Magnolia ISD Implementing “Marxist” Curriculum

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Last week the World witnessed the United Nations 70th Anniversary Assembly in New York. The United Nations is notorious for promoting a Globalist Marxist ideology. We saw Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stare down leaders from around the world that would love nothing better than have his homeland of Israel obliterated from the earth.

You would think that here in Texas we would steer away from promoting the UN agenda but sadly that is not the case. We have local Texas School districts implementing the Marxist ideology with the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). Those of us that have actually researched the IB program know that is bent on changing our society.

 At this moment,  Magnolia ISD is promoting and implementing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) (11&12th grades). Why would a local Texas School District that supposedly has a “conservative” school board, sit idle by while the administration implements a Marxist program and give up local control of any of their students education to a foreign entity, such as Switzerland? Unbeknownst to parents and taxpayers, the administrations applied for the program in the spring of 2014. Board members and some progressive leaning parents as well  others will say “Well it is an optional program.” Seriously? Having an optional globalist program that supports “international numbness” and not American Exceptionalism that is bent on changing society is ACCEPTABLE? Are we forsaking what the Greatest Generation, as well as others, fought to protect our way of life from abject tyranny at the end of the day?

Magnolia High School signed their application March 31, 2014.

Magnolia High

Magnolia West High School filed their application on

January 4, 2014.


 As you can see,  the administration filed for the “candidate phase of the IB” program before ever officially presenting the program to the school board on September 8, 2014!! There was NEVER an official school board vote allowing the district to purchase and implement this Marxist program. You would think a school board would have a say on what their students are taught, right?

One parent called me recently asking “What use is a School Board”? My answer is NOTHING! As you can see in this situation, school boards for the most part are just “Rubber Stampers” for the administration. Th rarely have any real knowledge of the Administration’s agenda. One will rarely find a a school board member that will represent those that elected them into office. Why? They have businesses in the area and need to maintain a positive image by not making waves,  or they have kids in the district and fear they will be retaliated against, or they just promote the same “liberal” ideology.

The Diploma Program has a required course called “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK) that all students must participate in. The TOK has no academic value. It is a “brainwashing” class using Hegel’s Dialectic Theory having students questioning all they know that is “TRUE”. Reminds one of the scripture in Genesis when Satan deceived Eve into eating the apple.

The Magnolia ISD administration states that the IB program is not affiliated with the United Nations. That is a LIE!

#1 The IB program is a registered non-governmental organization of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This is a snapshot from the UNESCO website. unesco today

#2  UNESCO Document on the International Baccalaureate Program

#3 The United Nations International School uses the IB program.


Why Magnolia Independent School District must stop the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Program.

1. Anti American/Anti Christian.

UNESCO is about promoting a New Humanism unesco humanism

2. It promotes a Marxist (Collective) Ideology undermining America’s free market system.

3. IB undermines the US Founding Principals.

4. Promotes a world without borders …. Globalism.

5. Assessments are graded and scored on the fact that a students minds can be shaped toward globalism and socialism, rather than toward capitalism, democracy and pro-Americanism. If you don’t “cave in” to the globalist/socialist way of thinking on these assessments, you won’t get a high score, or get in to the elite colleges controlled by the same type of people that promote the IB curriculum to parents.

6. Promotes the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Agenda.

7. Supports UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child where if adopted a government’s right supersedes the rights of parents.

8. Should there be arbitration regarding scores or any other matter with the IB program it is handled under Swiss Law. NOTE….Arbitration under Swiss Law is handled by a United Nations Company.

9. The IB Program is very Expensive. Fort Bend ISD got of the program due to the expense. IB requires that all IB instructors be certified by IB–these costs include the IB fee for the seminar, travel, lodging and sometimes car rental expenses. Magnolia ISD has already spent over $50,000 to implement the program and the program is not being implemented until the Fall/2016. More on the cost of the IB Program. Why would Magnolia ISD agree to such astronomical costs to the district for only 2 grades?

10. Our students deserve BETTER!!!

tyler smoth


Please make your voices heard. Here are the dates for the up coming school board meetings. The next meeting is Monday, Oct 12th, 6:30 pm @ 31141 Nichols Sawmill Road, Magnolia, TX 77355.

You can also contact the Superintendent Todd Stephens @

todd stephens

You can also contact the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Anita Hebert @

anita hebert

Contact Magnolia ISD School Board members below letting them know you do not want to fund this program with your tax dollars.


steve crews

Chuck Adcox

deborah rose Miller

joe duncan


Gary Blizzard


travis moffatt


kristi MH




Additional Info:

Power Point on IB

IB Connecting the Dots

Social Change and IB World Schools

Is the IB really Good for Your Child?

All American Trouble

International Baccalaureate: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree


Below are snap shots of students work within the IB program or from an IB text book.






god force

God does not exist

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Magnolia High School Teacher Promotes Globalism & Population Control

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Katherine Cantu


Magnolia High School Teacher, Katherine Cantu definitely has a biased objective when it comes to educating your children. Cantu is Magnolia High School’s AP Human Geography teacher. Cantu serves on the board of directors for Houston Area Model United Nations.

Cantu is also a teacher trainer for Population Connection purporting the idea that the earth is overpopulated. Their mission statement is below.




You can look no further than her “class” twitter account to see her political ideals.


This link is Mrs. Cantu’s Welcome page for those interested in the Model United Nations program.


The following video was shared by Cantu on her social media twitter account for her class.












Time Cantu


Of course Ms. Cantu is on board with Magnolia ISD implementing the United Nations, International Baccalaureate Program in the district. The International Baccalaureate Program is a Marxist program based on the collective. It is a non-governmental entity of UNESCO promoting a “New Humanism.







Links on Ms. Cantu’s page.







Ginger Russell's photo.



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Texas School Board Member….Treats Constituent Like A Dog!

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I have been saying for years that school board members do not represent their constituents, that they have morphed into being “rubber stampers” for ISD administrations. School Boards now are a “team of 8”, a superintendent and 7 elected board members (or in Magnolia’s case appointed) geared towards “Group Think”. You will rarely find a school board where there will be a dissenting vote on any matter. The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is to blame for brainwashing our school boards through their conference training. They frown upon a board member that actually can think for themselves and have labeled them as “trouble makers”. As matter of fact during the 2014 TASB/TASA conference there was a break-out session titled: “Dealing with Mavericks, Malcontents and Mutineers” led my TASB consultant, David Koempel. School board members are unapproachable, they will not return phone calls if they have knowledge you are not on board with the ISD’s agenda. This attitude is represented in Magnolia ISD school board member Ms. Kristi Baker’s retweet on twitter.

kristi tweet

On the heels of exposing Cscope (more on Cscope)  and the corruption within the Texas Education system in 2013, I then decided to run for school board in hopes of making a difference. I could see our country was at stake. So I applied to run for position 4 of the Magnolia ISD board, my opponent was incumbent Kristi Baker. Ms. Baker was appointed to the Magnolia ISD School Board, August 2013 a position vacated by member Brent O’Neil.

