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Our country’s political landscape has been transforming before out very eyes and you can thank our public education system for the vast majority of it. The progressive ideology running rampant through our our government and education system will more than likely solidify the destruction of the United State’s freedom. Texas’s own Hudson’s superintendent Mary Ann Whitaker is a proponent of transforming our Texas Education System into a progressive one.

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Mary Ann Whitaker thought one students article on “Presidential Candidates Positions on Syrian Refugees” was so news worthy they have posted in on the school’s website. You can read it for yourself below. All I can add is “LORD HELP US”.


Presidential candidates positions on Syrian refugees

By: (I have removed students name)


Time’s 2015 Person of the Year award was given to Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. Merkel has many accomplishments qualifying her for the title, including her handling of European economic crises and her response to the terror activities occurring too frequently in the region. By far, her most outstanding act has been Germany’s acceptance of nearly one million – 964, 574 to be exact – refugees from Syria and other unstable regions of the Middle East. Merkel’s ability to see migrants as who they actually are – innocent families fleeing religious and social persecution – rather than who the Islamic State wishes for them to be – terrorists – not only makes her an outstanding leader on a global scale but a champion of tolerance and humility second to none.

There are skewed responses to the refugee crisis around the world, the United States being the center for such confusion. With ten popular Republican presidential contenders and three popular Democrats all professing different opinions and solutions, it’s no wonder Americans have a difficult time taking a stance on the issue. Even more upsetting is the fact that the responses of most Republicans are discriminatory based on race, religion, or gender and the actions suggested by Democrats are not nearly enough.

Donald Trump, America’s favorite presidential contender and human being in general, is the epitome of bigotry and ignorance. Trump has announced, and defended, his stance on the ban of Muslim migration to the United States. Two comments. First, this idea senseless as a vast majority of Muslims condemn Islamic extremism, those fleeing IS especially exhibiting disapproval of radicalization. The people running from the terrorists are not the terrorists! Second, this action would be unconstitutional as it violates the First Amendment. Americans have the right to “freedom of religion,” and prohibiting people of a particular religion from entering and practicing their beliefs in this country grossly defies this basic liberty.

Freedom of religion can also be defined as freedom from religion. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have both proposed an idea in which only Christians from Syria and the Middle East would be allowed to enter the United States. The first flaw with this reasoning is the belief that Christians will be less violent than Muslims. As mentioned earlier, the Muslims in the region are not terrorists and will not behave in a way more threatening than the Christians of the region. The second flaw is that there is no guarantee those migrating are actually Christians. How does one prove he’s a Christian? A relationship with God is on a personal level and as a result there is no possible way for screening agencies to determine who is and is not Christian. In addition, it is ridiculous, inhumane, and even unChristian to value a particular group over another and leave the less valuable one helpless and ready to die. Let me point out the most obvious issue at hand: this would be unconstitutional. It is ironic that these “Republicans,” who supposedly value strict adherence to the constitution which is evident through their call to abolish Obamacare and defend the rights of gun owners, would so easily damn the very document and its influence to protect those following America’s religion – Christianity.

Marco Rubio has suggested to only allow women, children, and the elderly to enter the United States. This is offensive on so many levels. First is the fact that the sentence reads women then children as if the two are equally incapable of taking care of themselves. These dependents most definitely need a brave, religious man like Mr. Rubio to step in and save them from the Muslims. Rubio’s statement is a gross display of benevolent sexism. Mr. Rubio is willing give women “special” (by that I mean unequal) treatment if women embrace their subordination. The tragic reality is that so many women would accept this offer, at the expense of their husbands, sons, and dignity, to continue their lives. It’s this rhetoric that holds back females and forces them to embrace their current social standings rather than strive for equality.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump both advocate increased surveillance. Islamophobic Trump has called for separate databases for Muslims. Ben Carson says, “In the larger capacity, we should monitor anything – mosques, church, school, you know, shopping centers – where there is a lot of radicalization going on.” There is a commonality between the two stances: both call for increased surveillance of American Muslims, who do not support terrorism in the slightest. The few that may have in the past likely did so only because an FBI informant illegally tricked them into committing a crime. Pursuing American Muslims increases distrust in the government and alienates an essential ally in stopping terrorism.

