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An editorial opinion by A. Patrick Huff, Ph.D.:

This past week the Texas Education Agency took the school accountability system to a new low, releasing a “what if” letter grade tabulation for each school and school district in the state of Texas.  This report has sent shock waves across virtually every public school district in the state.  The report was a “what if” because the letter grades are not official.  It was only released to let all the public school officials, teachers, parents and students know what their school and school district would receive if the official results were released this year.  The letter grades are based on the 2015-2016 school report card and other factors.  I say other factors because to figure out all the other factors and understand them, you could be eligible to work at mission control in NASA.  Yes, it is that complicated.  I have looked at the formulas and, trust me, I feel pretty stupid right about now.  I’m not going to bore you with the details of how each grade was determined in this article, but I am going to try and make sense of it (or nonsense).

Here is a little background to bring everyone up to speed on what all of this means.  To begin with, Texas did not invent the A-F system.  The first state to use it was Florida, under Governor Jeb Bush.  It is now in at least 15 states.  In early 2016 the Texas Legislature under House Bill 2804, established guidelines for a new state education assessment and accountability system.  The purpose of the new program was to conform to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that had previously been passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Obama in December of 2015.  HB 2804 also established a commission to review the bill and make recommendations before anything became official.  This review board was called The Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessment and Accountability.  They met in Austin seven times with each meeting dedicated to hearing from “experts” in the field testifying about what the research and practices demonstrate about each phase of the bill’s mandates.  At some of these meetings the Commission allowed public testimony.  I went to Austin and testified in one of these meetings so I got a first hand look at how it operated.  Here is the TEA website where you can read about the Commission and pull up the Commission’s Final Report to the Governor:

In the Commission report is the recommendation to approve what had already been written in HB 2804 regarding using an A-F grading format for schools and school districts.  Consider the language used in the Commission Draft Report under Long Term Vision, item 6, page 10.

6. Align the state accountability system with ESSA requirements.  Align the state    and federal accountability systems to ensure that the results are consistent and      share common goals. When the federal regulations regarding ESSA are released    in fall 2016, Texas will be able to use the guidance provided by the  specific federal regulations as it develops the A–F accountability system. An A–F accountability system to identify underperforming schools in Texas is scheduled to be implemented in the 2017–2018 school year  (Texas Education Agency, Next Generation Assessment Accountability, 2016, p. 10).

To note the importance of the first sentence is to state the obviously ridiculous.  The move to change the accountability system for schools and school districts to an A-F format is a federal requirement.  Once again, as I have stated time and time again, Texas is but a mini-federal U.S. Department of Education.  This is why we cannot seem to get away from doing what the federal government wants us to do when it comes to education policy.  The loss of all sovereignty occurred when each state came under the federal waiver to get out from under impossible mandates of No Child Left Behind.  Texas applied for and received their waiver in 2013.  Here is the link where you can read the entire waiver request if you so desire.  file://localhost/Users/huff_fitness/Downloads/TEA_Final_ESEA_Waiver_091613 (2).pdf

(You may get a warning on this website since it comes from my documents.  Don’t worry, it is safe to open).

If you are interested in how we moved from No Child Left Behind into ESSA and some how fell under Common Core, even though the Texas Legislature passed a law saying we would never come under Common Core, it’s all in this waiver application.  Please note, College and Career Ready Standards are the Common Core Standards.  Also in this application is where schools fell under Priority and Focus categories.  The federal Annual Measureable Objectives (updated Adequate Yearly Progress) is also in this waiver request.

Let me now turn your attention to the most important part of this article.  Superintendents across the state are decrying the issuance of the A-F ratings.  Rightfully so, I might add, they are putting out memorandums and videos that denounce these ratings and point to the unfairness of reducing a schools overall worth to a letter grade.  Yes, it’s true, a school cannot be judged based on the outcomes of a standardized test given once a year.  Here, though, is the issue. Where have the superintendents been on the outcry?  This has been going on since the early 90’s and with more high stakes involved since 2002 with the passage of No Child Left Behind.  Schools cannot be judged as Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, Met Standard, Unacceptable, or Needs Improvement based upon the yearly given standardized test.  It is a flawed policy and it increasingly affects schools negatively who have high percentages of low socio-economic students.  It discriminates with sanctions and endless shaming of the students, the teachers, the administration, the parents and the community where the school is located.  It is unacceptable that this horrid accountability system continues.  Now with the A-F system the lobbyist controlled congress (both state and federal) implements their latest in a long series of heavy handed tactics to demonstrate their disdain for the education system.  I mention lobbyist because education is an industry that makes billions of dollars every year off the backs of our children, and more specifically, by off the backs of our children in Title One schools.  Everyone knows this, everyone discusses this issue; but nothing gets done.  Our students are but guinea pigs forced to swallow the latest magic bullet curriculum program that the school district purchases for thousands of dollars.  I mention disdain by the legislators because I have been in the committee meetings, and I have testified before both the Texas House and the Texas Senate Education Committees only to be told my time is up and thank you very much.  Senator Larry Taylor did allow me more than the customary three minutes to speak, but my recommendations fell on deaf ears, just as every recommendation that came from a public speaker.  The only recommendations that were followed were those that came from the invited speakers, many of which came from the corporate sector.  The Education Committees in both houses of congress and the State Board of Education in Texas feel as though it is their duty to save public education.  The Lt. Governor and Governor feel the same.  To them, teachers can’t be trusted to teach the students.  Principals can’t be trusted to lead and manage.  Superintendents can’t be trusted to organize and implement the best, most trusted method of instruction.  No, it is the state and federal governments, the lobbyist, and the corporations that must be in charge of teaching our students.  After all, as Senator Taylor said to me when I testified to his committee, before the legislators took control students were graduating that could not read.  There was a crisis in the nation.  The government had to step in and take control.  I told him that students are still graduating that can’t read.  We don’t like it, every teacher is working to keep that from happening, but that is what happens in a free and democratic society.  A student can choose to fail if they so choose.  We don’t like it, but it is always going to be that way in a free and democratic society.  We have been under this system of accountability for going on three decades and what do we have?  We have a failed system where the controllers have their boot on the throat of every teacher, principal and superintendent and the pressure is increasing with each new phase of the accountability system.

