One Conservative Parent’s Thoughts on School Choice

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This is a very long, but very important post. I hope you will read and consider it as our current legislative session rolls forward. Yes I wrote it.

Most of you know my political leanings. I’m not shy about sharing them. Most of you are shocked when you hear me say I am against school choice. I want to first say that this is a political issue only because it has been made one. In reality, it is a family issue, a parent issue, and most importantly a child issue. That is what matters and it matters far more than politics.

In it’s current form – or at least the form that is being bantered about in Texas in recent days, ESA (or voucher) funds would be used to provide money to charter schools, private schools and even some homeschoolers. These funds would be derived from public money – your tax dollars. There is, theoretically, a limited amount of tax dollars available to entities for the public good. ie: hospital districts, school districts etc. They operate under budgets constrained by the amount of tax money they have available to them.

Some people want to divvy these funds up, taking them away from public schools and redistribute them to private entities for the purpose of educating kids. On the surface this sounds like a phenomenal idea. Maybe some underprivileged kids could go to private schools. Maybe we can have great charter schools in our communities that will do a better job than the public schools. And even homeschoolers could afford to spend more on curriculum and online education, or hire private teachers with that money. Admittedly there are some low performing public schools, so privatizing schools will force them to compete for students, thereby shutting down the bad schools, and providing alternatives. Please bear with me here, I really want you to understand why so many think this is a great idea. It all sounds wonderful.

Before we go on – please name any instance in history where acceptance of money from the government (dug directly out of taxpayer’s pockets) has not been accompanied with strings or conditions. It does not exist. There is no free government money without restrictions, rules or regulations. Even the money you overpay to the IRS has some condition attached in that you must file a return to get it back. They don’t just hand it back willingly.

Let’s talk about charter schools first. There are some great charter schools. Now suppose that those charters will accept vouchers or ESA funds. Now they are subject to additional rules, regulations and restrictions. What might those strings look like? Limits on curriculum choices for one. Subjecting of charter students to whatever standardized testing the government deems best, and a school grading/rating system for another. STAAR. Sound familiar yet? Salary caps on teachers, excess administrative personnel. Charter schools – even the best charters with the greatest of intentions – would soon start to be just like the public schools we already have. If you love your charter school, you do not want school choice. You want it left alone. So now charter schools have rapidly narrowing profit margins. Eventually charters will begin to go belly up, as regulations increase overhead and decrease profit margins. How will that benefit our kids, or education or the public at large? And how will it benefit the taxpayers who are funding all of this? Are we to bail out these private entities with more tax dollars?

Private schools will not be left out of the red tape either. They don’t have to take the ESA funds – at least not now. EEOC, ACLU, et al will likely come into play at some point, how could they not? The funds are government funds after all. Someone is bound to deem themselves slighted. You have chosen a private school in keeping with your families religious or cultural beliefs. You have paid dearly in tuition and fees, it would be great to have some help with that. But now your carefully chosen private school will be limited to certain curriculums, chosen by the government of course. Add STAAR testing or some iteration of it to that formula. And now what of the separation of state and religion? Here we go again. Furthermore, what family who can’t afford a $16,000 a year private school can now afford it on $3000.00 to $4800.00 in voucher or ESA funds?

Homeschool? Many families do it successfully if not exceptionally well. The Texas State Homeschool Association won’t tell you this as they jump through the hoops of school “choice”, but homeschool families do NOT want government controls, interference or regulation. And the majority of them don’t want voucher or ESA funds either. The tax money paid into schools that they don’t use is frequently thought of as “just leave me alone” money. They don’t have it back now, they don’t want it back later. They simply want to be left alone to keep doing what they are doing. They do not want the state’s involvement and resultant oversight of home education. They do not want any infringement upon a child’s right to learn in a way that works for THAT child. They don’t want anyone to step on their rights to teach their kids whatever they darn well please, without the interference of entities who have no real interest in their kids or families. Furthermore, is 4k in voucher funds the deal breaker in being able to not work so you can homeschool? There are many families who do both successfully.

So lets say this all passes, and that the ESA or voucher system is a great success. We have kids learning great things in charter schools and private schools, homeschool families are scoring great on those tests. Are those charter and private and home schools required to provide special education services? If so, to what percentage of their students? At what cost? Who bears the additional cost? What if the charter (and only) school close to you can’t provide the special education services your child needs? What if the nearest one that can, is 48 miles away? Rationing special education services worked well for kids in Houston, no? So many great charters though. Specialized schools like Winston or Shelton school are only 20k a year – give or take a few thousand. Well there are so many great charter schools that your local public elementary school is now down to 72 students on campus. All in special education programs. Mainstreamed. Like a boss.

If you have not figured it out by now, I am pretty straight forward about it. I am a very conservative leaning libertarian for the most part. That means I want less government involvement in my life wherever I can get it. I find it absurd that our Republican representatives are making this a hill to die on. What part of being a true conservative involves redistributing our money and turning it into other people’s money in a card game? I am still trying to figure that one out. It has the very smelly appearance of a sham that results in the hiding or transfer of tax dollars under the tables of private entities without transparency or accountability.

Why do I care about public schools? If I am so libertarian, why do I care at all about public education? Why should the state even be allowed to educate kids at all? Less government, right? So let’s say the entire public education system – including current charters and public schools, shut down tomorrow. Would people just stop educating their children? There would be some period of chaos and confusion. Some kids would fall through the cracks for certain. But at some point, communities would work together to come up with their own solutions. It would happen. Eventually. How does that serve our kids now though? Oh – and does that mean they will then give us back our tax money? They will. Right?

I can go all the way to the conspiracy theories – Bill Gates, Pearson and the rest. It’s a conspiracy to make society obedient, dumb, dependent blah blah blah. Honestly, if we allow school choice to weasel its way in, in the way it appears to be planned, none of that will matter. What will matter is the absolute and total loss of parental input into the education of our children. Our school rating system and STAAR testing is already a glaring case of the emperor’s new clothes. Parents are beginning to remember THEY have control of their kids – they are waking up. It appears at this point however many of our legislators are resolutely and deliberately blind to these issues. They are doing a great job of creating the biggest elephant in a room I have ever seen. They are choosing instead to focus on the diversion of school “choice” instead of focusing on fixing the things that are actually wrong with our public schools. And data collection on our kids, social emotional learning… I could write an entire OTHER diatribe on these issues but they aren’t what we need to address right now. By pouring the concrete foundation first, those things get eliminated on their own, for lack of merit.

School choice is a misnomer because it is not choice at all – it is more control and intrusion in schools, it is the definancing and debasing of the public school system. It is the dumbing down of the kids in our society who most need to NOT be dumbed down. It is the overarching infiltration, like a cancer, of common core and agendaized education. There is nothing Grassroots about this school choice movement, don’t be fooled. It is being heavily funded by the entities who have a stake in getting their hands on your tax money – YOUR KIDS education money. I don’t know of any better way to say it than that. And for those who are proponents of this “free market” school “choice” solution – how is anything that the government or tax dollars is involved in, a free market, ever?

If you know me, you also know that I don’t mind speaking up about a problem, call it griping if you will. If I gripe about a problem, I also like to propose solutions. So let’s think about this. What could be the fallout if we did the following instead?

