the world on a global level from a humanist viewpoint, without a belief in God?

“Parents, it is time to step in like Jordan’s mom and say … NO!”

Linahan said Alton Frailey’s role, in both the local issue and the broader education standards, will undoubtedly influence how parents react if he’s appointed the state’s education commissioner by the governor.

“If Governor Abbott names Alton Frailey commissioner of education in Texas, there will be a backlash like … Abbott has never seen before,” Linahan said. “Parents know the truth and we are not going to stand by and watch them do this to our children.”


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Keller ISD Promoting Homosexual Behavior and Endangering Christian Students

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A Keller ISD student, Casey Akers was not allowed to preform a “promposal” on campus by asking another female student to prom and is now speaking out. She voiced her objections at the April Keller ISD school board meeting. This has prompted the administration into changing the district’s anti-discrimination policies while everyone was on summer break (no surprise there). The proposed policy changes redefine the word “Discrimination” throughout to include the new language “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation” YIKES…

News of these changes have been brought to light thankfully to the hard work of education activist Alice Linahan with “Women on the Wall” and conservative TV personality, Glenn Beck who lives in the Keller ISD district. These policy changes were set to be discussed on the August 13th school board meeting.

Glenn Beck posted an article by Alice Linahan about the policy changes and the school board meeting on his facebook page. Glenn stated he would be attending the meeting and encouraged others to do so also.

glenn beck alice

I can assure you that the negative news coverage is not what the school district bargained for.  School districts abhor any news that portrays them in a negative light.

The day of the meeting they posted that the anti-discrimination policy item was removed from the agenda. The following sign was posted on the board room door.

boardroom sign


As parents and taxpayers started showing up at the school board meeting they began posting photos of the boardroom filling up online.



I am assuming the board president delivered the following speech…..





 The news media shows up and guess who they want to interview…… yea you got it.




gay queer


Same ole  song and chant of “Black Lives Matter” now is becoming “Gay Lives Matter” while the Christian community and those students who believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ are marginalized. I can assure you with the Supreme Court legalization of Same Sex marriage this will not be the last school district in Texas to undergo policy changes in relation to the chosen sinful lifestyle of HOMOSEXUALITY.




More on the story to come…………………..


Board of Trustees
Craig Allen  817-741-6086
Karina Davis  unpublished
Jo Lynn Haussmann  817-938-1900
Ruthie Keyes  817-542-5628
Cindy Lotton  817-485-4177
Brad Schofield  817-431-7090
Jim Stitt  817-223-7209
Randy Reid  817-744-1011

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Destroying our Children’s Love of America

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We can stop this new AP U. S. History (APUSH) course if we as millions of concerned citizens stick together and pressure our local schools NOT to purchase any more College Board products (AP, SAT, PSAT, GED) since David Coleman as president of the College Board and architect of the Common Core has stated that he is aligning them with the Common Core, starting with the APUSH course.  Because the College Board is profit driven, if they see their profits going down the drain, even they will be forced to change direction.  – Donna Garner]




“Child Abuse – Destroying Children’s Love for America”

By Donna Garner

Originally published on 8.6.14; updated on 8.9.14



[Over 650 people nationwide were on this AP U. S. History (APUSH) conference call because of the tremendous concern over the “child abuse” that would occur if our brightest and best students in America are taught to hate America through this newly rewritten, Common Core-aligned,  high-school AP U. S. History course.]


PLEASE LISTEN TO PODCAST OF NATIONAL AP U. S. HISTORY CONFERENCE CALL (8.4.14) Jane Robbins, Larry Krieger, Ken Mercer, and others — 




Sign letter to College Board President David Coleman – Oppose AP U. S. History (APUSH) —




Resources – New AP (Anti) U. S. History Curriculum Framework —




7.18.14 — “Texas Mom Testifies Against #APUSH” — Texas mom Marijane Smitherman has 4 children who have taken a total of 41 Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  She testified at the Texas State Board of Education meeting against the new AP U. S. History course (i.e., APUSH).








8.7.14 – “New AP U. S. History: Greatest Americans Missing from Proposed Curriculum” – by Joshua Rhett Miller — —




7.30.14 — PODCAST – Alice Linahan Radio Show – Hear details on AP U. S. History takeover by the federal government and pushback by concerned citizens  – education bubble about to burst —





7.18.14 –  “Statement by Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor against the use of Common Core in AP U. S. History in Texas —




7.14.14 – “Scary New AP. U. S. History Course” — The College Board under David Coleman (architect of the Common Core Standards) is changing AP U. S. History for schools all across America.  —  Interview of Ken Mercer, member of Texas State Board of Education, by Glenn Beck:







Dr. Richard Middleton – Southwest Regional Director for The College Board — 866-392-3017 (Ext. 1808#)


Dr. David Coleman – President of The College Board —  888-225-5427 – Press #6 – talked to clerk who took my name and phone number – said she would escalate my call – to call me back from 5 to 7 days




1.5.05 — “Are We a Republic or a Democracy?” – by Walter Williams – WND —




Link to  — “More than 800 four-year colleges and universities do not use the SAT or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor-degree applicants.”




7.13.14 – “The New AP U. S. History Exam – Deal or No Deal?” — by Jane Robbins, Larry Krieger – Breitbart


7.14.14 – “To Georgia and States Across America: from Jane Robbins of American Principles Project” —


7.12.14 – “Common Core David Coleman’s Next Deception:  The New AP U. S. History Exam” — by Dr. Susan Berry —


7.11.14 — “Texans, Stop AP U. S. History Tests from Being Implemented – Illegal in Texas” — by Donna Garner —


7.10.14 – “ New War Over High School U. S. History” by Stanley Kurtz – National Review


7.7.14 –“Dinesh D’Souza’s America and Our Schools” – by Stanley Kurtz – National Review


6.24.14 — “David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America” — by Donna Garner —


6.22.14 – “Urgent: AP US History Framework Tied to Common Core – Illegal in Texas” – by Donna Garner —

7.30.14 – Video — “Dr. Duke Pesta Exposes Common Core” —





(This 5-Part Series on Common Core was recorded before the new AP (Anti) U. S. History Framework came out in June 2014.  The new APUSH verifies all of the concerns that Jane Robbins and others have shared about Common Core.)  


