HCDE Declares War on Texas Tax Payers

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Since the video surfaced of HCDE’s superintendent outlining his battle plan AGAINST the taxpayers, Texans deserve to know exactly who declared war on them….

It is the two obsolete county school boards left over from 100 years ago when counties operated Texas public schools:

1. Dallas County School TrusteesdbaDCS,Texserve
2. Harris County School TrusteesdbaHCDE,Choice Partners

All other counties in Texas quit electing County School Trustees after all their students moved to Independent School Districts.

But these two dinosaurs have refused to close.
They continue to operate and tax under a loophole (TEC 11.301) even after the laws governing county schools were repealed in 1995.
The archaic 1930s county school property tax they still collect is called the “equalization tax.“ It was supposed to be used for the public schools in the county. Instead, they use most of it for themselves.
Why should the average Texan care?
Because in recent years, these two have developed a new “Texas government business model.”
 They use public funds from property taxes, fees and bonds to start-up, purchase, and/or operate business enterprises –
everything from cloud computing to charter bus services.
They aren’t limiting these business enterprises to their own counties. They are selling “services” across the US.
And…because both are actually leftover “county school districts”…. their 3000+ employees qualify for the Texas Teacher Retirement System.
That means the State taxpayers are responsible for providing their employees LIFETIME benefits, as if they were teachers, even when their work has nothing to do with public education – like storing records for the City of Houston or chartering buses for church trips.

If the Legislature allows these tax exempt subsidized business operations to continue, they will be sanctioning public debt to purchase private companies, and using public funds to supplement government owned businesses.

Government businesses which can put private sector companies out of business, and their private sector employees out of work.

In other words, taxpayers are at war with subsidized public sector, socialistic businesses that are working to undermine our capitalist system.

If you want to join in the battle, you can contact your Texas State Representative and Senator and let them know you expect them to support a bill to close the two remaining county school boards.

You can find who represents you: here 
You can view the Texas Senate Education Committee Hearing held on 8/3/16 when some of their business practices are discussed here. It was a long hearing, but very informative.  (start at 4:28:57)
Colleen Vera
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Texas ESCs are the Weak Link in Texas Education

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Texas has 20 Regional Educational Service Centers (ESCs). Each ESC is to provide service to public school districts in their region. The Texas legislature has over time increased the ESCs until they have become the “Kingpin” that links all the different parts of Texas education together.

The staff at the different Texas ESCs train teachers, principals, counselors, school board members, and superintendents. In fact, a person can receive training at the ESCs, take the state test and receive a certificate to be a Texas teacher, principal or superintendent.

esc image


Certification/Qualification of the ESCs Staff


Are all ESC directors, consultants, and trainers certified for their position? Are they all qualified for their jobs?

NO. Checking the Texas certifications of the thousands of ESC staff is a big job.
If you would like to help, use the following TEA link and check the staff for your Regional Education Service Center.  State Education Certificates

Prepare a list a list of the names you cannot find an education certificate for as well as names that do not have proper training. For example, ESC directors of science who have physical education certificates as well as principal certificates are not certified to be science directors, consultants, and/or trainers.

Send to me the names of the ESC staff that you have concerns about. Send to:

The Texas Educational Service Centers have become the Texas Administrators Retirement Center for many Texas superintendents and principals. Notice the certifications for the ESC executive directors. Most of the ESC executive directors are retired school superintendents. Many Texas superintendents have a physical education teaching certificate plus a biology or history certification. The job requirements of school superintendents has changed to include selecting core curriculum. Thus, school superintendents decide what instructional materials are used by every teacher.

Over 80% of Texas school superintendents purchased the CSCOPE lessons created and sold by the Texas Education Service Centers. CSCOPE was determined by the Texas State Senate not to be a quality instructional material and banned the ESCs from selling CSCOPE lessons.

BANNED–Yes, the 20 ESCs had to cleanse their files of all CSCOPE lessons and are not allowed to write any more. That was the punishment for creating CSCOPE lessons that had plagarized content, incorrect content, and anti-American lesson content.

The bottom line is that the ESCs are a weak link in Texas Education. This is because each ESC has become a vendor that sells products and services to Texas schools. Without any overseeing of the agencies, they have become overstaffed with people not qualified  to train educators or administrators. There is no one who governs the ESCs, thus they govern themselves. Obviously the so called governing boards for each ESC is just another front to fool the public. The most decisive action of this board is to have hearings for ESC “Whistle Blowers.”

One way to deal with an ESC “Whistle Blower” is to change his/her job title. Their pay is not changed but more menial tasks (lowly and sometime degrading) become part of their job description. “Whistle Blowers” are watched closely and written up for trivial things, such as voice tone.

There are few ESC “Whistle Blowers.” The highly qualified ESC staff has the largest workload, but they just keep their mouths shut,  for fear of retaliation. The are the people who want the legislature, the Sunset Committee, TEA or someone to stop this farce. There has not been a Commissioner of Education in years who actually cared what the ESCs do. In fact, the ESCs were involved in helping Commissioner Williams create the governing rules for the ESCs.

The focus on education ended when the Texas Legislature allowed the ESCs to sell products.

To be continued—

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By Janice VanCleave


The Texas State Auditor, John Keel, investigated the ESCs and following is a part of the report. Notice that the ESCs admit to a hap hazard method of record keeping. Remember that the ESCs are suppose to be non-profit agencies.

“During the 2012-2013 school year, the 20 education service centers in Texas provided access to a curriculum management system known as CSCOPE to 70 percent of school districts in the state, according to information that the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (Collaborative) provided. Those education service centers reported they collected a total of $73.9 million in revenue from the sale of CSCOPE services to school districts, charter schools, and private schools from September 2005 through August 2013. For that same time period, the education service centers reported a total of $67.8 million in CSCOPE-related expenditures.”

“However, auditors were not able to verify the total amount that education service centers reported they paid for the development, installation, distribution, and marketing of CSCOPE because some of the education service centers did not separately track CSCOPE-related expenditure transactions. Some of them also did not separately track CSCOPE-related revenue transactions. As a result, auditors were not able to fully answer the audit objective to determine the amount of revenue and expenditures related to the development, installation, distribution, and marketing of CSCOPE.”


With just a very surface investigation of the ESC’s finances, $6.1 Million dollars cannot be accounted for. Yet, state and federal funding continues to pour into the 20  ESCs. How much of the money received by the 20  ESCs is being “misplaced?”


The state auditor discovered that the 20 ESCs make no effort to have accurate financial records. No doubt the ESCs were surprised to have the state auditor investigate some of their books. For years the Sunset Reviews as well as the State Comptrollers have given the ESCs not only passing grades, but praised these state agencies for providing such economical services to Texas schools.