– Find a way for public schools within a district and neighboring districts, to compete against each other based on types of curriculum, innovative course offerings, sports or other activities limited to this school or that school. (Does every high school need a drama department?) and gasp – yes – even test scores and graduation rates. A real, validated, proven and experienced test like the IOWA test – not STAAR.

– Do away with federal funding in Texas schools. It is 9% of the budget. It is 100% handcuffs.

– Do away with most standardized testing – this would eliminate the need for the federal handcuff money

– LET TEACHERS TEACH. Teachers are the trained and experienced experts in this equation. Administrators and self-important small time politicians are not. Great teachers do not need a standardized test to know where their students are and what they need – this is even more true when you have smaller classes

– Privatize extracurricular activities and sports. Seems the YMCA and the local leagues are pretty good at that. Let’s let them do it. We don’t really need more coaches or million-dollar football stadiums. We need more teachers. Let’s get our priorities straight. Sell bonds to pay for those things if the place you live desires to do it. But the schools and taxpayers don’t need to fund the rest of the infrastructure and equipment. Not every sport needs to be select or elite either. What happened to fun? Teamwork? Camaraderie?

– Cut down class sizes. Send early elementary kids to class for half a day instead of all day so there can be classes of 10 or 12 kids instead of 22? Or 28, or… 30? In any case, the schools should be focused on education, not on providing taxpayer funded daycare. Schedule high school classes like college classes. There can still be afterschool care programs for parents who work, but kids should have time to be kids. More recess, fewer worksheets.

– Toss the TEA out on it’s ear. defund it, unlegislate it, sundown it, whatever it takes. Leave school districts alone to choose their curriculum and manage their affairs. After all, if they have to compete with bordering or neighboring districts, they will find a way to perform and be cost effective about it. They won’t survive if they don’t. Understandably, some will need some help to do so, and there should be a way to do that, but there should not be endless funding of nepotism, corruption or negligence. A little more stand and deliver, on all levels, a little less pomp, would go a long way towards improving the real foundations of our public schools.

– On the stand and deliver note – give teachers the tools, resources and backing they need to be THAT kind of teacher. There are a lot of them out there. It is the reason why they teach. They can’t be THAT teacher when their hands are tied and test scores are being held over their heads.

In Texas – we already have school choice. We can charter, public, private or home school without anybody telling us which of them we are required to do, and we can currently do it without a lot of government interference. The current public school system has been strangled by over regulation and the handing over of tax money to corporations who provide NO benefit to kids or education. Why do we want MORE of that? Without school “choice”, charters can be free to do what they do, private schools can carry on in private, and homeschoolers can do as they please. Parents can choose for their children whatever they think best. That is true choice. I don’t stand for “School Choice”. I stand for freedom.

PS. I am not a teacher or school administrator, I am a nurse practitioner and I am not employed in education. I am a mother of 5 kids, 4 of whom went to public schools and 1 of whom is home schooled. I have 2 grandchildren in public schools. My interest is personal, not political.

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Our country’s political landscape has been transforming before out very eyes and you can thank our public education system for the vast majority of it. The progressive ideology running rampant through our our government and education system will more than likely solidify the destruction of the United State’s freedom. Texas’s own Hudson’s superintendent Mary Ann Whitaker is a proponent of transforming our Texas Education System into a progressive one.

Image result for mary ann whitaker


Mary Ann Whitaker thought one students article on “Presidential Candidates Positions on Syrian Refugees” was so news worthy they have posted in on the school’s website. You can read it for yourself below. All I can add is “LORD HELP US”.


Presidential candidates positions on Syrian refugees

By: (I have removed students name)


Time’s 2015 Person of the Year award was given to Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. Merkel has many accomplishments qualifying her for the title, including her handling of European economic crises and her response to the terror activities occurring too frequently in the region. By far, her most outstanding act has been Germany’s acceptance of nearly one million – 964, 574 to be exact – refugees from Syria and other unstable regions of the Middle East. Merkel’s ability to see migrants as who they actually are – innocent families fleeing religious and social persecution – rather than who the Islamic State wishes for them to be – terrorists – not only makes her an outstanding leader on a global scale but a champion of tolerance and humility second to none.

There are skewed responses to the refugee crisis around the world, the United States being the center for such confusion. With ten popular Republican presidential contenders and three popular Democrats all professing different opinions and solutions, it’s no wonder Americans have a difficult time taking a stance on the issue. Even more upsetting is the fact that the responses of most Republicans are discriminatory based on race, religion, or gender and the actions suggested by Democrats are not nearly enough.

Donald Trump, America’s favorite presidential contender and human being in general, is the epitome of bigotry and ignorance. Trump has announced, and defended, his stance on the ban of Muslim migration to the United States. Two comments. First, this idea senseless as a vast majority of Muslims condemn Islamic extremism, those fleeing IS especially exhibiting disapproval of radicalization. The people running from the terrorists are not the terrorists! Second, this action would be unconstitutional as it violates the First Amendment. Americans have the right to “freedom of religion,” and prohibiting people of a particular religion from entering and practicing their beliefs in this country grossly defies this basic liberty.

Freedom of religion can also be defined as freedom from religion. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have both proposed an idea in which only Christians from Syria and the Middle East would be allowed to enter the United States. The first flaw with this reasoning is the belief that Christians will be less violent than Muslims. As mentioned earlier, the Muslims in the region are not terrorists and will not behave in a way more threatening than the Christians of the region. The second flaw is that there is no guarantee those migrating are actually Christians. How does one prove he’s a Christian? A relationship with God is on a personal level and as a result there is no possible way for screening agencies to determine who is and is not Christian. In addition, it is ridiculous, inhumane, and even unChristian to value a particular group over another and leave the less valuable one helpless and ready to die. Let me point out the most obvious issue at hand: this would be unconstitutional. It is ironic that these “Republicans,” who supposedly value strict adherence to the constitution which is evident through their call to abolish Obamacare and defend the rights of gun owners, would so easily damn the very document and its influence to protect those following America’s religion – Christianity.

Marco Rubio has suggested to only allow women, children, and the elderly to enter the United States. This is offensive on so many levels. First is the fact that the sentence reads women then children as if the two are equally incapable of taking care of themselves. These dependents most definitely need a brave, religious man like Mr. Rubio to step in and save them from the Muslims. Rubio’s statement is a gross display of benevolent sexism. Mr. Rubio is willing give women “special” (by that I mean unequal) treatment if women embrace their subordination. The tragic reality is that so many women would accept this offer, at the expense of their husbands, sons, and dignity, to continue their lives. It’s this rhetoric that holds back females and forces them to embrace their current social standings rather than strive for equality.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump both advocate increased surveillance. Islamophobic Trump has called for separate databases for Muslims. Ben Carson says, “In the larger capacity, we should monitor anything – mosques, church, school, you know, shopping centers – where there is a lot of radicalization going on.” There is a commonality between the two stances: both call for increased surveillance of American Muslims, who do not support terrorism in the slightest. The few that may have in the past likely did so only because an FBI informant illegally tricked them into committing a crime. Pursuing American Muslims increases distrust in the government and alienates an essential ally in stopping terrorism.

