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 Upon originally finding out about CSCOPE and discovering their lack of transparency I filed a Public Information Request  over a year ago on CSCOPE and the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborate (TESCCC) who owns Cscope  asking for lesson content and financials. TESCCC asked for the Attorney General’s office to deem them a non Governmental entity and not subject to the Public Information Request under Texas Government Code 552.104 and 552.110.

Now get this.  The group of men and women who make up the Board of Directors of TESCCC or actually the Directors of the Education Service Centers. They receive tax money and form a non profit called TESCCC which owns the product called CSCOPE. They use state employees to sell their product to a school district who survive off of tax money as well and they want to be deemed a NON GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY? Wow.. wouldn’t that just be nice? TESCCC has taken in millions leasing CSCOPE to Texas School districts on a yearly bases. They claim they have no check register as  reported to the Attorney General’s office.

4-1-2013 12-39-51 PM


4-1-2013 12-48-49 PM


See the Attorney Generals Ruling April 4, 2012


Many citizens  across the state have now got involved and are requesting information on TESCCC. In requesting their board minutes from the inception to the non profit organization TESCCC, those responsible can’t seem to locate them. The following are the minutes that they have located and the attorney general ordered them to be  released. Though you will find the majority of them blacked out. Why,we don’t know yet.  What do they have to hide?

TESCCC Board minutes released from the Attorney General’s Office.


In this excerpt from the minutes they were working on an  Out of State Business Plan.


out of state business plan




Notice in the following excerpt where they must have been discussing the modification of CSCOPE with Common Core and selling Cscope out of State. 


I found Thomas Poe’s statement interesting of looking at the issue of making money verses serving students of Texas. 




Our children deserve better than this. 

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  1. CSCOPE, despite getting the ruling that they are not bound by open meetings rules on state agencies, is running fully open. Here is a video of their last board meeting, for example:,AAAAEgPmm0E~,g4zUkO_0FT2pmjrLnUv8ZqJLgXG66VTx&bctid=2176357260001

    You should be so open. Who is feeding you this anti-education propaganda — and why can’t they get their facts right?

    • Ginger

      Besides the fact I was sitting in the audience at the “Show” of an open meeting they would not have done it if not forced.

      Where is the ruling they are not subject to the open meetings act?

      I am the one feeding my self the information on Cscope.

  2. Julie King

    I am so thankful you are telling the Truth. I am so worried aout the elections and can we trust the process? and why the ones we put in office are not doing something to stop this??

    • Ginger


      We are living in a different time.I can only pray and do my part in fighting this progressive/radical agenda. Please inform others about CSCOPE. Thank you and God Bless.

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