Pt. 1 of 5:

Pt. 2 of 5:

Pt. 3 of 5:

Pt. 4 of 5:

Pt. 5 of 5:




Donna Garner





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Common Core Exposed in Texas @ CAN I SEE CONFERENCE, JUNE

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common core exposed


Please join us and register for this wonderful educational conference exposing the transformation taking place across the state of Texas in every school district. Not only are Texas Schools using and implementing the Common Core philosophy they are Data Mining your children without your knowledge. The CAN I SEE Conference is being held in Austin June 20-21.


– Merrill Hope, Breitbart News

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) will hold its annual national convention in Austin June 19th-22nd. Their keynote speaker is Arne Duncan, U. S. Sect. of Education, who, in conjunction with the national PTA, are cheerleaders for the Common Core.

In response to that event, we have a tremendous opportunity to hold the #CANiSEE™© the Solution counter-event on June 20-21, 2014. The Solution conference will feature some of the most prominent voices who have come together to end the federal takeover of K-12 public education.


Dr. Sandra StotskyProfessor Emerita, U of Arkansas

Dr. James Milgram Professor Emeritus, Stanford U.

Jane RobbinsAmerican Principles Project

Dr. Peg LuksikFounded on Truth 

Phyllis Schlafly – Eagle Forum 


Dr. Duke PestaFreedom Project Education

Dr. Terrence Moore – Author of The Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core

Dr. Chris Tienken– Author of The School Reform Landscape: Fraud, Myth, and Lies


Jenni WhiteRestoring Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE)

Anita MoncriefTrue the Vote

Nakonia Hayes“The Story of John Saxon”

Glyn Wright – Eagle Forum 

MerryLynn GerstenschlagerTexas Eagle Forum

Mary BowenTexas Teacher and Education Advisor

Dr. Stan Hartzler- Classroom Applications of Cognitive Psychology   

Henry W. Contributor

Lisa BensonLisa Benson Radio for National Security Matters 

Karen Schroeder Advocates for Academic Freedom

Jeanine MacGregor – Writer, researcher, cognitive learning expert


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“Common Core Critics Attacked in Texas”

by MERRILL HOPE 1 Mar 2014, 7:46 AM PDT 


TEXAS–Concerned suburban Dallas dad Andrew Bennett spent the past three months raising questions about Common Core materials coming home from the Northwest Independent School District (NISD) middle school. 


Although Texas did not adopt the Common Core State Standards Initiativeit shares textbooks and other learning materials with Common Core participating states as Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams told Breitbart Texas in a recent interview.  Among those books is the Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop, a product aligned to the Common Core, stating so on the front cover.  As a parent who was under the impression that Texas had no ties to the Common Core, Bennett was concerned. He was also troubled by a vocabulary question that read:


“There is quite a contrast between the FILL-IN-THE-BLANK administration that now runs the country and the ‘do-nothing’ regime that preceded it.”  Bennett took these concerns of bias to the middle school teacher who then sent him to the principal.


Bennett said, “The principal told me that this vocabulary book is part of the Springboard supplemental materials used by the district.”  The principal, who Bennett spoke of fondly and described as always cooperative and helpful, also told him that Springboard was aligning to the Common Core.


Breitbart Texas contacted Tidwell Middle School assistant principal Steven Parkman for additional clarification but our call was not returned.  It remains unclear if this is or is not a supplemental product. Springboard is listed as in use on the district’s website as a curriculum product without any identification of supplemental status.


“Not getting answers is frustrating,” said Bennett, who has asked questions about other content.  He also created Northwest ISD Parents and Teachers against the Common Core on Facebook to reach out to other area parents with similar educational concerns.  According to Bennett, he began attending school board meetings to become more engaged. 


“It’s very intimating,” Bennett stated about NISD Parents and Teachers Against Common Core being  slammed as fringe group by local parents.   According to Bennett, the parent making false accusations is Kim Burkett, a PTA executive board member.  Bennett claims Burkett has accused outspoken parents with creating fear and confusion in the community. 


Breitbart Texas spoke with Burkett, who asked to be identified as a NISD parent and not as a PTA member.  She claims she has only spoken on her own and not as a PTA spokesperson.  Burkett told Breitbart Texas that she did not accuse Bennett or his local parent group of creating fear and confusion.


She said, “My words were clear, I indicated outside political activists with an extreme agenda are taking advantage of our NISD parents by promoting confusion and fear within our district.” 


Burkett alleges that outside “interlopers” have infiltrated Mr. Bennett’s Northwest ISD parent group and she claims they do not reside in NISD.”  She clarified that these are the activists she referred to as the fringe group, believing they are forces who are taking advantage of NISD parents by spreading misinformation to create confusion and fear in our community.”


According to Bennett, Burkett’s claims are incorrect.  He said that the core local group is from the school district, although he included a few trusted friends on the social media site.


Burkett insists that the school district adheres to the TEKS and not Common Core Standards.  Given that information, Breitbart Texas asked her then why was it a problem for this parent to question Common Core materials?  Burkett restated her belief that this local concerned parent group has received bad information from outside political activists skirting around the original question: why was it a problem for a concerned parent to ask about Common Core materials being used in the school district? 


According to Burkett, Texas PTA does not have a position on Common Core Standards.  Texas PTA, however, is affiliated to PTA National.  PTA National supports the Common Core on their advocacy web page. Burkett blogs for Educate for TexasAlthough Burkett did not want to affiliate herself with the PTA in addressing the matter with Bennett, she has done so in the past.  In October 2013, she wrote on her blog,”I love the fact that Wendy Davis is ‘a trusted friend’ to Texas PTA.” 


Davis is the Democratic challenger to the favored Attorney General Greg Abbott in the Texas gubernatorial race.