All of these stances are hypocritical. The true Republican party, the one I would identify with if it existed, believes that a limited government is necessary for the maintenance of individual liberties. This party would condemn a national endorsement or ban of a particular religion as this is unconstitutional, would never pass legislation which subordinates women and potentially limits their rights, and would be an adamant advocate of decreased government surveillance. Unfortunately, none of the candidates above share these values. Maybe the Democrats have a better stance…

Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders have all called for the acceptance of 65,000 refugees. This may be the figure suggested by the U.N. but it is not nearly enough. There are an estimated 4 million people displaced by the chaos in Syria. Democrats suggest we take 65,000 while Germany is accepting 964, 574. This acceptance rate is extremely disproportionate and unfair to Germany and other European countries attempting to support the refugees. John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, has suggested that the U.S. should take a minimum of 100,000 refugees, and this figure is likely a better starting point. At least these candidates don’t exhibit intolerant or even hostile, in Trump’s case, sentiment toward the refugees.

The Islamic State wins when America does not have an adequate response. Innocent Syrian and Iraqi families continue to be slaughtered, Muslims around the globe begin to despise American leaders for their lack of response as Islam adherents face these atrocities, and Islamophobic sentiment grows in America, alienating a crucial ally and cultural benefactor. It is important for the public to know and understand the values of presidential candidates, as their beliefs impact legislation and action in the future. An improper character perception could be the difference between the tragic outcome listed above and the endurance of American ideals.

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Reknown Science Author Janice VanCleave on Texas Education

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Well known Science Author is a former Texas teacher turned science author of 50+ experiment books. Janice VanCleave discovered the controversial Texas curriculum CSCOPE while tutoring children in her local community.

VanCleave was the a guest on Alice Linahan’s Women on the Wall program this morning. She exposes the corruption taking place in Texas School districts today that is costing tax payers thousands to millions of dollars as with the consulting firm “Lead Your School” .  She also exposes the fact that teachers are being manipulated and controlled by administrators.



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The Days of Trusting Your School Administrators is OVER!!!

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Tax payers across the state are mostly unaware that thousands of dollars are being paid to two liberal organizations, Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) with their school taxes. TASA and TASB or just two organizations that promote a liberal ideology through the Texas Education System. Your school district uses your tax money to fund and pay their administrators and the school board membership fees (they decide who and how many) will be members. WHY?  TASA and TASB hold conferences on a yearly basis and your tax money again is used to pay all attendee’s expenses (tickets, hotel, food) for the conference. The more entrenched superintendents or school boards are within TASA & TASB, should raise a red flag to parents and tax payers. TASA and TASB’s main offices  are two blocks away from the TEXAS Capitol making is convenient for their staff to lobby legislatures for  policies that benefit them. As they did with SB 6 from the 2011 legislative session that gave school districts their “instructional allotment” funds to use on any curriculum they choose without oversight.

The owners of CSCOPE is the non profit group, TEXAS EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER CURRICULUM COLLABORATIVE (TESCCC), which are made of the directors of the 20 Texas Education Service Centers.  TESCCC have operated under secrecy for the last 7 years. How you may ask? 1) They had teachers sign a non disclosure statement under duress without attorney approval, stating that they would not release the contents of CSCOPE or say anything negative about it. 2) No text books (in many schools). 3) No Homework.

Despite the fact that CSCOPE controls the teachers with the administration’s  intimidating walk throughs of classrooms and the taking of photos, and the fact controversial material is being taught to students you still have administrators showing their liberal side in promoting CSCOPE’s continued use.

We have seen lessons, asking students to draw new communist flags, The Boston Tea party being a terrorist act, Paul Revere was hiding drugs in his house, web links that led students to learn about the sex lives of Islamic women, lessons asking the teacher to hand out verses of the Quran to students, students were tested on Sharia Law, etc, etc, etc….. The following superintendents are still out promoting this progressive indoctrination, stating it is just a couple of lesson excerpts that have caused the controversy. Quite the Contrary! Where is all the money located from the sale of CSCOPE?  Why is it still hidden from the public. Why are parents pulling their children out of school to home school them or place them in private schools? Why are teachers quitting (especially our veteran teachers)?



The article below was written by three Texas Superintendents in support of CSCOPE. I would like to highlight the three authors. First in Superintendent of Hudson ISD, Mary Ann Whitaker .  She has deep ties to TASA.

