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Children-Walking-Away-300x218Texas Education was Better Before STAAR/EOC


by Janice VanCleave




Children enjoyed school and were better educated before the STAAR/EOC tests.

The Texas Commissioner of Education has no concern for children. It is all about the STATE testing, which have been shown not to be correct, yet these tests are used to determine whether students are promoted.

Students in Texas public schools are only taught information that could be on the state tests. Nothing else is important. Thus, Texas children are being dumbed down by the state educational officials.

Did you know that parent rights are limited in the Texas Code of Education? Read the following from this code and you will find this statement: The decision of the grade placement committee is final and may not be appealed. There is no one reviewing the STAAR/EOC tests other than TEA and Pearson Publishing who is being paid millions to do this.

One way to improve Texas Education is to stop the STAAR/EOC tests. Please opt your children out of the

STAAR/EOC tests.

Texas Education Code – Section 28.0211. Satisfactory Performance On Assessment Instruments Required; Accelerated Instruction

(e) A student who, after at least three attempts, fails to perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument specified under Subsection (a) shall be retained at the same grade level for the next school year in accordance with Subsection (a). The student’s parent or guardian may appeal the student’s retention by submitting a request to the grade placement committee established under Subsection (c). The school district shall give the parent or guardian written notice of the opportunity to appeal. The grade placement committee may decide in favor of a student’s promotion only if the committee concludes, using standards adopted by the board of trustees, that if promoted and given accelerated instruction, the student is likely to perform at grade level. A student may not be promoted on the basis of the grade placement committee’s decision unless that decision is unanimous. The commissioner by rule shall establish a time line for making the placement determination. This subsection does not create a property interest in promotion. The decision of the grade placement committee is final and may not be appealed.

What about this situation:

A child passed all class assignments and tests but failed all three STAAR 5th grade reading tests. The placement committee decided to retain the child in the 5th grade.

During the summer, the child attended a private reading academy. The child’s reading level was raised to meet requirements for the 6th grade. Do the parents not have the right to appeal the decision of the grade placement committee?


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  1. concerned parent & teacher

    See the Massey’s post on Sept 6, 2014…
    They, so far, are the only parents who have managed to view an administered STAAR test that was assigned to their child. Their latest post raises questions on the validity of the test as well as the integrity of the grading process. TEA mixed up their child’s test booklet & answer sheet. When questioned about the mix-up, the spokesperson, Lisa Cottle, ultimately blamed the mismatch on the students and teachers. According other, such high stakes tests, which could dictate whether a student moves on the next grade or is retained, is easily mixed up due to procedural errors. High stakes tests are being placed on the shoulders of 9-yr olds!! How ridiculous to pass the blame in order to excuse & cover up of a flawed test & inaccurate record-keeping. Let the teachers teach!

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