Texas Education Service Centers Threatened With Subpoena

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The Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative, (TESCCC) who owns CSCOPE were asked months ago to turn over their financials and have failed to do so until yesterday, May 10th. And I personally question what was turned over after taking this long and dragging their feet in being transparent.  They have hidden the whole CSCOPE fiasco from the public by having teachers sign non disclosure statements, not disclosing the lesson content or financials when requested. Transparency is not this group’s forte. What are they hiding? Is is shocking to say the TESCCC board of directors, which are the directors of the Texas Education Service Centers are the  men and women who have a great influence over our Texas School system, either directly or indirectly? Senator Dan Patrick had enough of their lollygagging and threatened them with a subpoena. Read the following ……


Senator Patrick posted the following post on his Face Book page
Friday May 10th.



Monday May 6th Senator Patrick addressed the following letter to TESCCC’s chairman of the board, Anne Poplin. (Note: there is an error in the following on the date. It should of stated May 10, 2013. ) I think they got the HINT though!


Senator Patrick’s Press Release as of Friday, May 10th. Please contact Sen. Patrick and tell him thank you for staying on top of this. Our children deserve better. 


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