I did not know and never met Ms. Baker so I had no personal vendetta.  My running had to do with the education system as a whole “state wide” knowing how the federal and state mandates were changing our public schools and not for the better. I truly wanted to make a difference.  I even reached out to Ms. Baker after announcing my candidacy in hopes of telling her why I was running and my knowledge of the Texas Education system. She never responded and it became apparent Ms. Baker took it personally.

If there were to be an ugly, hateful, spiteful race this race could win hands down with the help of the Magnolia ISD administration. Magnolia ISD superintendent, Todd Stephens visited his campuses and told the administrations they needed to get their teachers out to vote. Substitutes and parent subs were sought so teachers could vote during the school day. Students and teachers were utilized and on behalf of the Magnolia ISD High School principal, Jeff Springer and a bullying campaign was raged against me also  during class time throughout the whole school day. I can only assume no school work needed to be done.

Over a year has passed since the election and I am regularly contacted by disgruntled parents and teaches around the state that are seeing the changes I have been alerting them to. Last spring a church member informed me that Magnolia ISD was working on implementing the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). For those that will do their research you will find that the IB program is affiliated with the United Nations Marxist ideology (collectivism) and the handing over the education of our students to a foreign entity, Switzerland. Magnolia ISD has already spent over 50K on implementing the program with plans of spending that or more this year though the program will not be in effect until the fall of 2016. I have been speaking out about this waste of taxpayers funds at school board meetings and alerting the uninformed public. As expected no school board member or the administration will have an intelligent conversation regarding the program, at least not with me. What would I know?

This leads me back to Ms. Baker who has not been active in politics until the school board race and is now knee deep in it. LOL  She recently joined the board of directors of the “NEW” Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Group and seems to regularly show up at meetings that I have regularly attended.  I am glad that our race prompted her to become more involved in the political process. As a matter of fact I saw Ms. Baker at a Rep. Kevin Brady town hall meeting last night. Since these board members are unapproachable I found an opportune time to approach her and asked, “Kristi, where are you on this UN International Baccalaureate Program?” She looked at me and said, “Run Along Ginger.” as if I were some dog. I was not phased I knew she would be rude so I asked her again. She fumbled around for the words to say and responded with, “Good Night Ginger.”  I gladly left. As expected Ms. Baker was dismissive of my question. Why? Isn’t she is a “conservative” republican? Now that Ms. Baker is on the board of the Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Group one could only assume she would not want the United Nations Program in our local  school district indoctrinating our children.  Or does she? As Kristi would parrot “Let’s do it for the babies.”

Why you should be concerned about International Baccalaureate

More on our school board race.




Kristi Baker



Kristi Baker









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Texas Schools on Marxist Path!

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texas flag

Our government run public schools are working fast at indoctrinating America’s school children.  You can call it Out based education, Project-based learning, Common Core, Cscope (Texas) or the United Nations International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, it is all based on Marxism.  Parents,grandparents and taxpayers need to start paying attention!

International Baccalaureate  is another arm of U.N. Agenda 21 indoctrination of our children into “global citizenship, social justice, intercultural understanding and respect,” submission to one-world socialist government, using American taxpayer dollars.  IB programs are devoted to the “radical transformation” of America’s classrooms and unfortunately most parents have no idea what it is.

These children are our future!





Texas states that Common Core is illegal in Texas but it is all smoke and mirrors. Believe me the philosophy behind Common Core (collectivism/Marxism) is in every public school in Texas, they change the name to protect the guilty.  Schools districts are masters at deception.

Activists need to rally the troops in Texas and let’s get this International Baccalaureate Program out of our state. IB maintains UN status as a non-governmental organization. You can find a wealth of information on IB at


If you would like to know if your school district is part of this indoctrination check HERE. 

NOTE: Some districts are in different stages of the application process and may not listed like

Magnolia ISD. Please check with your district.


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Hurst Euless Bedford and other Texas ISD’s implementing Marxist indoctrination.

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Texas has lost its way when it comes to educating our children properly thanks to our Texas legislators. Unfortunately, for students and our country Texas school districts have been implementing the Marxist teaching philosophies  with the use of  Cscope, Common Core (though illegal in Texas the Math Teks prove otherwise) and the International Baccalaureate Program. The names may change but the philosophies remain the same, MARXIST. For the purpose of this article we will focus on the  International Baccalaureate Program which Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD has implemented with a hefty price for taxpayers .

The United Nations, International Baccalaureate is listed as a non-governmental organization with consultative status under United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The International Baccalaureate program is the brainchild of Fabian Socialist, Marie Maurette. Ms. Maurette, did not want students receiving an education in History until after the age of 12 in hopes of creating global citizenship and international-mindedness. “We are all ONE”, Good Bye America!

unesco 1

UNESCO’s mission is  promoting a one world government while promoting HUMANISM (no God).


The International Baccalaureate Program is promoted as a high achieving program for  students to accumulate college credit.  What is not told is the program is “inclusive” open to all students high achieving or not. Not all students who participate in the program will be able to get an IB diploma. IB examines are graded under international law and if there is to be any arbitration in regard to a students exam and diploma it is held under Swiss law. Why are we handing our education over to those with no allegiance to America?

The IB program is very expensive. There is an annual per school fee to be part of the program. HEB ISD paid an annual fee for the two high schools @ $10,820 per school. The fee will go to $11,090 for the 2015/2016 school year. The district also paid over 200,000 just for registration and exams for the 2013/2014 school year. There are other fees and expenses that go along with the program, material, teacher development (they have to teach the IB way), district IB Coordinators, etc.

The high school Diploma program consist of a mandatory course called “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK).  TOK has NO academic value. This course uses  Hegel dialectic manipulation  leading students to question any and everything their parents have taught them as “truth” even their faith in God. Below you will see a couple of activities in an older version of the  “Theory of Knowledge” IB text book.


god force



Why a school district thinks it is their duty to place students in this environment where everything their parents have taught them is questioned is beyond me. Could the intent be to indoctrinate and wash away any allegiance one may have to God and America?

You bet it is!


To learn more about the International Baccalaureate and why you should be concerned.

To see if your Texas district is an authorized IB World School District check here.