All of these stances are hypocritical. The true Republican party, the one I would identify with if it existed, believes that a limited government is necessary for the maintenance of individual liberties. This party would condemn a national endorsement or ban of a particular religion as this is unconstitutional, would never pass legislation which subordinates women and potentially limits their rights, and would be an adamant advocate of decreased government surveillance. Unfortunately, none of the candidates above share these values. Maybe the Democrats have a better stance…

Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders have all called for the acceptance of 65,000 refugees. This may be the figure suggested by the U.N. but it is not nearly enough. There are an estimated 4 million people displaced by the chaos in Syria. Democrats suggest we take 65,000 while Germany is accepting 964, 574. This acceptance rate is extremely disproportionate and unfair to Germany and other European countries attempting to support the refugees. John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, has suggested that the U.S. should take a minimum of 100,000 refugees, and this figure is likely a better starting point. At least these candidates don’t exhibit intolerant or even hostile, in Trump’s case, sentiment toward the refugees.

The Islamic State wins when America does not have an adequate response. Innocent Syrian and Iraqi families continue to be slaughtered, Muslims around the globe begin to despise American leaders for their lack of response as Islam adherents face these atrocities, and Islamophobic sentiment grows in America, alienating a crucial ally and cultural benefactor. It is important for the public to know and understand the values of presidential candidates, as their beliefs impact legislation and action in the future. An improper character perception could be the difference between the tragic outcome listed above and the endurance of American ideals.

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Katy ISD Superintendent, Alton Frailey on Defense.

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Katy ISD Superintendent, Alton Frailey playing defense after his district makes national news this week when 7th grade student, Jordan Wooley exposes her teacher Angelica Silguero’s bias to a belief in God. Ms. Silguero instructed her classes that students could not prove God was real and if they recorded it as such on their paper their grade would be lowered.



An upset Jordan texted her mom during class time the following:

View image on Twitter



A brave Jordan confronted the Katy ISD school board Monday night defending her faith and right to claim God’s existence. Tuesday morning and through out the remainder of the day Jordan’s story had hit the media airways.


School administrations detest bad press coverage and after the fact Superintendent Frailey held a press Wednesday marginalizing Jordan’s claims.


The district sent out this document to parents clarifying their stance on the controversy.

Below is a mothers rebuttal to Alton Frailey’s defense of the school and the teachers actions. This concerned mother had a son in one of Ms. Silguero’s language classes that required them to complete the same 21st Century “critical thinking” assignment where there are no absolute truths.

Oct 28, 2015

My reaction to the KISD communication sent out to parents titled “Katy ISD Superintendent Shares Results of Investigation on West Memorial Junior High Incident during Press Conference.”

I am glad that Mr. Frailey stated that no student from KISD will have their faith denounced.  Unfortunately, that already happened in class on Monday the 26th.

1.  “The teacher did not ask students at any point to deny God and the statements of the 11 students interviewed, including the student cited by the media, further corroborate that.”  – That is a lie. The teacher is the one who gave the assignment.  She is the one that said if they put any answer other than myth for “There is a God”, they will get it wrong.  That made the students have to choose between their faith, and what they know is true, and not missing the question on the assignment which would then affect their grade.  How is that NOT asking them to deny God??!!  And interviewing 11 students out of 8 class periods is enough to corroborate a story? How were those children picked?  Did they speak to all parents that complained?  I complained (her letter to school below) and have never been contacted by the school.

2.  “The activity was not graded, nor was it ever intended to be graded.  The teacher’s lesson plan also indicated that this was independent work.  Statements from multiple, randomly selected students support the teacher’s statement that she never indicated that this activity would be graded nor did the teacher indicate that it would be a test.”Again, this is a lie.  If this was intended to be “independent work” then why was there class discussion and why would they need to say that the teacher welcomed all students’ views?  If this was never intended to be for a grade, then why did the students feel pressured like my son to change his answer so his grade would not suffer?  My son clearly thought it was for a grade, especially after she said that if they put anything other than myth they will get it wrong, which is what compelled him to change his answer! 

3.  “No other teachers at WMJH used this activity in class.  The teacher in question, did however, use this with her earlier classes on Oct 26th”.   – I should hope no other teachers would demonstrate such poor judgment.  However, does this mean that no department head needed to approve an assignment that a new teacher independently created?  Why was there no oversight at all?  Clearly, this demonstrates that more oversight on teacher written assignments is needed.

4.  “According to the teacher and other students interviewed, the teacher did not use the word ‘myth.’  She asked the students to participate in a class activity in which they were to identify whether statements were a fact, opinion, or commonplace assertion. –  Again, a complete lie.  I thought the same thing when I heard about the assignment and saw a copy of it and saw the word commonplace assertion…..I immediately wondered how the word “myth” entered into the conversation.  I asked my son what he was told the directions for the assignment were.  He told me that they were to say if each statement was a fact, opinion, or myth.  I told him that it says “Commonplace Assertion” on the paper so where does “myth” come into it?  He replied that they did not know what that meant and asked the teacher and she said the definition of commonplace assertion is myth!  She absolutely did use the word myth in class.  Then, when working on the assignment and getting to #2 and discussion started, she again used the word myth.  My son said she specifically said that they can put F or O but that anything other than myth is wrong.

5.  “According to student statements, the activity did not result in any arguments in the classroom.  The teacher welcomed all students’ views. –  I will concede that no students in the 4th period class argued with her.  My son said they were too afraid to say anything or to argue with her.  In fact, I am just finding out after this incident that this teacher warned the students at the beginning of the year that she has a “dark side” and they don’t want to see that side of her come out.  So, my son specifically said that he was not about to question her when she challenged that he put fact on the question.  She had already intimidated some, including my son, to the point that they felt they could not speak freely on their views.  How exactly did she foster an environment of welcoming ideas and views when she had already intimidated them?

6.  “The school principal immediately investigated the incident and determined that the classroom activity included an item that was unnecessary for achieving the instructional standard.  –  How about she violated state law by including God in a public school assignment?  I thought we were not allowed to pray?  I thought we were not allowed to call parties in December Christmas parties?  Remember the whole God does not belong in public school mantra that is being pushed everywhere?  It was more than unnecessary!  She violated our kids’ constitutional rights by asserting that God is only a myth.  No child should have been subjected to such stress in a public classroom.

7.  “The teacher-developed activity is no longer being used by the teacher in question or the campus and appropriate personnel action has been taken.  –  I understand that this was a teacher based activity which is why she is responsible for the assignment going out to the class.  Obviously the district did not want to take responsibility for any oversight so I see why they are calling it a teacher developed activity since they assert that she designed and wrote the assignment.  That is exactly why parents are upset with the teacher.  We are not “vilifying” her.  We are taking the district at their word that this was the responsibility of the teacher because she came up with the assignment, and we disagree with the assignment, how it was handled in class by the teacher, and have a right to protest and complain when we do not agree.  It is our children that we are talking about here.  We should be involved in their education.


This mother has emailed her son’s principal the following two emails and as of today  received no response.


