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An editorial opinion by A. Patrick Huff, Ph.D.:

This past week the Texas Education Agency took the school accountability system to a new low, releasing a “what if” letter grade tabulation for each school and school district in the state of Texas.  This report has sent shock waves across virtually every public school district in the state.  The report was a “what if” because the letter grades are not official.  It was only released to let all the public school officials, teachers, parents and students know what their school and school district would receive if the official results were released this year.  The letter grades are based on the 2015-2016 school report card and other factors.  I say other factors because to figure out all the other factors and understand them, you could be eligible to work at mission control in NASA.  Yes, it is that complicated.  I have looked at the formulas and, trust me, I feel pretty stupid right about now.  I’m not going to bore you with the details of how each grade was determined in this article, but I am going to try and make sense of it (or nonsense).

Here is a little background to bring everyone up to speed on what all of this means.  To begin with, Texas did not invent the A-F system.  The first state to use it was Florida, under Governor Jeb Bush.  It is now in at least 15 states.  In early 2016 the Texas Legislature under House Bill 2804, established guidelines for a new state education assessment and accountability system.  The purpose of the new program was to conform to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that had previously been passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Obama in December of 2015.  HB 2804 also established a commission to review the bill and make recommendations before anything became official.  This review board was called The Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessment and Accountability.  They met in Austin seven times with each meeting dedicated to hearing from “experts” in the field testifying about what the research and practices demonstrate about each phase of the bill’s mandates.  At some of these meetings the Commission allowed public testimony.  I went to Austin and testified in one of these meetings so I got a first hand look at how it operated.  Here is the TEA website where you can read about the Commission and pull up the Commission’s Final Report to the Governor:

In the Commission report is the recommendation to approve what had already been written in HB 2804 regarding using an A-F grading format for schools and school districts.  Consider the language used in the Commission Draft Report under Long Term Vision, item 6, page 10.

6. Align the state accountability system with ESSA requirements.  Align the state    and federal accountability systems to ensure that the results are consistent and      share common goals. When the federal regulations regarding ESSA are released    in fall 2016, Texas will be able to use the guidance provided by the  specific federal regulations as it develops the A–F accountability system. An A–F accountability system to identify underperforming schools in Texas is scheduled to be implemented in the 2017–2018 school year  (Texas Education Agency, Next Generation Assessment Accountability, 2016, p. 10).

To note the importance of the first sentence is to state the obviously ridiculous.  The move to change the accountability system for schools and school districts to an A-F format is a federal requirement.  Once again, as I have stated time and time again, Texas is but a mini-federal U.S. Department of Education.  This is why we cannot seem to get away from doing what the federal government wants us to do when it comes to education policy.  The loss of all sovereignty occurred when each state came under the federal waiver to get out from under impossible mandates of No Child Left Behind.  Texas applied for and received their waiver in 2013.  Here is the link where you can read the entire waiver request if you so desire.  file://localhost/Users/huff_fitness/Downloads/TEA_Final_ESEA_Waiver_091613 (2).pdf

(You may get a warning on this website since it comes from my documents.  Don’t worry, it is safe to open).

If you are interested in how we moved from No Child Left Behind into ESSA and some how fell under Common Core, even though the Texas Legislature passed a law saying we would never come under Common Core, it’s all in this waiver application.  Please note, College and Career Ready Standards are the Common Core Standards.  Also in this application is where schools fell under Priority and Focus categories.  The federal Annual Measureable Objectives (updated Adequate Yearly Progress) is also in this waiver request.

Let me now turn your attention to the most important part of this article.  Superintendents across the state are decrying the issuance of the A-F ratings.  Rightfully so, I might add, they are putting out memorandums and videos that denounce these ratings and point to the unfairness of reducing a schools overall worth to a letter grade.  Yes, it’s true, a school cannot be judged based on the outcomes of a standardized test given once a year.  Here, though, is the issue. Where have the superintendents been on the outcry?  This has been going on since the early 90’s and with more high stakes involved since 2002 with the passage of No Child Left Behind.  Schools cannot be judged as Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, Met Standard, Unacceptable, or Needs Improvement based upon the yearly given standardized test.  It is a flawed policy and it increasingly affects schools negatively who have high percentages of low socio-economic students.  It discriminates with sanctions and endless shaming of the students, the teachers, the administration, the parents and the community where the school is located.  It is unacceptable that this horrid accountability system continues.  Now with the A-F system the lobbyist controlled congress (both state and federal) implements their latest in a long series of heavy handed tactics to demonstrate their disdain for the education system.  I mention lobbyist because education is an industry that makes billions of dollars every year off the backs of our children, and more specifically, by off the backs of our children in Title One schools.  Everyone knows this, everyone discusses this issue; but nothing gets done.  Our students are but guinea pigs forced to swallow the latest magic bullet curriculum program that the school district purchases for thousands of dollars.  I mention disdain by the legislators because I have been in the committee meetings, and I have testified before both the Texas House and the Texas Senate Education Committees only to be told my time is up and thank you very much.  Senator Larry Taylor did allow me more than the customary three minutes to speak, but my recommendations fell on deaf ears, just as every recommendation that came from a public speaker.  The only recommendations that were followed were those that came from the invited speakers, many of which came from the corporate sector.  The Education Committees in both houses of congress and the State Board of Education in Texas feel as though it is their duty to save public education.  The Lt. Governor and Governor feel the same.  To them, teachers can’t be trusted to teach the students.  Principals can’t be trusted to lead and manage.  Superintendents can’t be trusted to organize and implement the best, most trusted method of instruction.  No, it is the state and federal governments, the lobbyist, and the corporations that must be in charge of teaching our students.  After all, as Senator Taylor said to me when I testified to his committee, before the legislators took control students were graduating that could not read.  There was a crisis in the nation.  The government had to step in and take control.  I told him that students are still graduating that can’t read.  We don’t like it, every teacher is working to keep that from happening, but that is what happens in a free and democratic society.  A student can choose to fail if they so choose.  We don’t like it, but it is always going to be that way in a free and democratic society.  We have been under this system of accountability for going on three decades and what do we have?  We have a failed system where the controllers have their boot on the throat of every teacher, principal and superintendent and the pressure is increasing with each new phase of the accountability system.