Previously in Texas, the Vice Chair of the State Board of Education, Thomas Ratliff seemingly sought to silence dissenting opinion. In 2010, Watchdog Wire Texas reported that Ratliff “might also be considered a foe of citizens trying to obtain public records.” This article referred to Ratliff’s lawsuit against the Austin area Eanes School District in 2007. According to Watchdog Wire’s report, he did so “saying its practice of responding to voluminous open records requests was an illegal expenditure of public funds,” claiming that a small group of residents made nearly 1,000 requests for about 100,000 pages of record. The lawsuit alleged that the cost of complying with those requests had exceeded $500,000. The publication cited Austin American-Statesman as a source in saying, “Ratliff…once pushed unsuccessfully for a bill that would have limited the amount of information that people could request from government agencies.”  


Again, in 2013, Ratliff filed two back-to-back ethics charges against Dallas area mom activist, Alice Linahan. Fox News originally reported this story in which they said Linahan had been outspoken about the controversial Texas Common Core-like product called CSCOPE and was educating parents by setting up communications teams. Ratliff accused her of behaving like a lobbyist although the Texas Ethics Commission rejected the ethics charges. Linahan was not a lobbyist.  She was a mom activist who sat in a non-paid board position at Women on the Walla citizen advocacy group engaged in Texas education issues. Linahan also hosts a weekly conference call that connects grassroots activists throughout the state, and a weekly blog talk radio show. Women on the Wall also held community meetings to address Texas specific education issues. Linahan participated as an unpaid volunteer.  Ratliff, according to a Watchdog Wire Texas, is a paid Microsoft lobbyist


“I was just a mom trying to get the word out to other parents about what was going on in Texas education,” Linahan told Breitbart Texas.

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Texas State Board of Education Member Thomas Ratliff Rejected Twice

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mean ratliff


12.26.13 — FROM ALICE LINAHAN — Voices Empower

 SBOE/ Microsoft Lobbyist Thomas Ratliff TEC complaint against Alice Linahan once again REJECTED!



Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) elected official/Microsoft Lobbyist Thomas Ratliff once again files an ethics complaint against me and is once again REJECTED by the Texas Ethics Commission. Well I guess Texas Moms and Dads  we should be flattered. According to Thomas Ratliff we are so effective I should have filed as a paid lobbyist. 

Here is a copy of the letter I just received from the TEC. Thomas Ratliff (TEC)Texas Ethics Complaint Rejected

 Click here to read the 2nd official Complaint. Thomas Ratliff files 2nd TEC (Texas Ethics Complaint) against Texas Mom Alice Linahan

 As I have said before What Thomas Ratliff does not understand is that I am not alone. This is a Movement of Moms and Dads going into their child’s school and saying… 

#CanISee WHAT you are teaching my child, HOW you are teaching my child and WHO is financially benefiting from the curriculum products my child’s teacher is being evaluated on. 





Donna Garner


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Texas State Board of Education Member Thomas Ratliff Bullies Texas Mom

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Texas Parents and Grassroots activist have been extremely effective in fighting the progressive CSCOPE Curriculum in Texas Schools and educating the public about it. This does not seem to set well with a RINO sitting on the State Board of Education, Thomas Ratliff. Ratliff is also a paid lobbyist for Microsoft and though it is illegal to sit on the SBOE and be a lobbyist, Ratliff seems to have no respect for the rule of law. Ratliff is so put out that a major dent has been put in the CSCOPE/Common Core agenda across the state of Texas that he is bullying a Texas Mom, Alice Linahan for her activism in fighting CSCOPE by filing ethics charges claiming she is paid for activism. Ratliff’s initial filed ethics complaint was denied which he could not seem to accept and filed a 2nd complaint.

Ratliff’s 1st ethics complaint that was denied. 

Ratliff’s 2nd Ethics Complaint. 





12-17-2013 11-11-30 PM

12-17-2013 11-09-49 PM







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Reknown Science Author Janice VanCleave on Texas Education

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Well known Science Author is a former Texas teacher turned science author of 50+ experiment books. Janice VanCleave discovered the controversial Texas curriculum CSCOPE while tutoring children in her local community.

VanCleave was the a guest on Alice Linahan’s Women on the Wall program this morning. She exposes the corruption taking place in Texas School districts today that is costing tax payers thousands to millions of dollars as with the consulting firm “Lead Your School” .  She also exposes the fact that teachers are being manipulated and controlled by administrators.



[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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A TEXAS BULLY! State Board of Education Member Thomas Ratliff

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mean ratliff


What would our Commander in Chief Obama and Thomas Ratliff have in common? They are elected representatives that will stop at nothing to accomplish their agenda, for example using “ethics” in intimidating and silence voters from speaking out against their progressive policies or agenda.

Texas State Board of Education member Robert Thomas Ratliff is the son of former Texas Lt Governor Bill Ratliff and brother of Texas Rep. Bennett Ratliff. All three have involved themselves within the Texas education establishment in some shape or form. It appears their goal is that of implementing a progressive ideology within the Texas School System and a  financial one.

Activist across the State have been fighting the progressive/Marxist Texas curriculum CSCOPE for over a year. Who would have thought one of elected officials  would be more concerned with his Lobbying agenda than representing those that elected him. Yes you heard it right! Thomas Ratliff is a paid lobbyist for Microsoft and with the implementation of CSCOPE/Project Based Learning his lobbying job pays off. Despite the fact that is illegal for him to be a paid lobbyist and sit on the SBOE, Thomas has no respect for the rule of Law but seems obsessed in verifying that others abide by it, especially one Texas mom.

In my battle of fighting CSCOPE moms across the state joined in to help educate others. One of those moms was Alice Linahan. I met Alice at an online/blogging conference. Alice is also very politically active and after realizing what was transpiring in Texas school districts across the state  she became involved in exposing it so parents and taxpayers would be informed.