Dear Mrs. Cobb: I just found out about Jordan Wooley’s story today. My son is not in Jordan’s class but does have Mrs. Silguero for 4th period and had the same assignment. I am VERY UPSET that she instructed that God is only a myth!!! How dare she interfere in the religious education of my son!!!!! I understand from the email from the district that Mrs. Silguero is distraught by the incident. Quite frankly, she should be because I am too! Those of us who are upset by this are NOT vilifying her or judging her. I could care less what religion she is. The point is she really crossed the line with this assignment, period, and it has really upset many students and parents!! She had no right telling our students that God is a myth!!! She had no right bringing that up in a junior high school assignment. Now if she had allowed free thought and opinions on it there may have been a different outcome However, that is not what she did. Even in my son’s class, she instructed them that God can only be a myth!!!! I will be watching each and every assignment even more closely from here on. I understand we have removed God from our schools and institutions….why everyone is surprised with our current state of society is beyond me….we have done it to ourselves!! Regardless of my thoughts on that though, my son’s beliefs should not have been put in jeopardy, his and other student’s grades should not be in jeopardy, and I am beyond mad that she told them God is only myth regardless of whether threatening them with a failing grade is true or not. It is still horrible!!!! I understand that she has been reprimanded and the assignment will no longer be a part of the lesson plan. I just needed the school to know that more than just Jordan’s parents are irate!!! These days Christians are being persecuted left and right. It will NOT happen in my son’s school or we will find another school….simple as that. Katy has been excellent in the past and I hope this trend continues. ~A concerned Mom. (name removed)


Mrs. Cobb:

I carefully read the response that KISD sent out to the parents regarding this ill-conceived assignment.  I take issue with a few of the assertions in the letter.

First, I am not aware of anyone “vilifying” the teacher.  We are complaining that she had very poor judgment and did something wrong which is very true but I do not know of anyone attacking the teacher personally.  I think “vilify” is much too strong of a word for this case and is nothing short of misleading.

Secondly, if we are going to leave religion out of the classrooms then leave her religion out of it.  However, since the district felt it necessary to bring up that she is Christian, I am left with the response of….Really??!!  A Christian that denies God is real?  Does KISD really want to go there?  This makes it look like the district is lying.  Bad call there.

Third, the district is asserting that this assignment was an “ungraded activity.”  That is not true.  The students, including my son, were very aware that the assignment was to be graded and were worried about getting this answer wrong and having to choose between their faith and getting the answer correct.  If it were truly just for discussion then the paper would not have been required to be turned in.

Lastly, it was asserted that the activity would no longer be used by the school yet the assignment went out to more students on Tuesday.  If the investigation into this situation started immediately after the complaints lodged on Monday the 26th, then why in the world would something questionable be handed out again??!!  That was a very bad call.

If all religious beliefs are really and truly welcome at WMJH, then this assignment would have never made it off the drawing board so to speak and the teacher would have never told all her classes that God is only a myth.  I expect more guidance to be given to the teachers regarding what is and is not acceptable when they have the freedom to design assignments on their own.  I also expect this teacher to apologize for the confusion and stress she placed our children under.  The district should apologize as well.  I understand that mistakes, bad judgment, etc can happen but when it does we must own it and deal with it in an honest and correct manner.  Regardless of anyone’s beliefs, these children were told something that was against theirs and they deserve an apology, period.




Parents have such power today with online news media outlets in exposing the bias or mistreatment of their children within a school district. I found it amazing that within 24 hours Jordan’s story was known across the world. Parents need to wake up and stay involved. The education reform taking place today in Texas classrooms is not geared towards their childs academic success but towards “social, emotional learning” also known as 21st Century Learning.

thomas jefferson





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ESCs Exposed-Part 2: No Accountability

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by Janice VanCleave

Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) were established to provide service to school districts in different regions of Texas. Schools in rural areas have different needs than do schools in cities.Thus, 20 ESCs were established to provide specific services to met the needs of school districts within each region.

The ESCs were originally supported by the state. In 2003 the state legislature allowed the ESCs to sell products and services to bring in more funding. This ended these agencies being a service to schools and opened the door for poor quality products and programs to be produced and sold to public schools.

The ESCs are allowed to be self-governed, thus there has and still is no one who evaluates the quality of the ESC products.

State legislatures, TEA and the State Commissioner of Education, like the ostrich in the illustration seem to keep their head buried in the sand. They certainly were not paying attention when the ESCs created a one-size-fits-all K-12 instruction material for core curriculum (math, science, ELAR, social studies).  To add a touch of credibility to this unvetted material called CSCOPE, the ESCs advertised the CSCOPE lessons as being “state lessons.” This is printed on the original CSCOPE materials. Since the ESCs are not held accountable for what they do, the original CSCOPE lessons had plagiarized content. This was not discovered because Texas school superintendents forced their teachers to sign a non-disclosure contract with the ESCs. Teachers signed or they had no job. They agreed to reveal the content of the CSCOPE lessons.  The penalty could be legal court action. This divided the staff in Texas schools. As a teacher, I would not respect a superintendent who cared so little for his/her staff that such a contract was mandatory for employment.

Q1 Who is suppose to oversees the ESCs to confirm that state grant money is spent as directed?

A1 TEA is responsible for confirming that grants from the state are used as described. I cannot testify to all grants given to the ESCs from the state of Texas, but the outside evaluation of the Rider 42 PD grant of $150 Million dollars was spent and the product and services were far below par, yet
yet TEA paid the ESCs the grant money.

Q2 Are the boards of trustees for each of the ESCs doing their job?

A2 Some of the ESC employees say having a board of trustees for the ESCs is a joke. The ESC directors handpick these trustees for their ESC.

Q3 Isn’t the Commissioner of Education suppose to oversee the ESCs to make sure they use money correctly?

A3  State Commission of Education, Michael Williams, allowed the ESCs to develop the rules governing the ESCs.

Basically all the Texas Education Service Centers are given “blank checks” with no real checks-and- balances for verifying what money is used for. Only a very small handful of top directors within each Education Service Center are privy to what happens to the yearly inflow of multi-millions of dollars received by each ESC.  The ESCs receive Federal Grants as well as grant money from the state. How much and what the money is to be used for is only known by the elite few within the ESCs.

The long and short of it is that the  ESCs have evolved from service centers to being part of a  very corrupt network. It is difficult to follow the money trail because of the secrecy and misappropriation of funds.  It is all hush hush when it comes to where grant money goes.

Q4 Why did Robert Scott resign from being the state commissioner of education?

A4  Scott resigned soon after the midwinter TASA conference when he basically did an 180 degree turn from where we all thought he was on many things. Most people considered Robert Scott to stand behind conservative education values.

When the superintendents at the TASA conference gave Scott a standing ovation for supporting TASA’s goals,  we realized that he had been a wolf in sheep clothing or had for some reason been persuaded to support TASA’s goals of implementing Common Core and its assessments.

Q5  I personally think the TEKS and the STAAR do not meet the expectations described. The science TEKS are very vague, and some science TEKS are not correct. When I ask for clarification or to report an error, the answer is always that I just do not understand the objective of the TEKS. Is this attitude the same for everyone who asks questions?

