Texas Education Service Center promoting Obama’s Agenda

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Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s) , once  anonymous to most parents and tax-payers is a tax funded state agency. In 2013 it was discovered the ESC directors had created the Marxist  curriculum system, Cscope aka “Teks resource System”  leasing it to over 850+ Texas School Districts. Texas Senator Dan Patrick called for a state audit of the of the ESC’s financials in relation to the curriculum. It was no surprise to to find that the ESC’s accounting practices were abysmal.Despite the millions  are uncounted for school districst still are funding these agencies by signing multiple service contracts and holding various professional development courses.  You can view the state audit report HERE.

The ESC’s thorough Cscope and other programs have worked on transforming our education system to a more progressive one. Students will no longer be graded on their individual achievement but as a collective group. The teaching philosophy is a Marxist one based on the collective and is called Project Based Learning.  There is not a school district in the state of Texas that is not implementing Project Based Learning with the help of their local ESC’s. Cscope was discovered to share vast similarities with Common Core with it’s”collective” teaching philosophy and data mining. In a nut shell Project Based Learning is meant to level the playing field amongst students.  Below you will find a chart detailing the vast difference in a traditional education and a progressive/collective one. Unfortunately for our students the transformation has been taking place for about 7 years unbeknownst to parents and taxpayers. It will only be when parents and taxpayers start showing up at their local school boards and demand transparency and accountability as well asking their teachers and administrators Can I See what you are teaching my child and who is profiting from it will things change.





There are 20 ESC’s across the state of Texas. In 1967 the Texas legislature along with the Texas State Board of Education created 20 ESC’s  to assist local district with media services and instruction-related services for teachers. The ESC’s have evolved into a big business making millions through our local school districts. Parents and taxpayers need to be involved in your local school district researching the amount of taxpayer money funding these agencies.


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