So now we have the A-F system of school accountability.  Let me give you some examples of how some school districts did around the state.  The grading system of schools is broken down into four domains.  There will be a fifth added next year, but for now we will just discuss the four.  They are broken down as:

Domain I:    Student Achievement (how all the students performed on the STAAR test)

Domain II:   Student Progress (evaluating student progress in 10 student subgroup         categories, broken down into 7 ethnic groups, Special Education,  and English Language Learners, and their progress from the previous year’s results).

Domain III:  All tests from all grades results in the economically disadvantaged student       population only (These scores are compared with those from the previous  year and judged by improvement or regression).

Domain IV:  Post-Secondary Readiness (Elementary evaluated on absentee rate.

Middle Schools evaluated on absentee rate and dropout rate.

High Schools graded on a number of indicators, including absentee rate,       graduation rate, dropout rate, career and tech programs offered, AP and IB   courses offered, and a few other indicators).

Of course this is a simplified version and no mathematical statistical formulas are given to determine the outcome, so keep that in mind as I run down these results.  Keep in mind, also, that these results in no way indicate the worth or value of the education the students are receiving in these school districts.  Any comparison needs to be made with the understanding that the district with the most challenges have the most difficulty with this very flawed system that needs to be eliminated.


I hope that I have represented each district’s scores accurately.  My apologies if there are any errors.

Of course, this list is very brief and only represents a small portion of the school districts in the state.  They are, however, all large school districts with the exception of Highland Park.  Highland Park was included in this list simply to point out the disparity of the system.  This is not a slam against Highland Park.  They are a very good school district.  They do, however, have zero economically disadvantaged students.  At least none show up on the school report card.  This is why they did not receive a score in Domain III.  Highland Park received a “C” in Domain IV only because they went down in their Post Secondary Readiness Index from 96 in 2015 to 92 in 2016.  The score of 92 in Domain IV is an excellent score, but because Highland Park went down from a score of 96 in 2015 (the target score for Domain IV is 57 for high schools), they were shamed with a grade of “C”.  So, the public assumes Highland Park is just average in Domain IV, yet they had a very high score of 92.

Looking at the list provided in this article, I’m sure, makes you scratch your head and wonder how a district received the grade it did in each of the domains.  Some of the grades you can understand and others you can’t figure out how the grade could be what it is.  Due to the ramifications that go along with a letter grade, and the impressions it makes in the eyes of the public, you can see why the school officials are yelling from the rooftops that this is an unfair system and in no way reflects their districts quality and worth.  Yet it has been this way from the beginning of the Accountability System.  Those of you who have followed my articles and read my book, The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System, know that the central theme I keep repeating is the unjust nature and discriminatory practice the accountability system is for the entire nation, not just Texas.  But Texas is my state, so I concentrate on Texas, where I live and work.

Superintendents of the great State of Texas, I put this situation in your hands.  I think this is personal to you now.  Before, the old system of “met standards” or “needs improvement” didn’t quite have the sting of a letter grade.  Everyone identifies with a letter grade.  The Congress of Texas thinks this will motivate everyone directly involved with student testing outcomes to improve.  What Congress doesn’t realize is that school officials and teachers have been doing everything in their power to get the scores up, yet with little effect.  This is because no matter what program is brought in, or what guru is provided to help teachers teach better, the same demographic factors are almost impossible to overcome.  This, also, has nothing to do with ethnicity.  Nothing!  The schools success rises or falls with the percentages of students in Eco-Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and the Mobility Rate for the school and school district.  The Mobility Rate indicates the number of students that arrive after school begins and/or leaves before the school year ends.

Superintendents, I call on you to organize.  Organize not around TASA.  In my opinion, The Texas Association of School Administrators has not served you well.  They have kept you in the status quo.  You must have an independent voice in order to get the attention of the state legislators.  Yes, the federal government wants this A-F system, but they have also said they want states to have more autonomy in determining their accountability systems.  Use this as your leverage point.  Apart from the parents of the state, whom the legislators have already demonstrated they do not listen to, the superintendents of the state are the only hope for reversing the A-F grading system, and the entire accountability system.  The whole system is flawed to its core and needs to be eliminated.  Let’s all come together and speak in one voice to eliminate the A-F grading system first, then the entire accountability system.

Dr. Patrick Huff is the author of “The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System”, 2015. The book can be found at  Dr. Huff is a retired middle and high school principal with 34 years in the public education profession. He currently works as an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  He lives with his wife, Connie, of 35 years in Tomball, Texas and can be reached at


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TEXAS: Magnolia ISD Making News Once Again!

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channel 13
by Steve Campion

EXCLUSIVE: Student no-billed on threat after months in jail




A former Magnolia West High senior student said he never planned to hurt anyone at his school.

Thomas Cade Martin spoke exclusively to abc13 after a grand jury no-billed him on a terroristic threat charge.

In February, cell phone video surfaced on social media that led to Martin’s expulsion and arrest. In it, Martin can be heard talking about planting bombs and shooting students.

“It was a big, huge misunderstanding. The video that was originally displayed was taken way out of context,” said Martin. “It all started when I was just trying to explain myself and give a scenario to the students to just show that it is possible that something like that could happen in the small town of Magnolia.”

“It was never a threat?” abc13’s Steve Campion asked.

“No sir. It was never a threat. Not at all,” Martin responded.

He explained the footage only shows part of a broader conversation about potential school violence. He said he only offered up a scenario.

You can hear students laughing during parts of the video.

Martin spent more than two months in the Montgomery County jail. His family couldn’t afford his bail.

“My reaction was honestly, my heart fell through the floor because everything about that goes against what I believe in,” said Martin. “I believe in protecting American interests and the American way of life. I believe in prosperity. I’m a huge patriotic.”