The fee of $73.9 million is considered inexpensive because, according to ESC 11 director, Clyde Steelman, school districts using the CSCOPE materials do not need to hire a district instructional director. CSCOPE has everything needed.

The State Senate Education Committee Hearing resulted in the ESCs being banned from selling CSCOPE lessons or even having the lessons in their possessions. The CSCOPE lessons were found to contain Un-American, pro-Islamic, and incorrect content. Director Steelman as well as all 20 ESC directors are still promoting the gutted CSCOPE materials now called the TRS Curriculum.

In 2011, the Marlin ISD district instruction director, Jamie Johnson and district superintendent, Marsha Riddlehuber, informed me that I could not see the 5th grade science or math CSCOPE lessons.I requested the lessons because I was tutoring kids after school.

I asked about textbooks. NOPE! Marlin ISD no longer used textbooks because the CSCOPE Instructional Materials were so comprehensive. Also, CSCOPE  was an online product and was more current than textbooks. The CSCOPE lessons were copyrighted and not visible to anyone unless they signed a non-disclosure contract stating they would not reveal the content of the lessons.

The ESCs threatened Legal action against teachers if they told parents the content of the CSCOPE lessons.

Q2  How much evidence does it take for a thorough investigation of the Texas Education Centers to be required?

A2 Our Texas leaders have smiled as they falsify reported praise for the 20 ESCs. Yet, all the while, like a child, have their fingers crossed behind their backs. It is time to step up to the plate and take action. Lobbyist DO NOT represent our children or their parents. Get out of the Ivory Towers in Austin and spend some time in classrooms. Don’t arrive like the King or Queen of England, take clues from the TV program called, Undercover Boss. Apply for a teaching position at different school districts. Ask to visit classrooms. Get contact info and call the teachers later. Some will tell you the truth, others are too afraid of losing their jobs. There is little job security for teachers.

How long this will continue depends on our newly elected Governor and Lt. Governor. Will they follow through on their promises to improve Education? It also depends on who the Governor appoints as the Commissioner of Education.

Q3 How much longer are the leaders of Texas going to allow the ESCs to have any input or control over what is taught or how it is taught in our Texas classrooms?

A3  Like the previous Answer, the ball is in the court of the Governor and Lt. Governor.

Things for the Governor and Lt. Governor to think about:

1. The 20 ESCs created an illegal company claiming this company owned CSCOPE. The name of the company was TESCCC. Each of the 20 ESCs directors paid $200,000 each to be a member of the collaborative who owned TESCCC. Where did this money come from?

2. The trustees of TESCCC (ESC directors) filed with the state a change showing that if TESCCC was ever dissolved the Federal Government would receive any proceeds. Originally, the state of Texas was listed. Not only were the ESC directors creating what they thought was a company unconnected to the ESCs, but they wanted the company to not be associated with Texas.






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CSCOPE-The OBAMACARE of Public Education

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texas insider

ObamaCare, CSCOPE both beyond fixing

bill-amesBy Bill Ames

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Americans increasingly realize that Obamacare is not about providing quality healthcare for all Americans.  Its creators could care less.  Rather, it is about a  progressive power grab,TX-Textbooksstructured to gain control over a large chunk of the U. S. economy. Likewise for CSCOPE, a thinly disguised Common Core methodology being used across  Texas, despite the fact the Texas Legislature has banned Common Core in Texas.

Obamacare is about a group of elitists who believe they know what is best for us, because we citizens are too dumb to know what is best for ourselves. For this reason, there is no hope to fix Obamacare.  Its  creators are so determined to reach their goal that the compromises to allow a reasonable health care program are impossible.


Likewise for CSCOPE.  It is a thinly disguised implementation of common core methodology, in spite of the fact that the Texas legislature has banned common core in Texas.

And like Obamacare, the CSCOPE juggernaut is comprised of elitists who think they know what is best for our kids, and who much prefer to trashing their opposition than considering compromise.

Recently, chief common core (and its little brother CSCOPE) cheerleader Arne Duncan (below, left,) head of the U. S. Department of Education, trashed his critics, branding them as “angry white suburban moms.”   This top-down arrogant attitude permeates through Texas’ education establishment:

  • The Education Service Center personnel that created and defended their bizarre lesson plans
  • The liberal-leaning Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)
  • A  couple of RINO members of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE,) and
  • Rogue School Boards, Superintendents and School District Curriculum writers who ignore parents while embracing Mr. Duncan’s arrogance with the attitude, “we’ll teach students whatever we choose, and the tax-paying community be damned”.

obama arne duncan education   Due to this deep-seated bias, both Obamacare and CSCOPE are both beyond fixing.


CSCOPE critics have done admirable work in exposing lesson plans that reveal CSCOPE as anti-American, anti-Christian, and a rogue implementation of the legislatively-banned common core philosophy in Texas.

But CSCOPE proponents publicly claim its lesson plans are aligned with the SBOE-adopted TEKS.

The pro-CSCOPE folks are wrong.

Yes, the CSCOPE lesson plans that categorized Boston Tea Party patriots as terrorists, and Islamic 911 terrorists as freedom fighters, have been quietly removed from the CSCOPE arsenal. But those lessons have been replaced by more subtle and clever ways to indoctrinate Texas’ students.

As a CSCOPE volunteer lesson plan reviewer, I recently reviewed eleven CSCOPE U. S. history lessons.  My past experience gives me a wealth of knowledge regarding TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) content and curriculum evaluations.

For more CSCOPE AnalysisSBOE’s Tincy Miller Talks CSCOPE, Politics & Children’s Textbook Fund

The original TEKS standards document proposed by a leftist-biased review panel in the fall of 2009 was so far removed from mainstream Texans to be unacceptable. The balancing amendments adopted by the SBOE in 2010 reversed the bias and defeated the left’s war on history.

Beginning with the first lesson I reviewed, it became evident that the CSCOPE lesson plan authors focused on including the politically correct, biased portions of the TEKS, while omitting those that did not contribute to their leftist ideology.

Quin Hillyer Christmas WWII

A summary of examples follows.  In the interest of brevity, only a summary of the most egregious TEKS compliance violations are included.


– Only one 50 minute period, out of a seven period module, was spent covering the key events of WWII:   Midway, the Pacific theatre, Normandy, the Bataan Death March, liberation of concentration camps, the development of atomic weapons.

– Nearly as much class time was devoted to the (multicultural) contribution of the Navajo code talkers.

– Japanese internment was well covered (implied American racism), while German and Italian internments (national security) were ignored.

