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This school year the CYFAIR ISD school board decided to no longer open their school board meetings with prayer. Appalling as that is it is equally appalling that they have chosen to spend taxpayer dollars on a progressive education consulting firm that are friendly with the “Nation of Islam” and its leader Louis Farrakhan who has called for the “STALKING and KILLING” of white people.

This past June Texas School District, Cyfair ISD held a progressive Education Conference titled “Leadership RRR”. The RRR stands for Rigor, Relationship and Relevance. One thing you will learn when you actually study what “educrats” are up to,  behind the scenes they will change the definitions of words to accomplish their liberal progressive agenda. “Rigor” is NOT defined in our education system today as making students study and working harder. Today “Rigor” is the diminishing of academic content and creating an education system of “Social, Emotional, Learning” (SEL) in transforming our society. Note: Rigor, Relationship, Relevance. Where is the READING WRITING and ARITHMETIC? None of the speakers or consulting firms invited to speak at this conference were to address academic content. It was all about transforming how/what students are taught.

Cyfair’s “Leadership Conference” hired an progressive consulting firm “New Frontier 21” for the June Conference. New Frontier 21 came under my radar last school year after learning the Texas (ASCD) Association of Academic Development invited them to their conference. Note: ASCD was also invited to the CYFAIR conference.

CYFAIR paid New Frontier 21 a $6,500.00 speaking fee. I also have found where CYFAIR paid them a $5,500 in 2011. OUTRAGEOUS!

New Frontier 21 is owned and operated  by Dr. Anthoney Muhammad and operated out of Dearborn, Michigan area.




Dr. Muhammad is on friendly terms with Nation of Islam Leader, Louis Farrakhan as you will see from their business affiliations and social media behavior.


Anthony Muhammad


The photo below is from the Nation of Islam’s online newspaper, Final Call dated August 17, 2011 where Dr. Muhammad joined with Farrakhan for a speaking engagement at the Nation of Islam’s First Ministry of Education Conference.



In 2009, Dr. Muhammad joined with the Nation of Islam and the Muhammad Universities for speaking engagements in transforming education. You can read about it HERE.


love you bro


muhammad mom


Another consultant for Dr. Anthony Muhammad’s New Frontier 21 Consulting firm is

Shahid Muhammad.

Shahid Muhammad


Shahid Muhammad, often referred to as the Math Dr. joined Louis Farrahkan at the University of Islam (MUI) for speaking engagements as well. Shahid is quoted the following when asked what is Mathematics.


what is mathematics

You can find the full interview at …..The FINAL CALL




shahid twitter


shahid twitter 2


Dr Math Bear Witness of Farrakhan.


Those responsible for teaming up with the Nation of Islam agenda are the board members for.

Texas Association of Curriculum and Supervision.










Image result for mark henry cyfair isd

Cyfair ISD Superintendent

Mark Henry

Phone: 281-897-4077




Board Member: Darcy Mingoia


Board Member: Debbie Blackshear







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Texas School’s Controversial Mural Getting Another Paint Job — Back to Red, White and Blue

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CBS4 Screenshot


Following months of bickering between the residents of a master planned community and its developers over the fate of a mural in the likeness of Old Glory, a small West Texas town finally resolved the matter. The red, white and blue won out over the shocking orange concrete wall that currently adorns an elementary school under construction.

The patriotic sentiments of the El Paso suburb of Canutillo had been stymied by developer Hunt Communities LCC, whose approved color palate did not include these stand-alone primary colors. Hunt had always maintained that these hues did not “comply with the allowable colors” contained in the Cimarron Home Owner Association (HOA) covenant, the El Paso Times reported.  Desert tones were authorized to match the geographic backdrop.


El Paso School Painted over flag with orange paint.El Paso School Painted over flag with orange paint. CBS 4 Screenshot

The $24.1 million Silvestre and Carolina Reyes Elementary School is slated to open in August and serve approximately 500 students. Breitbart Texas reported that it was the school’s namesake, former US Congressman from El Paso and Vietnam veteran Silvestre Reyes, who asked Canutillo Independent School District (ISD) officials if the wall could be star spangled.

Thus, there was a subsequent understanding that the patriotic rendering of the American flag was going to happen to honor Reyes for his public and military service.

In early March, the situation flared up when the American flag was mocked up on the campus wall at the district’s expense of $3,500. One neighbor complained about the color scheme and the developers stepped in with their sanctioned color wheel and the wall went orange.

The Cimarron community has a sizable military veteran population. They did not take too kindly to the stripping of the U.S. flag and its replacement with the freshly repainted eye-popping solid slab. This led to an outcry.