The 19-year-old said he wishes the Magnolia Independent School District would have handled the situation differently. Martin wants to be an NAVY Seal. He said he plans to move to Wisconsin and finish high school.

“They should have most certainly looked in it more thoroughly before they just decided to up and expel me and change my life,” said Martin. “I would love to have an apology. I feel like I deserve an apology. It’s not because it is a pride thing. It’s because it would be the right thing to do.”

Magnolia ISD released the following statement to abc13.

“Magnolia ISD is prohibited by federal law to discuss student discipline. The action taken by the District was consistent and fair with Magnolia ISD’s board policy, student code of conduct and the Texas Education Code.”

See Video

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Magnolia ISD: Dr. Stephens Where is the TRUTH?

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Texas school district, Magnolia ISD, has made national news within the last couple of weeks due to the violation of “parental rights“. Their “NEW” policy prohibited parents from walking their children home from school in the name of “safety'” (I assume they did not think parents would be concerned with their own child’s safety and needed help from the “STATE”).

Magnolia’s new Bear Branch Elementary Principal, Holly Ray, informed parents that there would be no walkers at the beginning of this school year. Since making the news after parents had been issued “trespass warnings” and threatened with arrest the Magnolia ISD administration is now denying there was ever a “no walker policy”. The district claims parents have always been free to walk their children home although we have found no notice stating this fact up until the district released this statement on April 6th. As expected, the district diverts blame for their actions onto the parents. Labeling them as being “verbally and physically” abusive and disrupting school procedures. This diversion technique is a common tactic utilized among Texas School Districts when portrayed in a negative light in the news.

The new walker policy was pulled out of thin air once this news story broke. Parents may now walk their children home twenty five minutes after school dismisses if the car rider line has made its way through the parking lot and possibly a longer if not.  (More of “I” am in control).  So where does the TRUTH lie?

holly ray

Principal, Holly Ray


Parent, Robert Zeck provided this statement and a copy of the schools “CAR RIDER RULES” that specifically states “Students will NOT be dismissed to people on foot”.  Notice the bold word “NOT” in this one rule. Seems Ms. Ray wanted to make her point quite clear there would not be walkers. So why all the confusion?

robert zeck 2

car rider rules

MISD released the following comment to Fox 26 April, 15th stating “We are happy for parents to walk their children home”. I would say we have some major contradictions here. Where in the world are the board members in all of this?

misd lies


Holly Ray became the new principal of Bear Branch Elementary  this year. Parents upset with the new policy have followed the district’s administrative channels in hopes of reaching an amicable agreement.  Unfortunately, Ray and MISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens dug their administrative heels in and would not budge. One father met with Ray during the fall to discuss revising the new policy. With no agreeable consensus he left Ray’s office voicing his opposition to the “no walker policy” and said he would be at the next school board meeting. The meeting with Ray was held at 9:00 am on Sept 4th. At 4:00 pm the same day a Constable placed a “TRESPASS WARNING” in the father’s mailbox with no explanation as to why it was issued. Upon visiting the constable’s office asking for any and all documents pertaining to the warning, he was told there was nothing. Yes, that is right NO POLICE REPORT.

I would have to surmise that Ms. Ray, as Bear Branch’s new principal, did not want the father to address the first school board meeting of the year voicing complaints directed at her school policies.

Magnolia ISD has since come out claiming the warrant that was issued in the fall was due to the father attempting to be “verbally and physically” abusive to a staff member at Bear Branch Elementary though there is no police report backing up such claims. Fox 26 asked the district the following regarding the superintendents statement.

Fox 26It is their understanding? WHAT? Do they not have any facts? Now not only has this father, a school volunteer, been portrayed as possibly “verbally and physically abusive”, the district is now claiming his behavior has been an on going problem although there is no report of it. Hmmm, interesting?


The district also claimed there was no police report. Well after filing a Public Information Request the Montgomery County Attorney’s office released the police report that doesn’t exist. See below. I would like to mention that the superintendent, Todd Stephens claims in his press releases that a father has continually been a “verbal and physical” danger. Though the police report has zilch information pertaining to this or why a trespass warning was issued.  Interesting. Again Magnolia ISD where is the truth?


todd stephens

Superintendent, Todd Stephens was emailed by the parents asking once again to be allowed to walk their children home as well as having the “Trespass Warning” removed. His response below specifically states there will be no “bike rider or walkers” at Bear Branch. In regards to removing the “Criminal Trespass Warning”, the superintendent left that up to the Ms. Ray, the principal. WHAT? Let’s look at this objectively. We have a man that the district claims is, and has been, a “physical threat” to staff at Bear Branch Elementary prompting them to call Constable, David Hill’s office to invoke a criminal trespass warning. Now the school principal, Holly Ray is qualified to determine when this father is no longer a threat in order to remove the warning? You can’t make this stuff up.

We also have two moms that walked to the school and picked up their children at the close of the school day in March and returned home. Within the hour Ms. Ray calls for a constable from Constable David Hill’s office to serve them papers at their home, in front of their neighbors and children. The constable informs the moms that if they walk their children home again they could either be charged with a class B misdemeanor or arrested. SERIOUSLY?



Asked by Fox News Reporter, Andrea Watkins if the district will apologize for the excessive force and intimidation tactics. The district now claims these moms  have been a continued disruption to the dismissal procedures. More blame shifting and intimidation on behalf of Magnolia ISD district.


Districts statement to Fox 26 questions.


The following paper was distributed to parents at the beginning of the year.  The policy states “If you need to come inside the building after school, please remain in the car rider line until you have picked up your child and then park in a designated spot and check in at the front office.” I can see no other reason for that policy except to show the parents of Bear Branch Elementary that she is the boss and will control the parents and children and how they behave at “her” campus. Why else would you want someone to wait in the rider line, pick up their child, park, and then enter the building rather than park and enter the building where their child already was, do your business and return to you car and leave?


car rider policy


Texas State Rep Cecil Bell is now caught in the fray after posting Magnolia ISD’s response to Fox News on his Facebook Page. From all appearances it appears that Rep. Bell supports the Magnolia ISD School District over the parents in this situation and has yet to speak to them (his constitutents) regarding the matter.