– A referenced biography of President Roosevelt includes the phrase, “Today the Obama Administration continues to protect and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.”

– The WWII lesson plans are taken to a laughable extreme in classroom time-wasting, by assigning students to write acrostic (look up that one) poems using the last names of WWII leaders and significant groups.


– In a typical example of ignoring America’s positives, this lesson ignores a TEKS requirement to study the growth of agriculture and business, and how both contributed to the emergence of the United States as a world economic power.

– Also missing was the TEKS requirement to address America’s scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and the benefits of the free enterprise system.

– Rather, students were assigned to “create a song, poem, or mural, reflecting the late 1940s and 1950s”.  Really!

  • ronald reagan brandenburg gate speech

– There is ample study of divided countries (Germany and Korea), but no comparison of the economic outcomes of West/East Germany and South/North Korea.  I suggested adding the famous night satellite photo of North/South Korea be added to the lesson.

– The Venona papers, that revealed communist infiltration of the FDR/Truman administrations, were ignored.


– This module ignored the unintended consequences of the Great Society programs:  Paying welfare mothers to have additional out-of-wedlock babies, and preventing the father from living in the welfare-subsidized home, thus creating the inevitable inner city poverty and crime associated with single parent families.

– Also ignored was the reality that the Democrat Party (Southern Congressmen and state governors) made up the primary resistance to civil rights legislation.


– The anarchy, violence, and anti-American extremism of Vietnam-era radical protestors is not addressed.


– A student handout of icons depicting the Bill of Rights characterizes the 2nd Amendment as protection for hunters’ rights.


– Ignores the “conservative resurgence” of the 1980s and 1990s.

– Ignores discussion of achieving the American Dream.


– Lesson ignores the TEKS requirement to “Evaluate efforts by Global Organizations to undermine U. S. sovereignty through us of treaties”.


– No mention of the effects of 12-20 million illegal immigrants.


A significant question asked to each lesson plan reviewer reads,

“Does this lesson cover the TEKS indicated therein as being applicable to this lesson?”

My answer to each of the eleven lessons was “no”.

It is instructive to note that each of the other three reviewers who submitted responses for these lessons answered “yes” to this question for each of the eleven lessons.  Upon questioning the facilitator for my group, she acknowledged that each reviewer had a lesser knowledge than I of the TEKS involved, and also performed a less rigorous analysis of TEKS coverage of the lessons.

I fear that this defect may be true across all 400 lessons, and if so, casts serious suspicions regarding the validity of this whole CSCOPE review exercise.


When most of the folks who read this were in 11th Grade, the instruction model included the teacher as the classroom authority, teaching lessons from a textbook that had been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by hundreds of citizens during a textbook review and adoption process.  NOcscope This is no longer the case.

The Project Based Learning model, a key element of CSCOPE and common core methodology, has replaced the traditional instruction model.


The TASA-produced CSCOPE/Common Core visioning document states, “Students are not just consumers of knowledge, they are creators of knowledge as well.” And from my own district’s visioning document (Richardson ISD), “Students are given choices regarding what they learn”.

For more on CSCOPE’s Project-Based Learning, read Bill AmesA Series on CSCOPE, Part 3: Common Core, Project Based Learning Damages Texas Students

The Project based Learning model de-emphasizes the presentation of academic facts to the students.  The concept of  “whole class instruction”  no longer exists in the CSCOPE world.

Instead, students reach their own conclusions through the use of Project-Based Learning assignments.  The lesson plan includes little or no provision for the teacher to act as classroom authority, to correct any false student conclusions that may be based upon feelings and emotions rather than academic facts.


Un-vetted, un-reviewed information sources are provided for student research.  Sources for student research are not defined in the CSCOPE lessons.

SBOE Social Studies Press Conf. 1-13-10For good and valid reasons, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOEhas traditionally conducted extensive textbook reviews.  Books that go through that process are thoroughly reviewed and vetted: By citizens, parents, teachers, and taxpayers, for errors and biased material.  The vetted textbooks then become source materials for student learning.

Conversely, the selection process for CSCOPE research materials appears to be at the discretion of the local school district’s administrators, and subject to the ideology of those individuals.  At any rate, the materials are not reviewed nor vetted by the local community.  This should be a concern for all.


The combination of not presenting academic facts, along with providing un-vetted, un-researched, ideology-biased student research materials, is the perfect recipe for an education establishment committed to indoctrinating Texas’ students with its socialist ideology.

Read AlsoA Series on CSCOPE, Part 4: Common Core is Culmination of 100+ Years of Old Ideas


Unfortunately, the SBOE Ad Hoc CSCOPE Review Committee has elected to take no position regarding the CSCOPE lesson plans.  This position reflects a change from the past … from a mainstream, conservative SBOE institution, to one that provides a platform for leftist encroachment on our students’ curriculum.  It is wrong.

Given the absence of classroom academic authority, un-vetted research materials, added to the selective implementation of the TEKS as previously described, the only rational conclusion is that CSCOPE, like Obamacare, should be banned in Texas.

bill-amesBill Ames is an education activist who lives in Dallas. His book, “TEXAS TROUNCES THE LEFT’S WAR ON HISTORY” ( tells the story of his experience in developing Texas’ U. S. history standard in 2009-2010. He recently reviewed CSCOPE lessons as part of the State Board of Education’s Ad Hoc Committee Project, and is available to deliver presentations to interested groups. He welcomes reader comments at

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It took me almost a year of researching to find out why there was such a veil of secrecy surrounding CSCOPE. I  discovered it has been the implementation of a radical change in the way Texas students will be educated. This radical change is not new though it’s name changes with the times. Presently it is called “Project Based Learning”.  Project Based Learning is built around the collective and not individual achievement. American Sovereignty is not taught. Globalization and Diversity are promoted. The Texas Education Service Centers along with school Superintendents have worked deceptively in implementing this progressive philosophy in the school system since 2006. After much research the implementation of PBL can be traced back to the United Nations.

Texas schools through grant money and state funds have purchased millions of dollars of computers so students can be electronically engaged. Become more a part of the global society.

unesco twitter


IRINA BOKAVA, the Director General of  UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, (UNESCO) was quoted as saying….


In 2011 Ms. Bokava at Effat University in Saudia Arabia for the Learning and Technology Conference. In her address she is quoted as saying…..


Ms. Bokava is the  author of NEW HUMANISM FOR THE 21st CENTURY which promotes diversity, globalization all on the promise of world peace.

UNESCO along with international education bureaucracies goal is to Internet Communication Technology (ICT) coupled with Project Based Learning . That is why we are seeing Texas schools districts spending an enormous amount of money on IPAD’s and laptop for students.

