Keller ISD Promoting Homosexual Behavior and Endangering Christian Students

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A Keller ISD student, Casey Akers was not allowed to preform a “promposal” on campus by asking another female student to prom and is now speaking out. She voiced her objections at the April Keller ISD school board meeting. This has prompted the administration into changing the district’s anti-discrimination policies while everyone was on summer break (no surprise there). The proposed policy changes redefine the word “Discrimination” throughout to include the new language “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation” YIKES…

News of these changes have been brought to light thankfully to the hard work of education activist Alice Linahan with “Women on the Wall” and conservative TV personality, Glenn Beck who lives in the Keller ISD district. These policy changes were set to be discussed on the August 13th school board meeting.

Glenn Beck posted an article by Alice Linahan about the policy changes and the school board meeting on his facebook page. Glenn stated he would be attending the meeting and encouraged others to do so also.

glenn beck alice

I can assure you that the negative news coverage is not what the school district bargained for.  School districts abhor any news that portrays them in a negative light.

The day of the meeting they posted that the anti-discrimination policy item was removed from the agenda. The following sign was posted on the board room door.

boardroom sign


As parents and taxpayers started showing up at the school board meeting they began posting photos of the boardroom filling up online.



I am assuming the board president delivered the following speech…..





 The news media shows up and guess who they want to interview…… yea you got it.




gay queer


Same ole  song and chant of “Black Lives Matter” now is becoming “Gay Lives Matter” while the Christian community and those students who believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ are marginalized. I can assure you with the Supreme Court legalization of Same Sex marriage this will not be the last school district in Texas to undergo policy changes in relation to the chosen sinful lifestyle of HOMOSEXUALITY.




More on the story to come…………………..


Board of Trustees
Craig Allen  817-741-6086
Karina Davis  unpublished
Jo Lynn Haussmann  817-938-1900
Ruthie Keyes  817-542-5628
Cindy Lotton  817-485-4177
Brad Schofield  817-431-7090
Jim Stitt  817-223-7209
Randy Reid  817-744-1011

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Texans need to be aware that Texas has fallen in line with the same radical progressive agenda as those using Common Core in other states.   Yes, Texas did not officially adopt Common Core but the philosophy, assessments and data mining behind Common Core are being used here in Texas as well. CSCOPE is riddled with assessments that do not align with the TEKS and students are subjected to them throughout their school year for the purpose of data mining. Texans need to wake up as to what is transpiring in your local school district. Educators try to intimidate you with words like, 21st Century Learning, Rigor, College and Career Readiness, Project Based Learning (aka Common Core & Cscope). Please don’t let them fool you. Please review the following information and educate yourself as to what is taking place in your local school district. COMMON CORE AND DATA MINING

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How TX CSCOPE Controversy Began

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by Ginger Russell


I did not wake up one day and decide to fight the public school system in Texas. Not by a long shot. I have always been politically active and my mother, Janice VanCleave, not so much. Unfortunately the cause fell in our lap when mom asked me to look into a situation she found herself in.

My mother is science author, Janice VanCleave who also runs  She is in her 70′s and retired. She spends time serving her community by visiting widows in nursing homes and tutoring. This all started over a year ago when she tried to tutor some children in her local school district, of Marlin ISD.  When she asked them where their textbooks were they said they had none. (RED FLAG) The teacher knew mom’s reputation and gave her a copy of a CSCOPE science lesson. Finding the CSCOPE lesson riddled with errors she asked for additional lessons and was refused. (RED FLAG). Prior to writing, mom taught years earlier in Marlin ISD among other TX districts. Needless to say she ended up in her local ESC in Waco where they refused to let her see the CSCOPE lessons as well. The actions and behavior by all involved raised some serious (RED FLAGS). I put mom in contact with SBOE chairman Barbara Cargill who had not heard of CSCOPE (RED FLAG)  and she requested the ESC to give her a password and they refused (RED FLAG). Barbara was not able to get a password to CSCOPE for six months until Gov Perry got involved (RED FLAG).

When the CSCOPE reps in Austin found out who mom was and her credentials they drove to her local town of Marlin to meet with her. SERIOUSLY! I along with another gentlemen attended the meeting to their surprise. They had hoped they could team up on her 5 to 1 and were not happy with our presence. I have the whole meeting recorded below.  It is long and boring. But at one point in the conversation I handed the CSCOPE State Coordinator, the Islamic Powerpoint and he tries to deny it (RED FLAG).

I then filed a Public Information Request and TESCCC (CSCOPE owners) asked the attorney General to deem them a “non governmental entity”)RED FLAG) which he denied. They also stated that mom was a CSCOPE competitor in hopes he would rule on their behalf. The lie has made it’s round through the education system.

We then started going public and teachers would contact us anonymously asking for help. They informed us that their administrators were having them to sign a non disclosure statement, stating that they would not release the contents or say anything negative about it. (RED FLAG).