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Is the International Baccalaureate Program Academically Challenging?

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ib image

How is the IB different from AP? Is one better than the other?

While neither program is better than the other, they each have different aims.

Know that neither programs can be open to all students and have advanced curriculum–Prior to inclusion of all students, only students with the ability to be successful were allowed to enroll in AP classes. If a student was not able to maintain a passing grade they were advised to join regular classes.

1.The IB is a comprehensive curriculum that requires students to demonstrate knowledge and skills through both in-class and outside assessments in six academic areas.

  1. Schools that offer IB must be prepared to offer the total program upon initial implementation.
  1. IB is expensive
  1. Students whose main goal is preparation for either a career with an international perspective or college in another country may prefer IB because of its recognition at overseas universities.This is not being revealed to all. Do parents know this?
  1. IB is a two-year program and not transferable from one school to another.

6. Also, IB diploma students who plan to attend selective colleges (?) may receive preferential admissions consideration and/or                           college credit for satisfactory IB exam scores. But not all colleges do this.


  1. AP, on the other hand, permits campuses to pick and choose from over 30 offerings.
  2. AP’s expense is only exams.
  1. Students whose main goal is college credit will probably choose AP because Texas colleges offer credit on a more widespread basis for satisfactory AP test scores than for IB scores.


I keep hearing that IB is for those students that high achievers, ones that excel academically but as stated on Magnolia ISD’s website the program is open to ALL STUDENTS. How can a program be open to all students  be academically challenging. It can’t? It is not important th

The program is based on Humanism (NO GOD). IB promotes interdisciplinary learning with the intent of indoctrinating students with “international-mindedness”.


George Walker, the Director General at IBO, “International education offers people a state of mind: international-mindedness. You’ve got to change people’s thinking.”  Hence, “students develop an awareness of moral and ethical issues and a sense of social responsibility . . . fostered by examining local and global issues.”

In achieving international mindedness, International Baccalaureate has endorsed the United Nations Earth Charter, the Green Agenda …a global code of conduct based on earth centered spirituality (Gaia) and globalist values.

IB students

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To Magnolia ISD School Board

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I had the opportunity to address the Magnolia ISD school board in relation to their implementation of the Marxist International Baccalaureate Program and my concerns. Below is my speech. I was not able to finish it due to a 5 min time limitation.

In 2012 my mother and I discovered the Cscope curriculum that the Education Service Centers had created and then leased to Texas School Districts. I may not be a public educator but as an American I knew something was wrong when I realized the material portrayed the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act, asked students to draw a new communist flag, taught that Allah was the Almighty and portrayed communism as something to be achieved. My concerns were increased when teachers admitted to having to sign a non-disclosure statement stating they would not release the contents or say anything negative the about the Cscope material. Students had no textbooks and parents were forbidden from viewing the material. I contacted school administrators in numerous Cscope school districts regarding the content. Unexpectedly, administrators took to marginalizing my concerns, calling me names, from conspiracy theorist to a liar and then some. Their reactions strengthened my resolve and caused me to dig deeper into what was happening behind the scenes. Thankfully my concerns started getting statewide attention with the help of TV personality Glenn Beck, local radio hosts and the national media. At the beginning of the 83rd Texas State Legislature I met with Lt. Gov Dewhurst and as a result of our meeting, he called for a Texas Senate Hearing on Cscope which eventually led to a House hearing and bills being passed reigning in this rouge program and the ESC’s. A state audit of the program was then requested and performed, and as of today there is still 6.1 Million unaccounted for from the Cscope debacle. In light of this it is surprising that Texas Schools continue to fund the ESC’s. Texas has over 1000 school districts and it took me some time to realize the reason that 900 plus school districts would be so deceptive in their implementation of such a program. It was the ideology behind it. A Marxist one based on Social Constructivism. I then realized our education industry had becomes masters at deception when it comes to implementing programs that will attract public criticism. Terms have been redefined: “Rigor,” once associated with knowledge, has come to mean the ability to grapple with something that doesn’t have a defined answer. “Critical thinking” now means the ability to be critical (usually of traditional ideas and values), instead of the ability to analyze. Students are taught to question everything, even what they have learned from their parents which may include personal values, and Absolute Values are no longer taught. This brings me to my concern about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program that Magnolia ISD is planning on implementing. Just like Cscope when criticism begins on a prescribed program, studies are then showcased in hopes of proving what a wonderful program the IB is. You have placed on the Magnolia West website a study by IB- Graduate, that sings IB’s praises which is based in London.
Will Archer is the CEO of that company and he travels the world promoting International education and the data mining of students. Magnolia ISD has also placed a Myth and Facts document about IB that really twists the facts around only to mislead the reader. IB was initially funded by the UNESCO and as per this UNESCO document IB is a NGO arm of UNESCO.
The IB Organization explains that IB and Common Core Standards share the values and beliefs of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights with emphasis on Article 26. These are values America does not support, such as surrendering the United States Constitution, national sovereignty, complete disarmament and individual rights where students then become members of the “world community. The district states anyone can enroll in the IB program which only proves it has nothing to do with high academic achievement. One required course for the IB program in the Theory of Knowledge class. This course has no academic value. Students are to learn what “Knowledge” is and are required to do an oral presentation and essay based on a “knowledge issue”. In this IB document some knowledge issue example questions are given for students to choose from. EXAMPLES…Is it reasonable to believe in God? What kind of knowledge is Math? Is religion necessary to have a good moral center? Should gay marriage be allowed? Is homosexuality a choice? Are there real differences in the sexes?
Magnolia ISD has not sought community input or board approval in purchasing and implementing the IB program. A feasibility study is required and as far as I know there has not been one. The district has not performed a cost analysis as to what the program will cost the district? You have spent 4,000.00 per high school to apply for the program and 9500.00 per school for annual candidacy fee. This fee for Sept 2015 will increase to 11,090 per school. Does the district know what it will be in 2016? This does not even touch what it cost to train the teachers and the other fees associated with the program. Why would our school board approve funding a program when you have no idea what this is going to cost the district? I am asking Magnolia ISD school board to do due diligence in investigating this program and its agenda. My question to you is what are you going to say to your children when they realize you could of stopped a program that is detrimental to not only our students but our country as a whole. The program is not needed and should be stopped. Thank you.


daniel webster 1


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What we have learned about International Baccalaureate


by Duncan and Aileen Koler

We have three children who have attended public schools in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We have been thrilled with the education they received here – until IB was introduced. In January we made the difficult decision to withdraw our two youngest from public school and began home-schooling them. The main reason for this was what we discovered through our research about IB: political indoctrination has replaced good academics in our local public schools.