Ratliff obviously had his hand in the cookie jar when it came to CSCOPE. He has filed an ethic charge against Alice Linahan claiming she is a lobbyist that has not filed as such. Here is a copy of his ethics charge. ETHIC CHARGE AGAINST ALICE LINAHAN BY THOMAS RATLIFF. WHAT A  Texas BULLY!


Please Check out what Alice Linahan has to say about this HERE. 



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Muslim Journeys, Jihadists Recruiting Our Children

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“Muslim Journeys, Jihadists Recruiting Our Children, Alice LInahan Conference Call”

by Donna Garner



Leave it to the American Library Association (ALA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEA) to use our tax dollars to promote the Obama administration’s leftwing agenda – “Muslim Journeys Program” in Denton, Texas.


As best I could determine, the ALA receives around $184 Million per year of taxpayers’ dollars appropriated by Congress; and the NEA receives close to $154 Million.  


The NEA is well known for such grants as the one in which an artist produced Piss Christ, a photo of a plastic crucifix submerged in urine. 


In 2006 the American Library Association gave its prestigious “academy award” for Young People’s Literature (ages 12 – 18) to Looking for Alaska by John Green.  The ALA award propelled this porn novel to popularity all around the country.  See “Actual Quotes from the Book” —  ).   


For years, we have tried to get Congress to cut the funding for ALA and NEA.  With our country on the edge of the fiscal cliff, now would be a great time to let these two leftwing entities stand on their own. 


Let the ALA and NEA raise their own funds to promote their leftist agenda and see how far they get.  If the local taxpayers are sold on what the ALA and NEA want to do in their local communities, let the locals pay for it. If the people of Denton, Texas, want to fund “Muslim Journeys,” let the locals pay for it.  


With the brutal killings in Kenya, Benghazi, Boston Marathon, Ft. Hood, 9/11, Mali, London, Tel Aviv, Baghdad, Basra, Marrakech, Nigeria, Thailand, Frankfurt, Manilla, and many more by Muslim terrorists, I think the ALA and NEA might find themselves with very little local support for “Muslim Journeys.”  – Donna Garner




9.19.13 —
Denton library hosts Muslim Journeys program

National initiative aims to increase understanding of Muslim culture

Post Date: 09/19/2013 01:54 PM


The Denton Public Library will host a day of lectures and perspectives Oct. 5 with the Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys program at the Emily Fowler Central Library.

The Bridging Cultures initiative is sponsored by the American Library Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities to encourage understanding between cultures and religions…


9.26.13 – Good news – a victory – This video in Ohio will not be allowed to indoctrinate 7th graders any longer:

“Ohio Mom Teams-up with Thomas More Law Center To Remove Islamic Proselytizing Video from 7th Grade History Class” —


Advice from Donna Garner to parents: 

With schools so caught up in the 21st Century technology craze, I would encourage parents not to allow their school children to go on Skype or other online venues to dialogue with “global pen pals” – during the school day or on their techie devices at home.  Jihadists are trying to lure our American children to join their terrorist networks.  CNN recently reported that the Kenyan mall attacks may very well have involved jihadist Somali young men who have been lured from America over the Internet.

All of us need to be very concerned about an effort in the United States to desensitize our school children through their curriculum to destroy a belief in American exceptionalism.  Such desensitization leaves our school children open to being linked up with unknown “global pen pals” who may very well be Muslim jihadists trying to recruit our children into their cause.


Alice Linahan Conference Call – 9.25.13 – The power of one mom saying…#CanISee…my child’s homework, textbooks, tests, worksheets, etc.



Donna Garner


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Look Who’s In Washington, DC~~ might scare you!!

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obama,... muslim

Look who’s new in the white house!


arif alikan

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser

rashad hussain

Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the
Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
salam al mariyata
Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser and
founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council
and is its current executive director


Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar from
the Islamic Society of North America
Eboo Pat el – Advisory Council on Faith-Based
Neighborhood Partnerships



This is flat-out scary!




The foxes are now officially living in the hen house…
Now ask me why I am very concerned!
Are we quiet while our Country is being drastically changed?
Please, pass it on—get the word out!
We’ve got to have some relief starting with the 2014 Elections!
Learn about the danger and infiltration of The Muslim Brotherhood in America from
Security Expert Frank Gaffney
frank gaffney
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Join: Frank Gaffney at Texas Education Summit… Sept. 14

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Join Team as we take on the issue of Education. The topic will be CSCOPE and Common Core. CSCOPE is being used in Mt. Pleasant schools as well as surrounding communities. The link line-up of speakers will be giving information that uncovers the Truth about education in America and how Texas is the last STAND!    

When: Saturday, September 14th

Time: 10 am – 2 pm


                 2601 West Ferguson Road

                  Mt. Pleasant, Texas 75455




Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy will be a guest speaker at the Education Summit

Frank Gaffney is founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., a not-for-profit, nonpartisan educational corporation established in 1988.

The center is recognized nationally and internationally as a resource for timely, informed, and penetrating analyses of foreign and defense policy matters.

Gaffney is the lead author of “War Footing: Ten Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World” (Naval Institute Press, 2005). This highly acclaimed volume constitutes an “owners manual” for navigating global conflicts.

Gaffney also is a weekly columnist for The Washington Times,, and He is a contributor to National Review Online, and his columns also appear periodically in, the New York Post, and He appears often on national and international television and radio news programs.

In April 1987, President Reagan nominated Gaffney to become assistant secretary of defense for International Security Policy, the senior position in the Defense Department with responsibility for policies involving nuclear forces, arms control and U.S.-European defense relations. He acted in that capacity for seven months. From August 1983 until November 1987, Gaffney was the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy under Assistant Secretary Richard Perle.

From February 1981 to August 1983, he was a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Gaffney holds a master’s in international studies from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a bachelor’s in Foreign Service from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

Gaffney has received the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award (1987), the U.S. Business and Industry Council’s Defender of the National Interest Award (1994), the Navy League’s Alfred Thayer Mahan Literary Achievement Award, and the Zionist Organization of America’s Louis Brandeis Award (2003).