A4 Their patronizing attitude is how TEA and the ESCs get away with so much. It intimidates so many including good educators who might work at TEA or the ESCs. We are patted on the head like we just don’t understand the big picture. We get the picture, shut up and do what we say and don’t ask questions.




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Texas ESCs Exposed-Part 1

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Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs)


Some of the present and past employees of the Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) want the public, the  Texas legislatures, the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General as well as the Governor to know the truth about the ineffective use of money poured into the ESCs each year.

The ESC employees providing answers include directors, specialists, consultants, and general staff representing many of the ESC regions. While remaining anonymous in this report, those providing answers assure me they will gladly speak directly to state legislatures, the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General as well as the Governor. The Commissioner of Education is not on this list because he as did his predecessor, Robert Scott, supports the actions of the 20 ESCs directly or indirectly by allowing these agencies to govern themselves.

Not everyone who works at the ESCs is involved in the misappropriation of funds or the creation and promotions of Anti-American instructional materials. Many ESC employees would like the Commissioner of Education and the state legislatures to cut off all funding to the ESCs. When the “chee$e” is removed, the rats will look for “chee$e elsewhere. The ESCs can then return to being Service Centers, instead of vendors with a monopoly over instructional materials.

When action is taken against the ESCs, school supervisors will no longer have any reason for not doing their jobs. They will no longer have the “common core” look-alike programs produced and sold by the ESCs promoted by TASA. WOW! I remember how wonderful Texas education was before TASA and long before TEKS and TAKS and STAAR. Texas education was modeled by other states. The textbooks that Texas selected were also selected by other states. Now few Texas schools have real textbooks and the education standards are at rock bottom. How can our Texas Commissioner of Education show his face when students can pass state math assessments by only answering less than 40% of the questions, yet many students fail?

Q1 & Q2 refer to CSCOPE, which the ESCs now refer to as TEKS Resource Service (TRS). The ESCs have been banned from selling CSCOPE lessons.


What was the objective of the CSCOPE conventions (now called the TRS conventions)?


The ESC staffers who actually present CSCOPE workshops that have been describe them as cheer-leading sessions to build support for CSCOPE or provide general overviews that use ppts that are within the CSCOPE site.

The ESC staffers who present CSCOPE workshops generally are not invited to the CSCOPE conventions. Instead, mostly the ESCs send about a dozen ESC consultants who do no CSCOPE support work with schools using CSCOPE. These are Special Education and other specialists that never work with districts in regard to CSCOPE. We did ask why they were going and got no answer.

FYI: There is a lot of unnecessary money spent sending ESC specialists to conventions and workshops that have nothing to do with the area they work with. No one confirms that money spend on travel is necessary. No one confirms that training, even in other states, is ever used to train educators.

ESC staffers are basically kept in the dark, but are supposed to do CSCOPE workshops as well as our regular ESC workshops. No compensation is given for the extra work. As previously stated, many who attend the CSCOPE conferences do not present CSCOPE training to educators.


When the ESCs were banned from selling CSCOPE lessons, were the ESC staffers aware that the CSCOPE lessons were to be given to school districts? Also, were staffers aware that the gutted CSCOPE instruction material would continue to be sold to Texas schools?


We get few to no answers when we ask about CSCOPE. This program was brought in and we were told that it would be used. No questions asked. I can tell you that what we know about CSCOPE in-house is  different from the verbiage given to the public. We get little to no clarification about what is going on —basically we know to just keep our mouths shut and don’t ask questions.


Project Share– Is this something established by TEA?

FYI: Project Share is a website where Texas teachers should be able to find free instructional materials for all  grades and subjects. The first materials mandated by the 81st legislature in the Rider 42 grant to be posted on the Project Share website were TEKS transition materials. These were professional development materials that compared the old TEKS for TAKS with the new revised TEKS for STAAR. Academies or teacher professional TEKS training were to be given free and the training materials were to be posted in the Project Share website. $150 MILLION dollars was given to develop materials for the Rider 42 grant math, science, ELAR, and social studies academies as well as create the Project Share website. To this day, 2/18/2015, there are Texas teachers and Texas school superintendents who are not aware that Project Share exists. Few Texas teachers attended or even knew about the Rider 42 PD academies.

Ervin Knezek was an ESC employee when CSCOPE was developed as well as when the Rider 42 grant of  $150 MILLION dollars was being spent developing the Rider 42 academies and “Project Share.”  Knezek resigned from ESC 13 in June, 2010 and established the company Lead4Ward in Washington, State in June, 2010. What was suppose to be part of CSCOPE and wasn’t is on Knezek’s Lead4Ward website. What was suppose to posted on the Project Share website can be found on Knezek’s Lead4Ward website.


Yes, TEA rolled Project Share out and every school district is supposed to have access.
But there are levels of access to the Project Share website. ESC staffers used Project Share  like a linked-in account to share ideas or materials. This was the original idea for Project Share. Not only were the Rider 42 academy PD materials to be available, but teachers were to be able to publish materials that they found successful. Also, teachers were suppose to be able to have accounts where they could share ideas with other educators.

Interestingly, some of the ESC staffers have now been blocked to our share boxes. We had access to these share boxes last year, but now there is a public outcry about the CSCOPE lessons, a lot of information is no longer available. We are not sure why except that there is such paranoia in all the ESCs. If what is being told to the public is true about the CSCOPE lessons, why has the ESC  leadership become so secretive about files that were freely accessible last year?  What was open is not very hush hush and private. The directors of the ESCs seem to be concerned about information shared on the Project Share website. They must be trying to keep up with the answers they are giving about CSCOPE  since they give different answers depending on who asks the question.

Overall, most consider Project Share, like the Rider 42 PD academies expensive projects that have been very ineffective. This is due to the ESCs not developing the website and TEA not following up to see that they do. Like all grant money, once the money is gone regardless if the project is not complete, the ESCs are on to doing what ever brings in more money.

The “jig” will be over if the ESCs are ever thoroughly investigated by someone who doesn’t  benefit in some way from the actions of the ESCs.


Did State Education Commissioner Robert Scott initiate the idea for Project Share?


The plans for Project Share apparently have been bubbling for a while. Scott was so focused on internal issues that we are not sure he was very aware of Project Share, sad to say.


The Rider 42 grant provided the initial money for Project Share, thus the ESCs were to develop the content posted on this website. Project Share is affiliated with Epsilen, which is a Common Core company. Why is TEA and the ESCs using a Common Core Company when Texas is forbidden to implement Common Core? Has everyone just turned a blind eye to what grant money is used for?


We totally agree with this– No one asks or even watches what the ESCs do. As to Common Core, TASA promotes Common Core and TASA and the ESCs work together. In fact, wha ever the ESCs sell, Texas school superintendents generally buy it because TASA promotes what the ESCs sell. TASA is after all the Texas Association of School Administrators.

Comment from Janice

Think About This!

1. The ESCs provide superintendent certification training as well as training required for School Board Members. Thus, school superintendents and school board members are indoctrinated with constructists (common core progressive) education philosophy used in creating the CSCOPE instructional materials as well as the “Vision Learning” materials sold by TASA. Of course Common Core education philosophy is used in Texas Schools, but it has different titles, such as CSCOPE a.k.a. TRS Instructional Material, and Vision Learning.

