Texas Schools Running Rampant with Liberal Ideology

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CSCOPE has led to grassroots activist peeling back the layers of the “onion” and finding a mount of corruption and the infiltration of liberal ideology in the Texas Education System.



     Brandon Core

A local school district utilizing CSCOPE was Anderson-Shiro CISD. Superintendent Brandon Core was more than willing to talk to me and convince me of the benefits of CSCOPE until the Texas Senate held CSCOPE hearings. After the hearings I called and emailed Mr. Core to set up a meeting with him to no avail.  Why? What did he have to hide? I have since found out that BrandTeon Core has left his superintendent position at Anderson-Shiro CISD and went to work for ESC 18’s Texas Center for Education Effectiveness, TxCEE. This discovery led to more layers of the onion being exposed.


October 2012 Texas Education Service Center 18 applied and received a Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) federal grant for 40.7 million known as the Texas TIF Project. The federal TIF agenda is associated with the Liberal Progressive organization Center for American Progress funded by George Soros.

The TIF The money is being managed  within ESC 18 under the name Texas Center for Education Effectiveness, TxCEE.

Here is ESC’s 18 Grant Application

After peeling the layers of the onion back you will find all this money is tied to various organizations involved in reforming our Texas Education System with a liberal progressive ideology. TxCEE works with the TAP System that works to implement Project Based Learning. The TAP System was created by Lowell Milken which also created the NEIT Institute.


ESC tappi

esc 18 tap

center progress

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