Various publications…..

The Underutilization of Internet and Communication Technology-assisted Collaborative Project-Based Learning Among
International Educators: A Delphi Study






Bringing PBL Washington

Below is the Alliance For Excellent Education. It is to no surpise that Humanist Linda Darling Hammond sits on the Board of Directors. CSCOPE also credits it’s teaching philosophy to Hammond.


new tech

reimagine education


Bring PBL Home to TEXAS

huntsville ISD PBL

rockdale PBl


Name that project





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Senator Dan Patrick on CSCOPE

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Senator Patrick posted the following on his Facebook Page today July 19, 2013.


Over the past few months I told several groups that I was working with the Attorney General’s office and planned to ask the State Auditor to perform an audit of the CSCOPE program. 

My concern is that millions of dollars may have been spent by the program without the proper bidding process, contracts, and full transparency, required by government entities when using taxpayer money.

On Friday of last week the Attorney General’s office sent a letter to our state auditor, John Keel, sharing their concerns about CSCOPE. 

Yesterday, as Chairman of Education, I sent a letter to Mr Keel requesting an official state audit of the program. After months of research, once again with the tireless help of the grassroots, it appears that CSCOPE may have spent millions of dollars outside of normal government rules and regulations. 

I am not suggesting any wrong doing at this time. However, we need a full state audit to examine exactly what taxpayer money was spent and how it was spent since the inception of this program.

Another CSCOPE issue was raised this week by a TEA attorney who said that schools could possibly use any CSCOPE material still in the public domain. We disagree with his analysis, but are checking further into this matter.

The CSCOPE lesson plans are no longer available after August 31. I urge parents to monitor closely the decision of their districts who attempt to use any public domain material whether it is CSCOPE or another program and to make sure their voice is heard. According to the Texas Tribune districts that used CSCOPE saw lower scores on the STAAR tests than districts who did not use the program. This is in addition to the mistake ridden and objectionable lesson plans we uncovered in our hearings this year. 

It is clear that the majority of teachers, parents, and legislators want CSCOPE lesson plans gone from the classroom. I will continue do everything possible to ensure that no one tries to slip these flawed and failed lesson plans under the classroom door.

I will update you on what is happening in your classrooms and alert you to those who try to circumvent the will of the people and the legislature.


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[7.19.13 — From Donna Garner – I will try to give the public some background on Sen. Dan Patrick’s press release issued a few minutes ago. To read what I sent out yesterday about Thomas Ratliff and the SBOE, please go to:


Here goes:  On 6.6.13, Alice Linahan invited Sen. Dan Patrick to come on her community conversation show.  During that show, Alice read a letter from a parent in a Texas school district who was questioning the fact that her local school district was downloading the CSCOPE lessons off the CSCOPE website and putting them onto their own computers so that they could continue to teach the CSCOPE lessons in the future. 


Furthermore, Alice played a voice recording of Thomas Ratliff, Texas State Board of Education member, verifying that he was the very one who had been telling teachers to download and keep using the CSCOPE lessons. Here is the link to that part of the podcast:


Thomas Ratliff has been advising teachers to defy the will of the Texas legislature as stated in Sen. Dan Patrick’s press release on 5.20.13 in which CSCOPE lessons were not to be utilized after the Aug. 31, 2013 contract runs out.  If teachers follow Ratliff’s advice and continue to use the CSCOPE lessons, this could leave their school districts open to lawsuits or worse. 


Why would Thomas Ratliff do such a thing?  We must remember that Ratliff is serving on the SBOE illegally. He has been a registered lobbyist for Gates/Microsoft for at least 13 years, and the TEA/SBOE purchases products from Gates/Microsoft.  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has ruled that Ratliff is in violation of the law because of this obvious conflict of interest and that there is nothing short of resigning from the SBOE that Ratliff could do to “cure” his situation.  Defiantly, Ratliff has still continued to remain on the SBOE; and even though Texas citizens begged the House to begin impeachment proceedings (which by law is where such proceedings must begin), they chose not to do so, probably because Ratliff’s brother is now in the Legislature.


Gates/Microsoft has been pushing Type #2 Common Core Standards (CCS) from the very beginning of Obama’s Presidency.  Gates is a leftist progressive and believes personally in Type #2, and he also stands to make billions off the technology used to implement the Common Core Standards.  (Please go to this link to see a chart explaining Type #1 and Type #2 — )



CSCOPE follows the same Type #2 philosophy and is closely linked to Common Core Standards. Thomas Ratliff knows that if he can keep the Type #2 CSCOPE lessons going, he can continue to indoctrinate Texas children into the Type #2 philosophy used in the Common Core Standards; and anything Ratliff can do to increase online lessons/software/systems/databases  will benefit his pocketbook and that of his boss, Bill Gates/Microsoft.


Because Thomas Ratliff has no limits to the brazen gall he will demonstrate, he conned The Texas Tribune into writing an article on 7.17.13 that appears to make it look as if he is coming alongside the education establishment and is blaming Sen. Patrick and the chair of the SBOE for the demise of the CSCOPE lessons.  Ratliff is trying to act shocked that teachers are downloading the CSCOPE lessons even though it was he who has been encouraging them to do just this which, in essence, defies the will of the legislature.  Alice Linahan has  Ratliff on tape saying this!  Now Sen. Dan Patrick has answered back today with the following press release: 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT: Logan Spence (512) 463-0107    

July 18, 2013


Senator Patrick Seeks Audit of CSCOPE


AUSTIN— Today, Senator Dan Patrick sent a letter to State Auditor John Keel asking for his review of the operations of the TESCCC, governing board of the CSCOPE program. This letter follows a similar letter submitted to the State Auditor by the Office of the Attorney General last week.


“While my initial concerns with CSCOPE focused on the content of their lesson plans,” said Patrick, “further review revealed that CSCOPE had potential underlying legal issues that need to be addressed.”


Among the concerns outlined in his letter to State Auditor John Keel are the facts that the Education Service Centers failed to comply with state law requiring a bidding process and the adoption of formal contracts with state government vendors.


In part, the letter reads:

“In light of these issues, I am writing to ask you to exercise your authority as State Auditor and determine if the Education Services Centers acted appropriately under state law when they paid NER to produce the CSCOPE materials without a bidding process and without the protections of a legally binding contract.”


“Texans deserve an open and transparent state government and that is particularly true of our public education system,” said Patrick. “The curriculum in our classrooms must be open to public scrutiny as well as the contracts to publish them.”


In response to TEA’s suggestion to the SBOE that CSCOPE lesson plans could be used because they are in the public domain, Senator Patrick said, “I disagree with that analysis but I am looking into the issue further. Until I started asking questions, and holding hearings, parents weren’t even allowed to view these materials.”


