Thomas Ratliff the Loser!

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The Ethics Complaint by Thomas Ratliff against Alice Linahan

May very well have been prompted by this Women On the conference call the night before the complaint was filed.




On this call it seems we were hitting the nail on the head.


From exposing what is happening to teachers and students because of the Common Core philosophy of education coming into every classroom in Texas- Public, Private and Charter schools to the financial corruption within the education bureaucracy led by the Ratliff family.

It is a Federal Take Over of Education marketed as 21st Century Learning/Common Core. Some like the Ratliff’s are raking in the money, while our schools are broke and wonderful teachers are leaving.  Reports are in Tyler ISD over 45 teachers have left due to CSCOPE.


Over the weekend I received notice that Thomas Ratliff’s ethics complaint against me was Rejected. 

While this is a great victory the question becomes what was the motive behind the complaint. Was it to silence a Texas Mom from working to organize other Moms and Dads against CSCOPE Texas’ version of Common Core.

An interesting tactic we have seen from folks like Ratliff is to file an ethics complaint to marginalize opposition in coordination with the mainstream media.

Let’s see if the Fort Worth Star Telegram covers the “Rejection” part of the story. They put this article out  on Saturday mentioning myself, Voices Empower and Women On the Wall. 

The Ethics Commission vs. Empower Texans: Who’s so nuts?

Here a a copy of the Thomas Ratliff Ethics complaint Rejection letter. 

I would like to suggest you join me in REJECTING Thomas Ratliff and the Common Core philosophy of Education that is coming in every corner of Education in America by giving our children back the ”Gift of American Exceptionalism” support Women On the Wall’s latest campaign. #CanISee. 

Now is the time to go into your child’s classroom and say……..

#CanISee Backpack and Boots on the Ground



Things you need to know-







Headline in Longview News-Journal Sunday Morning 11/17/2013


Longview News

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Common Core in Texas @ Spring Hill ISD

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Texas is one of five states that did not adopt the Obama’s Progressive Common Core Education Standards. The 83rd legislature passed HB 462 prohibiting the adoption and use of Common Core in Texas. Despite the law numerous school districts across the state are ignoring the law. I wrote about Waco ISD and its use of common core and now we have been alerted to Spring Hill ISD using Common Core stands. Below are homework papers one 1st grade student brought home.

I have been begging parents across the state to please wake up and pay attention to what is going on not just in your child’s classroom but the ideology that administrators are trying to implement district wide across the state; which is a progressive one. It is called Type 2 in education establishment and it is built around the collective and not individual achievement, often referred to as Project Based Learning (PBL).  Parents and taxpayers need to pay close to the financials as well. Despite the millions of dollars running through your local school district the education establishment still lobby for more funds.


****The same progressive educators behind Common Core are the same behind Cscope. It is the same Marxist philosophy built around the collective to create diversity, equity and globalization. ****

common core

Who is behind Common Core and the progressive ideology across the Country? 






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Texas ISD Serves Expired Juice to Students

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 apple juice


Spring Hill ISD in Longview, Texas has been generous with their “controversial” news worthy stories lately, not stories I am sure Superintendent Wes Jones is all to happy about. This week in the news is the story of a young girl being bullied to the point of changing school districts. Superindent Wes Jones refused to give the local TV station an interview. Wow,  this is the man responsible for your children in Spring Hill ISD and he is scared of an interview.  Other stories out are the fact that Spring Hill ISD has continued to force the use of the controversial progressive school curriculum CSCOPE within the district. Last week Spring Hill Middle school principal asked a student to change their shirt because the word “Gun” was on the sleeve, mind you underneath the word God and above the word country. The shirt also had scripture on the back. Ms. Parker said the word was offensive. I wonder if they are going to remove all the books out of the library that have the words Gun or knives in it so others are not offended?

Now we have a junior high school in Spring Hill ISD serving students “expired apple juice” for lunch. The photo below was taken by a student last week. YIKES & YULK! The juice had expired over a month ago from the time it was served. 


apple juice


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hand raise




Student in school suspension for T-shirt that has God, Guns and scripture on it. 

Refuses to remove it!!!!

Spring Hill ISD has stirred up some controversy lately with teachers using Common Core handouts and now we have Spring Hill Middle School’s Principal Kathy Parker sending home a young man due to the wording on his shirt. Who would have thought Scripture, God and the word Guns would be so offensive.


Here is the shirt that the principal found so offensive. Do these people actually live in such a bubble that the word Guns is offensive. It has the scripture of Romans 13:12 on the back “LET US CAST OFF THE WORKS OF DARKNESS AND LET US PUT ON THE ARMORY OF THE LIGHT“.

One the left sleeve are the words GOD & GUNS, 5 inches high.


makers militia

The father of the young man is Andy Davidson who owns the business Makers Militia and designs and sells T-Shirts. I loved the shirt personally and will purchasing some for Christmas gifts. You can find them here…

spring Hill isd



Principle: “Your son is wearing offensive apparel today. I believe it reads God – Guns – Country, and we need to address this situation, by him either changing his clothes, or turning the shirt inside-out.

Me: “offensive to whom? I’m not aware of any mandatory uniform code here at spring hill.”

Principle: “offensive to me, and I’m sure many others, both here at school & in public”.

Me: “Yours, and the emotional reaction to the ink on my sons shirt does not legally, nor morally constitute the infringement or shunning of my sons 1st amendment rights, or silence of his / our beliefs.”


Principle: “I’m not going to argue with you sir, you need to handle this matter maturely. We live in a democracy”. (YIKES!  WE LIVE IN A REPUBLIC. this is an educator)

Me: “we do not live in a democracy. America is a republic, and was founded as such. This is my taking action. The action of upholding my sons rights in this situation, fall back on you and I. I’m doing my part ma’am, you do yours.”

Principle: “again, I’m not going to argue with you sir”

Me: “I know, you apparently lack the capacity & logic to do so, respectfully, ma’am.”

Principle: “so you aren’t going to make him change his offensive clothing?”

Me: “No, I am not going to make him take off his clothing that is designed in support of our creator, and the constitution of the United States of America.”

Principle: “then he’ll spend the day in ISS (in school suspension) and tomorrow, he’ll be suspended from Spring Hill Schools, and if this behavior continues, indefinitely”.

Me: “Very well, you should expect to hear from my attorney soon, and you should also contact your superiors to see if they also agree with your suppression and ignoring of the rights of your students and their tax paying parents. And by the way, you should be aware that shirts do not dictate nor have a behavior of their own, neither do guns. Good day ma’am.”






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