Cecil bell truth



I will end by asking Magnolia ISD where is the truth?





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Magnolia ISD Recruits Another District Insider for School Board!

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Kelly McDonaldThe days of having a school board that represents voters is OVER. Believe me when I tell you that behind the scenes the powers at be work in recruiting and maintaining board members that will not rock the status quo. School Boards do not want to be transparent. They are “NOT” forthcoming with parents, taxpayers or the community of their agenda’s or the progressive curriculum they are implementing. School Districts on a whole at the top are just another corrupt government bureaucracy run amok , sadly.

Magnolia’s ISD’s 2016 School Board election is this May and it appears they have roped another establishment candidate to replace Steve Crews for Place #1, local realtor, Kelly McDonald.Kelly will be the 3rd realtor to sit on the board which I find interesting. Have school boards now become a smaller version of the liberal “chamber of commerce”? Is serving on the school board truly about education any longer or business?

Kelly is a huge proponent in implementing the United Nations Marxist Curriculum, International Baccalaureate in Magnolia schools giving no thought to how or will effect our children and country. Kelly took to the podium the past fall at one of Magnolia ISD’s school board meeting to promote the program.

Kelly also served on the Magnolia ISD’s bond planning committee and starred in the following video to get voters out to vote in favor of the bond.

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Magnolia ISD: Moms Address School Board on Walking Kids Home

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Unfortunately, across the United States we are witnessing the overreach of governmental authorities at various unconstitutional levels. One that hits a little closer to home is the utilization of government power to violate and intimidate parents and their “parental rights” when raising their own children as they see fit. This violation is happening by a greater scale on a daily basis with parents seeking legal council to fight this infringement.

Presently in the Texas school district of Magnolia ISD we are witnessing this government encroachment and intimidation with moms being threatened with arrest and class B misdemeanors. Their crime you may ask? Walking their children home from school. One would think this is a fabricated story but unfortunately it is not. Magnolia’s Bear Branch Elementary  new principal, Holly Ray implemented this new walker policy this school year prohibiting parents to walk their children home even if they live within walking distance.

Mom’s Heather Burke and Lindsey Simmons live within .2 miles of the school and after numerous  attempts to work with the school and their administration on their absurd “no walker” policy brought their complaints to the Magnolia ISD April school board meeting.

You can view the video of their complaints below.

Heather Burke



Lindsey Simmons



overruled  has released the following video, OVERRULED highlighting the government invasion of parental rights


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Magnolia ISD to Implement Buddhist Meditation?

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Magnolia ISD has been working quietly the last few years to implement the United Nations, International Baccalaureate Program (IB), paid for with our tax dollars. The IB program is promoted as a “prestigious & valued” program taken by students seeking college admittance and scholarships. Hidden is the history of it’s creation and mission of changing  American Society. IB is no friend to the Christian faith or America’s western values.

poison tree


Magnolia ISD is no longer an American School teaching American Exceptionalism, but a Global School with a Global Mission. You can read more about the history and mission of the IB program at the following post,  Magnolia ISD Implementing “Marxist” Curriculum.


child meditation

IB has a World Magazine which is published twice a year.  The current issue promotes the practice  of Buddhist Meditation called “mindfulness” by students and teachers.  You can view this article in full on pages 11-19 of the March issue.

I have pasted a few excerpts from the article below. Please take the time to read the above mentioned blog post and the IB article.


ib world



good thoughts



lay flat


power of breath


well being

If you are a Christian and value America and it’s freedom please make your voice heard and call the

Magnolia ISD Administration office and tell then we do not want this in our schools. Phone: (281) 356-3571.

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Magnolia ISD: 12 Student Withdrawals or 67+ Withdrawals? You be the Judge.

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Magnolia ISD has hit the news media by storm this week over a new policy restricting parents from deciding on how best to pick up their children from school. Parents who have walked to the school to pick up their kids have been served papers by the Montgomery County Precinct 5 , David Hill’s Constable’s office for doing so and informed if they did it again they would be arrested. Yes, I would say this was by far an overreach of governmental power and intimidation.

Parents have set up meetings and personally met with Magnolia ISD’s Superintendent, Todd Stephens, Bear Branch Elementary Principal, Holly Ray and spoke at a school board meeting regarding the new restrictive policy with no satisfactory resolution.


todd stephens

It was not until news of this story hit the media that Superintendent, Todd Stephens publicly addressed with the following statement to parents. \Superintendent’s Letter to Bear Branch Parents


I find some of Mr. Stephens statements questionable. One being the count of how many students that have withdrawn from Bear Branch Elementary this 2015-2016 school year.

todd stephens students

One parent filed a Public Information Request with the district in October requesting a head count of students that have withdrawn from MISD elementary schools.


amy young. PIR

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Moms Arrested if they Walk Kids Home from School

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hand cuffs

The Education Gestapo is at it again. The days of walking to the school or riding your bike are now over at least in Magnolia ISD. Principal, Holly Ray of Bear Branch Elementary had the bike rack removed prior to the beginning of the school year to stop children from riding their bike to and from school. Parents are not allowed to walk from their homes to pick up their children either. I find this ridiculous and hypocritical to the core. Our education system is busy brainwashing our children with the Global Warming agenda in limiting carbon emissions but then they turn around and demand you drive your car and sit in a long car line and emit carbon into the atmosphere (Disclaimer: I think Global Warming/Climate Change is a HOAX).


holly ray

Holly Ray


Parents in the Lake Windcrest subdivision which backs up to the school property have been issued warnings and restraining orders for walking and retrieving their children at the end of a school day. I would like to note these parents volunteer at the school on a regular basis. What are their options? They have to get in their gas guzzling cars and sit in the long car line or their children have to ride the bus even if their home backs right up to the school. As you can see in the diagram below the houses in Lake Windcrest are in great walking distance which I am sure was a positive when purchasing their home.



bear branch houses





I am not an attorney but this law might need to be looked at by the Magnolia ISD administration.

