Texas Association of School Administrators Support a Progressive Education

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Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA)  which is funded with your tax dollars through you local school district is behind a progressive global education for all Texas Students. TASA holds conferences throughout the year with various break out sessions speaking on different topics. This years TASA/TASB conference had a sessions where Global Encounter presented their progressive curriculum/learning technique. Here is the powerpoint slide show they presented. The following is an excerpt from that powerpoint. You will see they are promoting the progressive ideology of  Project Based Learing/Self Directed Learning. Below you will see a comparison between a Traditional Education and Project Based Learning.

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Most Texas schools  are moving to a un-vetted online learning with the use of laptops/ipads, with the help and influence of TASA/TASB.  They are working on removing textbooks and creating a learning where the teacher is nothing more than a facilitator. Absolute truth is not taught and students create their own learning. American Exceptionalism will become a thing of the past. CSCOPE was setting the foundation for Project Based Learning that is why numerous school district despite the controversy of lesson are holding on the “management” system of CSCOPE. Here is CSCOPE’S Primer on Project Based Learning

Parents & Taxpayers need to get involved in your local school districts.  We all pay taxes and your school officials need to be held accountable as to where they are spending our tax dollars and what they are teaching our children.


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