He lives in the Washington area.




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CSCOPE Debate.. Who won?

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by Donna Garner



Below are a few of my thoughts on the CSCOPE debate last night between Sen. Dan Patrick vs. Thomas Ratliff (ineligible member of the Texas State Board of Education). It was evident to me that Sen. Dan Patrick won the debate.



Represented grassroots citizens: Sen. Dan Patrick (chair of Senate Education Committee/running for Lt. Gov.) defended the right of parents and the public to see the curriculum 24/7 that is being taught to public school children. Sen. Patrick is concerned about the millions of public dollars spent by the Education Service Centers on CSCOPE without their following the proper bidding and contractual processes.

Represented the education establishment: Thomas Ratliff is a millionaire lobbyist for Microsoft who has cultivated relationships with the education establishment for 15 years to get them to buy his products. Obviously he is going to take a position that supports the administrators who control the purse strings of local school district funds for vendor expenditures.

Represented the education establishment: Mary Anne Whiteker was a pro-CSCOPE panelist, is the superintendent of Hudson ISD, and is president of the Texas Association of Community Schools (TACS).

Represented the grassroots citizens: JoAnn Fleming was a second panelist. She was chosen because of her strong support for the Constitution; and as the Executive Director of Grassroots America, she believes strongly in the rights of “We the people” to direct the education of their children.



During the debate, it was Thomas Ratliff and Mary Ann Whiteker who sought to support CSCOPE by criticizing a report done by E. W. Burt (Business/Marketing teacher in Blanket ISD) in which his students compared CSCOPE schools’ STAAR/End-of-Course scores with state averages.

After repeatedly trashing Burt’s creative classroom assignment which captured a teachable moment for his students, Ratliff/Whiteker lauded two doctoral studies on CSCOPE done by students at Texas Tech and Baylor University.

I found the two doctoral studies by doing an Internet search. Both dissertations used TAKS data which means the conclusions from those two doctoral studies are completely irrelevant to today’s discussions. The TAKS tests were built upon the “old” TEKS curriculum standards (1997), and those standards and TAKS tests are a thing of the past:

Texas Tech University Libraries – CSCOPE Search ––

(2) Gaylon Craig Spinn – “Instructional Leadership: The Efficacy of Student Performance with CSCOPE Curriculum Implementation” – Abstract page ix:

“The purpose of this study was to evaluate, via latent growth modeling, the effects of CSCOPE curriculum implementation upon student academic performance in mathematics as measured by the Texas Assessments of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) tests.”


BEARdocs – Baylor University — Electronic Theses and Dissertations —

“CSCOPE’s effect on Texas’ state mandated standardized test scores in mathematics” by Brent Ross Merritt

 “The purpose of the study was to examine standardized test scores of school districts in the state of Texas that have implemented CSCOPE…in an effort to determine what effect, if any, its implementation has had. The standardized test used in the state of the Texas is titled the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). This study used a sample size of 56 school districts and included test scores from over 125 individual campuses. Archival TAKS data were collected from the 2007-2008, 2008-2009, and 2009-2010 school years for grades 3-8…”



 On the other hand, E. W. Burt’s report was current because it was done on the new STAAR/End-of-Course test data (see Burt’s comments posted further on down the page). Sen. Dan Patrick praised E. W. Burt and his students for their hard work and for the relevancy of their report.

To prove whether or not the CSCOPE lessons effectively raise academic achievement, the data must come from the STAAR/EOC tests given in School Year 2011-12 and School Year 2012-13 – the only two years from which we have tests aligned with the SBOE-approved TEKS (adopted from May 2008 – July 2012).

If Ratliff/Whiteker were trying to use the two doctoral studies to prove that CSCOPE raises current academic achievement, their assertion was false because the TAKS data is completely out of alignment with the new TEKS. In fact, the TAKS tests have been widely discredited because of their mediocre-to-low rigor.

Saying that CSCOPE is a superior system because students scored high on the TAKS tests is like saying that high-school students are well-educated because they can read the children’s nursery rhyme “Little Bo Peep.”

The 1997 Type #2 TEKS/TAKS are completely different from the new 2008-2010 Type #1 TEKS/STAAR/EOC’s:


According to Texas law, school administrators should be using public dollars to purchase instructional materials that prepare students to learn the new SBOE-approved TEKS and the tests built upon them (STAAR/EOC’s – Type #1) – not the out-of-date TEKS and TAKS built upon a completely different philosophy of education (Type #2).


Ratliff/Whiteker went on to assert that Tyler ISD students are benefiting from the use of CSCOPE based upon three years of test data. However, that data again was undoubtedly built upon the old TAKS and old TEKS because we do not have data for three years on the new STAAR/EOC’s – only two.

How did Tyler ISD students score on the 2013 Accountability Ratings released by the TEA on 8.9.13? The TEA’s data IS built upon the STAAR/EOC’s which are built upon the new TEKS. In other words, the following data is built upon the current law not upon obsolete tests and obsolete curriculum standards:

Here is the TEA link to use:




The three Distinctions columns are indicative of superior performance because they are based upon objective data that rates academic achievement (the primary goal of the public schools.) The campuses/districts are only compared with their same like-characteristic group of 40.

The first column under Distinctions means outstanding academic achievement in English/Language Arts/Reading.

The second column means outstanding academic achievement in Math.

The third column means the campus/district was in the Top 25% of schools among the 40 like-comparison group of campuses.




5 out of 26 Tyler ISD campuses (19%) received the harshest rating – Improvement Required.

 Only 10 out of 26 Tyler ISD campuses received the Reading/ELA Distinction (62% did not).

 Only 6 out of 26 Tyler ISD campuses received the Math Distinction (77% did not).

 Only 7 out of 26 Tyler ISD campuses received the Top 25% Distinction (73% did not).

 This tells me that for the multiple-thousands of dollars that Tyler ISD has spent on CSCOPE, the students’ STAAR/EOC scores do not show district-wide academic achievement.