So now we have the A-F system of school accountability.  Let me give you some examples of how some school districts did around the state.  The grading system of schools is broken down into four domains.  There will be a fifth added next year, but for now we will just discuss the four.  They are broken down as:

Domain I:    Student Achievement (how all the students performed on the STAAR test)

Domain II:   Student Progress (evaluating student progress in 10 student subgroup         categories, broken down into 7 ethnic groups, Special Education,  and English Language Learners, and their progress from the previous year’s results).

Domain III:  All tests from all grades results in the economically disadvantaged student       population only (These scores are compared with those from the previous  year and judged by improvement or regression).

Domain IV:  Post-Secondary Readiness (Elementary evaluated on absentee rate.

Middle Schools evaluated on absentee rate and dropout rate.

High Schools graded on a number of indicators, including absentee rate,       graduation rate, dropout rate, career and tech programs offered, AP and IB   courses offered, and a few other indicators).

Of course this is a simplified version and no mathematical statistical formulas are given to determine the outcome, so keep that in mind as I run down these results.  Keep in mind, also, that these results in no way indicate the worth or value of the education the students are receiving in these school districts.  Any comparison needs to be made with the understanding that the district with the most challenges have the most difficulty with this very flawed system that needs to be eliminated.


I hope that I have represented each district’s scores accurately.  My apologies if there are any errors.

Of course, this list is very brief and only represents a small portion of the school districts in the state.  They are, however, all large school districts with the exception of Highland Park.  Highland Park was included in this list simply to point out the disparity of the system.  This is not a slam against Highland Park.  They are a very good school district.  They do, however, have zero economically disadvantaged students.  At least none show up on the school report card.  This is why they did not receive a score in Domain III.  Highland Park received a “C” in Domain IV only because they went down in their Post Secondary Readiness Index from 96 in 2015 to 92 in 2016.  The score of 92 in Domain IV is an excellent score, but because Highland Park went down from a score of 96 in 2015 (the target score for Domain IV is 57 for high schools), they were shamed with a grade of “C”.  So, the public assumes Highland Park is just average in Domain IV, yet they had a very high score of 92.

Looking at the list provided in this article, I’m sure, makes you scratch your head and wonder how a district received the grade it did in each of the domains.  Some of the grades you can understand and others you can’t figure out how the grade could be what it is.  Due to the ramifications that go along with a letter grade, and the impressions it makes in the eyes of the public, you can see why the school officials are yelling from the rooftops that this is an unfair system and in no way reflects their districts quality and worth.  Yet it has been this way from the beginning of the Accountability System.  Those of you who have followed my articles and read my book, The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System, know that the central theme I keep repeating is the unjust nature and discriminatory practice the accountability system is for the entire nation, not just Texas.  But Texas is my state, so I concentrate on Texas, where I live and work.

Superintendents of the great State of Texas, I put this situation in your hands.  I think this is personal to you now.  Before, the old system of “met standards” or “needs improvement” didn’t quite have the sting of a letter grade.  Everyone identifies with a letter grade.  The Congress of Texas thinks this will motivate everyone directly involved with student testing outcomes to improve.  What Congress doesn’t realize is that school officials and teachers have been doing everything in their power to get the scores up, yet with little effect.  This is because no matter what program is brought in, or what guru is provided to help teachers teach better, the same demographic factors are almost impossible to overcome.  This, also, has nothing to do with ethnicity.  Nothing!  The schools success rises or falls with the percentages of students in Eco-Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and the Mobility Rate for the school and school district.  The Mobility Rate indicates the number of students that arrive after school begins and/or leaves before the school year ends.

Superintendents, I call on you to organize.  Organize not around TASA.  In my opinion, The Texas Association of School Administrators has not served you well.  They have kept you in the status quo.  You must have an independent voice in order to get the attention of the state legislators.  Yes, the federal government wants this A-F system, but they have also said they want states to have more autonomy in determining their accountability systems.  Use this as your leverage point.  Apart from the parents of the state, whom the legislators have already demonstrated they do not listen to, the superintendents of the state are the only hope for reversing the A-F grading system, and the entire accountability system.  The whole system is flawed to its core and needs to be eliminated.  Let’s all come together and speak in one voice to eliminate the A-F grading system first, then the entire accountability system.

Dr. Patrick Huff is the author of “The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System”, 2015. The book can be found at  Dr. Huff is a retired middle and high school principal with 34 years in the public education profession. He currently works as an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  He lives with his wife, Connie, of 35 years in Tomball, Texas and can be reached at


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Grand Prairie ISD’s Green Environmental School!

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Grand Prairie Green Agenda


The Green Environmental Agenda has taken root in Grand Prairie ISD on a different level. Parents have seen this “green agenda” come home through classwork for years but Grand Prairie now has an elementary school “wholly’ promoting the green agenda, Lorenzo de Zavala Environmental Science Academy. Shocking!

Education today has come down to one word “INDOCTRINATION“. For those oblivious to the green movement it is a religion all its own in worshiping the creation not the creator.




With just a little research I discovered that Lorenzo De Zavala Environmental Science Academy has partnered up with “EARTH FORCE” a national non-profit to promote Obama’s green agenda. On the White House website it states that the the administration has partnered up with Earth Force in implementing the following goals…….


green goals



earth force




Additional info on this GREEN SCHOOL. 

Additional info about the Dangers of The Green Agenda.



Wake up Parents and Taxpayers!!!

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Harris County Department of Education Helping Turn Texas Blue??

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On May 19, 2014 I filed a simple request for public information –

to view the emails (from a 6 week period) of John Sawyer, the now former Superintendent ofthe Harris County Schools (aka-HCDE.)

All I really wanted was an outline of the day to day activities of HCDE. Instead, I got an outline of how HCDE is using our tax dollars to influence elections.

The first email attachment to raise my concern was sent on 2/26/14 from the HCDE Board President, Angie Chesnut, to George H Scott.  Scott is a media/public policy consultant who writes a blog entitled “George Scott Reports.”

George Scott’s emails to Sawyer give you a glimpse of his work history. One reads:

“…In the meantime,

I just helped Alton’s school board candidates tea party email

win a clean sweep by dumping on the idiots

from the TEA Party… “








 President Chesnut’s email to Scott concerning the HCDE Republican primary  is below:

tea party email 2

Chesnut ends her email with:

 “George, my request is that you help get the word out to your readers to vote for Dianne Williams and RW Bray for the HCDE Board of Trustees.   Please let me know if I can help in any way.   Thank you for all you have already done.” 