“Until this question is resolved, parents need to continue to make their voices heard at the local school district level that they want CSCOPE out of their schools.”


“The vast majority of parents, teachers, and ldegislators have made it clear they want CSCOPE out of their schools. I stand with them and intend to make sure no one tries to slide CSCOPE lesson plans under the classroom door, ” said Senator Patrick.


State Sen. Dan Patrick

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Why Rockwall ISD and Other Schools Buy CSCOPE?

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Texas Superintendent March to TASA's Tune

Reasons Superintendents and School Board Members Give for Purchasing CSCOPE

by Janice VanCleave

Rockwall Superintendent Bailey says that the CSCOPE tool provided many benefits to the district that were lacking. For example:

 X 1. CSCOPE  was developed by Texas teachers for Texas teachers that brought the pacing needed to cover all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum content required by the state.

An X is placed by this reason because it cannot be true. Common sense confirms that it is not possible for the authors of the CSCOPE TEKS schedules called YAGs to have any information about the pacing of the TEKS.


The state standards called TAKS ended May 2010 and the new state standards called TEKS were introduced in Aug. 2010. Thus, the CSCOPE product used in May, 2010 had to be totally rewritten to be aligned with the new TEKS and ready for school in August, 2010.

X 2. CSCOPE also provided additional lesson resources that our teachers could utilize if they were to choose to do so. I would also note that when the administration was proposing CSCOPE there was no controversy surrounding its use by the more than 875 school districts across the state of Texas since 2006. In addition to public schools CSCOPE has been adopted by private schools, charter schools as well as private Christian schools.

This reason also gets an X for lack of originality. “Mom, All the kids are doing it.” 

The Rockwall school board president said that Superintendent Bailey reported to the school board that his (Baily’s) leadership team had reviewed the CSCOPE tool along with the region 10 center and the CSCOPE developers.

This means the company selling CSCOPE told the leadership team that their product was great! Did the Rockwall leadership team expect them to say that their product filled with errors or that the science lessons do not correctly represent the science process skills?  DUH!

Ed Vara with ESC XIII admits that there is no outside oversight of the CSCOPE Curriculum.


Superintendent Bailey said, “The CSCOPE representative attended our board workshop and participated in the presentations to the board. The board was comfortable that the district had done it due diligence before recommending the tool to the board.”

It is hard to comment on this statement. OF COURSE the CSCOPE representative attended and participated. DUH!!! Again, what did the superintendent think the CSCOPE representative was going to do. Tell the truth?
I have not met any CSCOPE representative that had a clue of the lesson content. In fact, I was told that others review the lessons. The CSCOPE representatives promote and sell. They have a really good sales pitch.

X 3. CSCOPE is inexpensive.

This is absolutely not true. There hidden fees. But this lie comes from the ESCs.

Did ESC- 10 tell Mr. Bailey’s research team  that $100 million dollars were provided in 2009 via Rider 42 grant for the purpose of developing TEKS instruction materials for Texas educators K-12.

That’s right. All 20 of the ESCs were given money not only to develop TEKS training but to provide this training at no expense to teachers. In the summer of 2010, teachers were paid a stipend to attend these science, math, and ELAR TEKS professional development academies. How many Rockwall teachers attended?

Following is the amount of money that ESC Region-10 received for the purpose of preparing Rockwall teachers
to understand the TEKS they would be using in 2010-2011 for the first time. Yes! Your Region 10 Education Service Center was given $5,664,515 to develop TEKS materials so that Rockwall teachers would have the scope for the courses they taught as well as enough knowledge about the TEKS to develop their own TEKS schedule that would be aligned with the schools’s calendar.

Let me repeat this: In all, the 20 ESCs received $100 million dollars to develop and present TEKS professional development academies.     The objective of these academies was for Texas Educators to have specificities for the TEKS K-12.  


Instead of making arrangements for Rockwall teacher to attend the FREE TEKS PD academies, CSCOPE was rented at a fee of $100 thousand dollars per year. This doesn’t include other fees charged.

According to Superintendent Bailey, “The cost to the district to create our own curriculum management tool would be approximately $300K+ per year (this is to create and maintain its own curriculum management tool).”

Does anyone have a clue what a curriculum management tool is? All I have discovered about CSCOPE is that its original goal was to give superintendents and school administrators the tools to micromanage teachers. In fact, CSCOPE’s administration workshops are focused on how to monitor teachers.

According to Superintendent Bailey, due to the state cutting $5B from public school funding two years ago it put school districts across the state in the position to make some very tough decisions. As a direct result of the cuts made by the state legislature the RISD has lost $15.7M dollars of funding over the last two years ($9.3M in year one and $6.4M in year two).

While Rockwall  teachers may have been cut and classroom money for classroom supplies decreased, it did not stop  Superintendent Bailey and the School Board members from spending school taxes to pay their personal fees and expenses to private organizations called “Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA)” and “Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).” These fees for 2011-2012 and 2012 – through Dec. 2012 is a total of $62,094.25. Which is more important, “Having teachers or for the school administrators and school board members to attend conferences at the expense of tax payers?”

 X The Rockwall school board and the administration communicated that:

1. The lessons provided by the CSCOPE tool were optional.

2. Rockwall teachers are free to use their own lessons to present the content required by the TEKS.

3. The Rockwall school board and administration have full confidence in Rockwall classroom teachers and their ability to present the content required and to do so in a manner consistent with the values or our community. RISD has the best teachers in the state of Texas!

These statements get an  X because if they were true, Rockwall would not have rented the CSCOPE micromanaging system. If they were true there would be no need to pay for the TEKS scheduling when the Rockwall teachers are more than competent to group the TEKS for their lessons into time frames. If the Rockwall teachers were really respected the administration would have provided the opportunity for them receive the FREE Rider 42 TEKS PD academy materials. The administration can still make these materials available by contacting Region 10 and requesting them. 

Also, if CSCOPE was created by teachers for teachers, and the Rockwall administration and school board consider the Rockwall teachers the best in the state of Texas, why buy something that inferior teachers have produced?

FYI: * Rockwall Superintendent Jeff Bailey is listed as being part of the TASA Mission to Transform your schools. What exactly is Bailey trying to change? What are the goals of this transformation?  In Feburary the goal of TASA was for Texas administrators to attend a conference in California where Linda Darling-Hammond was speaking on Common Core. TASA specifically said that Texas Superintendents needed to attend to learn how to implement common core into the Texas Schools. Is Superintendent Bailey transforming the Rockwall ISD into a school that will be controlled by the Federal Government. Yes! Texas Schools are independent and yes your superintendent can give this away by implementing common core standards. With these standards come federal money along with federal rules and regulations. Why would any superintendent support this? Superintendents who have pledged to be part of the TASA mission of transforming Texas schools are no longer as concerned about community input. Instead, they are marching to a different drummer called TASA/TASB.