Now, how did Whiteker’s Hudson ISD do on the 2013 Accountability Ratings? Her district is a CSCOPE district just as is Tyler ISD. Surely as much as Whiteker seems to adore CSCOPE, every campus in her district must have received the three Distinctions, right? Not so —

If I were Whiteker, I would find it particularly alarming that the school in which the basis for all other success in reading/writing/spelling is set (W. H. Bonner Elementary School in Hudson ISD) did not receive a Reading/ELA Distinction. I believe this lack of prowess is due to CSCOPE’s lack of systematic instruction in phonemic awareness/phonics and in grammar/usage.


 hudson isd










To view other CSCOPE school data pulled from the 2013 Accountability Ratings, please go to these links:




Sen. Dan Patrick repeatedly defended the work of E. W. Burt, a Texas classroom teacher who challenged his Marketing/Finance students with a real-world project:


CSCOPE REPORT — March 15, 2013


E. W. Burt, Business/Marketing Teacher

 Blanket High School

Blanket, Texas

As a Texas high-school Business/Marketing teacher, I am to teach my students about spreadsheets according to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). I had been wanting to design a real-world unit for my students that would have high-interest level because of its practical applicability.

In class one day, a student asked, “What is CSCOPE?” That prompted me to create a unit in which my students could compare a topic after creating spreadsheets built upon factual data.

I said, “Let’s do a study comparing test scores of schools that use CSCOPE and ones that do not; then we can compare the outcomes.”

The students had no preconceived views but decided they would compare Algebra I, Biology, World Geography, and English Writing.

We acquired a list of STAAR/End-of-Course test scores (School Year 2011-12) published on the Texas Tribune’s public website in which they had downloaded the STAAR/End-of-Course data from Pearson. Next, we did a search online and found a list of schools in Texas that use CSCOPE.

These are the public website URL’s that the class used:

Link to STAAR/EOC 2011-12 Scores —

List of CSCOPE Schools:



I divided the class into groups and divided up the list of CSCOPE schools among the class groups. The goal of each class group was to create a spreadsheet that compared the failure rate of CSCOPE schools with the failure rate of non-CSCOPE schools.

We did not pull a sample but attempted to list every ISD/CSD in the state. Each student’s work was checked by every other student.

The final study shows test outcomes in schools that use CSCOPE compared to schools that do not. We allowed the readers to draw their own conclusions.

This CSCOPE/STAAR/EOC unit utilized a teachable moment in my classroom in which I developed a hands-on learning experience using technology, the Internet, real-time data, spreadsheets, peer tutoring, group discussions, economics, career development, higher-level thinking skills, and statistical analysis.




CSCOPE Study – Compiled by 9th Grade Business Class, Blanket ISD, Blanket, Texas

My business class asked me what CSCOPE is and if it works. I told them, “Let’s find out if schools that use CSCOPE score better or worse compared to schools that do not use it.”

To this end, we took a list of CSCOPE schools and a list of STAAR/End-of-Course scores (2011-12 School Year) from public schools statewide. Each class member took a portion of the more than 1,000 Texas public schools and recorded the STAAR/EOC test results on a spreadsheet. We compared Algebra I, Biology I, English Writing 1, and Geography. Here is what we found:


Percent of test takers scoring unacceptable on STAAR/EOC tests –


Algebra I

CSCOPE 20.35%

Non- CSCOPE 13.74%

48% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE



Biology I

CSCOPE 14.86%

Non- CSCOPE 10.50%

42% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE


English Writing I

CSCOPE 46.30%

Non- CSCOPE 39.48%

19.57% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE



CSCOPE 23.30%

Non- CSCOPE 17.78%

37.06% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE


Average 36.67% higher unsatisfactory rate among CSCOPE students on all tests


*Over 950 Texas ISDs surveyed


Data from



E. W. Burt

Business Teacher

Blanket ISD





8.19.13 – “CSCOPE: Change in Strategy” —



8.23.13 – “CSCOPE: A Texas Elementary Teacher Speaks”


8.20.13 – “Proof That CSCOPE Is Not Needed – Valuable Links” —



8.22.13 – “Texas Tribune Publishes CSCOPE Lesson Plans” —



8.22.13 — “Alice Linahan Show: Texas School Student Tells All, CSCOPE, STAAR/EOC’s” – link to podcast —




8.24.13 – From Mary Lou Bruner – as posted on Facebook, 4:12 A. M., Aug. 25, 2013

I attended the debate tonight in Tyler between Senator Dan Patrick and Thomas Ratliff. Senator Patrick is a Conservative Republican in the Texas Senate, and he is also chairman of the education committee. He is standing with Texas parents who have provided documentation that the CSCOPE lessons are biased and unpatriotic. Thomas Ratliff is a Republican on the State Board of Education in favor of the use of CSCOPE in Texas even though the State Board of Education has ruled that the school districts discontinue the use of CSCOPE lessons until an audit and an investigation into the program has been completed.


First of all it should be pointed out that the debate was not exactly held in a neutral place. It was held in at the University of Texas at Tyler where there is a building named after Thomas Ratliff’s father, and the debate was held in Tyler where Tyler ISD uses CSCOPE. Secondly it should be noted that Senator Patrick spoke first during the opening statement section of the debate. Therefore Patrick should have been given the last word in the summary portion of the debate. Senator Patrick pointed this out when the moderator told him to speak first during the summaries. It appeared that Thomas Ratliff agreed with Senator Patrick, but the moderator stepped in and said he wanted Senator Patrick to go first in the summaries and he wanted Thomas Ratliff to have the last word. This matter should have been decided by a coin toss before the debate began if the debate was completely fair because whoever has the last word has an advantage.