(Note: Chesnut ran for office as a Republican; yet she supports expanding government spending, government programs such as Head Start, government pre-k, government after school care, etc;  Wolfe and Summers positions were actually the more conservative in the race. They both questioned how HCDE uses tax dollars. They both won their primaries.)

Records show Scott has received funds numerous times from HCDE.

tea party 3

As a matter of fact, HCDE’s response to an open records request to view publications paid for by HCDE in 2013, included blog posts written by George H Scott. Some were posts critical of the Harris County Appraisal District and the rest were stories flattering to HCDE.

It does appear, however, that Scott did not have a contract tea party 4

with HCDE at the time of Chesnut’s request.

Emails show Scott did submit a new proposal to HCDE for more consulting work by May.

If Chesnut had asked a blogger who did not contract with HCDE, there would not be an issue.

But, for an elected official, who casts votes on government contacts, to ask an off-on-again contractor to “help” her influence the outcome of the Republican primary election of her own board is, to say the least, inappropriate.

Lack of ethics to influence elections is one thing. Use of public employees and public funds is a whole different ballgame.

The following email shows:

HCDE Board’s Executive Assistant setting up a conference call

for 9:00am on 5/12/14 between the HCDE Superintendent, two

HCDE paid consultants, an addressee redacted by HCDE, and

two paid staffers for the Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign.

Angie Chesnut (R), the HCDE Board President, is listed as  “optional.”


number 5

It appears the call took place on schedule because an email was sent3 hours later from HCDE Board member Diane Trautman (D) to Wendy Davis Campaign staffer, RoyceBrooks, stating,

“I enjoyed meeting you this morning on our conference call.” image 6

She also adds,

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with…”

She attached her own quarterly newsletter which ended with:

Pd. Pol. Adv. By the Diane Trautman Campaign…”


image 7

If the call had been to Sen. Wendy Davis in her capacity as a State Senator, there would not be an issue.

If the call had been on their personal time using their personal phone systems,  there would not be an issue.

But, the taxpayers paying for the facilities, the phone and emails systems, the salary to set up the call, as well as the salaries and consulting fees for HCDE to participate in a call with the campaign of the Democrat candidate for governor is, to say the least, HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE.

Texas Statute does not allow the use of school district facilities and/or personnel to support candidates or parties.

(Note: When the Legislature  repealed the laws governing county schools, it allowed Harris County to remain open under the old laws plus any current laws governing ISDs. TEC 11.301)

On 3/27/14 HCDE’s  Education Foundation Board of Directors held their meeting at the HCDE Administration Building, a building supported completely with public funds.

HCDE’s Education Foundation is registered with the

IRS as a 501(c)(3).

In their Articles of Incorporation filed with the Texas Secretary of State the Foundation claims:

The corporation is organized exclusively for educational

purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3)

of the Internal revenue Code




…the corporation shall not participate in or intervene in

(including the publishing or distribution of statements)

any political campaign of any candidate for public office











Yet, the review of emails shows that meeting minutes were distributed using HCDE’s email system which included the following statement on page #3:

“4. The primary elections are over and the two candidates for HCDE Trustee positions I would ask you to endorse and vote for in the upcoming November election are Debra Kerner, current HCDE board vice president and Melissa Noriega, former Houston city councilwomen and administrator at HISD. The opponents for both of these women support the abolishment of HCDE, Michael Wolfe and Don Sumners.”

(Note: the candidates the foundation asked members to endorse and vote for are both Democrats. Both opponents are Republicans.)



In this case, not only did taxpayers pay for the facilities to hold the meeting and the email system to distribute the Democrat candidate endorsements, this year HCDE Board of Trustees donated $202,107 of our tax dollars to the Foundation just to fund the position of Director as well as to provide his office facilities in the HCDE Administration Building.


Texas Statute also does not allow school district email systems or other public funds to be used for political advertising.

IRS rules do not allow a 501(c)(3) to endorse candidates.

HCDE’s Foundation’s charter does not allow them to participate in publishing or distributing statements relating to campaigns.

In a quick look at the alphabetical list of Directors/Members of the Board on the Foundation website, the first name you see is Judge Eric Andell, Senior Justice, First Court of Appeals. This makes one question why a Senior Justice didn’t stop the Foundation from breaking the rules.

But a google search might explain it. In 2005. The Houston Chronicle reported the following:

“Former judge Eric Andell of Houston was sentenced to one year of probation and fined $5,000 Friday after pleading guilty to charges that related to cheating taxpayers out of thousands of dollars in bogus expenses charged to the federal government while he served as a top official in the U.S. Department of Education.”

A check of current judges serving the Texas Appellate Courts does not list Eric Andell.

Makes me wonder what else on the Foundation website might be questionable, or at least, slightly inaccurate.

Note: The Foundation just changed its website removing Judge Andell from their Director’s list. That was fast! On the left you will see the screen shot I took on 9/13/14. On the right you will see the page today.

               On 9/13/14           On 9/20/14


Pat Strong, who participated in the conference call with the Wendy Davis Campaign, is owner of Strong Strategies. HCDE pays her $82,000 per year (plus expenses) to serve as one of their many political consultants. She oversees the HCDE Board’s “government relations” committee. Her website lists some of the politicians she has worked for:

  • Congressman Ken Bentsen (D)
  • Governor Ann Richards (D)
  • Clinton/Gore (D)
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Vince Ryan (D)
  • Congressman Al Green (D)
  • Senator Rodney Ellis (D)
  • Melissa Noriega (D)  – current candidate for HCDE Board

Her HCDE duties also include keeping the board “informed” on pressing  issues. The email review shows the type of “information” she sends to the HCDE Board in their weekly packet as well as the personal comments she writes in the upper right hand corners. Two examples are below.

Article from: The Texas Observer Article from: The Texas Observer

Should taxpayers really be paying for a political consultant to forward a story to a school board that reads…..?

“…We love Wendy Davis. You love Wendy Davis. We and you want to do very sexy things to Wendy Davis, even the straight chicks…”

Reviewing all these emails made me very curious as to what

Pat Strong reports to the HCDE Board Government Relations

Committee. So when HCDE posted a public meeting of the committee

on their website for 11:00 am on 9/16/14, I attended.

I arrived a few minutes early with my cell phone camera fully charged. Pat Strong (lady on the left with the white hair) was already seated with her report ready to present. At 11:00,  President Angie Chesnut opened the meeting.
(Note: The following is an approximate transcription. Some was difficult to understand.)