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Ginger PC Front

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AGENDA: GRINDING DOWN OF AMERICA is documentary that every parent, grandparent and citizen needs to watch. After removing my children in their elementary years from the public/govt controlled school system, I unfortunately was no longer involved in the political process when it came to issues involving  education. That all changed after watching this shocking documentary  and finding out about the Marxist Curriculum in Texas Schools called CSCOPE. I rented a local room and showed the film to community members to inform them as the indoctrination taking place in their local schools. I have found CSCOPE lessons asking students to draw a new communist flag and found a CSCOPE lesson asking the teacher to hand out verses of the Quran to students.

4-12-2013 11-34-36 AM

CSCOPE was implemented under a shroud of secrecy by leftist educators at great expense to taxpayers. If CSCOPE and others like it are not removed the America we have loved will be gone. The days of trusting your superintendents who are controlled by the left organization TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (TASA) paid with your tax dollars are OVER! School board members after elected by the public become a trustee of the school district and are not accountable to those that elected them until the next election. The seem to serve the  superintendent who for the most part cannot be trusted with protecting your child from Marxist indoctrination, if you look at all the school districts in Texas that have purchased and implemented it. Texas Association of School Boards is another leftest organization that millions if not billions of taxpayers money is funding and controlling your local school boards.

Please watch the following trailer of AGENDA: GRINDING DOWN OF AMERICA .. You can purchase them at HERE.



For additional info on CSCOPE go to WWW.TXCSCOPEREVIEW.COM

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$100,000 Spent by Ector County ISD to Advertise Itself

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[4.4.13 — The Ector County ISD administrators told the teachers that the school district did not have enough money to fund the very inexpensive handwriting books (Zaner-Bloser) that are needed to help teachers to teach cursive writing in Grade 3 as required by the Texas curriculum standards (TEKS).


Please remember that Ector Co. ISD announced on 8.1.12 that they were spending $1.7 Million on CSCOPE  – .


 Yet Ector Co. ISD has the money to fund an advertising campaign with “friends” at a local advertising agency.  The new advertising slogan is “Educate. Connect. Inspire. Succeed. Dream.” Perhaps if Ector Co. ISD actually did what its slogan claims, the taxpayers would not be so upset. However, the most recently released STAAR/End-of-Course test results from last year indicate that Ector Co. ISD’s students fell far below the state average. Something is wrong with this picture! – Donna Garner]



4.4.13 – Odessa/Midland newspaper –

$100,000 ECISD news campaign begins



An electronic ad for ECISD displays on a billboard at Dixie Avenue and Eighth Street.

Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2013 8:27 am


 How will the community know that its public school district is finding success in its classrooms, helping students realize the college dream, inspiring excellence and connecting families and teachers?

 The answer for Ector County ISD is to do it with a positive advertising campaign costing the district $100,000, which was approved by a 7-0 board vote.

 However, the steep price tag and the push to feed the community only positive information is not sitting well with some.

TV commercials, magazine ads, newspaper ads, two billboards and a secondary informational website created by Hunt Advertising and Consulting Inc. have been out since Monday. Board members and ECISD staff say it’s a good move for ECISD because other Permian Basin mainstays such as Odessa College, the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and Odessa’s two hospitals utilize professionals to put out their message via media. The decision had been a long time coming, several trustees said.

“The multimedia approach, we as a school district have never done before,” Director of Communications Mike Adkins said.

 The Hunt Advertising team gathered for a meeting at its office with Adkins to discuss the project in person about each facet. Months ago, the team brainstormed and came up with using ECISD as an acronym for“Educate. Connect. Inspire. Succeed. Dream.” The phrasing and color theme carries throughout the new website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the advertisements.

 “We hope it will be in everybody’s minds,” Jed Duesler, Hunt’s social media consultant, said.

When asked how many visitors the new website received on its first day, the team declined to divulge. Webmaster Michael Horton said the web traffic did exceed expectations.

 Social media is rolled into the contract as well, though Adkins is still responsible for keeping those pages updated and responsive to readers. They’re adding a YouTube channel where media can check in and use video footage produced by the communications department or of school board meetings if needed, Duesler said.


Mary Hunt, president of the firm, said she invited the OA to her office to offer “their side,” adding that the $100,000 contract did not come from the $129.75 million voter-approved bond fund as has been suggested by some, she said. However, everything spent by ECISD hails from tax-supported money, which has ruffled the feathers of some Odessa watchdogs.

 “When and what mechanism compels the school district to tell us the ugly truths about where we are at ECISD? Everybody is for the good news and happy news … but sometimes we have to deal with the present,” Jason Moore said.

 Moore is a local radio show personality and parent of ECISD students. His afternoon radio show is 5 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday on 1070 a.m.

 Moore questioned why a second website was needed when the information on the new site can be found on the old ECISD site.

 “It’s getting disgusting when the alarm bells go off that the apocalyptic event of cutting something happens … then they always come up with money to frivolously waste on a PR site,” he said. “That’s the nature. They know they’re the blob of government that goes on in perpetuity, and wears the citizenry down.”


Former school board member Doyle Woodall is challenging incumbent Tom Pace in Place 4. Woodall said he would have never voted for the contract.


“If a school district has full disclosure, if everything is transparent, if all of your policy and board decisions are in the best interest of teachers and children, you don’t have to do any advertising,” he said.


“It’s definitely a waste of money. That’s $100,000 we could have bought school supplies and equipment,” Woodall said.  


Candidate Teri Wheat Ervin, a lifetime educator who is facing Fay Batch for Place 2, said had she been on the board, she might have “looked harder on how we can reach out to the public than to spend $100,000 on advertisement,” she said. Ervin suggested less costly ways like utilizing the current website or getting children involved perhaps via a newsletter.


The Hunt Advertising bid was the only one submitted for the job that was posted last year and voted on by the board in January with no dissenting voice from school board members.


In 2006, ECISD’s strategic plan was finalized that included one on communication that says the district should recognize those who have carried out the message of the district, training for ECISD leaders, using market research data to determine expectations, utilizing public service announcements, holding a monthly press conference and organizing town hall meetings as appropriate.   


ECISD’s five TV commercials feature: Sheila Wilson, a Milam Elementary School teacher; Mike Hinojos, parent; Gerardo Ramirez, New Tech facilitator; Renee Earls of the Education Foundation; and Jorrion Wilson, Permian senior. Each person volunteered to star in the commercials and each takes on one of the keywords in the ECISD acronym.