Also, there was an 800 pound gorilla in the room during the debate which was not even mentioned. Thomas Ratliff, a member of the State Board of Education, is a paid lobbyist. One of his most influential clients is Microsoft. Since CSCOPE has been used in Texas, Microsoft has tripled in sales in Texas. No wonder Thomas Ratliff is fighting to keep CSCOPE. CSCOPE helps his client, and when he makes money for his client he gets paid nicely. Also The SBOE has state tax money invested in companies and Microsoft has an unfair advantage knowing everything the SBOE is planning to do before other companies know. Thomas Ratliff should not be on the State Board of Education while he is a paid lobbyist. Thomas Ratliff rented a room in Austin during the Texas Legislative session and lobbied members of the Texas House and Texas Senate all through the legislative session. The SBOE members are not paid a salary for their work, so it is likely that Ratliff was paid by lobbyists to stay in Austin and lobby members of the Texas Legislature. IT IS AGAINST TEXAS LAW FOR THOMAS RATLIFF TO BE ON THE SBOE BECAUSE IT IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST.


Now about the actual debate. Senator Patrick made his points that CSCOPE began illegally because CSCOPE was funded with tax money. But even though it was developed with tax money through the Regional Education Service Centers, a private company sold CSCOPE to the school districts for three times more than they should have paid for it. How did a private company get to sell CSCOPE if it was developed by the Regional Education Service Centers? This is what taxpayers want to know? Also, the school districts which used CSCOPE never took competitive bids on the very expensive curriculum before they bought it. School districts are supposed to get competitive bids on expensive items or they are supposed to make their purchases from a vendor list, approved by the state of Texas. When districts make their purchases from the approved vendor list, the state has done the work to make sure the prices are competitive. Districts don’t always have to take the lowest bid because quality and service should sometimes be considered, but they are required to get sealed competitive bids to try to get the taxpayers the best value for their tax money. IN MY OPINION, THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS WHICH USED CSCOPE WITHOUT TAKING COMPETITIVE BIDS BROKE THE LAW.


Senator Patrick also made the point that teachers and administrators signed a contract which said they could go to prison for revealing what is in the CSCOPE lessons. To view the lessons on-line a person had to have a password and parents were not given the opportunity to view lesson plans their children were being taught. Even the chair of the SBOE was denied access to see the lesson plans for six months. When a company goes to so much trouble to keep information hidden, it is natural to believe the company might have a good reason to keep their secret. Since all of the controversy, CSCOPE has placed the lessons on-line as public domain material so that anyone can see the lessons or use them. But it was not that way for 6 years and it was not that way until attention was called to the possible corruption, and PARENTS DEMANDED TO SEE THE LESSONS.


What CSCOPE is hiding is the fact that the lessons are written by a very liberal person who thinks globally very much like the Democrats in control of the government. In fact the lessons glorify the Democratic Party and use negative terms when discussing the Republican Party. The lessons glorify MULTICULTURALISM. This means the lessons infer no religion is any better than any other religion and no nation is any better than any other nation. But we know that is not true because some nations are very backward and their people are still living like people lived in the dark ages. And some barbaric religions such as Islam cut off hands, gouge out eyes, and stone women to death without a trial if they are suspected of adultery. In fact, Multiculturalism speaks positively of Islam but goes to great dept to demonize Christians for The Crusades and the witch hunts. I agree all history should be told even the part we are not proud of. But the truth should also be told about Islam and countries with dictators who tax starving people to the point they can hardly survive while the rulers live lavishly in castles hiring more personal servants and marrying more virgins.




Both debaters said they were for local control but their definitions of local control were different. Thomas Ratliff defined local control as the local school district. He said the SBOE was trying to micro-manage and dictate what the local districts can and cannot teach, yet he demonized the Irving ISD because Irving threw out CSCOPE. Ratliff said Irving created a hardship for the teachers.


Senator Patrick defined local control as control of education by the parents and local taxpayers. He said parents should have a say in their children’s education and when they come to him with complaints that they are not allowed to see what their children are being taught he is going to listen to them. He said the legislature is elected to protect the people. He said that is his job.


Ratliff said an individual teacher can have a bad or biased lesson just as CSCOPE could have a bad or biased lesson. That is true, but if one teacher has a bad lesson that is just one class which is misinformed or indoctrinated. But CSCOPE fully intended to expand to the point that all or most school districts in Texas were using the CSCOPE lessons. When a bad or biased lesson was in CSCOPE it was being used by many districts and many students throughout the state were affected.


Local control is not the entire state of Texas choosing CSCOPE. Local control is local teachers developing their own lesson plans or partnering with other districts with similar backgrounds and sharing lesson plans to cut down on the work. Lesson plans should constantly be revised and upgraded and expanded as new information is found to make the lessons more interesting and more relevant.


CSCOPE is the easy way out for teachers who have been overburdened with a school curriculum which teaches to the tests. I sympathize with teachers. Teachers have a very difficult job. But CSCOPE, a global curriculum written by a person with a liberal bias is not the answer for Texas Schools. We need a curriculum which teaches our children to be proud of our country when it has done a great job. We also need a curriculum which teaches our children fundamental values of right and wrong.


We do not want our children to be taught there is no such thing as right or wrong, it all depends on a person’s perspective. That is what CSCOPE teaches subliminally.


Donna Garner




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Women On the Wall Communication Team Conference Call- A Students perspective on CSCOPE

Alice Linahan

Last night we had a young lady named Jessica describe what parents have been reporting to us. You will hear first hand that Jessica feels CSCOPE is not about actually educating students but the controlling of teachers. You will also hear about how frustrating it is for students who truly want to learn and hindered in the process due to CSCOPE.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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Taxpayer Parasite CSCOPE Still Alive

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May 24, 2013 | BlogFeatured

Why is CSCOPE being given the time and room to plot it’s next move? CSCOPE has broken trust with Texas parents and taxpayers in every possible way.

Intrepid parents and taxpayers like Donna Garner, Janice Van Cleave, Women on the Wall, and Americans for Prosperity-Texas are finding out just how bad the picture really is. Let us review.agenda wise

CSCOPE got massive amounts of tax money to develop “time management” tools for teachers, even though a calendar and a pen still cost about $15 at Wal-Mart.

They were also tasked with creating a “professional development” tool to help teachers teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This is the basic knowledge tested in the STAAR test.