Chesnut: Good morning everyone. Well, I guess the meeting is now in order. What…It is not a meeting. (difficult to understand) That’s right. It is a committee meeting.

Board Attorney: (something I can’t make out about not having a quorum.)

Chesnut:  Oh true. So, with no further ado, let’s get started with Pat giving us an update on different things that have happened.

Board Attorney: (something I can’t make out)

Chesnut: Oh, since this is not an open meeting, I am going to have to ask you to leave Ms Vera, if you don’t mind. It is a closed committee meeting.

Board Attorney: It is not a meeting under the Open Meetings Act since there is no quorum.

Chesnut:  It is not a posted meeting.

I complied.

Watch the short video.

AFTER Pat Strong completed her report, President Chesnut changed her mind and decided the public could view the rest of the committee meeting, even though they still did not have a quorum. By the end of the committee meeting, a board quorum was present.

You may watch the video of the meeting after Pat Strong was finished with her report and I was allowed to re-enter the room: here

Was Chesnut accurate when she stated, “This is not a posted meeting?”

In a quick check of the HCDE website, under Board Agendas, you will find the official posting of the meeting with Angie Chesnut’s signature.

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

What was in Pat Strong’s report to the committee that President Chesnut felt the need to hide from the public? I may never know.

But I do know that if this was a government entity using government funds and a 501(c)(3) to promote conservative Republican candidates and issues, the IRS would remove their tax exemption immediately and I’d bet our County Attorney would order an investigation.

But these government funds and the 501(c)(3) are being used to support liberal Democrat candidates and issues, so I won’t hold my breath waiting for any investigation.
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s daughter, Erica Lee Carter, is a current HCDE Board Trustee so I don’t expect to see any action from the IRS.
In his most recent campaign financial report, our County Attorney, Vince Ryan (D) lists payments to Pat Strong for “fundraising and compliance services” so I don’t foresee any action coming from that office either.


It’s stunning to me that a cursory review of emails turned up so many examples of apparent violations of state and federal statutes. I will certainly dig deeper before drawing any final conclusions.
But the fact that all this goes on right
under the nose of a Board President
who is a self-proclaimed

“conservative Republican”

in my opinion, is nothing short of shameful.

Absolutely shameful.

Arne Duncan and Angie Chesnut

If you agree, you may contact HCDE Board President Angie Chesnut at:

Colleen Vera

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I am outraged that once thought conservative Texas Education Commissioner, Michael Williams       has applied a 30.8 million dollar federal grant to implement Obama’s universal Pre-K  program in Texas Schools, a federal daycare system.  This is nothing more than SOCIALISM in action, take from the “haves and give to the have nots”. Williams was appointed Texas Education Commissioner by Gov. Perry, Sept. 1, 2012. Commissioner Williams  past experience was not public education and many conservative activist thought that was a positive when dealing with the Texas education bureaucracy. After meeting personally and discovering how liberal Gov. Perry’s education staff were I am not surprised  Williams joined ranks with the Obama administration.


Editor, Merrill Hope with Breitbart News outlines the details of this debacle.



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Obama, Texas, K-12 School Transformation.

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On the US Dept of Education you will find a Fact Sheet Titled” Redesigning America’s High Schools.   Through the use of Federal grants (Obama’s stimulus package) a massive progressive/liberal transformation is taking place across America, and Texas is not immune from it. Texas school districts have been working for sometime transforming from a traditional education to a Marxist philosophy based on the collective.  This new philosophy goes by a series of different names, but we know a rose by any other name is still a rose. I have heard this philosophy called by the following: (STEM, Common Core, Cscope, Project Based Learning, CRISS, Student Led Learning, Collaborative, etc). All are based on the collective where Absolute Truth and American Exceptionalism is not taught. Cursive, Multiplication facts are becoming a thing of the past.



I wrote and earlier article highlighting Texas School district Manor ISD and their implementation of Obama’s agenda with Manor New Tech High . Pleased with their transformation President Obama paid them a visit. Obama and the New Tech Network.

More on the New Tech Network. 




Coppell ISD now has a New Tech School. Superintendent of Coppell, Dr. Jeff Turner has been working for years to transform Texas Education. You can read more on Dr. Jeff Turner and his agenda, HERE. 


Other Texas New Tech Schools.


Belton New Tech

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High

Akins New Tech

Decker Middle School

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy @ Dallas

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy @ Mesquite

New Tech Odessa

New Tech SanAntonio



For information on T-STEM

T-STEM Blueprint


Terms you will here in the from educators in this radical transformation:

21st Century Learning

Critical Thinking Skills

Authentic Learning

Project Based Learning

Authentic Assessments (real life test ex: changing a tire).





Link to Document Below written by radicals, Science Czar John P. Holden & others.








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“Houston ISD in Direct Violation of Texas Law – HB 462”

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houston isd

Yesterday the Obama administration announced that Houston ISD won the $30 Million Race to the Top – Direct to District (RTTT-D2) funds.  HarmonY Charters and Idea Charters each won the same amount last year from RTTT-D1. 

On 5.27.13, the Texas Legislature passed HB 462 which makes it illegal in Texas for school districts to participate in the Common Core Standards Initiative. HB 462 became effective immediately on 6.14.13 —

 In essence, Houston ISD (and even Harmony and Idea Charters) are in direct violation of Texas law – HB 462 – because they took the Obama administration’s “carrot and stick” and are now legally bound to follow the Common Core Standards Initiative.  

 What is the Texas Legislature going to do about this? What is Gov. Perry going to do about this?  What is the Texas Attorney General going to do about this?  What are Texas citizens going to do about this?  Surely we are not going to look the other way while school districts blatantly defy Texas law.   

 In fact, what about all of those Texas school districts that are so proudly displaying on their students’ instructional materials the words “Aligned with the Common Core Standards”?  By law, Texas school districts are to align with the Texas curriculum standards (TEKS) that have been passed by the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education – and not with the Obama administration’s Common Core Standards.  


Donna Garner




12.17.13 – HISD Wins $30 Million Race to the Top Grant” – by Ericka Mellon – Houston Chronicle —





8.15.13 – “Dilemma for Turkish Gulen Harmony Charter Schools Under SB 2 and HB 462” – by Donna Garner —




H.B. No. 462  —





SECTION 1.  Section 28.002, Education Code, is amended by adding Subsections (b-1), (b-2), (b-3), and (b-4) to read as follows:

(b-1)  In this section, “common core state standards” means the national curriculum standards developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

(b-2)  The State Board of Education may not adopt common core state standards to comply with a duty imposed under this chapter.

