Texas Education Commissioner Williams, Validates Texas on Common Core Path

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In 2011 Education Week reported that Texas was pulling out of the Council of Chief State School Officers, a influential Washington Organization due to philosophical differences.  Robert Scott the Texas Education Commissioner at the time felt the values of Texas and CCSSO did not line up not to mention the CCSSO was behind creating national standards aka Common Core. The  organization Achieve is another Washington group (surprised?) behind creating the Common Core standards and the philosophy behind it. Achieve Texas is a subsidiary of the Washington group.

Unfortunately this week the current Texas Education Commissioner, Michael Williams appears to be proud that Texas is now becoming a national leader with meeting some of the goals of CCSSO. You can read his comments below.


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Informed activist across the state knew that HB 5 was just another step to be completed for those behind the national education reform. Setting students up on Career Pathways before they are old enough to have any true life experiences in making an educated decision as to a career path is a shame. Students today have become to the state cogs in a wheel for the powers at be. Along with the education reform comes data collection from the time a child enters the public school system through out their career. Texas has implemented the Longitudinal Data System. All data is open to 3rd parties and the data collected ranges from test scores, disciplinary actions, medi,cation religion, political affiliation, etc.


After finding a social studies assignment within the controversial curriculum Cscope, sold by the Texas Education Service Centers calling for students to draw a new Communist Flag  I am greatly concerned where we in Texas are heading.


Parents need to wake up!!



College and Career Ready

Teaching to the Core

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TEXAS Secretary of State, Greg Abbott says NO to Common Core in TEXAS!

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Senator Dan Patrick asked the Texas Secretary of State, Greg Abbott for an additional ruling on HB 462 that passed the 83rd legislation banning Common Core in Texas. The secretary of state issued an additional ruling today, June 17, 2014 reinstating that common core is illegal in TEXAS!

I so appreciate all that Sen.Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott are doing by informing the education we are not going to  allow the common core standards to be adopted by the state of Texas. I just wished they would go further in pointing out what the repercussion will be when districts refuse to obey the law and believe me they will. The Texas Association of School Boards is not happy with the ruling. Wow, what a shocker!

Those that are familiar with Common Core and it’s agenda know that its agenda has more to do with CONTROL and DATA COLLECTION of students than it has to do with the faulty standards. The federal government has funneled more than 18 Million to set up a Texas Longitudinal Data System in all school districts, and the Education Service Centers.  They are collecting data on your children, their academics, disciplines, medications, psychiatric reports, etc…WAKE UP PARENTS. I am completely in shock that there is not an uprising from parents across the state in regard to the data collection taking place. Have we as a people really become that complacent?

HB 5 is another link to the common core agenda in creating “career clusters” or pathways for students at early ages in order to create a workforce (worker bees). I know of many college students that change career choices after going to college a couple of years. Why is the state mandating students decide after middle school their career path?


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Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. ~ Lenin

Call the Governor’s office @
512-463-2000 or
Email him at: HERE
HB 2103
HB 5
HB 866
HB 2836
SB 2
HB 1675
HB 2824
HB 2103 – Allows the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Texas Workforce Commission to share our children’s personal data with education research centers in Texas and across the nation  – the data goes back 20 years.
HB 5 – Exceptionally bad bill which must be stopped for the sake of our children. This bill will allow the Marxists to implement Type II teaching. It decimates the “measuring stick” (STAAR/EOC’s) so that parents will not know whether their children have been taught Type #1 or Type #2 curriculum (such as CSCOPE, Common Core Standards, Safari Montage, TASA iCLOUD) until it is too late
HB 866 – Companion to HB 5 to destroy the measuring stick – From Grades 3 – 8, students are only tested twice in Writing on an objective instrument (STAAR), once in Social Studies, two times in Science, three times in Math, and three times in Reading.
HB 2836 – Takes away authority over the curriculum standards (TEKS) from our elected Texas State Board of Education members. If passed this bill allow the Marxists to control what our children are taught.
SB 2 – Takes away authority over the charter school process from elected members of the Texas State Board of Education members – gives the authority to an unelected and appointed Commissioner of Education even though Michael Williams has not asked for that authority
HB 1675 – Delays Sunset Review of the Education Service Centers to Sept. 1, 2019. Very bad move. The ESCs must be put out of business. It is because of the ESCs that we have CSCOPE in our schools.
HB 2824 – Lets a consortium of so-called “high performing” (mostly mediocre) school districts off the hook in terms of testing and accountability, thus freeing them up to do teaching and learning to whatever goals (E.G. CSCOPE, I-CLOUD or Obama’s Common Core Standards) and standards they choose.
If you follow Rick Perry on Twitter or are a FB friend of his, post your message now!
For additional information contact
Bob Hall
(903) 896-1684
 “Alone you are but a drop of water. 
Together WE become a Tsunami!”
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