Commissioner Charlie Riley votes for Common Core!

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Commissioner Charlie Riley


Unfortunately our Texas education system has changed radically in the last decade and not for the better. A good classical education has been replaced with technology and a progressive teaching pedagogy of social emotional learning in order to change a child’s attitudes, values and beliefs and behavior. We are seeing that played out across the county with a rapid decline of allegiance to our country or God.

In 2013 I discovered a curriculum system within over 90% of our Texas schools called Cscope (Common Core). Cscope encompassed the progressive pedagogy mentioned. In addition Cscope was found to promote Islam, Communism and globalism. In 2013 a Senate hearing put a damper on the program itself but the transformation of our classrooms continued at a rapid pace. Though Magnolia ISD had not purchased the actual Cscope program they had implemented the same teaching philosophy. Read HERE.

April 1, 2012 the Magnolia ISD school board unanimously signed Texas Association of Schools Board’s (TASA) resolution promoting the progressive transformation.   At the time Commissioner Charlie Riley sat on the board and signed up for this. Why? Honestly, Riley was working his way up the ladder to be  Montgomery County Commissioner of PCT 2. If he had known what he was signing up for he would not have taken a stand against it making waves with the administration voting block of Magnolia ISD and jeopardize he win as Commissioner.  Instead in reality our children today are guinea pigs in this experiment of changing the American society to a more global one with global values not American values.

Eleven reasons not to give Charlie Riley a second term.

  1. Voted for Toll Roads
  2. Voted in favor of homosexual and transgender adoptions.
  3. Voted for Common Core education transformation
  4. Voted to limit bow hunting rights for hunter.
  5. Is under indictment.
  6. Is currently under Grand Jury investigation for abuse his office.
  7. Violates Ethics laws and uses School District to campaign.
  8. Voted himself a pay raise making 160,000+
  9. Violated nepotism laws creating a position for his wife Deanne in Constable Hills office.
  10. He lies to protect himself.
  11. Bonus Refuses to call out his tribe of supporters for their abusive actions and behavior.
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Magnolia ISD Superintendent Todd Stephens in Hot Water!

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Original Article by THE GOLDEN HAMMER

Montgomery County “For Sale” (Part 9): Precinct 2 Commissioner Riley, MISD Superintendent Stephens Set New Employee Matej Up For Date With Grand Jury


Montgomery County “For Sale” (Part 9): Precinct 2 Commissioner Riley, MISD Superintendent Stephens set new employee Matej up for date with Grand Jury

Image: Magnolia Independent School District Director of Finance Garrett Matej, whom Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and District Superintendent Todd Stephens threw into the Montgomery County Grand Jury hot seat on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

Conroe, November 9 – The Montgomery County Grand Jury’s investigation into the use of government property, services, equipment, and storage facilities by Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley will take a bit of a different direction today, Thursday, November 9, 2017, as the Grand Jury and District Attorney’s Office will explore Riley’s use of Magnolia Independent School District (MISD) property, personnel, and equipment for his political campaign.

Confidential sources inside MISD have confirmed to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, that Director of Finance Garrett Matej, only two months into his new job, received a subpoena to testify first thing on November 9 with respect to his involvement in the preparation of a questionable invoice to Riley created after this newspaper and Republican political activists Ginger Russell and Kelli Cook uncovered the corruption related to Riley’s October 14, 2017, “campaign kickoff” where he utilized MISD vehicles, equipment, storage facilities, and personnel.

Early in the morning on Saturday, October 14, 2017, Russell and Cook observed, photographed, and video-taped Riley, Magnolia ISD Superintendent Todd Stephens, and at least two Magnolia ISD maintenance workers loading a Magnolia ISD truck at the Magnolia ISD Administration Building with Riley’s personal band equipment stored at the Administration Building for free. The school district employees then transported the equipment to the site of Riley’s political campaign kickoff, unloaded the equipment, participated in Riley’s campaign presentation, loaded the equipment back onto the school district truck, transported it back to the Administration Building, and unloaded the equipment with Riley and Stephens there to help with the unloading and re-storage of the equipment.

On October 14, 2017, as he introduced members of the “Charlie Riley Band” standing among the band’s privately-owned equipment to the sparse crowd during Riley’s campaign kickoff, a political event, and standing in the Unity Park Pavilion, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley of Montgomery County announced,

“We ended up trying to get to places where we had to have some help, so Dr. Todd Stephens [Magnolia ISD Superintendent] gave us or let us borrow a couple guys from Magnolia ISD…maintenance guys who help us load this equipment, and move it around from place to place…and one of them’s missing, but we’ve got Mr. Louis Bennett. He’s our roady!”