(b-3)  A school district may not use common core state standards to comply with the requirement to provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills at appropriate grade levels under Subsection (c).

(b-4)  Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, a school district or open-enrollment charter school may not be required to offer any aspect of a common core state standards curriculum.

SECTION 2.  Section 39.023, Education Code, is amended by adding Subsection (a-3) to read as follows:

(a-3)  The agency may not adopt or develop a criterion-referenced assessment instrument under this section based on common core state standards as defined by Section 28.002(b-1).  This subsection does not prohibit the use of college advanced placement tests or international baccalaureate examinations as those terms are defined by Section 28.051.

SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect immediately…






Race to the Top District Competition Draft



Eligibility Criteria


1.  Eligible applicants include only individual local educational agencies (LEAs) (as defined in this document) and consortia of LEAs.


2.  Applicant(s) must annually serve a minimum of 2,500 participating students (as defined in this document). (For a consortium, this minimum number may be met by annually calculating all participating students across all participating LEAs.)


3.  At least forty percent of participating students across all participating schools (as defined in this document) must be students from low-income families, based on eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch subsidies under the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, or other poverty measures that LEAs use to make awards under section 1113(a) of the ESEA. If an applicant has not identified all participating schools at the time of application, it must provide an assurance that within 100 days of the grant that its participating schools (as defined in this document) will meet this standard.




      4.  Applicants must demonstrate a track record of commitment to the core education assurance areas (as defined in this document), including, for each LEA included in an application, an assurance signed by the LEA’s authorized legal representative that–


a.  The LEA has, at a minimum, designed and committed to implement no later than the 2014-15 school year–

      i.  a teacher evaluation system (as defined in this document);

      ii.  a principal evaluation system (as defined in this document);

      iii.  a LEA superintendent evaluation (as defined in this document); and

      iv.  a LEA school board evaluation (as defined in this document).

      b.  The LEA has a robust data system that has, at a minimum,–

      i.  An individual teacher identifier with a teacher-student match; and

      ii.  The ability to match student level P-12 and higher education data.

      c.  The LEA has policy and regulatory protections in place that ensure Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant privacy and information protection while enabling access and use by stakeholders.




College- and career-ready standards:

Content standards for kindergarten through 12th grade that build towards college- and career-ready graduation requirements (as defined in this document) by the time of high school graduation. A State’s college- and career-ready standards must be either (1) standards that are common to a significant number of States; or (2) standards that are approved by a State network of institutions of higher education, which must certify that students who meet the standards will not need remedial course work at the postsecondary level.



Core educational assurance areas:

• Adopting standards and assessments that prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace and to compete in the global economy;

• Building data systems that measure student growth and success, and inform teachers and principals about how they can improve instruction;

• Recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining effective teachers and principals, especially where they are needed most; and

• Turning around our lowest-achieving schools.



Donna Garner


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CSCOPE-The OBAMACARE of Public Education

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texas insider

ObamaCare, CSCOPE both beyond fixing

bill-amesBy Bill Ames

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Americans increasingly realize that Obamacare is not about providing quality healthcare for all Americans.  Its creators could care less.  Rather, it is about a  progressive power grab,TX-Textbooksstructured to gain control over a large chunk of the U. S. economy. Likewise for CSCOPE, a thinly disguised Common Core methodology being used across  Texas, despite the fact the Texas Legislature has banned Common Core in Texas.

Obamacare is about a group of elitists who believe they know what is best for us, because we citizens are too dumb to know what is best for ourselves. For this reason, there is no hope to fix Obamacare.  Its  creators are so determined to reach their goal that the compromises to allow a reasonable health care program are impossible.


Likewise for CSCOPE.  It is a thinly disguised implementation of common core methodology, in spite of the fact that the Texas legislature has banned common core in Texas.

And like Obamacare, the CSCOPE juggernaut is comprised of elitists who think they know what is best for our kids, and who much prefer to trashing their opposition than considering compromise.

Recently, chief common core (and its little brother CSCOPE) cheerleader Arne Duncan (below, left,) head of the U. S. Department of Education, trashed his critics, branding them as “angry white suburban moms.”   This top-down arrogant attitude permeates through Texas’ education establishment:

  • The Education Service Center personnel that created and defended their bizarre lesson plans
  • The liberal-leaning Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)
  • A  couple of RINO members of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE,) and
  • Rogue School Boards, Superintendents and School District Curriculum writers who ignore parents while embracing Mr. Duncan’s arrogance with the attitude, “we’ll teach students whatever we choose, and the tax-paying community be damned”.

obama arne duncan education   Due to this deep-seated bias, both Obamacare and CSCOPE are both beyond fixing.


CSCOPE critics have done admirable work in exposing lesson plans that reveal CSCOPE as anti-American, anti-Christian, and a rogue implementation of the legislatively-banned common core philosophy in Texas.

But CSCOPE proponents publicly claim its lesson plans are aligned with the SBOE-adopted TEKS.

The pro-CSCOPE folks are wrong.

Yes, the CSCOPE lesson plans that categorized Boston Tea Party patriots as terrorists, and Islamic 911 terrorists as freedom fighters, have been quietly removed from the CSCOPE arsenal. But those lessons have been replaced by more subtle and clever ways to indoctrinate Texas’ students.

As a CSCOPE volunteer lesson plan reviewer, I recently reviewed eleven CSCOPE U. S. history lessons.  My past experience gives me a wealth of knowledge regarding TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) content and curriculum evaluations.

For more CSCOPE AnalysisSBOE’s Tincy Miller Talks CSCOPE, Politics & Children’s Textbook Fund

The original TEKS standards document proposed by a leftist-biased review panel in the fall of 2009 was so far removed from mainstream Texans to be unacceptable. The balancing amendments adopted by the SBOE in 2010 reversed the bias and defeated the left’s war on history.

Beginning with the first lesson I reviewed, it became evident that the CSCOPE lesson plan authors focused on including the politically correct, biased portions of the TEKS, while omitting those that did not contribute to their leftist ideology.

Quin Hillyer Christmas WWII

A summary of examples follows.  In the interest of brevity, only a summary of the most egregious TEKS compliance violations are included.