I spoke at the Willis ISD Board meeting in October in regard to CSCOPE. I had no idea at the time who Lindy McCullogh (ESC CSCOPE COORDINATOR) was or that she was there. She spoke after me and was obviously outraged that I had spoke out against CSCOPE. (RED FLAG) VIDEO BELOW

I later called ESC director Brent Hawkins and in our conversation he said “you will not tear apart something we implemented”. (RED FLAG)

Now, with all the red flags and strange behavior by some many educators in regard to CSCOPE we knew something had to be done. By this time a couple of veteran educators had contacted us and started  exposing CSCOPE lesson content (which CSCOPE reps began editing and removingd after we exposed it).

Needless to say when you have an educational program that is riddled with the controversial material, parents can’t see it, teachers silenced and threatened with prosecution for releasing content, etc, that was enough RED FLAGS for us.

Being politically active I had a personal meeting with the LT Governor in January. Dewhurst said he would have the chairman of the Senate Education Committee which was Dan Patrick hold an education hearing on it. And he did. About the same time I had tweeted about the CSCOPE lesson that portrayed the Boston Tea Party as being a Terrorist Act, and Glenn Beck picked it up. Thank you Glenn! Fortunately parents started realizing what was going on at their  school and became involved as well. The rest is history.

I have not even expounded the financials in regard to CSCOPE or their lack of transparency, which is presently under the review of the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott.

It has taken me over a year to finally find out what CSCOPE iand it is about implementing a radical change in the way students are taught called “project based learning”(PBL). PBL is based on the collective not individual achievement. There is a chart below outlining the differences in a traditional education and PBL. Project Based Learning and Common Core Standards are based on the same progressive philosophy.

As for a my mother, the Texas education establishment have come out attacking and FALSELY accusing her as being a competitor with CSCOPE and out it to make a profit on CSCOPE’s exposure.Nothing could be farther from the truth. If anything, out of  concern for children and our country’s future it has cost us both money and time away from family working on this debacle.  We have got where we just laugh at the accusations because we know the education establishment is jumping through hoops to divert the exposure off of them. Thankfully the truth always wins in the end.

I am by no way a self proclaimed expert on education. Yes, I did home school both of my children who are now college graduates and married. But I do know it is wrong to pass out verses of the Quran to students, I know it is wrong to have students draw new Communist Flags,I know it is wrong to have students learn about the sex life of Islamic Women, etc, etc.. enough on the lessons. I know it was unacceptable and wrong to not allow parents to view what their children were taught. I know it is wrong to have teachers threatened with a lawsuit for disclosing content or speaking negatively about a curriculum. How you can ignore this? How can you vote to purchase this crap again and petition the state for a waiver is beyond me.

I want you to know yes mom and I have a following of conservative christian activist… but there are 100′s across the state that supply us information as to what is going on in their school districts. We are not in this alone, not by a long shot. The days of our local school districts hiding and spending money with no oversight is over.


I want to personally thank Alice Linahan, Donna Garner, Peggy Venable, Ms. Mac, Ms. Bowen, Stan Hartzler, Dr. David Stovall, Laurie Bartlett, and hundreds more that have joined in this battle of protecting our children.


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Washington Dragging Us Into War! BOTH PARTIES!

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WATCH & SHARE: Both parties are dragging us into war in the Middle East

Only 11% of Americans want us to arm the rebels in Syria yet the Obama administration isn’t listening. But it’s not just the Democrats, progressives in both parties are pushing for U.S. involvement as evidenced by John McCain’s recent trip to Syria where he met with the rebels. Why is this a bad idea? Glenn explains below in a clip you need to share this clip with your friends!

WARNING: Graphic Content in the video below:


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Apr. 2, 2013 10:10am 

As a greater level of scrutiny is being placed on the controversial curriculum systems CSCOPE (in Texas) and Common Core Standards (nationwide), concerned parents spoke to TheBlaze about their troubling experiences, revealing that not even home-schooling is beyond the reach of these encroaching systems.

Home-schooling not beyond the reach of Common Core?  

Keven Card, a former Marine from Houston who has home-schooled his children for the last six years, thought his family was safe from the reach of Common Core, but soon learned otherwise. As noted on his blog, two years ago Pearson Education, which is linked to Common Core, acquired Texas Connections Academy, the online charter school Card uses to homeschool his ninth-grader.

One lesson plan featured a video dubbed, ”China Rises,” that appears to tout the virtues of Communism over capitalism.

“It blew my mind,” Card told TheBlaze in an interview.

“They make kids watch a video that makes capitalism look bad and Communist China look good. It’s absolutely unbelievable.”

Below are several screenshots of the program, “China Rises,” along with a video that Card was able to record and save for his own records.

Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like? These Parents Opened Up to TheBlaze

The captions below read:

The next time you go shopping for clothes, electronics, shoes, toys, or even food, check the label. There’s a good chance it says “Made in China.”