The next is  Superintendent of Carthage ISD, Glenn J. Hambrick who is also is a regional representative for TASA and serves on the Executive Committee.  

J. Glenn Hambrick


3rd we have Assistant Superintendent of Carthage ISD, Donna Porter who serves TASA by being being a member of their Central Office Advisory Committee. 



Posted: Friday, April 19, 2013 5:46 pm | Updated: 6:02 pm, Fri Apr 19, 2013.

 It is sometimes mindboggling how some controversies begin. Certainly, the wildfire that has swept across Texas concerning the CSCOPE curriculum has our heads spinning. Misinformation has spread rampantly and the truth backed by factual information has been difficult to get out in front of the folks that are taking small excerpts and lessons out of context. In some cases, the CSCOPE curriculum has been attacked with reckless, unsubstantiated accusations.

The shame is that CSCOPE should be a success story of how 870 public school districts, average enrollment of 2000 students, working together with the twenty Education Service Centers (ESCs) created a 21st century curriculum based on the state mandated Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Prior to selecting this curriculum for CISD, an extensive investigation was conducted to assure that it was a good fit for our district.


CSCOPE curriculum/lesson plans were created by master “Texas” teachers, not a textbook company, not a testing company, and not a private, for-profit vendor. Multiple resources, including digital resources, were integrated into the curriculum, with suggested lessons that proved to be extremely beneficial to less experienced teachers. The framework allowed districts and staff to integrate localized lessons within the scope and sequence of the system. Approximately 50% of the charter schools (i.e. KIPP Academy, UT Charter School, Bannockburn Christian Academy and the Texas School for the Deaf) also use CSCOPE. Private schools, such as Catholic Diocese of Austin, Wichita Christian, Hyde Park Baptist and Cornerstone Christian Academy use CSCOPE.

What is my point? CSCOPE and our ESCs have been accused of promoting non-Christian and unpatriotic values based on a couple of lessons that were taken out of context, the targeted lessons were based on state standards created and approved by the State Board of Education. Due to several districts refusing to purchase another “new” curriculum, the creators of this “new curriculum” began a mass media blitz misrepresenting two lessons that addressed the state required curriculum standards.

Districts are mandated to teach the major religions of the worlds and the beliefs of those religions. Districts are mandated to teach heroism and terrorism. CSCOPE curriculum units have designed lessons that explore these standards, allowing students to investigate, compare/contrast, and analyze perspectives based on cultural influences. Example, the Boston Tea Party was perceived as an act of heroism from an American’s point of view; however, patriots of England considered this an act of terrorism. Islam, one of the major religions of the world, believes their God is the only God. These are the two excerpts taken out of context of the instructional units that have resulted in mass social media messages from those wanting to sell “their curriculum”, accusing the writers of CSCOPE and the ESCs of treason and promoting the Islam religion! Recently, a superintendent received threatening emails because the district was using CSCOPE.

Carthage ISD was not one of the first districts to embrace the curriculum; however, the revised state standards and new state assessment system demanded a new curriculum. CSCOPE offers a well-designed curriculum framework that is vertically aligned to the state standards (NOT the Federal Core Standards as inaccurately reported), the state assessment system and 21st century life-long learning goals.

CSCOPE insures the appropriate skills are taught in specific grades using multiple resources. The instructional focus is college and career readiness at all levels. School districts have the flexibility of using the curriculum as a sole source or as an alignment framework – CSCOPE lessons/units optional. Skills such as spelling, cursive handwriting, and math facts are found aligned in CSCOPE. Teachers have the flexibility to adjust the amount of time spent practicing these skills.

CSCOPE is a learning curve for classroom instruction. It is not driven by one textbook or worksheets. It embraces multiple resources, integration of technology and higher order thinking skills.

Similar to purchased curriculum there are mistakes within the lessons, those are reported and corrected. An internal system exists where teachers are asked for input on any element of CSCOPE. It is a proprietary curriculum and shares the same protection as other vendors’ products one must purchase to access the content. Districts sign affidavits, comparable to those required by the state for STAAR testing, to protect the integrity of the system, not unlike copyright laws. The cost is based on the enrollment of the district.

Parents can view the content of a lesson at a parent meeting; however, giving parents free access to the lesson plans and tests would destroy the validity of the assessments and negatively impact the intent of the instructional lessons.

