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The danger imposed on our children has increased with the progressive agenda of having online learning for every student in every classroom. The powers at be want all students to have access to their individual laptops/ipads and even cell phones on a daily basis in their classes. Some school districts are even planing to equip their buses with wifi!

Millions of dollars of grant money have been funneled into and through the Texas Education System by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to accomplish this progressive agenda.

What parents are not told is that personal information is being collected on their child and his or her family in the process and shared at the state and federal levels.

Johnny  Kissko is a Math teacher at Frenship High School in Wolfforth, Texas,(a CSCOPE district). Mr. Kissko is also a representative of “Microsoft Partner in Learning” and works on the side with his technology companies on behalf of Microsoft in implementing technology use in all classrooms.

Kissko led break out sessions during the 2011 CSCOPE conference titled “LINKING TWITTER TO CSCOPE”.

twitter to cscope

Mr. Kissko’s website K12 mobile learning, outlines what is happening with TEXAS schools through his various blog posts. During a 2010 Microsoft Confernce Kissko was interviewed by Cameron Evans, National and Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Education. Microsoft Corp. More on Mr. Evans Here.


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I home schooled my children and monitored their online activities. From the time they were small we utilized educational as well as fun games they could play on the home computer. Moderation along with parental oversight was the key. The dangers exposed to students in public schools today has intensified with the push for all students to be online. 



One scenario I became aware of in Texas School District, George West ISD was the twitter feed of 7th grade math teacher, Brenda Pawelek. Pawelek had a personal twitter feed and one for her class as well. On Pawelek’s class twitter feed she constantly tweets a young man in her class. I find this inappropriate for a teacher to have ongoing social contact with students in a personal online setting.

Pawelek is a sports nut and from the looks of her tweets one would think she grew up on an oil rig! The inappropriate material is over the top and is accessible to her students unless she has blocked them.

With all the technology that is being implemented, who oversees this kind of activity to insure our children are safe in the classroom?






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  1. Kaya

    PATHETIC! IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO MAKE UP THESE BOGUS LIES! Like seriously? She’s a matg teacher with a math twitter to help to her math students, so just how is tweeting a student in her class inappropriate? Besides next your going to say just cuz she’s a teacher she can’t have a personal twitter? It’s America, and we have this thing called freedom of speech, why don’t you look it up some time? Of course, it’s paranoia freaks like you who take every little thing a person does and turn it into some bogus “danger”. Common sense, do you have any? And why don’t you grow up instead of whining about things like cuss words? And about the posts to the student ? Do they look perverted to you? Why don’t you stop making bogus arguments like these you dirty minded perverts!!

    • Ginger

      She was just arrested for having an improper relationship with a male student. What say you now?

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