As you might guess, China has one of the most productive economies in the world, and it has been growing at a rapid pace in recent decades. This growth has brought great wealth to Chinese entrepreneurs and businesses and improved standards of living for millions of people.

Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like? These Parents Opened Up to TheBlaze

The China Rises website provides preview clips and information on the content featured in the program. Notably, the “Party Games” and “Getting Rich” sections, Card explained, are of particular interest as they “address the changing politics and economy of China.”

It is also worth pointing out that the documentary was produced in partnership with The New York Times and Discovery Times.

Card notes that the video preview made available under the “Getting Rich” sub-section of the site talks about capitalism’s “cruelties” as it shows a man whose lost his hand in a machine. The section appears at the 1.12 mark.

Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like? These Parents Opened Up to TheBlaze

When asked how long questionable lessons like China Rises have been on his son’s roster of studies, Card said he first noticed curriculum changing roughly a year or two ago when a religious studies lesson favored the Muslim faith over Christianity.

“I wrote a letter to the principal of the Texas Connections Academy, but never received a reply,” the concerned father said. Pearson acquired our school in 2011.


What is StudentGPS and what does it track, exactly?

A Texas mother whose child is enrolled in the fifth grade at a Texas public school told TheBlaze that while some of the lesson plans at her child’s school are worrisome, she is most concerned about data mining, especially in light of the fact that, come next year, her school will implement something called “StudentGPS dashboards.”

“I’m not sure if it will be just at our school or all of them,” the Blaze reader, who asked to remain nameless out of concern for her child and school faculty explained. “I have a feeling our school will be one the earlier ones to implement the StudentGPS.”

According to the StudentGPS website, the program is part of a partnership with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF), are particularly beneficial in identifying “at-risk students” by providing educators a “collection of reports and metrics that provide educators with access to historical, timely, and predictive information on all students to help improve education outcomes for all Texas students.”

The dashboards are said to “flag emerging issues such as problems in attendance, class work, and test performance as early as possible” as well as “provide instant access to analyzed data, instead of requiring requests to a data analyst for ad hoc reports.”

While the site states that “loading dashboard data to TSDS is strictly optional,” schools are encouraged  to do so as they provide a “rich, sophisticated, empirical approach to teaching that help schools, classes, and individual students get more from their educational opportunities.”

The Blaze reader said she found out about the GPS “dashboards” while on a call with the school principal about the district’s plan to allocate iPads to all students next year. She said that she was concerned about the kinds of data that would be tracked on the iPad, but that once she heard about StudentGPS, she was concerned “even more.”

Below are tutorial videos provided by the StudentGPS Dashboards official website, which is part of the “Texas Student Data System.”

Student GPS dashboard overview

“StudentGPS – Attendance

StudentGPS – Intervention

Kids know about global warming and wars

Another item the concerned mother noted was that her 5th grader brought home a questionable homework assignment earlier this week. The parent told TheBlaze that the lesson (screenshots of which are featured below) is being used as practice for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exam, which is to be administered by schools next week.

The lesson in this case was not produced by CSCOPE, but rather a independent company. Nonetheless, some of the language and themes will still raise eyebrows.

“The content seems designed to undermine parental authority,” the Texas resident said. “Adults are just too stupid to get anything right. I assume the intent is to drive a wedge between parent and child.”

The excerpts below ask why children are not permitted to vote, especially when (see section 3) they understand “global warming and war” and know that adults have only made the world’s problems worse.

The Texas mom said that while CSCOPE is implemented at her school, teachers are not forced to use its lesson plans. She added that while that may be a good thing, she has still “come to expect verbiage on global warming and fossil fuels” and believes CSCOPE’s influence will only increase. The Blaze reader also expressed concern over the fact that experienced teachers are growing tired of trying to overcome “the hurdles” and will likely leave the schools out of sheer frustration.

“We are part of a good, close community, which makes this [CSCOPE implementation] that much harder,” she explained.

Below is an excerpt of the homework assignment:

Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like? These Parents Opened Up to TheBlaze
Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like? These Parents Opened Up to TheBlaze

Those cases cited above are but a fraction of the questionable lesson plans that seem to be par for the course with Common Core and CSCOPE. As a result of TheBlaze’s coverage, other concerned parents may also come forward to express their concerns and experiences with these controversial curriculum systems.

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Cscope Exposed on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze

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Glenn Beck will be exposing Cscope on the Blaze this coming Thursday March 7th @4:00 CT. You can watch the show on the Dish Network Channel 212 or you can sign up for a FREE TRIAL of THE BLAZE or sign up to watch on a regular basis. You can view the show on your computer, TV or mobile device details here. The show is  is replayed on Dish and is archived if you not available to watch it at 4:00 CT.

****Glenn Beck ACTION ITEM.. Glenn is trying to get The Blaze in homes across the states. Please go HERE and fill out a form letter that will be sent to your cable company in hopes of them carrying THE BLAZE.


the blaze




Glenn' Beck's Agenda 21

Agenda 21

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