The attack against the supporters and users of CSCOPE may well become the first step toward the state assuming total control of all curriculum and lesson plans for all districts. A bill has been filed to begin this process. That would be another attack on local control by the state.

Article by:

Glenn Hambrick, Ed.D., Superintendent, Carthage ISD

Donna Porter, Ed.D., Asst. Superintendent, Carthage ISD

Mary Ann Whitaker, M.Ed., Superintendent, Hudson ISD



Dr. Stan Hartzler quit his teaching job in Luling ISD this last fall, posed the following questions to superintendents who support CSCOPE? 

If the program is as good as these superintendents claim, produced with the supposed expertise, then – –

·        Why is so much essential content missing from the first-year algebra program, and why are there so many errors and poor lessons therein?

·        Why is there a destructive gulf between the lessons and the exams at all levels and in all courses?
·        With nothing of value to protect, why were teachers required to sign a gag order?
·        Why are these superintendents responding only to the well-publicized indoctrination efforts, when there are many other well-publicized problems with CSCOPE?
·        Why are these superintendents failing to defend the upside-down development strategy used by all CSCOPE writers?
·        Why are these superintendents characterizing a grassroots response to CSCOPE’s attack on our children, teachers, and state-mandated curriculum evaluation system, as “wildfire”, “misinformation..spread rampantly”, when the wide-ranging problems with CSCOPE have been backed with factual information?
·        Why don’t these superintendents distinguish between lesson-level CSCOPE, where teachers’ hands are completely tied, and CSCOPE used as originally intended – – supplements used as teachers see fit?

I can only pray for our children’s future with Administrators like this. Parents and Communities need to wake up!


Get involved!!



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PRO MARXIST educator Mary Ann Whiteker is the Superintendent of Hudson ISD in East Texas. Ms. Whiteker is also the legislative chair for left leaning group Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) that taxpayers fund through their local school districts

. Ms. Whitaker spoke at the Save Texas School Rally this past February in support of pursuing what else…”MORE MONEY” for schools.

Ms. Whiteker is a staunch supporter of the Marxist Curriculum CSCOPE that her school district has purchased and implemented. Why are our school superintendents content to indoctrinate your children?

Educators attempt their education intimidating techniques using stating that  CSCOPE provides a SCOPE and SEQUENCE, CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, 21st Century Learning, RIGOR, RIGOR, RIGOR (I am sick of that word).


Ms. Whiteker released the following article scolding private citizens across the state of Texas who are concerned that their school district has purchased and implemented  a Marxist, Pro Islamic, Pro Communist, Anti Christian Curriculum.

Superintendents across the state are not doing their jobs in protecting your children when they fail to acknowledge what CSCOPE is and stop it’s implementation. What exactly are they profiting from this leaves one to wonder?

Ms. Whiteker is one such superintendent who is  pursuing her own liberal agenda and not putting your children first.

Here is Ms. Whiteker TASA’s presentation on the CREATING a NEW VISION. (Which is a a Socialist/Marxist plan to take over Texas education.)





with World Net Daily states the following in regard to Ms. Whiteker’s editorial.

Whiteker’s writeup hinges on a common logical fallacy:

“begging the question,” i.e. “assuming the premise one is trying to prove.”

Whiteker takes for granted the following assumptions, and provides no factual evidence in support of these assumptions:

-Critics of CSCOPE are trying to sell their own curriculum (slander/libel – she should be careful with this assertion).

-Critics of CSCOPE are basing their argument on two lessons, taken out of context.

-CSCOPE is needed because of new state standards, and older curriculum approaches were not adequate. (Says Whiteker. What about successful schools doing well on STAAR who do not use CSCOPE?)

-Private schools using CSCOPE (in part – KIPP does not use lesson plans) means that CSCOPE is a good product.

-Forcing CSCOPE to submit to state oversight will end with the state assuming “total control of all curriculum.” (The state has always had “total control” of textbook and instructional material OVERSIGHT – until 2011.)

-Critics have said that CSCOPE uses common core curriculum. (Critics–unless ignorant–have never said CSCOPE used common core, only that the federal DOE was interested in purchasing and that CSCOPE’s methodology and clear philosophical bent was comparable and indeed similar to common core.)


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