Hunt caved to the pressure, but only to a point, initially. He told the residents the flag might grace the wall if they could muster up more than 50 percent of the Cimarron Community residents to approve the flag mural, if the school board submitted a proposed design, and if they got a confirmation of compliance from the US Department of Veteran Affairs, or similar agency to ensure the design met required flag depiction codes.

In the interim, the developers also made a $10,000 peace offering to the district that included a flag, pole and monument in lieu of the mural. The district; however, had already purchased its flag and rejected the developer’s offer.

KFOX 14 reported that when they spoke to Cimarron residents, they received overwhelming support for the patriotic mural. One resident named Sam McDowell, told them, “Being military, we have lived in a lot of places and so we have had HOA enforced communities before and they don’t enforce anything here. So I find it ironic that somebody complained and used the HOA rules to get rid of the flag in the first place, because there’s a lot of violations in this neighborhood — even though it’s brand-new.”

According to the El Paso Times, of the 33 percent of respondents to a paint job survey put out to Cimarron residents, 23 percent supported the Americana vision, it said in a letter that Hunt Communities President Justin Chapman wrote to the school board. Canutillo ISD school board president Laure Searls read the letter at their March 30 meeting.  Chapman noted, “we believe we have enough responses to determine that a decision favorable to your request is warranted.”

KFOX 14 also reported that in his turn-around letter, Chapman verified that even if not all 50 stars and 13 stripes were depicted in the mural, it would not violate US flag code according to the national office of the American Legion. This had been one of Hunt’s concerns.

“With that, it sounds like we’re a go on the flag,” Searls said at that last school board meeting. This was met with a rousing round of applause. She added, “God bless America and the Canutillo school district and the red, white and blue flag.”

Not all residents were happy with the outcome. “This is not about patriotism,” said Terrence Powers. He told the El Paso Times that he was against the district painting the mural. He believed the issue at-hand was about the school district honoring its original contract with the developer. Powers acknowledged he would not object if the residents voted for the American flag in a March 24 letter to the editor. Other residents like Hector Gallardo were jazzed about the flag mural. “We should be patriotic,” he told the newspaper.

The mural will cost around $50,000, money that is not budgeted by the school district for this undertaking, Canutillo ISD spokesman Shane Griffith told the El Paso Times, although he added that veterans and others from across the country have pledged money and time to paint the flag mural.

Griffith also said that if enough donations are raised, district officials will contract painters in one to two months. Meanwhile, Air Force veteran, community member, and entrepreneur, Jarred Taylor, who had been active in the fight for the flag wall, told the school board that he and his business partners were willing to spearhead the fundraising effort.

He called the result of the mural battle, “a victory for veterans across the United States.”

Follow Merrill Hope on Twitter @OutOfTheBoxMom.


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Pamela Geller: Charlie Hebdo Butchery Motivated Dallas Protest

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The grassroots came out en masse to rally with American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) president Pamela Geller, who    spoke on behalf of free speech on Saturday, January 17, 2015 in the Dallas suburb of Garland. They gathered across the street  from the Curtis Culwell Center, the public school-owned facility which housed the Islamic fundraiser, Stand with the Prophet, that ignited a community controversy.

Breitbart Texas spoke with Geller and asked why she decided to come out to Garland. She cited the Charlie Hebdo butchery as that impetus.

“In the wake of the slaughter of these writers and these cartoonists, you would think in America the Muslims would hold a conference in support of free speech. Instead, they’re holding a summit in support of the very ideology responsible for the slaughter of that editorial staff,” she told Breitbart Texas.

To illustrate her point, Geller handed out large inflatable yellow #2 pencils to symbolize the very tool of free speech that cost 12 French satirical magazine cartoonists their lives by the hands of radical Islam.

“This is about freedom of speech,” Geller emphasized. She pondered why, in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, “it’s not the Muslim world looking introspectively and asking themselves, what is it about the religious underpinnings of this ideology” that lead to such an atrocity? Instead, they go to a different place.  That place, she said, “is always fear of Islamophobia.”

Breitbart Texas first reported that at the heart of the controversy was Garland Independent School District (ISD) taxpayers’ concerns that the Islamic benefit was held on public school property. The $30-plus million multi-purpose Curtis Culwell Center was funded by the property taxpayers mainly through revenue bonds in 2002. The Garland school district services the municipalities of Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse.

Geller cited this as a violation of the Establishment Clause, which prevents the US government from showing preferential treatment for one religion over another. This benefit featured Imam Sirraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. Geller recounted that Wahhaj had its mastermind, the “Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel Rahman, speak to his New York City congregation a number of times.