Federal Law Now Says Kids Can Walk to School Alone

Parent, Frank Young was issued a Trespass Warning to not step foot on any MISD campus in the Fall of 2015 without prior warning when he disagreed with Principal, Holly’s Ray’s policy. Frank later confronted the school board and has since removed his children from the district.



I would like to mention that the 3 following Magnolia ISD Board Members live in the Lake Windcrest Subdivision. Do you think they have stood up and helped the parents (the voters who put them in office)? Not in the least. Like I have always said school board members do not represent those that elect them. They become rubber stampers for the ISD administration.

travis moffattkristi MHGary Blizzard

UPDATE: Parents upset over policy banning walking kids to school

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Texas Magnolia ISD teaching Islam is Tolerant of other Faiths?

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12072606_10153638424131779_2859395518654333288_nWhile the powers at be have purged our American education system of prayer and biblical teaching there is  movement to indoctrinate our children with a positive view of Islam.  The following is an excerpt from a study guide given to students at Magnolia ISD from their History teacher.

Does this teacher not listen to the news and the thousands of Christians that are being slaughtered for their Christian faith?

And we wonder what is wrong with this country.


magnolia teacher Islam


Learn the true intent of Islam.


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Magnolia High School Teacher Promotes Globalism & Population Control

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Katherine Cantu


Magnolia High School Teacher, Katherine Cantu definitely has a biased objective when it comes to educating your children. Cantu is Magnolia High School’s AP Human Geography teacher. Cantu serves on the board of directors for Houston Area Model United Nations.

Cantu is also a teacher trainer for Population Connection purporting the idea that the earth is overpopulated. Their mission statement is below.




You can look no further than her “class” twitter account to see her political ideals.


This link is Mrs. Cantu’s Welcome page for those interested in the Model United Nations program.


The following video was shared by Cantu on her social media twitter account for her class.












Time Cantu


Of course Ms. Cantu is on board with Magnolia ISD implementing the United Nations, International Baccalaureate Program in the district. The International Baccalaureate Program is a Marxist program based on the collective. It is a non-governmental entity of UNESCO promoting a “New Humanism.







Links on Ms. Cantu’s page.







Ginger Russell's photo.



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Texas School Board Member….Treats Constituent Like A Dog!

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I have been saying for years that school board members do not represent their constituents, that they have morphed into being “rubber stampers” for ISD administrations. School Boards now are a “team of 8”, a superintendent and 7 elected board members (or in Magnolia’s case appointed) geared towards “Group Think”. You will rarely find a school board where there will be a dissenting vote on any matter. The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is to blame for brainwashing our school boards through their conference training. They frown upon a board member that actually can think for themselves and have labeled them as “trouble makers”. As matter of fact during the 2014 TASB/TASA conference there was a break-out session titled: “Dealing with Mavericks, Malcontents and Mutineers” led my TASB consultant, David Koempel. School board members are unapproachable, they will not return phone calls if they have knowledge you are not on board with the ISD’s agenda. This attitude is represented in Magnolia ISD school board member Ms. Kristi Baker’s retweet on twitter.

kristi tweet

On the heels of exposing Cscope (more on Cscope)  and the corruption within the Texas Education system in 2013, I then decided to run for school board in hopes of making a difference. I could see our country was at stake. So I applied to run for position 4 of the Magnolia ISD board, my opponent was incumbent Kristi Baker. Ms. Baker was appointed to the Magnolia ISD School Board, August 2013 a position vacated by member Brent O’Neil.

I did not know and never met Ms. Baker so I had no personal vendetta.  My running had to do with the education system as a whole “state wide” knowing how the federal and state mandates were changing our public schools and not for the better. I truly wanted to make a difference.  I even reached out to Ms. Baker after announcing my candidacy in hopes of telling her why I was running and my knowledge of the Texas Education system. She never responded and it became apparent Ms. Baker took it personally.

If there were to be an ugly, hateful, spiteful race this race could win hands down with the help of the Magnolia ISD administration. Magnolia ISD superintendent, Todd Stephens visited his campuses and told the administrations they needed to get their teachers out to vote. Substitutes and parent subs were sought so teachers could vote during the school day. Students and teachers were utilized and on behalf of the Magnolia ISD High School principal, Jeff Springer and a bullying campaign was raged against me also  during class time throughout the whole school day. I can only assume no school work needed to be done.

Over a year has passed since the election and I am regularly contacted by disgruntled parents and teaches around the state that are seeing the changes I have been alerting them to. Last spring a church member informed me that Magnolia ISD was working on implementing the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). For those that will do their research you will find that the IB program is affiliated with the United Nations Marxist ideology (collectivism) and the handing over the education of our students to a foreign entity, Switzerland. Magnolia ISD has already spent over 50K on implementing the program with plans of spending that or more this year though the program will not be in effect until the fall of 2016. I have been speaking out about this waste of taxpayers funds at school board meetings and alerting the uninformed public. As expected no school board member or the administration will have an intelligent conversation regarding the program, at least not with me. What would I know?

This leads me back to Ms. Baker who has not been active in politics until the school board race and is now knee deep in it. LOL  She recently joined the board of directors of the “NEW” Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Group and seems to regularly show up at meetings that I have regularly attended.  I am glad that our race prompted her to become more involved in the political process. As a matter of fact I saw Ms. Baker at a Rep. Kevin Brady town hall meeting last night. Since these board members are unapproachable I found an opportune time to approach her and asked, “Kristi, where are you on this UN International Baccalaureate Program?” She looked at me and said, “Run Along Ginger.” as if I were some dog. I was not phased I knew she would be rude so I asked her again. She fumbled around for the words to say and responded with, “Good Night Ginger.”  I gladly left. As expected Ms. Baker was dismissive of my question. Why? Isn’t she is a “conservative” republican? Now that Ms. Baker is on the board of the Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Group one could only assume she would not want the United Nations Program in our local  school district indoctrinating our children.  Or does she? As Kristi would parrot “Let’s do it for the babies.”

