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It became apparent to me that CSCOPE was part of a bigger problem and would lay a foundation for Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is based on the teaching philosphy of Marxist Lev Vygotsky and Progressive educator John Dewey. The Texas Education Service Centers, Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) are running full speed ahead to implement PBL  Parents and Taxpayers need to be very concerned about PBL. Here is a comparison between a Traditional Education and Project Based Learning,  The comparison is the same as traditional vs CSCOPE.


In reading the following statement copied from this webpage, makes you wonder why we have teachers go to school for years if the new goal is to have students teach themselves and teachers job is to become a facilitator.

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May 9th, President Obama visited and praised Manor ISD’s New Tech High School which is has fully implemented Project Based Learning.  (His visit speaks volumes to those who value a traditional education).


manor isd

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  1. Seth Sutton

    It’s ok to prefer one thing over another. You have a right to your opinions. However, you lie in order to smear, vilify and demonize the other side. It appears that you are ready to run for office!

    Learning in a group via working on a project does not turn you into a God-hating Marxist. The chart you create is so dangerous, because you present it like it is some objective report off the “labels” of each “product,” but we both know what it is…an attempt to convince the less sophisticated reader that you are an EXPERT and that… Oh… Wait… It all makes sense now.

    • Ginger

      Mr. Sutton,

      Are you work in education? Have you spent endless hours talking to teachers that are crying because they can’t teach any longer? What is your purpose of contacting me?

      • @Seth Sutton: I have been through this and believe me, PBL is just a part of the evil that is going on in the schools. That doesn’t mean kids don’t ever do projects but the religion of school reform does NOT allow for academic freedom any longer and as a teacher I cried every day for 35 years. The website is not mine, but it should open your eyes.

  2. Surprised

    Ok… I’m confused. For a blog that purports to be conservative, you have a heavy liberal-leaning view of education.

    Project-based education (the real stuff, not the stuff “teacher” has been playing with) encourages the values of independent thinking over the rote government-mandatad-memorize-it-and-don’t-ask-why model and you choose to support the government-knows-best model? Project-based encourages students to work for their knowledge and support it by documenting Truth (that shall set you free) and you choose the equivalent of academic welfare? Project-based encourages real-world skills that teach student work-ethics and job-realted learning and you choose fluffy education that has no real-world relevance?

    On one hand, you chastise the sheeple for following authority blindly into the night, then you want to support the very education system that has for the last four decades taught students to conform to the wisdom of the lone-leader rather than cultivating wisdom based on hard word, fact and evidence. You sir, appear to have been duped by the false-flag of the education debate. I would strongly encourage you to read over the evidence you provided and ask yourself which model is most representative of the fundamentals of the American spirit. A model based on the ideals of hard work and freedom in choice, or a model that asks students to accept authority without question and provide no usable skills other than to pass a multiple-choice standardized test? Is the goal of education to produce sheeple, standardized and unquestioning — or to maximize the unique God-given talents in every person by the application of hard work and real-world skills. I’m sure you will want to reconsider your stand if you do a little more digging.

    Remember, the current educational model we practice, and you appear to support, was born from early 20th century Germany and lead directly to Hitler and the Third Reich. Is that really where you want to take Texas and America? Let’s all open our eyes!

    • Ginger

      Project Based Learning is based on Marxism where the students create their own knowledge. Absolute Truth is not taught. American Exceptionalism is not taught. Individual Achievement is the thing of the past. It is based on the collective work of groups. MARXISM!!

  3. Holly

    John, do you mind me asking what school district in Texas you are coming from?

    I don’t mind group projects now and then. We did group projects when I was growing up. What I don’t like is it being a regular part of the curriculum. I am from a city in the Dallas area the does PBL’s half of classroom time. My kids hate it and don’t feel they are getting anything from it. I agree. If they were doing group projects here and there I would be delighted, but this is all the time.

    I’m still struggling with all of this. I love my school district and the people in our school district. I am having a hard time with all of this.

    • Linda

      I realize these comments are 3 years old but our school district is implementing PBL with a company called New Tech Network. My concern isn’t if liberals or conservatives are siding with this way of learning. My main concern at the moment is my son who is in the midst of this way of “learning”. My son is not learning much. He hates this way of teaching because the teachers aren’t teaching it. The kids have to learn this on their own then teach each other. The teachers are called facilitators and all they do is put the project down in their computer system and the kids walk in to class and have to do the project. They pick groups by 7 or so kids are the “pickers”. They go into another room and pick which kid they want in their group. At the end, you are stuck with the kids that don’t work and he has to pick the lesser of the two evils. It is horrible how they are doing this to our kids. My son is so upset he is starting to throw up before he goes into school. It has made him a nervous wreck because their answer to the kids in the group that don’t work is to have the the kids “fire” their classmate now this is after they write the kid up for not working and have the facilitator tell them that if they don’t help their classmates will fire them. My child is not prepared to fire his peers. If the teachers can’t make these students work their answer is to have their peers teach them and if that doesn’t work they have to fire their classmates. Who’s crazy thinking is this. The thing is, this isn’t 2 projects a year, this is every week a project. It is not working yet the state of Ohio is giving our poor school district $977,000.00. To now implement this throughout all the grades (not just high school). They are selling our kids out. They can hire younger less expensive “teachers” to facilitate the kids. The kids call them glorified babysitters. I am just one person who has no idea how to fight the school district. I feel bad for my son having to go to school in this type of environment. We are a poor school district with parents who don’t push their kids to do their homework and study. THAT is where the really problem lies. The teachers can’t make these kids learn. It is the parents that need to reinforce the idea of a good education and doing homework. If the parents don’t care, the kids won’t either! It is as simple as that. 85% of the reason kids in our school district aren’t getting good grades is because the parents aren’t involved in their child’s education.

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