We will refer to the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), its related Middle Years Program, (MYP) for middle schools and Primary Years Program (PYP) for elementary schools collectively as “IB”. All three are “curriculum in a box” programs created and sold to individual schools by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Geneva, Switzerland, in cooperation with the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These programs are now being used in the Coeur d’Alene School District. Every child at Hayden Meadows Elementary School is now being taught this curriculum – there is no “opt out” opportunity.

Our introduction to IB came at Coeur d’Alene High School’s 2006 orientation assembly for incoming freshmen and parents. They announced that CHS had been accepted as an “IB School.” They excitedly told the assembly that the IB Program meant: (a) academic excellence; (b) guaranteed college credits for IB classes; and (c) preferential college admissions. They told us that IB was far superior to the successful Advance Placement (“AP”) program already in place. We were excited for our academically-oriented freshman son, and he decided to take IB courses that were going to be offered starting his junior year.

We began to question the IB curriculum when we learned significant classroom time in our son’s supposedly hard-science IB chemistry and math courses was being devoted to environmental and cultural topics such as global warming and human overpopulation, and the slant that came with the classroom discussions.

We decided to do our own research regarding the IB curriculum. We were shocked by what we discovered about what IB teaches, and the strategies underlying the curriculum. In addition to being extremely controversial in other parts of the country, we discovered IB is extremely expensive, that very few students ever obtain the vaunted “IB Diploma” and that colleges prefer AP over IB for class credits and admissions.

Our research left us with the impression that we had been sold a bill of goods by our school administrators, who never said anything about the controversies surrounding the IB Program, whose stated goal (as shown below) is to produce good “Global Citizens.” We believe an honest public discussion about these issues should have occurred before the IB Program funding began using taxpayer dollars.

Our research focused primarily on materials available directly from the International Baccalaureate Organization’s own website: In particular, we took the time to read the posted speeches given by IB administrators at its annual conferences, to learn how IB really sees itself and its mission. We found that IB’s mission is about pushing a UN social, economic and environmental agenda upon our children.

The IBO was formed in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968 under the guidance and funding of UNESCO (1). Today, the IBO is an “NGO” (Non-Governmental Organization) with formal ties to the UN (2). IBO works hand-in-glove with the UN to implement the UN and UNESCO’s educational objectives (3). To understand IB, you have to be aware of the overarching UN education campaigns that IB works to implement.

UNESCO has created a series of rolling/overlapping world-wide education campaigns. For example, 2001-2010 has been the UN’s “Decade for Teaching a Culture of Peace.” Peace is a worthy goal, but the UN (and consequently, IB) has its own ideas as to what teaching “peace” means. In its paper, “UNESCO – Mainstreaming the Culture of Peace,” UNESCO states its view that peace “is not simply the absence of war,” but requires equal distribution of economic and social resources (4). One of the “Action Areas” for the Decade for Teaching a Culture of Peace is to focus on teaching “sustainable economic and social development.”(5) This UNESCO paper presents redistribution of resources rhetoric at its best. It is apparent from reading it that “teaching a culture of peace” means teaching the UN’s viewpoint on all social, economic and environmental issues.

The IBO has been a major player in implementing the UN’s “Mainstreaming a Culture of Peace” campaign and this is reflected in an IB curriculum which strives to push the UN’s viewpoint in every one of its courses, even those such as math, chemistry and foreign language courses, which academically have nothing to do with these issues. Evidence: the IBO’s “Mid-Term Report on the International Decade for a Culture of Peace…,” addressed to “NGOs maintaining formal relations with UNESCO.” (6) On page 4 of this report, the IBO states its key difficulty in implementing the UN’s Culture of Peace program was, “realizing that peace education is not an add-on but an integral part of the curriculum at all levels.” (In other words, peace education concepts are injected in every course. This was our experience with our son’s IB math and chemistry courses at CHS.)

“Peace” and “Sustainable Development”

Overlapping both conceptually and time-wise with the UN’s Decade for Teaching a Culture of Peace, the UN has announced 2005-2014 as the “Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.”(7) This UN education campaign carries forward the UN’s concepts of economic and social justice through resource redistribution and environmentalism. Again, IBO is on the front lines of implementing this campaign’s goals. This conclusion is supported by looking at recent speeches and presentations given at annual IBO world conferences.

IBO’s Director General George Walker gave the keynote address at the Biennial Conference of IB Nordic Schools on September 9, 2005 (8). He confided that an “IB education” is not simply about a good academic education, but rather an education process geared toward creating the “true global citizen, the person who has the necessary intellectual skills, the cultural understanding and both the ability and the attitude that wants to shift another’s position as well as their own.” Dir. Gen. Walker goes on to speak glowingly of Marie-Therese Maurette, who was involved with UNESCO’s early efforts in the 1940’s to create a world educational framework, resulting in publication of a series of handbooks. Ms. Maurette’s views are revealing and echo those found in another UNESCO handbook, “In the Classroom with Children Under Thirteen Years of Age, Toward World Understanding-V,” (9) which contains the revealing quote at p. 44:

“As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism.”

Dir. Gen. Walker winds up his remarks noting, “But the IB can only do so much and within each element of the curriculum, and particularly in creating the hidden curriculum that determines the school’s values, it will be the teachers and administrators who have an overwhelming influence.”(9) This statement helps explain why there is costly and continuous teacher training/indoctrination that is part of the IB Program.

In 2006, the IBO held an International Conference in Hanoi. Keynote speaker Dr. Peter Vardy spoke on the topic of “values education,” noting the need for IB to balance its focus on moral relativism with appropriate values teaching, begging the question, whose values? (10) Dr. Vardy labeled as “dangerous” any viewpoint that would teach good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and specifically, the “American Way.” Conversely, while Dr. Vardy characterized Western Ideas as “confused,” he praised “Asian values,” including Chinese Confucianism, as the kind of “Universal Values” that should be taught. Dr. Vardy equated Christianity as a kind of “fundamentalism” on par with Islamic Fundamentalism (11).

As part of its implementation of the UN’s “Decade of Education for Sustainable Development,” the IBO held a regional conference in Singapore in October, 2007, with a presentation entitled: “Education for Sustainable Development: A Framework for Educational Reform.”(12) This presentation effectively communicates that “ESD” (Education for Sustainable Development) is based more on redistribution than conservation of resources. It notes that “values education” principles of peace and human rights are to be included in an integrated “ESD curriculum,” and aims for “integration of SD into all relevant subjects.”(13)

It is apparent from IBO’s own materials that Director General Walker was being absolutely candid in stating that IB education is not simply about getting a good education. IB’s goal is to indoctrinate our children with UN-Globalist values that are often at odds with American values and interests, and Judeo-Christian values. Although issues such as climate change, redistribution of wealth, the environment, global management of resources and disarmament are all hotly-debated political issues within our society, by allowing IB into our schools we are effectively allowing the UN free-reign to indoctrinate our children to their viewpoint. Thus, while we may reject many aspects of the UN’s agenda at this point, through our local schools and our children they are currently undermining the foundation of our future as a nation and a society founded on individual freedom and inalienable rights.