Why you should be concerned about International Baccalaureate

More on our school board race.




Kristi Baker



Kristi Baker









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Texas Schools on Marxist Path!

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texas flag

Our government run public schools are working fast at indoctrinating America’s school children.  You can call it Out based education, Project-based learning, Common Core, Cscope (Texas) or the United Nations International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, it is all based on Marxism.  Parents,grandparents and taxpayers need to start paying attention!

International Baccalaureate  is another arm of U.N. Agenda 21 indoctrination of our children into “global citizenship, social justice, intercultural understanding and respect,” submission to one-world socialist government, using American taxpayer dollars.  IB programs are devoted to the “radical transformation” of America’s classrooms and unfortunately most parents have no idea what it is.

These children are our future!





Texas states that Common Core is illegal in Texas but it is all smoke and mirrors. Believe me the philosophy behind Common Core (collectivism/Marxism) is in every public school in Texas, they change the name to protect the guilty.  Schools districts are masters at deception.

Activists need to rally the troops in Texas and let’s get this International Baccalaureate Program out of our state. IB maintains UN status as a non-governmental organization. You can find a wealth of information on IB at


If you would like to know if your school district is part of this indoctrination check HERE. 

NOTE: Some districts are in different stages of the application process and may not listed like

Magnolia ISD. Please check with your district.


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Texas: Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship with Male Student

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teacher arrested


On August 13, 2013 I posted an article titled Technology: Danger for Texas Students. The article highlighted a teacher, Brenda Pawelek and her social media behavior using vulgarity and tweeting students in her class.Which all public schools are promoting today unfortunately.



News agency reported this week, July 22 that Ms. Brenda Pawelek has been arrested for alleged improper relationship with a male middle school student. NEWS ARTICLE HERE.


I personally have experienced the bullying of teachers and students during the school day while running for the Magnolia ISD school board. As of today there is no record of these teachers being reprimanded. It appears that Magnolia ISD has no bullying policies if it is directed at someone off campus.

Magnolia ISD Exploits Students








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Hurst Euless Bedford and other Texas ISD’s implementing Marxist indoctrination.

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Texas has lost its way when it comes to educating our children properly thanks to our Texas legislators. Unfortunately, for students and our country Texas school districts have been implementing the Marxist teaching philosophies  with the use of  Cscope, Common Core (though illegal in Texas the Math Teks prove otherwise) and the International Baccalaureate Program. The names may change but the philosophies remain the same, MARXIST. For the purpose of this article we will focus on the  International Baccalaureate Program which Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD has implemented with a hefty price for taxpayers .

The United Nations, International Baccalaureate is listed as a non-governmental organization with consultative status under United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The International Baccalaureate program is the brainchild of Fabian Socialist, Marie Maurette. Ms. Maurette, did not want students receiving an education in History until after the age of 12 in hopes of creating global citizenship and international-mindedness. “We are all ONE”, Good Bye America!

unesco 1

UNESCO’s mission is  promoting a one world government while promoting HUMANISM (no God).


The International Baccalaureate Program is promoted as a high achieving program for  students to accumulate college credit.  What is not told is the program is “inclusive” open to all students high achieving or not. Not all students who participate in the program will be able to get an IB diploma. IB examines are graded under international law and if there is to be any arbitration in regard to a students exam and diploma it is held under Swiss law. Why are we handing our education over to those with no allegiance to America?

The IB program is very expensive. There is an annual per school fee to be part of the program. HEB ISD paid an annual fee for the two high schools @ $10,820 per school. The fee will go to $11,090 for the 2015/2016 school year. The district also paid over 200,000 just for registration and exams for the 2013/2014 school year. There are other fees and expenses that go along with the program, material, teacher development (they have to teach the IB way), district IB Coordinators, etc.

The high school Diploma program consist of a mandatory course called “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK).  TOK has NO academic value. This course uses  Hegel dialectic manipulation  leading students to question any and everything their parents have taught them as “truth” even their faith in God. Below you will see a couple of activities in an older version of the  “Theory of Knowledge” IB text book.


god force



Why a school district thinks it is their duty to place students in this environment where everything their parents have taught them is questioned is beyond me. Could the intent be to indoctrinate and wash away any allegiance one may have to God and America?

You bet it is!


To learn more about the International Baccalaureate and why you should be concerned.

To see if your Texas district is an authorized IB World School District check here.




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Is the International Baccalaureate Program Academically Challenging?

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ib image

How is the IB different from AP? Is one better than the other?

While neither program is better than the other, they each have different aims.

Know that neither programs can be open to all students and have advanced curriculum–Prior to inclusion of all students, only students with the ability to be successful were allowed to enroll in AP classes. If a student was not able to maintain a passing grade they were advised to join regular classes.

1.The IB is a comprehensive curriculum that requires students to demonstrate knowledge and skills through both in-class and outside assessments in six academic areas.

  1. Schools that offer IB must be prepared to offer the total program upon initial implementation.
  1. IB is expensive
  1. Students whose main goal is preparation for either a career with an international perspective or college in another country may prefer IB because of its recognition at overseas universities.This is not being revealed to all. Do parents know this?
  1. IB is a two-year program and not transferable from one school to another.

6. Also, IB diploma students who plan to attend selective colleges (?) may receive preferential admissions consideration and/or                           college credit for satisfactory IB exam scores. But not all colleges do this.


  1. AP, on the other hand, permits campuses to pick and choose from over 30 offerings.
  2. AP’s expense is only exams.
  1. Students whose main goal is college credit will probably choose AP because Texas colleges offer credit on a more widespread basis for satisfactory AP test scores than for IB scores.


I keep hearing that IB is for those students that high achievers, ones that excel academically but as stated on Magnolia ISD’s website the program is open to ALL STUDENTS. How can a program be open to all students  be academically challenging. It can’t? It is not important th

The program is based on Humanism (NO GOD). IB promotes interdisciplinary learning with the intent of indoctrinating students with “international-mindedness”.