Rahman was convicted in 1995 of plotting to blow up the World Trade Center and other New York City landmarks.

Geller said that Wahhaj has called for an Islamic caliphate to replace the US government. Another prominent Stand with the Prophet speaker and event producer Malik Mujahid has advocated for Sharia or Islamic law in the United States, even though his attorneys claimed his statements were “taken out of context,” according to CBS DFW.

“This is what they are standing up for?” Geller asked. “This is what the superintendent is putting in your public schools?”

She added, ” It’s an abomination.”

Geller underscored that Garland ISD superintendent Bob Morrison had been “co-opted and should be fired” referencing his attempt to impose Arabic as a mandated language previously.

In 2011, Morrison, who was then Mansfield ISD superintendent, tried to bring in mandatory Arabic language classes into his former district through a federal grant awarded to teach the Arabic, East Texas ABC affiliate KLTV-7 reported.

The district insisted the curriculum would not be about the Islamic faith but parents stopped the program saying they should have been informed about the federal Foreign Language Assistance Program Grant that identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’

Garland ISD residents felt similarly disenfranchised as to what their taxpayer dollars were supporting at the Curtis Culwell Center. Stand With the Prophet was unassumingly listed on the event calendar under Sound Vision Foundation, Incorporated. These sentiments were voiced by many at the rally.

Becky Nelson, a Garland resident, has ancestral roots that run deep in the area. Her paternal family established the neighboring city of Rowlett. She was gravely concerned. “I pay taxes, I am a good citizen and I feel I have no say. No one has a say or a vote. You get to pay taxes but have no say,” she told Breitbart Texas.

Another 15-year Rowlett property taxpayer who asked to remain anonymous added to the conversation, noting the eerie parallels of “taxation without representation” that Garland ISD families feel in the handling of the matter.

This resident also referenced the recent school board meeting in which the board president seemed to give equal rights to rent the facility although it came at the expense of the people who got to pay for the facility who had no say in what their school board does.

“It’s not right. We’re paying for it; our government officials are turning a deaf ear to us,” she said.

At the recent Garland ISD Board of Trustees meeting a small handful of school property taxpayers spoke during the public forum section, voicing reservations over the district renting its multipurpose center for an Islamic fundraiser.

After hearing only the first few comments, school board president Rick Lambert said, “I’d ask that you address new issues rather than saying the same thing over.”

“Garland ISD would never allow a neo-Nazi or an Arian nation group to rent the building but they allow a group whose main speaker advocates the overthrow of the United States government and the end of our way of life?,” the resident added.

Surrounding community members like Irving’s Nancey Tresler told Breitbart Texas, “We find it ironic that the place the Muslims choose is a school where religion is banned from school. Islam is an all encompassing political and religious philosophy of government. They should not be allowed on school grounds.”

Some, like Garland resident Sandra Bunch were just plain scared of radical Islam. She said, “It really irks the living daylights out of me that my school tax dollars are going to fund this (facility) for people who want to kills us.”

Area Tea Party representatives voiced concerns from an even broader perspective.

Frisco Tea Party president Tom Fabry told Breitbart Texas that he was there “to support American laws for American courts. Sharia is not a ‘fit’ for American values.”

Barbara Harless from the North Texas Citizens Lobby, agreed. “Islam is not compatible with our constitution.”

Small business owner Wayne Richard of Plano was also there to show support for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. “This is about free speech and the First Amendment. Sharia law’s very foundation is incompatible with what this country stands for.”

For North Texas resident Ron Murphy II, however, it came back around to Garland ISD. He told Breitbart Texas, “I am protesting them using taxpayer funded building for what I’d consider propaganda.”

Murphy added that he’d have no issue if this event, or others like it, had been happening on private property.

Follow Merrill Hope on Twitter @OutOfTheBoxMom.

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I am outraged that once thought conservative Texas Education Commissioner, Michael Williams       has applied a 30.8 million dollar federal grant to implement Obama’s universal Pre-K  program in Texas Schools, a federal daycare system.  This is nothing more than SOCIALISM in action, take from the “haves and give to the have nots”. Williams was appointed Texas Education Commissioner by Gov. Perry, Sept. 1, 2012. Commissioner Williams  past experience was not public education and many conservative activist thought that was a positive when dealing with the Texas education bureaucracy. After meeting personally and discovering how liberal Gov. Perry’s education staff were I am not surprised  Williams joined ranks with the Obama administration.


Editor, Merrill Hope with Breitbart News outlines the details of this debacle.



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