What on Earth this “professional development tool” was ever supposed to be is anyone’s guess. The TEKS are the nuggets of knowledge kids need to know for the STAAR test, and they are on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website.

As it turns out, CSCOPE pretty much just cut-and-pasted the TEKS off of the TEA website and called this their “professional development tool”.

At some point they also began developing curriculum – embarrassingly sub-standard curriculum that was also peppered with anti-Americanism and anti-Christianism. This aspect of CSCOPE has gotten most of the headlines, and rightly so, but it is just one part of what is wrong with both CSCOPE and the regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) that have perpetrated CSCOPE on Texans.

This curriculum is what CSOPE is no longer allowed to use, curriculum that included burka-wearing day for young Texas girls, communist flag-making day for school kids, and other such activities.

It is inconceivable that a group that would do such things would be allowed continued access to Texas classrooms by our elected officials, but that is what is happening right now.

CSCOPE tried to keep anyone from finding any of this out by making school districts sign non-disclosure agreements, binding them to not showing anyone the “tool”. This is very weird, and it turns out to be illegal. Parents have the legal right to see what their kids are being taught.

Since these “tools” were bought and paid for by the Texas taxpayer, we expected to be done paying for them.

Not so. CSCOPE is now renting their glorified calendar and cut-and-pasted TEKS to school districts. They also hold seminars to teach people how to use these masterpieces of learning technology.

If you think this sounds like a scam, it’s because it does.

Best of all, the TEA has these time management tools downloadable on its website. The TEKS are there too, which is what the “professional development” tool is.

This all means that CSCOPE is 100% obsolete.

What about it’s origins?

“CSCOPE”  is actually a product of a 501c3 non-profit corporation called TESCCC. The Board of TESCCC are the directors of these regional Education Service Centers (ESCs). The ESCs were given around $180 million in education grants to create these “tools”, and they contracted the work to TESCCC, who produced CSCOPE.

School districts are still paying rent for CSCOPE, and for absolutely no functional reason.

Some districts are pulling this continuing CSCOPE funding. Many are not.

Are parents and taxpayers powerless? No.

Parents and taxpayers can check to see if their ISD has pulled CSCOPE funding and use. If the Superintendant is protecting it, parents can organize to elect school board members who promise to hire a new Superintendant who will cut CSCOPE off.

When the CSCOPE controversy first hit, Sen. Patrick quickly emerged, saying he was pushing for more regulation of this obsolete, wasteful, anti-American, anti-Christian, and incompetent taxpayer leach.

“Regulate CSCOPE!” was not then a rallying cry that satisfied Texans. It still isn’t, despite Sen. Patrick’s recent press conference that failed to generate any sense of finality for the many Texas parents and taxpayers following this drama.

Instead of getting rid of this taxpayer parasite, the now-taskless-but-well-funded CSCOPE has been put under the State Board of Education’s purview.

The Attorney General is an elected official who has actually borne his teeth to CSCOPE, saying he will investigate them and kick them out of Texas if he finds illegality.

These days the executive branch is, hands-down, a better bet than the land-of-comically-low-expectations that is our legislative branch.


–AFP article “CSCOPE or C-SCAM?” (AFP has done excellent work on CSCOPE all session)



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PRO MARXIST educator Mary Ann Whiteker is the Superintendent of Hudson ISD in East Texas. Ms. Whiteker is also the legislative chair for left leaning group Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) that taxpayers fund through their local school districts

. Ms. Whitaker spoke at the Save Texas School Rally this past February in support of pursuing what else…”MORE MONEY” for schools.

Ms. Whiteker is a staunch supporter of the Marxist Curriculum CSCOPE that her school district has purchased and implemented. Why are our school superintendents content to indoctrinate your children?

Educators attempt their education intimidating techniques using stating that  CSCOPE provides a SCOPE and SEQUENCE, CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, 21st Century Learning, RIGOR, RIGOR, RIGOR (I am sick of that word).


Ms. Whiteker released the following article scolding private citizens across the state of Texas who are concerned that their school district has purchased and implemented  a Marxist, Pro Islamic, Pro Communist, Anti Christian Curriculum.

Superintendents across the state are not doing their jobs in protecting your children when they fail to acknowledge what CSCOPE is and stop it’s implementation. What exactly are they profiting from this leaves one to wonder?

Ms. Whiteker is one such superintendent who is  pursuing her own liberal agenda and not putting your children first.

Here is Ms. Whiteker TASA’s presentation on the CREATING a NEW VISION. (Which is a a Socialist/Marxist plan to take over Texas education.)





with World Net Daily states the following in regard to Ms. Whiteker’s editorial.

Whiteker’s writeup hinges on a common logical fallacy:

“begging the question,” i.e. “assuming the premise one is trying to prove.”

Whiteker takes for granted the following assumptions, and provides no factual evidence in support of these assumptions:

-Critics of CSCOPE are trying to sell their own curriculum (slander/libel – she should be careful with this assertion).

-Critics of CSCOPE are basing their argument on two lessons, taken out of context.

-CSCOPE is needed because of new state standards, and older curriculum approaches were not adequate. (Says Whiteker. What about successful schools doing well on STAAR who do not use CSCOPE?)

-Private schools using CSCOPE (in part – KIPP does not use lesson plans) means that CSCOPE is a good product.

-Forcing CSCOPE to submit to state oversight will end with the state assuming “total control of all curriculum.” (The state has always had “total control” of textbook and instructional material OVERSIGHT – until 2011.)

-Critics have said that CSCOPE uses common core curriculum. (Critics–unless ignorant–have never said CSCOPE used common core, only that the federal DOE was interested in purchasing and that CSCOPE’s methodology and clear philosophical bent was comparable and indeed similar to common core.)


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Cscope poses National Security Threat?

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Alice Linahan with Women on the Wall poses a question to Robert Spencer of about the possible National Security Threat posed by Obama’s  Common Core Education Standards  and Texas’s Progressive Curriculum CSCOPE.

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