George Walker, the Director General at IBO, “International education offers people a state of mind: international-mindedness. You’ve got to change people’s thinking.”  Hence, “students develop an awareness of moral and ethical issues and a sense of social responsibility . . . fostered by examining local and global issues.”

In achieving international mindedness, International Baccalaureate has endorsed the United Nations Earth Charter, the Green Agenda …a global code of conduct based on earth centered spirituality (Gaia) and globalist values.

IB students

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To Magnolia ISD School Board

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I had the opportunity to address the Magnolia ISD school board in relation to their implementation of the Marxist International Baccalaureate Program and my concerns. Below is my speech. I was not able to finish it due to a 5 min time limitation.

In 2012 my mother and I discovered the Cscope curriculum that the Education Service Centers had created and then leased to Texas School Districts. I may not be a public educator but as an American I knew something was wrong when I realized the material portrayed the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act, asked students to draw a new communist flag, taught that Allah was the Almighty and portrayed communism as something to be achieved. My concerns were increased when teachers admitted to having to sign a non-disclosure statement stating they would not release the contents or say anything negative the about the Cscope material. Students had no textbooks and parents were forbidden from viewing the material. I contacted school administrators in numerous Cscope school districts regarding the content. Unexpectedly, administrators took to marginalizing my concerns, calling me names, from conspiracy theorist to a liar and then some. Their reactions strengthened my resolve and caused me to dig deeper into what was happening behind the scenes. Thankfully my concerns started getting statewide attention with the help of TV personality Glenn Beck, local radio hosts and the national media. At the beginning of the 83rd Texas State Legislature I met with Lt. Gov Dewhurst and as a result of our meeting, he called for a Texas Senate Hearing on Cscope which eventually led to a House hearing and bills being passed reigning in this rouge program and the ESC’s. A state audit of the program was then requested and performed, and as of today there is still 6.1 Million unaccounted for from the Cscope debacle. In light of this it is surprising that Texas Schools continue to fund the ESC’s. Texas has over 1000 school districts and it took me some time to realize the reason that 900 plus school districts would be so deceptive in their implementation of such a program. It was the ideology behind it. A Marxist one based on Social Constructivism. I then realized our education industry had becomes masters at deception when it comes to implementing programs that will attract public criticism. Terms have been redefined: “Rigor,” once associated with knowledge, has come to mean the ability to grapple with something that doesn’t have a defined answer. “Critical thinking” now means the ability to be critical (usually of traditional ideas and values), instead of the ability to analyze. Students are taught to question everything, even what they have learned from their parents which may include personal values, and Absolute Values are no longer taught. This brings me to my concern about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program that Magnolia ISD is planning on implementing. Just like Cscope when criticism begins on a prescribed program, studies are then showcased in hopes of proving what a wonderful program the IB is. You have placed on the Magnolia West website a study by IB- Graduate, that sings IB’s praises which is based in London.
Will Archer is the CEO of that company and he travels the world promoting International education and the data mining of students. Magnolia ISD has also placed a Myth and Facts document about IB that really twists the facts around only to mislead the reader. IB was initially funded by the UNESCO and as per this UNESCO document IB is a NGO arm of UNESCO.
The IB Organization explains that IB and Common Core Standards share the values and beliefs of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights with emphasis on Article 26. These are values America does not support, such as surrendering the United States Constitution, national sovereignty, complete disarmament and individual rights where students then become members of the “world community. The district states anyone can enroll in the IB program which only proves it has nothing to do with high academic achievement. One required course for the IB program in the Theory of Knowledge class. This course has no academic value. Students are to learn what “Knowledge” is and are required to do an oral presentation and essay based on a “knowledge issue”. In this IB document some knowledge issue example questions are given for students to choose from. EXAMPLES…Is it reasonable to believe in God? What kind of knowledge is Math? Is religion necessary to have a good moral center? Should gay marriage be allowed? Is homosexuality a choice? Are there real differences in the sexes?
Magnolia ISD has not sought community input or board approval in purchasing and implementing the IB program. A feasibility study is required and as far as I know there has not been one. The district has not performed a cost analysis as to what the program will cost the district? You have spent 4,000.00 per high school to apply for the program and 9500.00 per school for annual candidacy fee. This fee for Sept 2015 will increase to 11,090 per school. Does the district know what it will be in 2016? This does not even touch what it cost to train the teachers and the other fees associated with the program. Why would our school board approve funding a program when you have no idea what this is going to cost the district? I am asking Magnolia ISD school board to do due diligence in investigating this program and its agenda. My question to you is what are you going to say to your children when they realize you could of stopped a program that is detrimental to not only our students but our country as a whole. The program is not needed and should be stopped. Thank you.


daniel webster 1


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united nations


Across the globe we have a Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage, Coptic Christians beheaded on an ocean shore and here America public schools are implementing programs intent on making students global citizens. Go figure? Unfortunately, teaching the US Founding principles which made America the greatest country in the world is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The United Nations has an educational program called International Baccalaureate (IB) which is the brainchild of Fabian Socialist, Marie Maurette. Magnolia ISD plans on implementing in the fall of the 2016/2017 school year. I can’t help but wonder does the administration know what they are purchasing. The IB program has a set of driven ethics and morals set on brainwashing students with certain ideologies.

The IB program is bent on creating the following in our children.
+ Collectivist mindset
+Global Citizens 1st, with a concern for social and environmental justice
+Openness to change
+Agents for social change

Magnolia ISD promotes the program as a great diploma program and has not disclosed to parents and taxpayers that this is a United Nations program.
You can find out more information about the IB program here.

You can check this link and see if your Texas school has implemented the IB program


Magnolia has spent almost $40,000 on applying and paying candidacy fees without a guarantee of being accepted into the program.


Magnolia ISD will not inform parents and the community that the International Baccalaureate Program is affiliated with the United Nations and there Marxist agenda. The truth is that is a non-governmental arm of UNESCO.





ibo creed

Additional info on International Baccalaureate…..

