Warning: Magnolia ISD…… Taxation Without Representation!!!

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In running for school board for my district, Magnolia ISD where I have resided for the last 21 years it has become so apparent that the school board does not welcome outside opinions or viewpoints. If your not within their “circle of trust” they will put out all stops in stopping a fair election. The President of the School Board, Deboarah Rose Miller  is sporting signs on her car for my opponent as well as hosting meet and greets at her home.  It has been reported back to me that the superintendent made his rounds to the local schools asking that voter cards be placed in all the teachers boxes calling for massive voter turnout in support of opponent. Are they worried about something? What could it possibly be?

The Magnolia School Board giving the taxpayers “Taxation without Representation”.


The Magnolia ISD School Board is made of up 7 members. Three of the members are appointed within the ranks and the others have ran unopposed races with low voter turnout.

Gary Blizzard       Gary Blizzard was appointed in 2012 with the absence of Cecil Bell Jr who presently serves in the Texas House.





Chuck Adcox was appointed in 2012 with the absence of Glenn Addison.





Kristi Baker for Magnolia ISD School Board Position 4     Kristi Baker was appointed August 2013 replacing Brent O’Neal  (My opponent)
   Charlie Riley ran unopposed in 2008 with 487 Votes.

  Deborah Rose Miller ran unopposed in 2010 with 436 Votes

SchoolCenter Picture   Steve Crews ran unopposed in 2010 with 439 Votes


SchoolCenter Picture    Billy Thompson won in 2006 with 359 votes


If you as a taxpayer within the Magnolia ISD School District want someone that is accountable to you and not a rubber stamper for the administration someone that cares and loves your children calling for 100% transparency please vote for Ginger Russell for School Board.


Ginger Russell MSB Car Sign

early voting

Voting Day is Saturday May 10th Locations

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