– Only one 50 minute period, out of a seven period module, was spent covering the key events of WWII:   Midway, the Pacific theatre, Normandy, the Bataan Death March, liberation of concentration camps, the development of atomic weapons.

– Nearly as much class time was devoted to the (multicultural) contribution of the Navajo code talkers.

– Japanese internment was well covered (implied American racism), while German and Italian internments (national security) were ignored.

– A referenced biography of President Roosevelt includes the phrase, “Today the Obama Administration continues to protect and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.”

– The WWII lesson plans are taken to a laughable extreme in classroom time-wasting, by assigning students to write acrostic (look up that one) poems using the last names of WWII leaders and significant groups.


– In a typical example of ignoring America’s positives, this lesson ignores a TEKS requirement to study the growth of agriculture and business, and how both contributed to the emergence of the United States as a world economic power.

– Also missing was the TEKS requirement to address America’s scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and the benefits of the free enterprise system.

– Rather, students were assigned to “create a song, poem, or mural, reflecting the late 1940s and 1950s”.  Really!

  • ronald reagan brandenburg gate speech

– There is ample study of divided countries (Germany and Korea), but no comparison of the economic outcomes of West/East Germany and South/North Korea.  I suggested adding the famous night satellite photo of North/South Korea be added to the lesson.

– The Venona papers, that revealed communist infiltration of the FDR/Truman administrations, were ignored.


– This module ignored the unintended consequences of the Great Society programs:  Paying welfare mothers to have additional out-of-wedlock babies, and preventing the father from living in the welfare-subsidized home, thus creating the inevitable inner city poverty and crime associated with single parent families.

– Also ignored was the reality that the Democrat Party (Southern Congressmen and state governors) made up the primary resistance to civil rights legislation.


– The anarchy, violence, and anti-American extremism of Vietnam-era radical protestors is not addressed.


– A student handout of icons depicting the Bill of Rights characterizes the 2nd Amendment as protection for hunters’ rights.


– Ignores the “conservative resurgence” of the 1980s and 1990s.

– Ignores discussion of achieving the American Dream.


– Lesson ignores the TEKS requirement to “Evaluate efforts by Global Organizations to undermine U. S. sovereignty through us of treaties”.


– No mention of the effects of 12-20 million illegal immigrants.


A significant question asked to each lesson plan reviewer reads,

“Does this lesson cover the TEKS indicated therein as being applicable to this lesson?”

My answer to each of the eleven lessons was “no”.

It is instructive to note that each of the other three reviewers who submitted responses for these lessons answered “yes” to this question for each of the eleven lessons.  Upon questioning the facilitator for my group, she acknowledged that each reviewer had a lesser knowledge than I of the TEKS involved, and also performed a less rigorous analysis of TEKS coverage of the lessons.

I fear that this defect may be true across all 400 lessons, and if so, casts serious suspicions regarding the validity of this whole CSCOPE review exercise.


When most of the folks who read this were in 11th Grade, the instruction model included the teacher as the classroom authority, teaching lessons from a textbook that had been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by hundreds of citizens during a textbook review and adoption process.  NOcscope This is no longer the case.

The Project Based Learning model, a key element of CSCOPE and common core methodology, has replaced the traditional instruction model.


The TASA-produced CSCOPE/Common Core visioning document states, “Students are not just consumers of knowledge, they are creators of knowledge as well.” And from my own district’s visioning document (Richardson ISD), “Students are given choices regarding what they learn”.

For more on CSCOPE’s Project-Based Learning, read Bill AmesA Series on CSCOPE, Part 3: Common Core, Project Based Learning Damages Texas Students

The Project based Learning model de-emphasizes the presentation of academic facts to the students.  The concept of  “whole class instruction”  no longer exists in the CSCOPE world.

Instead, students reach their own conclusions through the use of Project-Based Learning assignments.  The lesson plan includes little or no provision for the teacher to act as classroom authority, to correct any false student conclusions that may be based upon feelings and emotions rather than academic facts.


Un-vetted, un-reviewed information sources are provided for student research.  Sources for student research are not defined in the CSCOPE lessons.

SBOE Social Studies Press Conf. 1-13-10For good and valid reasons, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOEhas traditionally conducted extensive textbook reviews.  Books that go through that process are thoroughly reviewed and vetted: By citizens, parents, teachers, and taxpayers, for errors and biased material.  The vetted textbooks then become source materials for student learning.

Conversely, the selection process for CSCOPE research materials appears to be at the discretion of the local school district’s administrators, and subject to the ideology of those individuals.  At any rate, the materials are not reviewed nor vetted by the local community.  This should be a concern for all.


The combination of not presenting academic facts, along with providing un-vetted, un-researched, ideology-biased student research materials, is the perfect recipe for an education establishment committed to indoctrinating Texas’ students with its socialist ideology.

Read AlsoA Series on CSCOPE, Part 4: Common Core is Culmination of 100+ Years of Old Ideas


Unfortunately, the SBOE Ad Hoc CSCOPE Review Committee has elected to take no position regarding the CSCOPE lesson plans.  This position reflects a change from the past … from a mainstream, conservative SBOE institution, to one that provides a platform for leftist encroachment on our students’ curriculum.  It is wrong.

Given the absence of classroom academic authority, un-vetted research materials, added to the selective implementation of the TEKS as previously described, the only rational conclusion is that CSCOPE, like Obamacare, should be banned in Texas.

bill-amesBill Ames is an education activist who lives in Dallas. His book, “TEXAS TROUNCES THE LEFT’S WAR ON HISTORY” ( tells the story of his experience in developing Texas’ U. S. history standard in 2009-2010. He recently reviewed CSCOPE lessons as part of the State Board of Education’s Ad Hoc Committee Project, and is available to deliver presentations to interested groups. He welcomes reader comments at

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Rafael Cruz compares Obama to Fidel Castro!

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 6-6-2013 10-55-44 AM

Business woman LYDIA DOBYNS is president of  NEW TECH NETWORK a progressive organization in California working across the country on implementing Project Based Learning (PBL). I am not quite sure if Dobyns has ever taught in the classroom. New Tech Network is working along side others progressive companies and educators in hopes of radically changing our education system as we know it.  Ms. Doybys states the following in her bio  “New Tech is emerging as one of the fastest-growing approaches to transforming high school education in the U.S”. Sound familiar? Sadly So!