International Baccalaureate-World School and UN Agenda 21









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The threat of Islamic terrorism  is unfortunately a daily news item. You also hear that Islam is the religion of Peace. While people are murdered on a daily basis under this so called peaceful religion I beg to differ and plead for others to wake up. The Quran contains 109 verses calling for Muslims to war against the unbeliever.

It is no secret that the creation of an Islamic Caliphate is the ultimate goal of those that follow the political ideology of Islam. Dallas, Texas is home to  an Islamic Tribunal that operates under the oppressive ideology of sharia law.

Yesterday, January 29th,  Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is known to be a terrorist organization held TEXAS MUSLIM CAPITAL DAY in Austin.

While Texas is being inundated with the threat of the Islamic ideology Texas Public schools are educating students with a positive view of Islam. The truth that people are murdered daily, women are oppressed is not being taught.


Magnolia  ISD teacher Janice Robinson had removed the her Islamic power point but not until I was able the copy the following the slides from it.



Happy Muhammad



Decatur ISD  has the following powerpoint teaching Muslims believe in the Judeo Christian God, Allah.
















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Magnolia ISD: “Common Core: Studying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — in Name Only”

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by Donna Garner




Someone has shared with me this teaching unit on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that is posted on a Texas school district’s website. 


This teaching unit on the MISD website illustrates the Common Core “cold” reading method:  


This is a typical Type #2 Common Core technique; and English teachers all across America are being pressured to utilize this method (pedagogy) with their students.  


“Cold” reading means reading historical text with little-to-no prior background knowledge.  Students are not taught deep content knowledge by the teacher with a fact-based emphasis but are put in groups where they discuss among themselves what they think, what are their opinions, and how they feel about the selection. The students are expected to react and respond to text without having the background knowledge upon which to base their statements.  (This is the same as telling students to “fix the tire” without giving them the tire tools needed to do the job.)


Oftentimes, the Common Core also emphasizes excerpts, snippets, or paraphrased versions instead of having students read the originaltext.


Now let’s look at this teaching unit as posted on the MISD website.  First, please notice that the students do not actually read Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s entire nor original “I Have a Dream” speech – only a paraphrased “excerpt.”


Here is Dr. Martin Luther King’s ORIGINAL speech:


Here is the excerpt as shown on the MISD website:


Right off it is obvious that the excerpt version to which the MISD students will be exposed does not convey the magnificent pace, rhythmic repetition, cadence, and deeply held emotions that Dr. King’s original speech conveyed.  


The “stripped down” version that is on the MISD website does a real disservice to the students by reducing King’s speech to a mere shadow of his original text.


A true study of Dr. King’s speech should have started with an in-depth investigation of the mores, values, and historical events of the time. 


Dr. King gave this speech on August 28, 1963, and called for an end to racism in the U. S.  He  stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington in which 250,000 civil rights supporters were present.  When Mahalia Jackson yelled from the crowd, “Tell them about the  dream, Martin,” Dr. King left his prepared speech and in his impassioned style, reiterated his dream of liberation and equality in America for all. 


It was Dr. King’s speech which shaped modern America and led him to be named the Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1963 and to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.


Instead of studying the rich background behind Dr. King’s speech and listening to the actual recording of the entire speech, the MISD students are to be taught with the Common Core “cold reading” method in which they do not even read the entire, original speech; and the SOAPSTone Chart gives students only two lines upon which to write their “surface” responses.  


This “fill in the blank” assignment will not elicit the depth of understanding that students should gain from studying Dr. King and his famous speech.  Instead, students will come away with no real appreciation of the stature of this courageous man and of the part he played in the civil rights movement.


Students are not taught how this speech impacted the contemporary writers of Dr. King’s day, how the speech was perceived by other Americans, nor how the speech is still influencing society today after some 51 years.  


MISD students are not even expected to learn more about Dr. King’s life nor about his tragic death by assassination – nothing about Dr. King as a man, his childhood experiences, his family, his education, his lifetime struggles.  


Cold reading is indeed pedagogy, and it is highly illegal for the federal government (U. S. Department of Education under Arne Duncan) to force pedagogy upon states and locals.


As an ex-English teacher of more than 33 years, my heart aches when I think about how this “cold reading” assignment will kill students’ love of reading, exploring, soaking in great literature, and learning about the historical impact that expert writers can have.  


The end result is that students will come out of this shallow unit without experiencing the beauty of Dr. King’s rhetoric nor the literary and historical aspects that surround him and the civil rights movement.   


Of course, now MISD can rightly say, “Yes, our  students have studied Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”  However, the real truth is “No, they have not.”  Students have studied Dr. King in name only.  What MISD has really done is to check off a few boxes on their Common Core curriculum guides, but their students have not actually studied Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. nor the noble “dream” he had for America.  

american dream

Link to the following DOC with questionable  group questioning.

Exploring 2


 9.4.14 – “Texas Parents Stunned by Common Core Materials Coming Home from School”

by Merrill Hope – Breitbart Texas


6.18.14 – “Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott: No Common Core in Texas” – by Merrill Hope – by Merrill Hope – Breitbart Texas



5.28.14 – “Is There Common Core in Texas? Donna Garner Counters Cathy Moak’s Comments” —





Donna Garner


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Charlie Riley Signs off on Common Core

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Charlie Riley





Charlie Riley, candidate for Montgomery County Commissioner signed off on the progressive philosophy of education, Common Core while serving on the Magnolia ISD School Board. Though Common Core has not been officially adopted by the Texas Legislature, Common Core and it’s philosophy have made its way into school districts across the stae have seen this and fought it in the last legislature with Cscope.

Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) which is funded with taxpayer dollars through your local school districts have adopted the same common core philosophy under the name “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas“. Magnolia ISD’s School Board on April 9,2012 School Board meeting signed onto TASA’S NEW VISION.

Why would Charlie Riley, Cecil Bell, Deborah Rose Miller, Chuck Adcox, Billy Thompson, Steve Crews sign off on to the Common Core progressive philosophy?


In 2013 Superintendents and Administrators across the state made a trip to California to hear Progressive Educator Linda Darling Hammond speak on Common Core.


Common Core sign off.




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