The above information was more than enough to cause us to withdraw our two youngest from public school, and motivate us to step well outside of our “comfort zone” by taking a public position that is contrary to the people and institutions we have placed our faith and trust in over the last 12 years. However, there is much more information available. We encourage you to educate yourself through your own research, to ask questions, and to insist on direct answers. (Also, be aware of what school programs you support financially, such as IB/PYP through “Extreme Raffle Baskets.”)

Additional Practical Reasons for Rejecting IB

First, the IB Program is expensive. According to figures obtained through a public information request, the program at CHS and LCHS alone has cost us $1,168,438 through 2008 and continues to cost taxpayers close to $150,000 per year. (This does not include the PYP costs.) Yet, out of only 411 students enrolled in IB classes at CHS and LCHS combined for ‘08-09, only 4.5% of IB students actually completed the Program (14). Instead of cutting teacher positions and/or salaries, we should be discussing ending an IB program that is more concerned with propagandizing our kids on political and social issues than teaching good academics.

Second, IB is not a good academic program. Every minute of class time in your child’s biology class (and other classes) spent on the need for resource redistribution or blaming mankind for Global Warming is time taken away from the core subject. At the primary school level, time spent developing the UN’s “true global citizen’s” proper social conscience is time not devoted to the basics. Perhaps that is why Fernan Elementary School’s principal Warren Olson recently suspended the school’s PYP program, noting that since its implementation, students’ test scores had “flat-lined.”

Third, the promise of college credits for IB courses and easier college admissions for IB students has proven doubtful. IB tests are graded with scores of 0-7. University of Idaho, Gonzaga and North Idaho College have all indicated they require a score of 5 or better for receiving college credit, and they often require students pass an oral interview to receive credit. Out of 103 total IB exams given at LCHS prior to this school year only 9 scores were 5 or better. Thus, less than 9% of the IB grades were eligible for college credit.

Fourth, there have been indications that some of our teachers may not be happy with the IB regime and curriculum. There has been a turnover involving well-respected teachers from Hayden Meadows moving on to other schools which coincided with Hayden Meadows’ implementation of PYP this past fall.

We feel strongly that it is time to start asking questions about our children’s education, and especially IB. Many of us came to North Idaho because of our relatively traditional and conservative values, or were raised here in North Idaho with such values. We have been astonished by the results of our research into IB, shocked that it is replacing quality education right here in our local schools, and frankly outraged that this controversial program was introduced without public discussion of the controversies.

For more information, please visit


  1. See, “Founding Donors” at the IBO’s website,
  2. See, IBO’s completed “Questionnaire on the Implementation of the Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace, addressed to NGO’s maintaining formal relations with UNESCO,” found at:,+addressed+to+NGOs+maintaining+official+relations+with+UNESCO&hl=en&gl=us&sig=AHIEtbQOoVn0oDPtgQ_HjCG3okU16lK1Dw.
  3. Just enter “UNESCO” in the search window at the web site.
  4. See, Mainstreaming the Culture of Peace, at p. 1, found at:
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  7. See, A Guide for Using the Earth Charter in Education, at p. 2, found at: Please note is another “NGO” working alongside UNESCO and IBO to achieve UN educational goals. The “Earth Charter” is “an earth-centered declaration which venerates global political-ethical-moral and spiritual education. Some, such as Mikhail Gorbachev have gone so far as to compare the Earth Charter with [the Ten Commandments].” Carl Teichrib, Social Engineering for Global Change,– citing, Mikhail Gorbachev, “The Earth Charter,” Speech: Rio+5 Forum, March 18, 1997, found at:[SORRY BROKEN LINK HERE:]
  8. Found at:
  9. Id. at p. 8.
  10. The full text of Dr. Vardy’s presentation can be found at:
  11. Id at p. 3-5 of the Word document of Dr. Vardy’s speech.
  12. See,
  13. Id. at 19-21.
  14. Apparently this low program completion rate is not unique to Coeur d’Alene, and signals that the IBO is less concerned with students actually completing the IB program than it is with exposing as many of our children as possible to UN Globalist doctrine.
  15. See, Carl Teichrib, Social Engineering for Global Change,; Allen Quist, The International Baccalaureate Curriculum,; Joseph Klein, Pennsylvania Schools Reject Indoctrination,; George Archibald, Learning Globally: U.N. Program Takes Root in U.S.,



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united nations


Across the globe we have a Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage, Coptic Christians beheaded on an ocean shore and here America public schools are implementing programs intent on making students global citizens. Go figure? Unfortunately, teaching the US Founding principles which made America the greatest country in the world is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The United Nations has an educational program called International Baccalaureate (IB) which is the brainchild of Fabian Socialist, Marie Maurette. Magnolia ISD plans on implementing in the fall of the 2016/2017 school year. I can’t help but wonder does the administration know what they are purchasing. The IB program has a set of driven ethics and morals set on brainwashing students with certain ideologies.

The IB program is bent on creating the following in our children.
+ Collectivist mindset
+Global Citizens 1st, with a concern for social and environmental justice
+Openness to change
+Agents for social change

Magnolia ISD promotes the program as a great diploma program and has not disclosed to parents and taxpayers that this is a United Nations program.
You can find out more information about the IB program here.

You can check this link and see if your Texas school has implemented the IB program


Magnolia has spent almost $40,000 on applying and paying candidacy fees without a guarantee of being accepted into the program.


Magnolia ISD will not inform parents and the community that the International Baccalaureate Program is affiliated with the United Nations and there Marxist agenda. The truth is that is a non-governmental arm of UNESCO.





ibo creed

Additional info on International Baccalaureate…..

International Baccalaureate-World School and UN Agenda 21









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Knowledge to Avoid Becoming Roadkill on the Bipartisan Global Road to Dignity by 2030

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Sorry for such a graphic metaphor, but somehow reading all the plans to “transform the world to better meet human needs” made me think we have a global class of politicians and cronies, at every level of government, who actually view ordinary people and poverty as their excuse to be in charge and live at our expense in the 21st Century. Human needs and poverty are just excuses for Power where “change in the management of our economies” is the new rationale for Fascism. It prevents at every level ordinary individuals from making their own choices about what they want and what they value. Back in December 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon issued the Post-2015 Global Marching Orders Governments at all Levels are now going about fulfilling. The report is called “The road to dignity by 2030: ending poverty, transforming all lives and protecting the planet.”

