WARNING: Texas Students Data Collected!

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Texas Schools now welcome students online activity during school hours, while at one time it was monitored and restricted. Why, you might ask? Besides from the fact they are steering away from a traditional to a more constructivist teaching philosophy of education, personal data is being collected on your child.


21st Century Workforce

One thing I have learned when the powers at be implement something that is sold to save you time or money or will be a benefit to you, it ultimately will remove more of your privacy or freedom.  This is being sold as a cost saver to your local school district and will help you when it comes to helping your child be college ready.  Seriously?  The Texas Education Agency along with Texas Education Service Centers and other agencies have been working on implementing a system called Texas Student Data System where your child will be traced from the time they enter the public school system (great reason to home school) until they finish college.  Give me a break! This is nothing more than the Government’s attempt at removing freedom and collecting data on families and limiting parental involvement. The state thinks they know better what is best for your child. 

Data Mining

Your local district has a PEIMS (Personal Education Information Management System) employee that works on collecting data and sending it to the appropriate WAREHOUSE. With federal funds the Texas Education Agency received through the American Recovery Reinvestment Act opened up for students data to be shared outside of the State and available to various researchers.



There are no boundaries as to what these organizations will do when it comes to our children. There is nothing sacred or private any longer when it comes to your family if you have entered the government public school system.

Each Texas Education Service Centers assist with the collecting data on students. They each have “Texas Student Data System employees” aka CHAMPIONS” that have your child’s best interest at heart. NOT!  You have seen this is not true with the Education Service Center’s deceptive plan of implementing CSCOPE in the Texas School System. CSCOPE assessment/test are mandatory within a district that has purchased it and students test results are recorded in a data system. These test never come home for parents to review.


Your child will receive a Unique ID number once they enter the “system”  that will stay with them along with he personal online StudentGPS dashboard with photo (see below).  Personal Information will be collected and coded. What will be collected? Name, Sex, Test Scores, Finances, activities, discipline, parents info, personality characteristics, psychological analysis, academic competency, etc. 







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  1. Conservative

    Follow up data has been required for 20 plus yrs on students as they exit to the workforce/ college through the Carl D Perkins vocational act in an attempt to track career and post secondary outcomes. It has always been part of monitoring a Local educational Agencies success or failure. It has been around since you we’re in highs school I’m sure. Can you explain how this data collection has had negative impact on your life in relation to a right of privacy? I am always skeptical of the gov wanting my info but accountability tracking on students after graduation seems a reasonable request.

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