The bottom line, Adkins said, is this is an opportunity to show off the positives of the district.

“We’re emphasizing the good work, the accomplishments taking place,” he said.


 Tom Pace, who is seeking re-election, said the approval of the contract came after settling on a strategic plan that gathered the input of employees, parents and others nearly five years ago. Part of the plan is to better communicate with the community on the positives at ECISD, along with providing ways to get information to households. The ad campaign is completing that service, he said, though he hadn’t had the chance to look at the website yet.


Trustee Luis Galvan said he’s tired of seeing “bad news” on the news and that ECISD “wants to show the good news.”


In response to the question of why ECISD needs to advertise when there’s no competition in town, Galvan said that there is competition with the charter schools (Compass Academy, Richard Milburn Academy and Harmony) and people should know “we’re providing an excellent education.”


[Message to Ector Co. ISD constituents: Harmony has been usurped by Obama’s takeover of the public schools through Common Core Standards. Because Harmony applied and received the RTTT-D grant, Harmony must now teach its students the social justice agenda of the Common Core Standards. This is indoctrination – Donna Garner]


The campaign is not a recruiting tool, Adkins said.


Galvan said the commercials are a great idea because children might see them on TV and it can start a conversation about school.


“It’s a great thing. I have to advertise my business to get attention, so why can’t we boast about the good things happening here?” he said after an ECISD workshop Tuesday.  


[To state the obvious:  “Galvan does not use public tax dollars to advertise his business. Ector Co. ISD does.  If Galvan does not run a fiscally responsible private business, he goes belly up.  – Donna Garner]


Under the “educate” page on, the results for Permian and Odessa High’s TAKS science scores are listed with this tagline: “With consistent, structured curriculum, there has been an 11 point increase in math and science test scores. All classrooms are teaching the same thing so students don’t miss anything.”


When asked why some positive stats are being used over others, Adkins said since CSCOPE was implemented in science and math first the district believes the large gains on those tests are linked. And anytime test scores come out, they’re put on the main ECISD website, sent in a press release and covered in the media repeatedly, he said.


“This is an image campaign,” Adkins said. He added that the .info site is another avenue for the community and because the current .org site has so much information with every department of ECISD’s 27 school system. It’s the largest employer in Odessa with more than 3,400 employees.


He said the current site can prove difficult to navigate because of the sheer information amount and template they’re bound to use for now, Adkins said.


The .info site is intended to be “an information portal that hits on the most asked questions,” Adkins said. The Communications Department — of Adkins and assistant Gabriella Granado — will eventually have to maintain that site once the contract expires Aug. 31, unless it’s renewed.


“It’s providing a clearer view of what New Tech Odessa is all about, that it’s not a career and technical center, it’s all about 21st century learning,” Interim Superintendent H.T. Sanchez said. He said the parent perspective and teacher perspectives in the ads are more than showing off accolades for ECISD but an opportunity to get involved to be a valued partner in Odessa.




It took several email and phone calls to get the specific breakdown of where the money was spent. During questioning on the breakdown Adkins interjected that the scrutiny given to ECISD on this issue shows the bias of the OA against ECISD, over say UTPB or OC, who Adkins guessed spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” with the OA in advertising.


Here’s how Hunt Advertising figured the $100,000 budget:

  • $22,185: Television ads, on KMID, KOSA, KWES, KPEJ, 229 paid spots and 228 donated matching PSAs.
  • $18,000: Web development.
  • $15,000: Broadcast production.
  • $10,000: Creative concept.
  • $10,000: Print and billboard production.
  • $8,216: Odessa American ads, eight ads at the nonprofit rate.
  • $7,725: Billboard ads (Eighth Street and Dixie Boulevard; West County Road and University Avenue).
  • $5,000: Social media development.
  • $3,690: Magazine ads in “An Apple A Day,” a free health publication with a circulation of 3,000 (three ads paid, two ads donated) and “The Odessan,” a paid magazine (two editions of May/June and July/August).

“An Apple A Day” lists Mary Hunt as the publisher and her name is listed under “sales” on page 3 of the April issue that’s distributed in local doctor’s offices and stores such as Walgreens.


The OA requested how much of ECISD’s money was used to publish the ads — produced by Hunt Advertising — in Hunt’s magazine, but did not receive the information as of press time.  

Hunt said “An Apple A Day” is a “good publication whether I published it or not” and said she would have recommended placing ads in it nonetheless.


To Woodall, he said it’s a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.


“When you’re paying for two superintendents and now you have someone paying themselves to pay for something you’ve hired them to do already. … You can call a skunk a pussy cat, but it still stinks,” he said.



Donna Garner


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Big Problems for Irving ISD

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Donna Garner


“Big Problems at Irving ISD”
by Donna Garner

The Irving ISD School Board voted 4 – 3 to censure board member Steven Jones on 4.1.13 (#1 Dallas Morning News posted below). Not only does Steven Jones want to replace bilingual education with English immersion (“works every time it’s been tried”), but he also has been outspoken about his opposition to CSCOPE which costs Irving ISD at least $260,000 per year and has not raised students’ STAAR/End-of-Course test scores.

According to the 3.10.13 article (#3 news article posted below), “…Irving’s students fell far behind the state average last year on STAAR [School Year 2011-12], the state’s new standardized test that CSCOPE was supposed to prepare them for…”

It sounds to me as if the Irving ISD administration does not like Steven Jones questioning its choice of poor curriculum such as CSCOPE (#4 Dallas Morning News article posted below). Irving ISD has been using CSCOPE at least since Sept. 2011. A 9.29.11 article from the Dallas Morning News describes CSCOPE’s use in the Irving ISD:

Grassroots citizens through filing Public Information Requests found that over the last two school years, Irving ISD has paid TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) and TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) $905,028 (2.13.13 — ) These were taxpayers’ dollars. Just think how many classroom teachers’ jobs could have been financed by that $905,028. No wonder Steven Jones is questioning the Irving ISD expenditures!
Please read Lynn Woolley’s 4.1.13 column (#2 Dallas Morning News article posted below) in which he praises Steven Jones for his courageous efforts as a school board member to question the way the Irving ISD administration has spent taxpayers’ dollars. – Donna Garner



Split vote by Irving school board publicly condemns trustee Steven Jones’ behavior

Staff Writer
Published: 01 April 2013 09:09 PM

Excerpts from this article:

In a rare public condemnation, the Irving ISD school board voted 4-3 Monday to censure trustee Steven Jones…

Steven Jones has denied any impropriety.