“Young people will be the torchbearers” of this vision of “inclusive and shared prosperity” grounded in a “human right” to have the State ensure that “social needs” are met, enforceable under the rule of law (reimagined just like federalism). Not interested in having the UN declare that your life must be transformed? Nobody intends to ask any of our permission. The world simply needs “more effective governance and capable and capable institutions, for new and innovative partnerships, including with responsible business and effective local authorities, and for a data revolution.” That last, of course, gets provided both by the digital learning mandates and by the Internet of Things and social media. That’s probably why how to gather and use all this data for new kinds of governments was the focus this week for yet another get together we were not invited to. Ban Ki-Moon was there though and so was Sir Ken Robinson making sure the global vision of “quality learning for all” remained on track.

Expensive Consultants were there and ready to advise governments and discuss the “key role of business” in satisfying these global plans. “Companies are ready to change how they do business and to contribute by transforming markets from within and making production, consumption and the allocation of capital more inclusive and sustainable.” Nobody asked us, the existing customers and taxpayers. I guess existing Big Business knows whose hand will be feeding it in this vision for managing our economies to meet human needs. When the UN is officially calling out to local authorities and Business and stressing the desire to accomplish these plans for transformation by “aligning private action and public policies,” it’s really hard for me not to read this America Next vision of what is supposed to be the ‘conservative’ vision of K-12 education with its emphasis on the local and private providers through the broader intentions. was released this week. It is chockful of global Terms of Art like “high-quality standards” for all that fits right into Ban Ki-Moon’s Road to Dignity by 2030. All being done with language about free enterprise, a local government emphasis, and the money following the child. The UN laid out in a 2014 World Economic Forum report it co-wrote on its Post-2015 plans that vouchers were the global means for accomplishing its education agenda. We should take them at their word. To turn our young people into the desired torchbearers would be another way to put it. Seeing regulation via “one of the many well-regarded private accreditation agencies” as the answer for private schools to keep their autonomy despite the influx of public money is either deliberately deceitful by whoever wrote that paragraph or it indicates a woeful ignorance by the report’s authors of the nature of accreditation and its links to the UN System.

Talking in terms of a “public safety net, a minimum standard of sustenance beneath which citizens guarantee no neighbor will fall” is to accept the UN and Karl Marx vision of an enforceable obligation to meet human needs. In other words, in language about limited government, that report actually accepts the entire premise of the Welfare State. It’s a ‘conservative’ document that dovetails with the Road to Dignity by 2030 vision and leaves people ready to be blindsided by what is coming from the UN, local and state authorities, and in the name of progressive or polyphonic federalism. If you live in another country though, these same initiatives may be coming at you via what is being called Devolution. also came out this week. It’s a reminder that when the UN agenda of Dignity for All translates into a right of every geographic area at the local level to experience ‘prosperity,’ we will find lots of local politicians ready to sign up for the vision. The local emphasis makes the broader agenda of transformation harder to see and easier to enforce against both people and places. Ban Ki-Moon is probably not coming to your town to trumpet this 2030 justice for everyone vision. That will be the School Principal or District Super, the mayor or a state legislator, even if they have not yet gone for their CIFAL Network training for Local Actors created by the UN System. (see tag).

The Welfare State just put on a new outfit with different names when the rest of the UK decides that no one should have to relocate to London or the SouthEast of Britain to succeed and that local economies and their inhabitants should also have a right to success in terms of “health, education and opportunity.” Politicians apparently believe that basic needs can be met by regulatory fiat. Not likely, but in the US Detroit and Chicago really like this vision a great deal. Have I succeeded in making everyone wary about hyping the Local as the solution with such plans for transformation swirling around us? Good.

A demand out of the UN that “we leave no one behind, ensuring equality, non-discrimination, equity and inclusion at all levels” and a mandate that “we must pay special attention to the people, groups and countries most in need” means that for the vision to have any chance, much of the focus of the actual policies has to be at the local level. The spirit of these demands and mandates is precisely what we are seeing in the ESEA Rewrite we have looked at and also the WIOA (see tag) legislation passed this summer on a Bipartisan basis. It also fits with the vision for Inclusive Capitalism and the NEW American Dream advocated by one of the primary institutions involved in creating the Common Core and the rubrics for what will count as College and Career Ready in the future.The Business Roundtable is also involved to keep the focus on Big Business and academia’s perks.

In August 2014 the ACT Foundation published “National Learning Economy The NEW American Dream: Our Vision for Living, Learning, and Working in the Performance Era.” Now try to control your shock as it too contains a vision that also has us on that Road to Dignity by 2030.  It also sees the answers to the future in “collective efforts” and “collective action”. Individuals now apparently only exist to have their needs met, as determined by someone else, and “their greater life satisfaction” managed for “themselves and their families.” In this Performance Era the role of knowledge is “shifting” lest it interfere with all these plans being made on our behalf. Instead we get the “interconnected factors of productivity, learning, and skills development”. Once again as determined by cooperating politicians and amenable Businessmen to the UN’s plans for us.

Beyond literally tying the Common Core now to “Capitalism evolving toward inclusion and social welfare,” that ACT/ Business Roundtable document also proclaims that the National Learning Economy will need the integration of “three critical mutually reenforcing systems: economic development (employers and policy), workforce development, and education systems (researchers, educators, trainers, etc. in K-12, postsecondary, informal, and other learning systems).” Probably a good thing it’s so chilly outside because I really am tempted to take an I Told You So Victory Lap at that open admission. Even better for those who have read the Conclusion to my book is the open admission that this is all tied to a different conception of economic growth where “sustainability and renewal are the primary goals.”

I guess meeting the human needs of all will mean no more taken-for-granted modern conveniences like disposable diapers for ordinary people. I have pointed out before that meeting human needs once a certain level of technology and overall prosperity is achieved was the hallmark of what Karl Marx called the Human Development Model. It’s the purpose of the vision of the Road to Dignity by 2030. It was there in that America Next K-12 vision and in Devolution’s insistence in using the local to “distribute ownership and agency to all.” This is how the ACT Foundation winds up its vision of the Pathway to the National Learning Economy:

“In essence, we must construct a road to success for everyone in the performance era, where every piece fits together [including people, their sculpted worldviews via education and the media, and their personalities through social and emotional learning and a Whole Child emphasis] to create a stable, dynamic pathway that continues to grow and offer unique new destinations [using someone else’s itinerary] for every working learner to explore in ways that fit their living, learning, and working needs.”