Riley openly admitted that, for personal and political campaign purposes, Riley and Stephens use Magnolia Independent School District maintenance workers to help them load, unload, transport, and store their equipment.

During the October 14 Riley “campaign kickoff,” Riley also utilized some County-owned electrical carts as a “train” to carry passengers attending Riley’s campaign kickoff from where they parked to the site of the event. On October 15, 2017, the carts were back in the Commissioners Precinct 2 barnyard behind the locked and gated fence.

On October 16, 2017, Russell submitted a formal request under the Texas Open Records Act to the Magnolia ISD for any purchase orders for the use of the school district truck, equipment, and personnel and any invoices.

After waiting for eleven (11) days, the school district finally responded by October 27, 2017, letter to Russell (shown above). In the response the school district told Russell:

“Enclosed please find documents responsive to your request for public information dated October 16, 2017, a copy of the Accounts payable sent/or to be sent to the Charlie Riley campaign regarding the use of ISD equipment.” (Emphasis added.)

Unbelievably, the Magnolia ISD couldn’t even just provide the letter that was “sent.” Instead, they admitted that the invoice was “sent/to be sent”!!! Obviously, someone in the school district created the invoice after Russell sent the Open Records Act request!

Cook, who serves as the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty and is a close associate of Dr. Ron Paul, the former Congressman and presidential candidate, said, “It appears Magnolia ISD has fabricated a truck rental invoice further implicating them in their gross display of political favoritism.  Is this why we pay exorbitant school taxes, so they can funnel money to their favorite political candidate?”

Political activist Kelli Cook.

Russell, who is a Republican Precinct Chair and a renowned expert in public education, told this newspaper:

“Magnolia Independent School Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens should have been fired immediately by the school board for violating school policy and law for using district vehicles to assist Commissioner Riley with his campaign event. In my opinion the Magnolia ISD School Board is an epic failure and has definitely failed the taxpayer. At this time they are spending taxpayer money on an outside attorney to represent the Superintendent. Why?  We now know that the invoice created to cover for Commissioner Riley is a fake. Its creation I am sure came at the request of Dr. Stephens. One wonders how long this collusion and deception has been in play. My hope is the District Attorney puts a stop to these activities once and for all.”

The details about the creation of that invoice have begun to surface. Around approximately October 18, MISD Superintendent Stephens approached Matej and told Matej, “We need an invoice to charge Charlie Riley for the vehicle we let him use this past weekend.” Matej told Stephens that the District does not invoice private individuals like that. Stephens instructed Matej to create an invoice and provide it to Denise Meyers, MISD’s Public Information Officer (who had already received Russell’s Open Records Act request).

Matej, just beginning his second month in his job as Director of Finance, was very uncomfortable with Stephens’ request but feared that there would be reprisal if Matej didn’t accede to it. Matej created an invoice, numbered 8101, in the amount of $100 and provided a copy of it to Meyers.

Phony $100 invoice Director of Finance Garrett Matej created after MISD Superintendent Todd Stephens requested Matej to make it.

There are some interesting facts surrounding Matej’s creation of the phony invoice obviously created to make it appear as though the school district intended to charge Riley for the vehicle and services Riley received for his “campaign kickoff.”

First, Matej has told several people inside the school district that he greatly fears for his job and also has concerns that Stephens forced him to commit an unethical or illegal act. In response to a request to interview him for this article, Matej very politely responded, “Mr. Yollick, Good evening. Hope this email finds you well. While I am flattered that you would reach out to me. I must decline as we have no comment at this point in time. Thank you. Garrett Matej.”

Second, in response to an Open Records Request from conservative activist Kelli Cook, MISD’s Meyers has confirmed that there are no invoices with numbers surrounding the infamous “Invoice 8101” shown above. In correspondence on November 8, Meyers noted, “There are no documents responding to your request” for invoices 8096, 8097, 8098, 8099, 8100, 8102, 8103, 8104, or 8015.”

Third, Matej has admitted to several close associates that there are not invoices similar to the one he created for Riley upon Stephens’ request.

Fourth, Louis Bennett, the MISD Maintenance worker whom Riley recognized as the “roady” for the October 14 “campaign kickoff” event for Riley’s Precinct 2 County Commissioner re-election campaign received 5.27 hours of overtime compensation for working for the school district that weekend. It’s unclear whether the 5.27 hours of overtime would exceed the $100 invoice amount.