Trustees Jerry Christian and Gwen Craig also voted in favor of censure.

…In the meantime, Valerie Jones acknowledged at the meeting, censure carries “no legal or practical consequences.”

…Steven Jones listened to the accusations with no visible emotion. He had acknowledged making the phone calls, but he said the emails distorted their innocent and legitimate intent.

When it was his turn to speak, Jones looked out at the packed audience and decried “these attempts to assassinate my character.”

He said the district had spent $23,000 in legal fees “trying to find ways to throw me off the board.”

Jones, who has been on the board since 2011, seemed no more concerned about the prospect of public condemnation than he had last week when the vote was called. He had correctly predicted the way the trustees would vote.

Monday’s vote may be one of the school board’s last major acts before its politics are transformed.

Two of the trustees who voted for censure Monday — Huffstetler and Christian — are stepping down after the May election. A third, Craig, is up for re-election.

Jones is backing candidates in all three races. One of them is running unopposed and is expected to give Jones’ allies a majority.

“We will have a conservative majority on this board beginning May 20,” Jones told the crowd before the vote. “The new board will focus like a laser beam on student achievement. Our focus will no longer be PR and spin…”


Lynn Woolley: Irving trustee Steven Jones right to challenge schools’ status quo

Published: 01 April 2013 09:25 PM
Excerpts from this article:
Steven Jones has done the unthinkable. As a member of the Irving school board, he has challenged the status quo, questioning wasteful spending and the district’s fixation with bilingual education.

…His first crime was his decision to run for the Irving board of trustees. School board members are not supposed to be conservative businesspeople who have designs on change. They are supposed to be former teachers or liberal activists who will bow to the whims of the school superintendent.

Jones’ second crime was that he won. And get a load of his platform. During the campaign, he said, “I am running for the Irving school board because I have watched the actions of the current board and question its judgment on three major items.”

…But Jones dared question the board when it voted to extend the superintendent an additional 36-month contract after just seven months on the job. The board said it wanted “stability.” Jones wanted “excellence.” He also noted that while no teachers were being hired, the board was openly searching for two more assistant superintendents. He thought the district needed fewer bureaucrats and more teachers.

His biggest crime of all, though, related to education’s biggest sacred cow: bilingual education.

Back in 2011, WFAA-TV’s Gary Reaves did a story about then-candidate Jones’ desire to add an English immersion program to the bilingual mandate required by the state.

…Jones’ additional crimes include “micromanaging” duties reserved by law for the superintendent; explaining to a new assistant superintendent that her job was “wasteful” and might be eliminated; and explaining to the district’s “director of world languages” that the board wanted to push for that English immersion plan.

…A board member who is a conservative, who questions stupid and costly decisions made by the board and actually attempts to represent the interests of children, parents and taxpayers instead of just the education establishment? …Jones’ real crime is his opposition to bilingual education.

In a district where 70 percent of the children are Spanish speakers, you simply do not speak of such things as English immersion — even if it does work every time it’s been tried…

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based radio talk show host and may be contacted at lynn@BeLogical .com.



“CSCOPE: Irving ISD Did Poorly on STAAR/EOC Tests – What If Lost Measuring Stick?”
by Donna Garner

Irving ISD paid $265,000 (per year) for CSCOPE. Did it raise their students’ STAAR/EOC’s? According to this article, “And for all those efforts, Irving’s students fell far behind the state average last year on STAAR, the state’s new standardized test that CSCOPE was supposed to prepare them for.”

Some Texas legislators are trying to do away with the STAAR/End-of-Course tests at each grade level (Grades 3 – 11). These tests serve as a measuring stick, a yardstick, a ruler. If we lose the “measuring stick,” how would parents and the public ever prove whether regular public schools, charter schools, CSCOPE, Turkish Gulen Harmony Charter Schools, dual-credit courses, Texas Virtual Academy, online learning, Advanced Placement courses, International Baccalaureate programs, Web 2.0 Tools, and Safari Montage are actually pulling up our children or dumbing them down?

School board elections are coming up on May 11, 2013, in many towns and cities throughout Texas. In Irving ISD, these elections will evidently settle whether or not CSCOPE will be removed from the District.

My hope is that numerous schools will take the money they have wasted on CSCOPE and use it to purchase the new English / Language Arts / Reading textbooks that are totally aligned with the new curriculum standards adopted in May 2008. These textbooks contain the systematic teaching of phonemic awareness/decoding skills (phonics), grammar, usage, spelling, composition – all of the back-to-the-basics skills that must be learned by students to help them to be successful in the rest of their school subjects, on the STAAR/End-of-Course tests, and in life.

Donna Garner




Staff Writer
Published: 10 March 2013 11:07 PM
Excerpts from this article:

Irving ISD administrators say the [CSCOPE] package — which costs roughly $260,000 a year…

Norma Gonzales, who is running unopposed for an open seat on the board, says she wants to phase out the program when she takes her seat. By then, CSCOPE’s detractors on the board should have a majority to do exactly that.

Trustee Steven Jones said at least 40 teachers in the district have made similar complaints to him.

And for all those efforts, Irving’s students fell far behind the state average last year on STAAR, the state’s new standardized test that CSCOPE was supposed to prepare them for…

“A lot of the complaints we heard about had to do with the assessments.”

…The teacher, who asked for anonymity to protect his job, said educators were promised CSCOPE would prepare students for STAAR.

“It simply didn’t happen,” he said.

Instead, the teacher said, he wasted hours photocopying CSCOPE handouts no better than the material in the textbook — some of it worse. He said if his principal walked by the classroom and saw him using the book, or deviating at all from CSCOPE material, he would be “redirected” back to the new program.

…Trustees’ complaints about CSCOPE go beyond classroom flexibility. Jones said the program had Marxist origins and appeared designed to “do an end run” around the Texas Board of Education and adopt federal curriculum the state has rejected.

At board meetings, he and trustees Larry Stipes and Gail Conder Wells have claimed that CSCOPE lessons indoctrinate students into Islam and socialism. A state Senate hearing in January heard similar complaints from other districts.

“Nobody knows what’s in CSCOPE,” Jones said. “It’s very secretive.”

In an effort to settle the matter, the district is preparing a teacher survey on CSCOPE. But even that has turned political, with Jones, Stipes and Wells complaining staff won’t include their questions…

Donna Garner

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Which of the following has been a benefit of globalization?

A pandemics

B increased standard of living (correct answer)

C loss of local culture

D widespread environmental impacts

 Which of the groups used protest strategies unlike the other groups to
  achieve equal rights?

F   Black Panthers (Correct Answer)

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