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CYFAIR ISD School Board made the decision without a board vote to remove prayer from their school board meeting and replace it with “movement of silence”.

Cyfair’s recent school board meeting was Sept 12th. The community came in protest to the board’s decision and during the moment of silence quoted the “Lords Prayer”.


In trying to figure out how and what prompted the school board to eliminate prayer from their meetings I then submitted a Public Information Requesting asking for the following….

“Any/All communication, emails, text messages with board, administration, communications director relating to the CYFAIR ISD SCHOOL BOARD removing the Invocation/Prayer from their school board meeting and replacing with a Moment of Silence.” 

Today I received an email from  CYFAIR ISD stating the following..

Ms. Russell, your request has been processed, however, it appears the responsive documents are required to be withheld under provisions of the TPIA addressing attorney-client privileged communications and the deliberative process privilege.  A request will be submitted to the Texas Attorney General in order to confirm.  You will be copied on the correspondence.  Once the applicability of the privileges has been determined, any responsive documents that are releasable will be provided to you. 

Thank you,

Marney Collins Sims,

General Counsel


My gut feeling is the TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS (TASB) is behind it but we will find out.

I later received the following letter that was sent to the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton.


Image result for those who deny me before men, him i also will

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton


“Taking Back Our Children’s Minds – TAG Ruling Requested by SBOE Chair”

By Donna Garner



For those Texas parents who are frustrated and worried about the type of instructional materials their public school children are being taught, your day has finally come.  


I am thrilled that Barbara Cargill, chair of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), has asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (TAG) for a ruling on the issue of instructional materials (IM’s such as textbooks, digitized curriculum, computer systems, programs, etc.) and whether it makes sense for there to be two different sets of rules – one that applies to SBOE-adopted IM’s and another set that applies to IM’s purchased under SB 6. 


By law (Texas Education Code), the SBOE has to follow distinct, detailed, and numerous requirements over the IM’s that are publicly adopted by the elected members of the SBOE and that are adopted at the local level.


Now Ms. Cargill is asking for the TAG to decide whether those very same TEC requirements should extend to the IM’s purchased under SB 6.  


It seems logical that the purpose of the public funds under SB 6 should be to purchase IM’s that cover the Texas curriculum standards (TEKS) and to prepare students for the STAAR/End-of-Course tests to the very same degree that the IM’s on the SBOE-approved list do.  However, this is not occurring in Texas.


Case in point: Publishers and Education Service Centers have been allowed under SB 6 to sell their products directly to local school districts without those IM’s having to undergo the close scrutiny and accountability to verify their alignment to the TEKS and STAAR/EOC’s.  SB 6 (using our tax dollars) has allowed CSCOPE and other Common Core-aligned curriculum materials to flood into Texas public schools even though the TAG (Greg Abbott) on 6.17.14 ruled that Common Core is illegal in Texas (RQ-1175-GA).


In the 82nd Legislative Session in 2011, hundreds of technology lobbyists came to Texas.  They and Thomas Ratliff (registered lobbyist for Microsoft) pressured the Texas Legislature into passing SB 6; and against the pleas of many concerned grassroots citizens (such as Neal Frey, MerryLynn Gerstenschlager, and others), Gov. Rick Perry signed SB 6 into law in  July 2011.


SB 6 allows vendors to sell their costly products without the oversight by the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education.  This is wrong.  Any IM’s that are purchased with our tax dollars should be held to the very same level of accountability as do the IM’s that are on the SBOE-adopted list.  Instructional materials that end up on our Texas students’ desks should be carefully vetted in public hearings and by citizen committees.  


Thanks to SBOE Chair Cargill, the matter is now in the hands of the Texas Attorney General.  His ruling should be rendered in a few months.  


To read Ms. Cargill’s request to the TAG on 6.8.15, please go to this link:




Donna Garner

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How TX CSCOPE Controversy Began

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by Ginger Russell


I did not wake up one day and decide to fight the public school system in Texas. Not by a long shot. I have always been politically active and my mother, Janice VanCleave, not so much. Unfortunately the cause fell in our lap when mom asked me to look into a situation she found herself in.

