The Destruction of Texas Education! PARENTS WAKE UP!

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Across the state of Texas there is a movement by Texas Superintendents and others to totally transform Texas Education. This transformation is not in the best interest for our children or our country. With millions of dollars from the Obama stimulus packages, Dell and Gates Foundation there are numerous liberal/progressive groups working unbeknownst to many in transforming the way students will be taught. A traditional education where “absolute truth” and American Exceptionalism is taught is quietly being eliminated in you local school with the implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL) with the use of technology & the elimination of text books.  Project Based Learning has established roots in the United Nations. Please read more about it here.


The following 35 Texas Superintendents (mostly x coaches who know nothing about education)  originally got together and came up with “Creating a New Vision for Texas Public Education“.



TASA has created the group Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Institute. The institute is working hand in hand with ENGAGE2LEARN, a consulting firm to further implement the progressive/liberal transformation. Clark and Shannon Buerk run Engage2Learn and Shannon’s goal is education TRANSFORMATION. Engage2Learn will be invited by your superintendent to come to the district to hold community meetings using the Delphi technique, which actually controls the group discussion  giving the impression the groups input is valid and needed. The superintendent and Engage2Learn already have their plan in place and this meeting is nothing more than a consensus meeting.

More on the Delphi Techique Here and how to diffuse it.


Before Shannon Burke started Engage2Learn she worked with Cambridge Strategic Services (another consulting firm) working to transform education as well. Those involved in most of these consulting firms originally worked with local school districts and the education service centers. They have found ways to break away and continue to make money off of the local school districts. Education is big business. There is so much financial corruption and no accountability at all levels


Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and just two of many associations that are funded with through local school districts with a progressive agenda. Why are taxpayers funding these two groups is beyond me. Superintendents do not work for the district any longer the are indebted to the TASA and TASB agenda.


Parents and Taxpayers are the only thing that is going to make a difference. Please spread the word and inform others of what is happening with Texas Education.


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  1. Ginger

    Janet, being an educator if would appear that you would know the difference in Project Based Learning and group projects. You obvious work in education technology which tells me why you support the Liberal agenda.

  2. Ginger

    We are not talking about Group progect.. We are talking about Collaborative work all the time.

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