Manor New Technology High School outside of Austin, Texas welcomed his truly President Obama in early May. Ms. Dobyns must of flown in for this heart felt moment and later wrote about it in the Huffington Post. WAKE UP TEXAS PARENTS, TAXPAYERS!!! Do you want your Texas School System TRANSFORMED?


6-5-2013 7-46-21 PM


Lydia Dobyns

New Tech Network

No one loves a happy ending more than me. Today was a personal once-in-a-lifetime movie moment: I welcomed President Obama to Manor New Technology High School. Before the president spent 45 minutes with students showing off Project Based Learning, I got to engage in a conversation with him about the kind of innovation taking place in 100+ public school districts across New Tech Network.


It was no accident that Manor was selected for its transformative educational methods and focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The faculty and founding principal Steve Zipkes epitomize the persistence, vision and creativity needed to re-imagine a high school that truly prepares learners to be the innovators of tomorrow. They did not achieve this remarkable success on their own or overnight.

At New Tech schools, we have found a way to close the achievement gap regardless of whether students reside in urban, suburban, rural or underserved areas. Our 2013 Student Outcomes Report offers compelling evidence that the vision we have to transform schools within public school districts is being realized.

The President said about Manor New Tech, “Every day this school is proving that every child has the potential to learn the real-world skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. You’re doing things a little differently around here than a lot of high schools, and it’s working.” He went on to say: “We also have to make sure we help every student get the skills like they do here at Manor New Tech to compete in a high tech economy.”

Back to my fervent hope for a happy ending. The President today called again for support for the $300 Million High School Redesign he proposed in the State of the Union speech. He also reiterated that he wants to see universal access to quality public pre-school and to make college more affordable. For my happy ending to come true, three things have to happen. Congress and the White House have to agree on the best ways to invest in education innovation. State policy-makers and the business communities around this country have to come together to provide financial and material support in K-12 education innovation. And school district leaders need to move from asking, “should we innovate?” to “how do we find the funds to invest in innovation”? Should all three of these things happen, I will get my wish. And children everywhere will be able to experience the kind of education that enables them to thrive in ways we can’t even imagine.

As President Obama said today, “Every young person in America deserves a world-class education.”

I wholeheartedly agree. Let’s do this and do it now.


The following is an except from the 2012 TASA/TASB Convention program. You will see that TASA and TASB are working along side other progressive organization on implementing their radical progressive Agenda through ‘ Visioning Network”.  I have highlighted some of the “buzz words”. 


6-6-2013 10-22-12 AM


The Obama is working deligently to transform the political landscape of America and they are doing it though our Education System as you will see in the Article below

May 9, 2013     Bloomberg

Obama Austin Tech Tour Raises Democrat Profile in Texas

President Barack Obama urged lawmakers to approve more federal spending for technology education, training and jobs, holding up the Austin, Texas, area’s economic boom as an example for the rest of the country.

The Texas visit today was one of a series of events across the country that the administration says are meant to build pressure on Congress to adopt economic ideas laid out in Obama’s State of the Union address this year.

“We’re poised for a time of progress, if we’re willing to seize it,” Obama said in an address to executives and workers at Applied Materials Inc. (AMAT), which makes products for the semiconductor, display panel and solar industries worldwide.

Obama met with students, local residents, investors and entrepreneurs as he made his way across the city. He announced competitions for three manufacturing innovation centers and an executive order requiring government data to be released in a form that entrepreneurs and researchers can use to generate applications and new services.

Obama blamed political posturing in Congress for blocking his proposals, which he said would foster research that benefits technology companies and help train workers for those industries.
Sending Message

Obama told company workers that when they talk to their elected officials, “You’ve got to remind them, we don’t want government to do everything for us but it’s got a role to play” on infrastructure and research funding.

Addressing a group of “angel investors” during an earlier stop at an incubator for technology startups, Obama said government can play a “beneficial” role in helping the private sector spur job creation.

He said he was concerned about the impact of the automatic, across-the-board federal spending cuts known as sequestration. The cuts are “effectively freezing basic research” spending over the next one to two years.

“We could end up losing our edge” to economic competitors in Asia, he said.

Obama said Austin is an example of the kind of cooperation between government and business that can foster innovation.
Austin Economy

The metropolitan area centered by the state capital, which has about 820,600 residents, had a March jobless rate of 5.3 percent, compared with 7.6 percent nationwide. Computer manufacturer Dell Inc. (DELL) is based in nearby Round Rock, and Apple Inc. (AAPL) has announced plans to double the size of its 3,500-employee customer-support center in Austin over the next decade.

“I’ve come to listen and learn and highlight some of the good work that’s being done,” Obama said at Manor New Technology High School in the Austin suburb of East Manor, where he inspected solar and robotic projects developed by students. “Folks around here are doing something right.”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan in 2010 cited the school as boosting opportunities for low-income and minority youth. Of the school’s 341 students last year, 46 percent were economically disadvantaged, 48 percent were Latino, 25 percent were white and 21 percent were black, according to data provided by the school district.


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Judge Jeanine Pirro  calls President Obama and Hillary Clinton LIARS. She also delivers a scathing rebuke to both, questioning whether they did all they could in protecting our  4 dead Americans, Chris Stephens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glen A. Doherty.


May God Bless your families who have lost some of America’s Bravest!


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CSCOPE, Texas’ Progressive,  Marxist, Pro Communist, and Pro Islamic Curriculum used in over 70% of Texas Schools never fails to disappoint in their intent to indoctrinate our children. Below you will find a question on a 2nd grade Assessment test on good citizenship with Obama being one of the choices. When did you job/position make you a good citizen?

My home schooled college graduate adult children could and did spot a liberal professor’s slant in course work and testing and would follow along for the sake of the grade. Can you expect a 2nd grader to have the same level of objective thinking, of course not. If I still had a 2nd grader at home they would know Obama is not a good citizen and would not have circled him……and would have gotten the question wrong?

What is it about Obama that makes him a good citizen in Cscope’s eyes?


Is it his?:

1)Taking an Oath to Protect and Defend our Constitution and continuing to assault it and see it as an obstacle to his ambitious agenda of “Transforming America” into a Socialist, Marxist Society.
2)The hypocritical way that he flaunts his extravagant lifestyle while he ask Americans to tighten their belt.
3)Promises Transparency and Honesty and delivers deception and lies
4)Promotes Class Warfare
5)Race baiting
6)Demonize’s political opposition by using the media
7)Rewards our Enemies with Fighter jets and money and snubs our allies and talks about them behind their back.
8)Refusing to allow the survivors of Benghazi to tell their story.
9) Continually blaming his predecessor for his inability to achieve success.
10)Continuing to appoint the most controversial figures to positions of power baiting the political opposition into a fight.