2. Texas School Superintendents and School Board Members use district school taxes to pay for their personal membership fees  into private organizations (TASA/TASB) who lobby for different education bills that benefit the primary objective of TASA/TASB, which is to TRANSFORM TEXAS EDUCATION.

Yes, our Texas legislatures are swayed by TASA lobbyists as well as the Microsoft lobbyist Thomas Ratliff (illegal member of the State Board of Education) to pass bills that promote Transforming Texas Education so that it is comparable to common core.


This is part I of a series of Questions  from me and Answers from ESC # 1-20 staff past and present. The following will be addressed in following parts of this series on the “Unpacking of the ESCs.”


1. In Nov. 2011, Marlin school superintendent Marsha Riddlehuber and the district instructional director, Jamie Johnson would not allow me to view the content of the CSCOPE lessons used in Marlin ISD. Becca Bell the CSCOPE director also refused me access to the content of the CSCOPE lessons. Why? What were they hiding?

2. During the time that CSCOPE lessons were being sold to Texas public schools, the state comptroller,      , allowed the ESCs to write their own evaluation. This is obvious since the wording of the comptrollers evaluations were word-for-word the same as publicity written by the ESCs to promote the CSCOPE materials. Did the comptroller ever ask anyone about the CSCOPE product that was not benefiting in some way?

These questions and many more will be coming soon.



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Texas Education has been Destroyed

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education destroyed


Texas education is for from being autonomous. Federal agencies have their hand in every aspect of the Texas education system and parents and teachers are really starting to realize the reform taking place. I don’t see a need for the Texas Education Agency any longer.

Education is the biggest expenditure in the state and they keep screaming for more money but we all know it is not for the classroom. The corruption taking place is astronomical and the students are the ones that suffer.

The Committee of Economic Development partnered with the Texas Association of School Administrators and wrote the following policy brief. which outlines the radical reforms taking place across the country with the implementation of common core even in Texas (though they don’t call it that here).  It is not surprising that the research brief is funded by no other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


An assembly line approach to education is being implemented and equality, social emotional learning and the building of a global society is what our education system is becoming about. The destruction of America and it’s values will be the unfortunate result.

























Texas Education Service Center 13 in Austin presently is looking for someone to fill their Gestapo position. It has to be a certified teacher of at least 5 years teaching experience and you can go fill this postition at a minimum salary of approximatley $50, 000. This individual also would benefit by having some knowledge of the Cscope system. Why? Cscope is about a Marxist philosophy of teaching based on the collective.

content specialist


Below are Notes from the document above making reference to info and individuals involved in this process.

Karla Burkholder, Ed.D.

Karla Burkholder



Here is another document put out by Texas Association of School Administrators.


Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is funded with our tax dollars through our local school districts millions yearly. Their office is 2 blocks away from the state capitol and when the legislative session opens they spend their time lobbying our legislators for bills that will profit their agenda.

TASA has created a transformation program called Creating a New Vision, a plan to transform and reform our Texas School districts.




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Anderson-Shiro CISD wasting Taxpayers $$$$

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Anderson-Shiro CISD is continuing to LEASE the controversial CSCOPE product (aka Teks Resource System). There was a state audit in regard to the finances surrounding the Cscope material which was condemning. Here is the report. The contents of the product can be accessed free from the Texas Education Agency with exception of the assessments, which are useless and nothing more than a document to collect data on students. A test and assessment are different. A test is used to access a students knowledge on material learned. Assessments are used to access students on data they do not know and collect the data. Assessments do not come home.


Anderson-Shiro CISD has also signed onto the radical transformation of education with Texas Association of School Administrators called Creating a New Vision of Texas Education .  This transformation is built on the leveling the playing field for all students. The ISD has hired an outside consulting company Engage 2 Learn  whose purpose is to convince the community what a great idea this transformation is.

Anderson-Shiro CISD paid Engage 2 Learn over $10,000 in April, 2014. Why does the district feel the need to spend thousands to convince the community how wonderful this transformation is?engage anderson




Former Anderson-Shiro Superintendent Brandon Core  initialed this transformation. Mr. Core has now gone to work for the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) who is responsible for this transformation. So Mr. Core supported the company  TASA with our tax dollars while superintendent; now he has gone to work for the same company. Wow! Sad thing is numerous Texas ISD are doing the same thing supporting with your tax dollars outside consulting firms and agencies then going to work for them.





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Charlie Riley Signs off on Common Core

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Charlie Riley





Charlie Riley, candidate for Montgomery County Commissioner signed off on the progressive philosophy of education, Common Core while serving on the Magnolia ISD School Board. Though Common Core has not been officially adopted by the Texas Legislature, Common Core and it’s philosophy have made its way into school districts across the stae have seen this and fought it in the last legislature with Cscope.

Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) which is funded with taxpayer dollars through your local school districts have adopted the same common core philosophy under the name “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas“. Magnolia ISD’s School Board on April 9,2012 School Board meeting signed onto TASA’S NEW VISION.

Why would Charlie Riley, Cecil Bell, Deborah Rose Miller, Chuck Adcox, Billy Thompson, Steve Crews sign off on to the Common Core progressive philosophy?


In 2013 Superintendents and Administrators across the state made a trip to California to hear Progressive Educator Linda Darling Hammond speak on Common Core.


Common Core sign off.




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Dan Patrick Cscope is Still in Texas Schools!!

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cscope is still here

Early in my fight to expose Cscope I met with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who said he would get with Dan Patrick and have a Senate hearing. Senator Dan Patrick stated in the following press release that Cscope was gone. That could not be further from the truth. Cscope is still being leased by school districts under the new name TEKS Resource System from the Texas Educators Service Centers (ESC). The lessons were downloaded by the school disticts and some ESC’s are selling the Cscope lessons on USB flash drives. I got an email from a parent this week asking why schools are still using the lessons? The lessons were not outlawed contrary to public opinion.

dan patrick Cscope is Gone!


Senate bill #1406 that put the Cscope lessons under SBOE re



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TEXAS…Engage2Learn… Warning!!

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Consulting firm Engage2Learn has partnered with Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) in promoting their progressive/liberal agenda of transforming Texas Education. This new program is called Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas.   Texas superintendents have been actively working in creating the new vision and now they are hiring Engage2Learn to come into their school districts to hold community “consensus” meetings. They already have their agenda and plan in place and want the community to have the impression that their input is needed. With the use of the DELPHI TECHNIQUE public input is controlled. These meeting are a waste of time and taxpayers money.  Learn how to diffuse the Delphi Technique here. 


Now who runs Engage2Learn. Husband and wife team Shannon & Clark Buerk. Shannon worked for Coppell ISD and worked with Keith Sockwell @ Cambridge Strategic Services. More on Mr. Sockwell HERE.

Shannon’s goal is to transform Texas Education to a progressive/liberal one with Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL implement a collaborative learning style where absolute truth and American Exceptionalism isn’t taught. Students work on computer and in collective groups.


Be on the look out for Engage2Learn community meetings in your local school district





The following slide is from a powerpoint presentation that Shannon had used at a conference pushing her agenda.

students say



texas supers

future ready



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TEXAS WARNING! Is your school trying to pass a school bond?