It’s genuinely sad that Riley and Stephens would place a young employee in a new position in such a precarious spot. An important question is why Stephens chose not to do his own “dirty work” and create the invoice in his office at MISD since he has administrative staff available to him.

The Grand Jury will hear from Matej, Stephens, and others with respect to Riley’s and Stephen’s use of MISD government property for private and political uses.

The Grand Jury has investigated the following abuses among others:

  • Under Doyal’s personal direction, a County employee regularly prepared his campaign reports at the Precinct 2 office.
  • Under Doyal’s personal direction, a County employee prepared political program ads during work hours at the Precinct 2 office.
  • Under Doyal’s personal direction, a County employee prepared and mailed political checks during work hours and worked on political fundraisers during for Doyal during work hours.
  • Other county employees in Precinct 2 worked on campaign activities and fundraisers for Doyal during work hours.
  • The Precinct 2 mechanics shop built platforms during work hours for Doyal’s political fundraisers.
  • Operations Manager Charlie Riley purchased food for Doyal’s political fundraisers during county business hours.
  • Doyal approved of the use of County materials, equipment, and time to work on his campaign.
  • Riley instructed a County employee to “do what you need to do to get it [Doyal’s political campaign reports] finished” including taking a county printer to the County employee’s home.
  • For the past several years, Riley and Doyal have stored their barbecue trailers they use during political campaigns on County property in the Precinct 2 Commissioners barnyard in Magnolia behind a locked and gated fence. Riley and Doyal have not paid the County anything for the use of that storage space.
  • Precinct 2 employees have confirmed that Riley and Doyal have had County employees provide automotive repairs and vehicle maintenance to members of Riley’s and Doyal’s families at no charge to them.
  • Riley and Doyal had the Building Maintenance Department install plumbing and electrical connections at the Precinct 2 barnyard so they could cook there for their political campaigns.
  • On September 14, 2017, Riley admitted in writing, “As far as the County yard storing my personal cooking trailer, that is correct.”
  • On October 13, 2017, Riley, his wife Deanne who is a County employee in the position Riley established for her, and several County employees spent a large portion of the County work day making preparations for his political campaign kickoff the next day.
  • On October 14, 2017, Riley, Stephens, and at least two Magnolia ISD maintenance workers loaded a Magnolia ISD truck at the Magnolia ISD Administration Building with Riley’s personal band equipment stored at the Administration Building for free. The school district employees then transported the equipment to the site of Riley’s political campaign kickoff, unloaded the equipment, participated in Riley’s campaign presentation, loaded the equipment back onto the school district truck, transported it back to the Administration Building, and unloaded the equipment with Riley and Stephens there to help with the unloading and re-storage of the equipment.
  • On October 14, 2017, Riley utilized some County-owned electrical carts as a “train” to carry passengers attending Riley’s campaign kickoff from where they parked to the site of the event. On October 15, 2017, the carts were back in the Commissioners Precinct 2 barnyard behind the locked and gated fence.
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Dear Commissioner Charlie Riley,

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Are you telling people that I ran Deanne off the side of the road with your grand baby in the car. If so, you are lying to them. I would say I am surprised but I am not. God knows the truth! Is it really so hard to do the right thing Charlie?

Now for a little history on this. The Magnolia establishment is corrupt and abusive and it has been for years. Sadly, most taxpayers are oblivious and those that are aware of it either fear for their jobs or business and many that know will sell their integrity for a bar-b-q plate courtesy of Commissioner Riley.
I suspected and was right assuming that the Riley’s would be abusing their positions as county employees in preparation for the Charlie Riley Campaign Event, Sat. Oct. 14, 2017.
I drove to Magnolia suspecting to see the Commissioners yard being utilized in some fashion in setting up for Riley’s event. I did not expect to see Mr. Deanne  Riley who just returned to her office (Constable David Hill) that afternoon and rummaged through the Campaign T-Shirts in the back of her vehicle. I assume I was seen parked in Commissioner’s parking lot after witnessing Riley slamming the back door and jumping in the passenger side of Deanna’s vehicle. They drove out onto Unity Park Drive heading into the park towards 1488. Deanna turned east on 1488 and did not get in the line of traffic but proceeded up the side of the road as seen in photo below. Why she was driving so erratically and off the road is leaves room for question.
The story that Charlie Riley I know has been telling that I (Ginger Russell) ran his wife off the road with his grand baby in it is NOTHING BUT A LIE!
Proverbs 12:22  ” The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.”

Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley

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Magnolia ISD Magnolia Superintendent, Todd Stephens

Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens


Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens can’t seem to abide by the same ISD policy expected of his district employees. The Magnolia ISD policy employee policy states the following:

This past Saturday evening, October 14, 2017 Commissioner Charlie Riley held his campaign kickoff event at Unity Park in Magnolia. Entertainment was provided by none other than the Charlie Riley Band during the evening. In setting up for the band’s performance Riley and Magnolia ISD Superintendent, Todd Stephens utilized a couple of district employees and a Magnolia ISD Maintenance Truck to transport equipment. 


Stephens, Riley the maintenance truck, another cargo van and  were seen exiting the Magnolia ISD the Celeste Graves Education Support Center  @31141 Nichols Sawmill Rd around 2:00 pm. The vehicles proceeded to drive down Unity Drive to Unity Park. The vehicles pulled into the park and backed up to the stage area to unload equipment. After unloading the Maintenance vehicle  was then relocated to the administration building until the event was over. In relocating Stephens followed the vehicle back to the administration building and picked up the driver (district employee, Louis Bennett). They then returned to the event in finishing the setting up and practice. 


Around 4pm Stephens and 3 other men returned to the Administration building prior to their band performance. The gentlemen were the only ones in the building for 1 1/2 hours. One could surmise they took the 1 1/2 break to watch the OU and Texas Longhorn game before preforming. Just prior to the end of the 4th quarter with OU leading the game Stephens exits the building to retrieve a change of clothes  for the event. Within minutes all 4 men exited the Magnolia ISD administration building to return to the Charlie Riley Campaign event. DSC02795 DSC02806









Once the event was over at 8:00 pm (1 hour early due to poor attendance) the maintenance vehicle was picked up and brought back to the park to reload the band equipment. It returned to the administration building where Superintendent Todd Stephens and some other band members along with MISD employee Louis Bennett unloaded the equipment. Louis Bennett then returned the vehicle to the maintenance yard and locked it up. He left in a vehicle that remained on the property for the day’s duration registered to Commissioner Charlie Riley.


Will the our elected Magnolia ISD elected School Board do anything about this district violation and abuse of taxpayer funds? I seriously doubt it. School boards no longer represent those that elect them they are “yes” people and rubber stamp the schools agenda.


The bigger question is will the Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon stop this taxpayer abuse or will he once again turn a blind eye to it? 




In the video go to 4:20 minutes. Commissioner Riley admits to the audience that they were using Magnolia ISD equipment and employees.








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TEXAS: Magnolia ISD Making News Once Again!

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channel 13
by Steve Campion

EXCLUSIVE: Student no-billed on threat after months in jail




A former Magnolia West High senior student said he never planned to hurt anyone at his school.

Thomas Cade Martin spoke exclusively to abc13 after a grand jury no-billed him on a terroristic threat charge.

In February, cell phone video surfaced on social media that led to Martin’s expulsion and arrest. In it, Martin can be heard talking about planting bombs and shooting students.

“It was a big, huge misunderstanding. The video that was originally displayed was taken way out of context,” said Martin. “It all started when I was just trying to explain myself and give a scenario to the students to just show that it is possible that something like that could happen in the small town of Magnolia.”

“It was never a threat?” abc13’s Steve Campion asked.

“No sir. It was never a threat. Not at all,” Martin responded.

He explained the footage only shows part of a broader conversation about potential school violence. He said he only offered up a scenario.

You can hear students laughing during parts of the video.

Martin spent more than two months in the Montgomery County jail. His family couldn’t afford his bail.

“My reaction was honestly, my heart fell through the floor because everything about that goes against what I believe in,” said Martin. “I believe in protecting American interests and the American way of life. I believe in prosperity. I’m a huge patriotic.”

The 19-year-old said he wishes the Magnolia Independent School District would have handled the situation differently. Martin wants to be an NAVY Seal. He said he plans to move to Wisconsin and finish high school.

“They should have most certainly looked in it more thoroughly before they just decided to up and expel me and change my life,” said Martin. “I would love to have an apology. I feel like I deserve an apology. It’s not because it is a pride thing. It’s because it would be the right thing to do.”

Magnolia ISD released the following statement to abc13.

“Magnolia ISD is prohibited by federal law to discuss student discipline. The action taken by the District was consistent and fair with Magnolia ISD’s board policy, student code of conduct and the Texas Education Code.”

See Video

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