I could fill up the whole article with the failures and bad citizenship of this President…he should get an award!





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Vulgar Cscope Teacher in Lumberton ISD

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Texas Teacher Wears “Vote Obama” Shirt at Lumberton ISD and Posts Vulgar, Anti-

Christian/GOP/Fox News Pics on Twitter – Uses CSCOPE




During the November 2012 election, several students claim that Lumberton High School teacher Michelle Champagne paraded around the high school wearing a shirt with a picture of Barack Obama and “Vote Obama” written above the picture. This Texas teacher also has vulgar, anti-Christian, anti-Republican, anti-Fox News, anti-Rick Perry messages and pictures posted openly on her Twitter page and says her fellow Lumberton residents “cling to guns and Bibles.” One tweet on her Twitter Page even refers to a Christian Cross as a Swastika! It is no surprise that this teacher also says she relies heavily on the flawed CSCOPE curriculum!

The recent Lumberton ISD Muslim Burqa Lesson and CSCOPE curriculum controversy has apparently encouraged other students and parents to speak out about things that have happened in Lumberton schools. Over the past month I have been contacted about all kinds of incidents, including this one. Parents in other cities are also standing up and speaking out. Just today I saw that a parent in Flour Bluff, TX exposed a CSCOPE approved supplement lesson that blamed the 9/11 terrorist attack on America.
I 100% believe that the Lumberton School Board and Lumberton Administration are NOT trying to push liberalism on any children. I also believe that most of the teachers in Lumberton are awesome! I do believe however that there ARE some liberal teachers who DO try to influence students with liberal ideas, even here in predominantly conservative East Texas. I also believe that, even if not intentional on the part of the school, the CSCOPE curriculum does try to negatively influence students. Thankfully, LISD has created a committee to look into replacing CSCOPE.
Lumberton Teacher Wears “Vote Obama” Shirt to School
Last week I got a call from a student who said that, during the November 2012 election, Lumberton High School teacher Michelle Champagne paraded around the high school wearing a shirt with a picture of Barack Obama and “Vote Obama” written above the picture. This allegation was backed up by other students who saw her wearing the shirt. Even after at least one student and the student’s parents complained to the school about this shirt, the teacher still wore the shirt to Lumberton High School, according to the complaining student and parent. It is not known what action, if any, was taken against the teacher for wearing the shirt.
The Burqa incident might have been as an honest mistake not meant to push anything onto the students, but there is nothing innocent about a teacher wearing a shirt to the high school that says “Vote Obama.” This shirt in my opinion, is clearly an attempt of an authority figure to push a liberal person and ideas onto impressionable students at Lumberton High School. A teacher with a shirt with “vote” written on it would be fine at a school to encourage students to get involved. I would even be fine with a shirt that just had a picture of Obama on it. But a teacher wearing a shirt that has the words “Vote Obama” is clearly crossing the line. Students wearing religious or political shirts are ok because it is student led. A teacher is in a position of authority over impressionable students who are there to learn from the teacher, so teachers are NOT allowed to wear these kinds of things.

It is interesting to note that on Michelle Champagne’s LISD Teacher Webpage,she says that the students in her class only do CSCOPE for the first 9 weeks!

This Lumberton Texas teacher labels herself as a LIBERAL TEACHER on TWITTER and has VULGAR anti-Republican pictures and messages on her Twitter
Just in case you want to try to argue that this teacher is not a liberal who, in my opinion, wants to push radical ideas onto the students in Lumberton, go check out this teacher’s past public twitter posts.
The following are some of the past tweets on Lumberton Teacher Michelle Champagne’s twitter account. These past tweets on her account have been archived at because she has now deleted her twitter page
Michelle Champagne’s Twitter Description:
Lumberton, Texas – Liberal Texas school teacher surrounded by people who cling to their guns and Bibles…


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Cscope poses National Security Threat?

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Alice Linahan with Women on the Wall poses a question to Robert Spencer of about the possible National Security Threat posed by Obama’s  Common Core Education Standards  and Texas’s Progressive Curriculum CSCOPE.

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TX Cscope students chart “PILGRIMAGE TO MECCA”

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Ibn Battuta


American Exceptionalism will no longer exist in the minds of our children.  Texas has  joined     ranks with the leftist agenda in indoctrinating our children with a progressive ideology. Over 70% of Texas public schools, some private and charter have purchased and implemented the progressive curriculum,  Cscope. Cscope is based on Obama’s Common Core.  Common Core advocate Linda Darling Hammond is a top education adviser to Obama and is also associated with communist revolutionary Bill Ayers.  Linda Darling Hammond has been a guest speaker at Cscope Conferences and is the quest speaker this February in California for the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) National Conference. Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is gearing up to attend the National Conference and hear Linda Darling Hammond speak and promote Common Core which, Texas rejected. There fees and travel plans will be paid for with your tax dollars.

Cscope is owned by Texas Education Service Center’s Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC).  The men and women behind Cscope are the Board of Directors of TESCCC which are the directors of the Texas Education Service Centers excluding ESC 4.

Our children are not being taught about the great men and women who sacrificed their lives for this country nor or they taught that these sacrifices attribute to the FREEDOM we have been so fortunate to enjoy.Instead our children are being indoctrinated  with a pro Islamic, anti christian view. Texas students could benefit greatly from studying the lives of great men such as  Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abe Lincoln or better yet the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. Unfortunately for our children Cscope writers felt it more important that 6 grade students chronicle Islamic Scholar Ibn Battuta’s pilgrimage to Mecca and  Mohammad’s tomb in Medina. The fact that Cscope is pushing a pro Islamic view is indisputable.  Time after time their agenda is exposed, and as soon as it is, the Cscope Reps run to pull the exposed material with a flip of a switch (due to it being an online curriculum). Fortunately there are many concerned about this indoctrination of our children that have already captured the original Cscope documents in order to verify Cscope’s intentions. Here is another captured portion of a 6 grade lesson indicating Cscope reps true intentions to indoctrinate your children with a pro Islamic view.

Cscope Pro Islam View

Cscope Pro Islam View














For additional information on Cscope and it’s indoctrination go to WWW.TXCSCOPEREVIEW.COM












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