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I find it amazing how many former Texas high school coaches have climbed their way up the ladder in  Texas Education. Former Coach Keith V. Sockwell started out as a coach in Plano in the 60’s prior to going into administration. From administration he climbed his way into the ranks of the “BIG BOYS” when is comes to dealing with millions of dollars through Texas school districts. TAXPAYER MONEY!!


                                                                                                                                         Keith Vernon Sockwell

Mr. Sockwell has been actively involved in the TRANSFORMATION of Texas Education through Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA’s) Creating a New Vision.

Now let me get this straight. Keith Sockwell and his company SHW Group are corporate partners &  financially support Texas Association of School Administrator (TASA). Sockwell worked with Texas Superintendents to come up with a new progressive/liberal plan for Texas Education called Creating a New Vision. Then Sockwell has outside consulting groups and companies that he sells services to your local school district to further implement the transformation or sells architectural services to build you a new school building like New Tech in Coppell. More times than not if a local School district has a bond on the ballot the SHW group is the architecture company mentioned in the Bond.










Superintendent of Coppell ISD, Dr. Jeff Turner hired the architectural services of SHW Group in building New Tech High School. Remember Dr. Turner works with Keith Sockwell on TASA’s New Vision as well serve together on the Board of Directors of C-Learning.





In 2001 Kyle Bacon Re-Registered the SHW Group as a LLP.


Texas Secretary of State Certificate of Formation for C-Learning

Texas Secretary of State Certificate of Formation of Initiatal of SHW Group

Texas Secretary of State SHW Group Articles of Conversion


n2 doc

Something does not look right or smell right with any of this. !

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The Destruction of Texas Education! PARENTS WAKE UP!

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Across the state of Texas there is a movement by Texas Superintendents and others to totally transform Texas Education. This transformation is not in the best interest for our children or our country. With millions of dollars from the Obama stimulus packages, Dell and Gates Foundation there are numerous liberal/progressive groups working unbeknownst to many in transforming the way students will be taught. A traditional education where “absolute truth” and American Exceptionalism is taught is quietly being eliminated in you local school with the implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL) with the use of technology & the elimination of text books.  Project Based Learning has established roots in the United Nations. Please read more about it here.


The following 35 Texas Superintendents (mostly x coaches who know nothing about education)  originally got together and came up with “Creating a New Vision for Texas Public Education“.



TASA has created the group Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Institute. The institute is working hand in hand with ENGAGE2LEARN, a consulting firm to further implement the progressive/liberal transformation. Clark and Shannon Buerk run Engage2Learn and Shannon’s goal is education TRANSFORMATION. Engage2Learn will be invited by your superintendent to come to the district to hold community meetings using the Delphi technique, which actually controls the group discussion  giving the impression the groups input is valid and needed. The superintendent and Engage2Learn already have their plan in place and this meeting is nothing more than a consensus meeting.

More on the Delphi Techique Here and how to diffuse it.


Before Shannon Burke started Engage2Learn she worked with Cambridge Strategic Services (another consulting firm) working to transform education as well. Those involved in most of these consulting firms originally worked with local school districts and the education service centers. They have found ways to break away and continue to make money off of the local school districts. Education is big business. There is so much financial corruption and no accountability at all levels


Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and just two of many associations that are funded with through local school districts with a progressive agenda. Why are taxpayers funding these two groups is beyond me. Superintendents do not work for the district any longer the are indebted to the TASA and TASB agenda.


Parents and Taxpayers are the only thing that is going to make a difference. Please spread the word and inform others of what is happening with Texas Education.


naked communist




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Warning Texas: Coppell ISD Superintendent Dr. Jeff Turner to Transform Education!

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Dr. Jeff Turner.. photo


Texas Superintendent Dr. Jeff Turner of Coppell ISD  is determined to transform the the way students will be taught. The transformation is of a progressive nature where “absolute truth” & “American Exceptionalism” is not taught. Students create their own learning in collaborative groups called Project Based Learning (PBL) (aka outcome based education). This year Coppell opened the New Tech High School applying PBL teaching philosophy. New Tech is  part of the New Tech Network based in Napa California and funded mainly by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation with the goal of transforming education nation wide. New Tech Network has partnered with Educate Texas.


coppell new tech


new tech.. pbl
Turner on the Transformation



MISSION: School Transformation—Realizing the Vision by Forming Regional Consortia from Texas Assoc of School Admin on Vimeo.


tasa new vision





Who does Jeff Turner actually work for? TASA, TASA’s New Transformation, Texas High Performance School Consortium,










Dr. Jeff Turner was also a speaker for Discovery Education @Future Now also involved in transforming Texas Education.




Engage 2 Learn is an outside consultant company ran by Clark & Shannon Buerk that is working with the TASA’s New Vision to further implement their transformation plan.  Shannon is the former assistant superintendent attendant of curriculum & instruction of Coppell ISD. Their community meetings are a “consensus” meeting with the Delphi Technique used. They already have their plan/agenda in place and want lead the community to believe their input in valuable in their decision. It is a smoke screen being utilized across the state of Texas.





4) Coppell ISD Improvement Plan




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Texas Taxpayers paying for a Party in Austin Next Week!!!!

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Educators across the state of Texas will be paying their way (tickets, hotels, food, etc)  to Austin for the 2014 TASA Midwinter Conference with taxpayers money. Those attending from school districtS pay huge amounts to attend. Those that work for Texas Education Service Centers go FREE? Wow.. The ESC are making millions off of our local school districts state-wide and then get a free pass to the conference?

tasanet conference

There will be many progressive exhibitors at the conference. I would like to highlight one. That is Globaloria. Globaloria is one of many progressive online educational sources used by Texas educators to promote diversity, equity and globalization based on Constructionist theory of education. THE COLLECTIVE! Manor ISD and their New Tech High School are partners with Globaloria. Obama made a personal visit to Manor New Tech to congratulate them on their progressive education transformation that you can read HERE!



It will be the activism of moms and dads across the state of Texas that will be able to STOP the radical transformation of Texas Education that is actively in progress. 

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Texas Warning: Transformation of Public School using Marxist Philosophy

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Texas Schools are going through radical transformation and not for the better. Students are suffering with low grades and good teachers are frustrated and leaving the profession or going to private schools. Districts along with outside associations like Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA), Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), Texas Education Service Centers and others have been working on implementing Project Based Learning (PBL), built on constructivism. Individual achievement is no longer emphasized and students are now working in groups in hopes of creating diversity, equity and globalization. American Exceptionalism is no longer taught.


Aransas County Independent School District is getting ready to hold a community meeting in regard to their district progressive transformation. This meeting will be a Delphi meeting giving the public the opinion that your opinions will be valued and taken into consideration after the meeting. Appearances can be deceiving. The district administration already has a plan in place and this meeting is nothing more than a consensus meeting designed to further support the plan giving the appearance that the community was involved in designing or approving their plan. Here is an explanation of the Delphi Technique. 