There’s that word again. Now whose needs will really be met in this Road to Dignity by 2030 vision?

The way to avoid being Roadkill is to be aware of all these created pieces and how they fit together.

Think of this post as the most useful Valentine we will ever get.



Credintialed to Destroy

Robins book “Credentialed to Destroy” is exceptional. She lays out to parents and others that are concerned about our education system but can’t find the answers to what is changing and who is after the minds of our kids.


You can get it at AMAZON



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Decatur ISD Partners with United Nations for Education Transformation!

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Texas School District Decatur ISD along with most school district across Texas are on a path of implementing a Marxist Philosophy of Education, based on the constructionist Theory. Decatur ISD continues to utilize the controversial online curriculum Cscope, aka Teks Resource System. The teaching philosophy of Cscope is based on the collective not individual achievement called Project Based Learning (PBL).

Superintendent Rod Townsend has been actively involved for years working with Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) along with other superintendents to transform Texas Education. The lingo they have adopted is “FUTURE READY”

rod townsend

Below is a list of Texas Superintendents that have joined together to form the Future Ready Superintendent Leadership Institute.

future ready

On Decatur ISD’s website there is a tab at the top titled FUTURE READY. You will see various resources of the districts transformation agenda. Superintendents across the state have joined together in creating a New Vision document for Texas.

Under PARTNERS it shows the following organizations, Apple and Connected Consulting. George Saltsman works with Connected Consulting and is a policy advisor to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).



george saltman bio




Link to Unesco Document Below. 


Print copies of Document Below






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Microsoft, Thomas Ratliff, CSCOPE/PBL

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Texas State Board of Education member, Thomas Ratliff is a paid lobbyist for Microsoft. Besides from the fact that is illegal to be a lobbyist and sit on the State Board of Education , Ratliff is promoting and supporting a radical change in Texas education called project based learning (PBL). The nations Common Core standards are based on PBL. Texas is one of 5 states that did not adopt common core, but that that did not stop the “education establishment” from implementing it. The Texas Education Service Centers,  Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas Association of School Boards, Texas School Superintendents and other education entities have been working at implementing PBL over the last 7 years under a veil of secrecy. Most smaller school districts use it under the name CSCOPE. Though the larger school districts have either created or purchased their own PBL curriculum.

The unveiling of CSCOPE has put Mr. Ratliff is some sorta tail spin. He has been publicly lashing out at taxpayers and citizens that are concerned about CSCOPE and the radical change in education. We have asked Mr. Ratliff he profits from Microsoft or the Public School System due to his lobbying and he has refused to answer. After some research it has been discovered that Microsoft promotes this radical change  of implementing PBL in the school system. Below you will find websites and photos of Microsoft’s support of Project Based Learning. 

Project Based Learning is being facilitated with the use of computers/IPAD’s for all students so they can be globally engaged. Microsoft sponsors Conferences and Summits Worldwide that have to do with Transforming education. The United Nations is behind this transformation. You can read about it here.

Microsoft-Implementing Project Based Learning in your classroom

microsoft 1

Microsoft Partners in Learning



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I would send out mass emails to superintendents, school personal and community members warning them that their schools were purchasing and implementing a pro Islamic and pro Marxist curriculum in Cscope. aka TEKS RESOURCE SYSTEM. Below you will see a couple of profession responses from administrators. LOL
This is absolute non-sense! You are either crazy or ridiculously mistaken. As a Christian and patriotic American, I am most offended by your lies!  Take me off your mailing list immediately, and find a shrink.  Dan Powell
Please remove me from your mailing list. I wish to receive nothing from your organization, and I did not request to receive any emails.

Kristi Lee, M.Ed.
Principal, Normangee High School
936.396.6111 Office
936.396.6879 Fax

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Cscope Curriculum promotes helping your community by donating to the United Way.

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Why is the starting date of the United Way significant?


When was the United Way started?
F After 1900
G Between 1850 and 1900
H Before 1850
J After 1950


How Does the United Way improve a community?

Why aren’t local community project supported?

If you wanted to personally improve your community, which of
these could you do to help out?

A Collect donations for the United Way. (Correct CSCOPE Answer) This is a national organization and the money collected would not likely help the community it was collected from.

B Buy ice cream at the parlor.

C Take a tour of the Police Station.
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Islam Bias in Progressive Texas Curriculum, CSCOPE

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Dallas Morning News covered Irving ISD board meeting Monday in regard to my findings that Cscope promotes a positive view of Islam and a negative view
of Chrisitianity. Though Texas Education Service Center X’s director Jan Moseby hired what she calls a  “Glenn Beck Fan” to review Cscope her findings  are inaccurate. Expecting someone with a financial interest in promoting a progressive curriculum is like expecting progressive Michael Moore to promote the US Constitution.

The following statements are submitted by science author Janice VanCleave. 

 I wonder why so many superintendents and school board members so adamantly defend CSCOPE. I’ve never known administrators to be so supportive of text books.

But a BIGGER QUESTION is: “Why are superintendents purchasing CSCOPE?”

Most administrators say they needed the scope and sequence.

1. They can find the scope, which are the TEKS on the TEA website. The TEKS vertical alignment for every subject is also on the TEA website.

2. CSCOPE has specificities, which are explanations for the TEKS, but….

  • CSCOPE has not been approved by the SBOE.
  • Cscope has not been evaluated by any outside source. No documentation can be provided to prove the claims made about CSCOPE.
  • CSCOPE specificities are written by unknown authors.

    • Unlike text books, which are approved by the SBOE, CSCOPE specificities  may or may not describe the   TEKS correctly. 
    • In other words, the SBOE approves text books that provide information that interpret and embellish the TEKS to meet the intent of the standards.

Since the SBOE has not reviewed any of the CSCOPE specificities, IFOs, or lessons nor has CSCOPE materials been evaluated in anyway,  nothing verifies –no documentation can be provided to prove that CSCOPE has:

  • correct content alignment to the TEKS
  •  correct interpretations of the TEKS, or
  • whether the YAG is effective.

What is the incentive for purchasing CSCOPE? Why are superintendents taking a chance on having their school districts forced to verify its instruction material conforms to state requirements.

TASA (State Association of School Administrators) launched its Vission Learning objectives in 2006, the same year that schools started purchasing CSCOPE. Any connection? Superintendents are the ones who buy CSCOPE.

TASA’s  Vision Learning Mission to reform Texas education is in opposition to the TEA mission for Texas education.

