Texas Educators Thumb Noses @ Gov Perry, Taxpayers and Parents!

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Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) are funded with tax money through local school districts and are behind implementing a progressive TRANSFORMATION of the Texas School System.

You will read in the following News Release from TASB stating their agenda to pursue their liberal agenda despite Gov Perry’s Veto of HB 2824 which was sponsored “Bennet Ratliff”, whose brother Thomas Ratliff serves on the State Board of Education illegally.

Why are tax payers funding TASA and TASB who are lobbying groups for progressive ideology? Wake up Texas Tax Payers!


Despite the outrage state wide over the progressive curriculum CSCOPE,  the majority of school systems will continue to purchase and use it despite parents concern. Though CSCOPE was filled with controversial lessons the system is controversial as well. CSCOPE was the stepping stone for implementing Project Based Learning (PBL). Please inform your friends and family and taxpayers in your district as to what your local school district is doing. Ask your school board members why they are spending your tax dollars to fund TASA and TASB.




For additional info on CSCOPE go to WWW.TXCSCOPEREVIEW.COM

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