My mother is science author, Janice VanCleave who also runs  She is in her 70′s and retired. She spends time serving her community by visiting widows in nursing homes and tutoring. This all started over a year ago when she tried to tutor some children in her local school district, of Marlin ISD.  When she asked them where their textbooks were they said they had none. (RED FLAG) The teacher knew mom’s reputation and gave her a copy of a CSCOPE science lesson. Finding the CSCOPE lesson riddled with errors she asked for additional lessons and was refused. (RED FLAG). Prior to writing, mom taught years earlier in Marlin ISD among other TX districts. Needless to say she ended up in her local ESC in Waco where they refused to let her see the CSCOPE lessons as well. The actions and behavior by all involved raised some serious (RED FLAGS). I put mom in contact with SBOE chairman Barbara Cargill who had not heard of CSCOPE (RED FLAG)  and she requested the ESC to give her a password and they refused (RED FLAG). Barbara was not able to get a password to CSCOPE for six months until Gov Perry got involved (RED FLAG).

When the CSCOPE reps in Austin found out who mom was and her credentials they drove to her local town of Marlin to meet with her. SERIOUSLY! I along with another gentlemen attended the meeting to their surprise. They had hoped they could team up on her 5 to 1 and were not happy with our presence. I have the whole meeting recorded below.  It is long and boring. But at one point in the conversation I handed the CSCOPE State Coordinator, the Islamic Powerpoint and he tries to deny it (RED FLAG).

I then filed a Public Information Request and TESCCC (CSCOPE owners) asked the attorney General to deem them a “non governmental entity”)RED FLAG) which he denied. They also stated that mom was a CSCOPE competitor in hopes he would rule on their behalf. The lie has made it’s round through the education system.

We then started going public and teachers would contact us anonymously asking for help. They informed us that their administrators were having them to sign a non disclosure statement, stating that they would not release the contents or say anything negative about it. (RED FLAG).

I spoke at the Willis ISD Board meeting in October in regard to CSCOPE. I had no idea at the time who Lindy McCullogh (ESC CSCOPE COORDINATOR) was or that she was there. She spoke after me and was obviously outraged that I had spoke out against CSCOPE. (RED FLAG) VIDEO BELOW

I later called ESC director Brent Hawkins and in our conversation he said “you will not tear apart something we implemented”. (RED FLAG)

Now, with all the red flags and strange behavior by some many educators in regard to CSCOPE we knew something had to be done. By this time a couple of veteran educators had contacted us and started  exposing CSCOPE lesson content (which CSCOPE reps began editing and removingd after we exposed it).

Needless to say when you have an educational program that is riddled with the controversial material, parents can’t see it, teachers silenced and threatened with prosecution for releasing content, etc, that was enough RED FLAGS for us.

Being politically active I had a personal meeting with the LT Governor in January. Dewhurst said he would have the chairman of the Senate Education Committee which was Dan Patrick hold an education hearing on it. And he did. About the same time I had tweeted about the CSCOPE lesson that portrayed the Boston Tea Party as being a Terrorist Act, and Glenn Beck picked it up. Thank you Glenn! Fortunately parents started realizing what was going on at their  school and became involved as well. The rest is history.

I have not even expounded the financials in regard to CSCOPE or their lack of transparency, which is presently under the review of the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott.

It has taken me over a year to finally find out what CSCOPE iand it is about implementing a radical change in the way students are taught called “project based learning”(PBL). PBL is based on the collective not individual achievement. There is a chart below outlining the differences in a traditional education and PBL. Project Based Learning and Common Core Standards are based on the same progressive philosophy.

As for a my mother, the Texas education establishment have come out attacking and FALSELY accusing her as being a competitor with CSCOPE and out it to make a profit on CSCOPE’s exposure.Nothing could be farther from the truth. If anything, out of  concern for children and our country’s future it has cost us both money and time away from family working on this debacle.  We have got where we just laugh at the accusations because we know the education establishment is jumping through hoops to divert the exposure off of them. Thankfully the truth always wins in the end.

I am by no way a self proclaimed expert on education. Yes, I did home school both of my children who are now college graduates and married. But I do know it is wrong to pass out verses of the Quran to students, I know it is wrong to have students draw new Communist Flags,I know it is wrong to have students learn about the sex life of Islamic Women, etc, etc.. enough on the lessons. I know it was unacceptable and wrong to not allow parents to view what their children were taught. I know it is wrong to have teachers threatened with a lawsuit for disclosing content or speaking negatively about a curriculum. How you can ignore this? How can you vote to purchase this crap again and petition the state for a waiver is beyond me.

I want you to know yes mom and I have a following of conservative christian activist… but there are 100′s across the state that supply us information as to what is going on in their school districts. We are not in this alone, not by a long shot. The days of our local school districts hiding and spending money with no oversight is over.


I want to personally thank Alice Linahan, Donna Garner, Peggy Venable, Ms. Mac, Ms. Bowen, Stan Hartzler, Dr. David Stovall, Laurie Bartlett, and hundreds more that have joined in this battle of protecting our children.