Working to expose the corruption I hear from teachers and others across the state venting their frustration with their district. These individuals do not want to be identified out of fear of losing their job. I asked one individual was was the major complaint with their district and the responded with the following…….

coppell 1



Combating the mind manipulation of the Delphi Technique

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Thomas, Bill and Bennett Ratliff are well known names when it comes to the money and policy within Texas Education.  These names have become so common taxpayers are questioning their activities and agenda.   Thomas is a Microsoft lobbyist and sits on the Texas State Board of Education and has been vocal against taxpayers who are exposing the controversial Cscope corruption. Bill Ratliff is the Texas former Lt. Governor and has his name on various education related entities like Raise Your Hand Texas and C-Learning. Bennett Ratliff  is Texas House Representative for HD 115.

Friday December 13th Texas Association of Mid Size Schools (TAMS) is having another conference on the Tax Payers dime. It is no surprise that the Ratliff’s are invited speakers but the fact that they would be labeled THE GOOD GUYS on the agenda brought many of us a dose of laughter. Seriously?

There is a movement to impeach Thomas Ratliff from the State Board of Education and if you have not signed the petition please do so HERE. 

ratliff family

Texas Association of Mid Size Schools (TAMS) is one of many liberal progressive groups within the State surviving off of tax money. This week’s conference will address the following topics. 




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Why There is no Money for Texas Teachers!

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You constantly hear that there isn’t enough funding for education. That is a BIG LIE! There is no problem with funding there is a major problem with with how those funds are spent! Your have Texas ISD spending thousands on a yearly bases leasing the controversial curriculum CSCOPE. Combined Texas school superintendents spend millions funding the  progressive associations Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Board (TASB), two associations whose agenda is a education reform and implementing radical transformation in Texas Schools! These two groups also have offices a couple of blocks from the Texas Capital and lobby the Texas legislature for more progressive policies and money.  Yes they fund these two groups with TAXPAYER MONEY!!no money


We also have school districts hiring an outside company called “Lead Your School” (LYS) for a great cost. LYS comes in to the school and trains administrators and teachers how to change their teaching techniques along with  implementing “Power Walks” aka walkthroughs. These walkthroughs are nothing more than having observers coming into the teachers classroom frequently to assure they are on task of totally transforming the way they teach. Talk about disrupting a classroom!! Teachers HATE IT!!


Marlin Independent School District teamed up with “Lead Your School”  in 2011 at a cost of between $53,000 -71,000. How is Marlin doing after this so called wonderful professional development? Marlin ISD is the worst school in the state of Texas. Students are bused off to another local school and teachers have left the school in droves.

Waco ISD hired LYS for a cost of $1.6M  Invoices &Checks


Mesquite ISD hired LYS for a cost of $780,000.

Tidehave ISD hired LYS for a cost of $34,400

Manor ISD hired LYS for a cost of over a Million

 There are many more district in Texas that has paid these astronomical fees and continue to do so. 




Lead Your School owned and operated by Sean Cain .

Lead Your School is the assumed name for “Blue Daisy Consulting” owned by his wife Lesa Cain.

Lead Your School’s official business address is 124365 FM 1960, #124. I drove to see this wonderful office where millions of taxpayer funds are being mailed and found Lead Your School’s official address to be a Postal Center.



Below is a video of what Texas ISD’s are paying up in the millions for. Wake up Texas!!



A comment in a local paper regarding Lead Your School.

Lead Your School comment

Sean Cain is also the author of one of the stupidest propaganda ridden books I have ever read.  “Look At Me”


In the book Sean is the “Prince” that has such wonderful news for school districts only if the Ranking Officials (school board) welcomes the Prince.

Below is an excerpt from his book.

Once upon a time a moronic king decided that supporting the schools that educated the children of his subjects would be too much of a burden for himself and his rich friends. And so he closed the royal coffers and school funding slowed down to but a trickle.

Due to the king’s actions, many schools in his land were in despair. The humble teaches and earnest principal’s cried out to the townsfolk and villagers to take up their cause. But the ears of these people were as deaf to the needs of  schools  and school children as the head of the king was empty.


Most teachers and principals  resigned themselves to the fact that the promise of success and reward had withered and died. Many left their schools. Those who remained toiled in misery.

All I can say is, Unbelievable!


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TASA’s opinion of Thomas Jefferson “Only White Men Were Created Equal”?

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by Calvin Russell

In a time when racial tension is unnecessarily raising it’s ugly head,why in the world would we want to attempt to open a wound that isn’t there in the first place.

Texas Association of School Administrator’s (TASA) exploration into Thomas Jefferson’s wording of the Declaration of Independence is appalling. To ask what Mr Jefferson’s meaning was when he used the words “ all men are created equal” knowing that slavery was going on at the time would seem an attempt to lead one to believe that Mr. Jefferson was either a hypocrite or a racist.

Five words, just five words to form an opinion of a man who pledged along with fifty-five other men “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to commit to what England would call treason and many did indeed lose their lives, most lost their fortunes, but none that I am aware of ever lost their sacred honor. That is unless we allow TASA’s biased attempt at discrediting one of our most famous Founding Father’s reputation to convince our youth that he was in fact without honor.

In times like these when our nation needs to be reminded of the greatness of our country’s heritage and the sacrifice in blood and treasure that was paid in full to allow us a freedom that our generation has never fully known, we allow one more “educational organization” to spew their anti-American agenda at our kids. Heck, we even fund it with our tax dollars.

That’s right, lets just put a few kids together in a group that we call Project Based Learning and let them discover for themselves what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote these five simple words included in one of the most respected and cherished documents in American history.

And that’s the way we do it today. No teacher to guide and teach, just heat the pot and throw in some junk and whatever comes out in the end must be an education.


TASA’s new ITUNE Lesson

8-11-2013 10-24-50 PM


tasa itunes

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Huntsville ISD Throws Money Down Toilet

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money down toilet

HUNTSVILLE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT under the leadership of Dr. Steve Johnson dr. johnson.jpg along with the school board have spent an enormous amount of thousands money of taxpayers money. ON WHAT? To educate teachers to better instruct students in math, english, science or social studies? NO! It was teducate administrators(superintendents, principals, technology personnel) on how to radically change the way children are taught. It will no longer be about reading writing and arithmetic but RIGOR, RELEVANCE & RELATIONSHIP, stemming from implementing the progressive teaching/learning technique referred to as  Project Based Learning/CSCOPE.

School Transformation Network is working with Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) to implement Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas, aka School Transformation: New Vision. Millions of taxpayer’s dollars are spent through our local school districts funding this radical progressive “TRANSFORMATION“. You can look below and see what Huntsville ISD spent just in the last two school years up to 2/13. Do not overlook their spending on

Please get involved in your local school districts and find out why they are funding this progressive ideology.

8-6-2013 11-57-01 AM

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Huntsville ISD and every school district in the state is funding  TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (TASA) and TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS (TASB) and their RADICAL PROGRESSIVE AGENDA with our TAX MONEY. This has got to  STOP!!! And it will when more and more people get involved and demand school districts be held accountable.  WHY ARE THEY USING OUR TAX MONEY TO FUND THESE TWO PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL LOBBYING ASSOCIATIONS?


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8-6-2013 11-54-38 AM

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by Janice VanCleave


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