TEXANS: Data Mining Your Children! Must be Stopped!!

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Not So Fast Mike Villarreal and Dan Branch~ HB 2103 Must be Stopped!



Texas Representative Mike Villarreal and Rep. Dan Branch have introduced HB 2103.

Bill has been Placed on General State Calendar for 





Interested parties assert that student data collected by the Texas Education Agency should be made more accessible to researchers so that it can be used to improve the state’s education system. C.S.H.B. 2103 aims to provide for this increased accessibility and also seeks to establish an education research center advisory board and set limits on who can request research, which would allow the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to sift through fewer requests and approve researchers in a more timely manner.

Jason, why

I called Cathy Adams President of Texas Eagle Forum and she said quote:

“This would deepen the impact of “school-to-work” which is the German / Prussian education system.”. Ok Moms and Dads are you really ok with this?

What is a P20 Workforce Council ~

The P20 Council is to create a State DATA Base for Education Researchers.

The P20 will among other things – collect data P = Pre-kindergarten through 20 = 20 years of age
P20 database is tasked with collecting information (data points) on Texas students from early childhood to workforce-aged youngsters.
FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act) laws changed in January of 2012, allowing PII to be used in more than 11 different ways WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM PARENTS OR STUDENTS
Call your Representative Today and Say NO to HB 2103. Why would we trust a P20 Board with our children and their Teacher’s private data when things like this are happening in Texas. 
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Texas Education Agency & UN Agenda 21

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Agenda-21Our nation is sadly deteriorating and America’s Exceptionalism is wasting away in large part due to the indoctrination of our school children. Texas unfortunately has bought into the lie of the United Nation’s Agenda 21/sustainable development goals of eliminating world poverty.  Sounds great on the surface but in reality it is the removal of individual freedom and personal property.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas Education Service Center (TESC), Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA)  are all behind the implementation of the United Nations Goals in our school system.  The CSCOPE curriculum is the tool being used to implement Agenda 21 propaganda.

Wake up Parents and Taxpayers 

Please take time to find out  what danger this indoctrination will bring to our National Sovereignty and Freedom.

Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives are being changed–STOP THIS Indoctrination before it is too late. America  will forever be changed if citizens do not get involved in stopping this creeping cancer.

The common answer head is, “I am too busy.”  If you do not take time now you may rue the day that you did not slow down and protect our Freedom. In the name of Progressive–21 Century changes, these progressive radicals are working overtime to implement policies and changes that will take your freedom of making choices away. America will no longer be the “The Land of the Free.”  Instead, it will be a controlled land with no individual freedoms.

Your children are daily being taught in public and private school about community and equal sharing. These are not Christian values, instead, they are at this time socialists propaganda. Which easily slides into communist control. Please get involved and educate yourself. America Needs You.



Texas Education Agency Power Point on Green


Christopher Columbus goes Green

Learn more about the United Nations Agenda 21






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Agenda 21 is EVIL

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Dumbing Down of Our Children is Deliberate

Your children are being indoctrinated.
Do want your children raised by the state?
CSCOPE is the venue by which Texas children are being indoctrinated with Agenda 21 propaganda.
Children are mathematically ignorant by design.
Children cannot read well by design.
Children are not taught to write in script by design.

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Christopher Columbus Goes Green?

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The Green Christopher Columbus


Revisionist History has become the norm in Texas schools with the use of a curriculum called Cscope. Does your school district use it? Check HERE.

One of the Cscope lessons takes the liberty of removing excerpts from Christopher Columbus’s journal entries where he admires God’s creation and beauty to use them in support of the environmentalist goals of the United Nations Agenda 21.

Below is the exact title to Christopher Columbus’ journal entries and one of the entries that Cscope reps have cherry picked words out of to support their environmental agenda for the purpose of  indoctrinating Texas students. The highlighted areas are the cherry picked words removed as you will see below.


Cscope revisionist History of Christopher Columbus


lesson with attachments.




Cscope has found it acceptable to track Islamic Scholar Ibn Battuata pilgrimage to Mecca.  Learn more about that lesson HERE.


You can learn more about Cscope @


More on the United Nations Agenda 21 @

Glenn Beck on Agenda 21


GLENN BECK’S BOOK ON AGENDA 21, though fictional it is thought provoking and makes wonder what our world will one day become if we don’t change course.

Glenn' Beck's Agenda 21

Agenda 21

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