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Texas Senators are Liars?

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I don’t think I have personally witnessed such a group of arrogant and deceitful group of individuals as those in the Texas Education System. Despite the CSCOPE Senate hearings and the passage of Senate Bill 1406 which puts CSCOPE under the review of the SBOE not to mention the Texas Attorney General’s investigation of CSCOPE and it’s business practice; CSCOPE proponents are still touting the “WONDERS OF CSCOPE”. ESC Region 15 is now going to hold a mini conference and one of their break out sessions are to inform attendees how the TEXAS LEGISLATURE and CSCOPE CRITICS have manipulated material to suit our illicit purposes. So who do they truly think has preformed these illegal and unlawful activities? Is it the Senate, the House, the parents and outspoken critics such as myself.  Are we all just a bunch of liars? I wished they would publicize their idea of what illegal or lawless acts have been preformed!

Astonishing to me they would have the audacity to hold such a conference. How telling it is how bad they want to hold onto the progressive agenda behind it all. As I have told them all personally “I don’t know how they sleep at night”.

The following Handouts from ESC REGION 15 gives you the agenda for the Mini Conference where they will be addressing “The Truth About CSCOPE”.

mini conference

Being the director of ESC 15, Scot Goen obviously signed off and approved this conference and supports the agenda behind it. The state needs to quit funding these organizations NOW!! They are fighting state agencies, parents, etc to accomplish their liberal agenda of indoctrinating our children.

 Director: Scot Goen

I only hope Senator Patrick, Senator Campbell, Rep Toth and others see that these men and women behind CSCOPE are individuals that cannot be trusted with the education of our School Children. 

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Brenham ISD and other TX ISD’s Endanger Students

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Despite the fact that a Marxist curriculum called CSCOPE is now under the review of the Texas Attorney General, Brenham ISD school board votes to continue it’s use. Why? It is shocking to hear that school districts across the state continue to renew contracts, use, implement, or purchase CSCOPE. Does your district use it? Check HERE!!  CSCOPE is based on a Marxist philosophy of education. There are so absolute truth in CSCOPE. Subject matters are all up for debate which is what “progressive educators” call “critical thinking”. Numerous lessons have been exposed revealing CSCOPE’S pro communist, pro Islamic content. CSCOPE has been hailed by Texas Senator Dan Patrick “If CSCOPE was an airline he have it grounded”.

Why are superintendents and school boards endangering your children? Why would they not lean on the side of caution? Parents need to wake up as to what is going on in your school districts.

The days of trusting school officials and trusting that their decisions are the best for your children are over.

There are millions of dollars surrounding this controversy that have not been accounted for.

For additional info check out


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Texas Attorney General Sends Letter to TESCCC on CSCOPE Materials

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Attorney General Abbott Sends Letter to TESCCC Regarding Disclosure of CSCOPE Materials


AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sent the following letter to the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) regarding allegations that Texas parents are being denied access to CSCOPE curriculum and materials.


Text of letter:

May 6, 2013

Ms. Anne Poplin
Chair, Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) Governing Board
301 Loop 11
Wichita Falls, Texas 76306

Dear Ms. Poplin:

It has come to our attention that school districts may be denying Texas parents access to CSCOPE curriculum and materials in violation of the Texas Education Code. Specifically, it has been alleged that school districts are improperly attempting to charge parents hundreds of dollars in order to access CSCOPE-related information that must be provided to them under Texas law.

As you know, Section 26.006(a) of the Texas Education Code provides that parents are “entitled to review all teaching materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids used in the classroom of the parent’s child.” The Education Code also provides that school districts “shall make teaching materials and tests readily available for review by parents.” Further, Texas law specifically states that “A student’s parent is entitled to request that the school district…allow the student to take home any instructional materials used by the student.”

Notwithstanding the fact that Texas law clearly requires school districts to make educational materials accessible to parents, it is our understanding that school districts have recently attempted to charge hundreds of dollars for information related to the CSCOPE curriculum. To the extent parents are being charged a fee in order to access CSCOPE-related information, such a fee is not authorized by the Education Code.

In light of these concerns, we request that the TESCCC promptly notify school districts that information related to CSCOPE must be provided to parents in accordance with Chapter 26 of the Texas Education Code, which does not authorize the imposition of a fee. With summer fast approaching, it is imperative that the TESCCC distribute the notification requested herein immediately so that parents are assured access to CSCOPE-related information before the end of the school year. Finally, be advised that failure to comply with the Education Code’s disclosure requirements could result in legal action against school districts.


Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas

cc: The Honorable Dan Patrick
Chairman, Texas Senate Committee on Education

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