• Accountable – ESCs are responsible and answerable to TEA and the commissioner, the Texas Legislature, the ESC Board of Directors, stakeholders, customers, and the general public. Accountability comes in many forms and is used in all aspects of ESCs’ daily business.  I am laughing in my seat at this statement.  The ESC’s are the ones who started their own non-profit company, Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) and leased a secretive online curriculum management company to 900+ school districts called Cscope. They requested  teachers to sign a non-disclosure statement that saying the contents of the curriculum would not be released or they would not say anything negative about it the product.
  • Communication – ESCs communicate with internal and external stakeholders in a manner that is clear, concise, and accurate. The stakeholders in this communication circle are those that can profit of the backs of our kids. Public education is no longer about giving your children a proper academic education. it has become a haven of corruption while they try to tranform the philosophy of education based on the Collective.
  • Cost Effective – ESC decisions and business transactions have a greater benefit than cost.  COST EFFECTIVE? SERIOUSLY?  The audit performed by the Texas Attorney Generals office shows there is 6.1 Million dollars are missing from the Cscope debacle and the corruption did not stop there. Unfortunately, the corruption continues today. They have tried reviving Cscope under with a name change, Teks Resource System and continue to LEASE it to the school districts. TEACHERS, parents and students hate it. There is nothing on the Cscope website any longer. There are NO lessons, NO Tests. There is a vertical alignment that can be downloaded  for free on TEA’s website. ****Now this beats anything I have seen. The original Cscope director, Ervin Knezek was housed of ESC 13 (Austin). In 2010/2011 the 81st TX Legislature awarded a Rider 42 grant giving the ESCs and TEA 150 Million+ to do professional development (PD) to align with the new TEKS. Ervin Knezek went to the PD training and then left ESC 13 and started his own company Lead4ward. Lead4ward (Knezek) started selling the same services he was trained to do for ESC 13 to the ESC’s and ISD’s. Knezek even took with him numerous employees from ESC 13 that worked with Cscope including the last Cscope director, Wade Labay.  In a nut shell the Rider 42 money was to give professional development for teachers free of charge but our ESC’s are outsourcing their professional development to Lead4ward costing taxpayers millions. I can bet there were no other organizations considered for this outsourcing. Another interesting fact is ESC 10 even hired Ervin Knezek to speak on Cscope for over 10,000. The corruption never ends.
  • Customer Centric – ESCs demonstrate putting customers and partners at the center of everything. Who are their customers? Our School District that spend our tax money.
  • Efficient – ESCs maximize productivity of all personnel and capital resources of the center. LIE!
  • Ethical – ESC employees visibly demonstrate ethical, honest, and clear behaviors and outcomes and follow through to the best of their ability in the timeliest manner possible to produce results that benefit school districts, charter schools, and the public. ESCs adhere to the requirements of Texas Administrative Code §247.2 – Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators. Another lie!! Cscope proved of how unethical our ESC’s are.  We also have ESC employees that have confirmed how unethical their employer is. 
  • Focused on Improvement of Student Performance – ESCs’ main focus is student, school district, and charter school performance, both academically and financially. ESCs stress the importance of student improvement in activities, products, and services developed and provided to school districts and charter schools. ESCs analyze student improvements achieved. ESC’S main focus is trying to stay viable by creating a means to draw in more cash out of the school districts across the state. Unfortunately for students and taxpayers they have been successful.
  • Teamwork – ESCs operate as a system of 20 education service centers with a unified approach to improve public education across the state in alignment with individual education service center strategic plans regionally designed to meet the unique needs of the school districts and charter schools within the region. The ESC’s were setup as regional centers in helping the district in their area and today they have partnered with each other in creating companies within the system selling those service to school districts giving way for more government bureaucracy and corruption.
  • Transparent – ESCs ensure facts, figures, and processes are visible, predictable, and understood by all who come into contact with the ESCs. Seriously? I will never forget the day with ESC 6 Cscope director, Lindy McCullogh confronted me after testifying at a Willis ISD school board meeting as a private citizen stating “If you want to know anything about Cscope you can come see me in front of my lawyers”. This statement was a red flag for me and I knew we had a serious problem in our education system.

Unfortunately, the corruption continues which entails a lot of work on behalf of the grassroots in alerting our legislatures of the corruption taking place. Cscope, Common Core and the International Baccalaureate program are all part a plan to  radically transform our education system from a traditional system to a Marxist one, based on the collective as well along with data mining your kids.


The ESC’s are slowly becoming a household name with a bad reputation. The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is coming to their defense sending out the following brochure to all Texas Superintendents.

tasa paper

 ESCs are now tooting their own horn on social media in attempting to keep a positive image. To late and millions of dollars short on their attempt. Below was their  latest tweet on twitter attempting to promote the idea that the ESC’s save our school districts money. I would like to see the study showing how much the ESC’s save the average school district. I would also like to see who has done the study. If the study  was or is to be preformed by RESOURCES for LEARNING, the study should be thrown in the trash.  Linda Wurzbach is the President of Resources for Learning. She used to work for the Council of Chief School Officers which is closely tied to Obama’s Common Core Standards.  She graduated from the University of Texas, taught in the Austin ISD, and worked for the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Her company  performed the following study called the Cscope Science Teks  Review. I wonder what ESC 13 have to paid for that?  The tangled web in Texas education is wide and deep.