CSCOPE has lists of the TEKS, which is suppose to confirm that CSCOPE is aligned with the state standards. BUT,are the CSCOPE specificities in line with the SBOE standards? What about the following, do you think the CSCOPE specificity would be approved by the SBOE?

WH.1 History. The student understands traditional historical points of reference in world history. The student is expected to:

WH.1B Identify major causes and describe the major effects of the following events from 500 BC to AD 600: the development of the classical
civilizations of Greece, Rome, Persia, India (Maurya and Gupta), China (Zhou, Qin, and Han), and the development of major world religions.


• Jesus – rejected by the Jews as messiah, crucified

• Spread of Christianity throughout the Roman empire

• Peter, Paul, Pax Romana make the spread of Christianity possible

• 312 AD, Edict of Milan declares Christianity to be an approved religion by the emperor. A Church hierarchy is established and Rome is made

the official center of the Christian Church.

• Through the Middle Ages, the Church becomes the centralizing force of the Western culture.

Islam – historical origins, central ideas, and the spread of the religion

• Muhammad – born in or about 570 and is considered the founder of Islam

• Muslims – those who worship Allah and recognize Muhammad as the last Prophet

• Mecca – the Holy City of the Islamic faith

Allah – monotheistic deity; also recognized as the God of Abraham (Yahweh)

• Hajj – pilgrimage to Mecca that each Muslim is required (health permitting) to take within their lifetime

• Koran (Qur’an) – book or writings of the prophet Muhammad

• Jihad (Holy Struggle) – the expansion of the Islamic state and control

• Trade and spread of religion – Silk roads, European exploration

 Development of monotheism

• Gradual development out of notions of henotheism (worshiping a single god while accepting the existence or possible existence of other

deities) and monolatrism (the recognition of the existence of many gods, but with the consistent worship of only one deity).

• Mesopotamian civilizations – cities had a local patron deity, such as Sin at Ur.

• Egypt – Pharaoh Akhenaten claims to be a supreme god

• India – references in the Rig Veda

• Zoroastrianism – Ahura Mazda is supreme deity

• Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) – one supreme God; also referenced as Yahweh or Allah

                                                     For additional info on Cscope please go to…….


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cowboyCSCOPE Guides Students to Reinvent History

Texas progressive Curriculum Cscope is indoctrinating your children

with a progressive/socialist agenda. Cscope is in over 80% of the

TEXAS SCHOOLS (CSCOPE SCHOOLS). In a High School lesson the kids are

instructed to discuss whether the 2nd Amendment should be a collective

or individual right. In TEXAS you may ask???? (UNFORTUNATELY YES)











Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.


Unfortunately in Texas Lenin’s goal of capturing the minds of our children is taking place under the control of  the Cscope Management System. Cscope is in grades K-12. I can only pray that individuals across the state of Texas will get involved and speak out against this indoctrination. . There is no excuse for a school dictrict to spend taxpayers money buying a curriculum based on socialist/marxist radicals. For more information on Cscope please check out the following website.




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Which of the following has been a benefit of globalization?

A pandemics

B increased standard of living (correct answer)

C loss of local culture

D widespread environmental impacts

 Which of the groups used protest strategies unlike the other groups to
  achieve equal rights?

F   Black Panthers (Correct Answer)

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By email:,

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You may be asking what could be worse than a TEXAS RINO? It is a TEXAS RINO that supports the INDOCTRINATION of  OUR CHILDREN with a progressive, socialist agenda within our school system. Such is the case with RINO’S Texas State Board of Education members THOMAS RATLIFF and PATRICIA HARDY.
Mr. RATLIFF and MS. HARDY ran on a republican ticket but support and encourage the use of a progressive, socialist curriculum called Cscope. What is Cscope? Cscope is an online curriculum that has been purchased and implemented in over 80% of Texas schools and few citizens, parents or taxpayers are even aware of it. Parents have not been allowed to view it and teachers have been gagged from speaking out due to the fact they had to sign a non disclosure statement (without legal council) that they would not release any of the contents of cscope or say anything negative about it. The curriculum is pro Islamic, anti Christian with a globalist agenda from K-12.
Cscope has a parent portal that is extremely vague as to the content of the material that is actually taught.

Mr Thomas Ratliff put out a press release in support of Cscope. His letter here,   CSCOPE, Thomas Ratliff

Mr. Ratliff starts out his letter addressing those of us that have major concerns about Cscope with the following statement.

 “The recent dust up about CSCOPE, like a lot of things in education today, is part conspiracy theory and part amnesia. To help get this artificial controversy behind us,…”

 AMNESIA?   SERIOUSLY?? He was voted into office??


Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) are tied into this as well (more later). You will find the following recording that Mr. Ratliff has made in support of Cscope on TASA’s website.
Mr Ratliff has also n response to a request by superintendents and educators across the state, SBOE member Thomas Ratliff recorded a message that covers the basics of CSCOPE and the recent controversies surrounding the product.  Listen to the audio recording (.zip file) 16 minutes.

***Why would a State board of education member go through such extremes to promote a product he as a SBOE member has not say or control over???

RINO RATLIFF supports Indoctrinating Tx School Children with socialist ideology.

On November 15th 2012, at the request of one its Board Members, the SBOE welcomed public comments in regard to the concerns centered around Cscope even though the SBOE and TEA have no oversight over Cscope. Those in attendance who spoke hoped to bring attention to something that has been implemented in over 80% of  Texas schools and needs to be stopped.  During testimony elected official Patricia Hardy went on a diatribe pointing out the supposed positive aspects of the curriculum! WHAT?? Why would an elected official spend time during public testimony supporting a private vendor?

Ms. Hardy’s testimony is HERE. (WILL BE DOWNLOADED ASAP)


Patricia Hardy promotes the indoctrination of a progressive, socialist curriculum called Cscope in Texas Schools.


For more information on Cscope please go to 



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Black Panthers protest for Equal Rights according to Texas Cscope Curriculum

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imagesThe following is a question on a HS  Cscope  History Exam

26 Use the information below and
your knowledge of social studies to
answer the following question.

Black Panthers

Which of the above used protest
strategies unlike the other groups to
achieve equal rights?

F Black Panthers

F is the correct answer

Texans please wake up to the fact that 80% of Texas School have purchased and implemented the Progessive Curriculum Cscope. 
Has your school implemented Cscope? Check HERE. 

Glenn Beck on Cscope.

Learn more about Cscope at

Teachers have had to sign a gag order (non disclosure) statement that they would not release any of the contents of Cscope or say anything negative about it.

Please join our facebook page TX Cscope Review


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