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You may be asking what could be worse than a TEXAS RINO? It is a TEXAS RINO that supports the INDOCTRINATION of  OUR CHILDREN with a progressive, socialist agenda within our school system. Such is the case with RINO’S Texas State Board of Education members THOMAS RATLIFF and PATRICIA HARDY.
Mr. RATLIFF and MS. HARDY ran on a republican ticket but support and encourage the use of a progressive, socialist curriculum called Cscope. What is Cscope? Cscope is an online curriculum that has been purchased and implemented in over 80% of Texas schools and few citizens, parents or taxpayers are even aware of it. Parents have not been allowed to view it and teachers have been gagged from speaking out due to the fact they had to sign a non disclosure statement (without legal council) that they would not release any of the contents of cscope or say anything negative about it. The curriculum is pro Islamic, anti Christian with a globalist agenda from K-12.
Cscope has a parent portal that is extremely vague as to the content of the material that is actually taught.

Mr Thomas Ratliff put out a press release in support of Cscope. His letter here,   CSCOPE, Thomas Ratliff

Mr. Ratliff starts out his letter addressing those of us that have major concerns about Cscope with the following statement.

 “The recent dust up about CSCOPE, like a lot of things in education today, is part conspiracy theory and part amnesia. To help get this artificial controversy behind us,…”

 AMNESIA?   SERIOUSLY?? He was voted into office??


Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) are tied into this as well (more later). You will find the following recording that Mr. Ratliff has made in support of Cscope on TASA’s website.
Mr Ratliff has also n response to a request by superintendents and educators across the state, SBOE member Thomas Ratliff recorded a message that covers the basics of CSCOPE and the recent controversies surrounding the product.  Listen to the audio recording (.zip file) 16 minutes.

***Why would a State board of education member go through such extremes to promote a product he as a SBOE member has not say or control over???

RINO RATLIFF supports Indoctrinating Tx School Children with socialist ideology.

On November 15th 2012, at the request of one its Board Members, the SBOE welcomed public comments in regard to the concerns centered around Cscope even though the SBOE and TEA have no oversight over Cscope. Those in attendance who spoke hoped to bring attention to something that has been implemented in over 80% of  Texas schools and needs to be stopped.  During testimony elected official Patricia Hardy went on a diatribe pointing out the supposed positive aspects of the curriculum! WHAT?? Why would an elected official spend time during public testimony supporting a private vendor?

Ms. Hardy’s testimony is HERE. (WILL BE DOWNLOADED ASAP)


Patricia Hardy promotes the indoctrination of a progressive, socialist curriculum called Cscope in Texas Schools.


For more information on Cscope please go to 



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  1. Carol Dean

    Is it possible that THESE people are actually the ones who have bought into a conspiracy theory??? Ignorance and their refusal to do their “homework’ and research, will only continue to get them into trouble and jeopardize the future of our children. Maybe they should be required to “stay after school”!

  2. Betty Anderson

    Wow! When you read some leaked clips from this curriculum, you can see that they’re actually re-writing and spinning the facts. This is going to be ugly. No wonder they won’t allow parents to review the curriculum! We can’t let this continue unaddressed. Wake up, America!

  3. Bob Hall

    Even though he denies it, Thomas Ratliff is thoroughly indoctrinated Socialists and the plays the denial game well. Unfortunately too many of the teacher’s associations leaders, teachers and administrators share many of his indoctrination beliefs and they got him elected. It was a tragic day for Texas school children when he was elected.

    • admin

      Thank you Bob for you comment. We have got a problem on our hands. Please tell others you come in contact with about this indoctrination of our kids. Check out

  4. txteacher

    We were just told that we must teach C Scope lessons in the order that they have been written. We cannot deviate from the questions that are on the tests nor can we eliminate any of them. If any of these board people were to actually READ these questions, they, too would be hard-pressed to understand them, let alone answer the dumb things. I am ashamed to call myself a teacher when I do nothing but regurgitate trash that has absolutely no bearing on anything of value and teaches no worthwhile skill. However, if the goal is to blur the line between right and wrong, fact and opinion, feelings and reality, you are speaking “C Scopese.” As an English teacher, I am asked to indoctrinate and reprogram your children. If parents were to come to MY classroom, I would gladly allow them to view everything and anything they wished to! I did not sign a nondisclosure statement nor will I. Parents–ask for a conference and demand to see everything and anything that has to do with C Scope–tests, lesson ideas, and suggested examples for getting a point across. Here’s an example of a little reverse psychology to go along with “The Use of Rhetorical and Logical Fallacies in Persuasive Texts.” (Lesson 02B–Analyzing Persuasive Text)

    Leading Question–a question worded to suggest the desired response (e.g. What do you think of the horrible effect of socialism?

    Mind you, this is an English class where we are supposed to cover persuasive text, but when you couple this with the “agenda” of C Scope, a pattern begins to develop. Here’s another under the same general heading.

    Loaded Term–a term or phrase that has strong emotional overtones and that is meant to evoke strong reactions beyond the specific meaning (e.g. tax relief instead of tax cut, or death tax instead of estate tax)

    In all my years of teaching, never once have I considered using this type of material in an English classroom! I did NOT use these examples, nor will I. However, younger teachers who are fresh out of our liberal colleges will no doubt happily spout off what is in front of them!

    C Scope does include all of the proper TEKS that we are supposed to cover. However, it is quite clear and apparent that the determination to reprogram children requires that teachers spend most of their time researching how to teach this mess because the indoctrination questions take up much of the test! Your children are not learning to become better readers and writers. They are being “taught” to question basic values.

    Parents–start by looking at English classes, then go on to social studies. Heaven help us!

    • admin

      I home schooled my children and believe me they “Think” for themselves, so much so that one has graduated from A&M with an accounting degree and the other will graduate with a RN this spring. If you call teaching children that the “Boston Tea Party” was a terrorist attack as teaching children to THINK.. I think I will pass on that type of indoctrination.

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  6. Sandy Downey

    I know personally Ginger and her mother, who have researched CScope extensively and have found so many things that are taught to be totally against everything we have been brought up to believe and what has made this such a great country!!! These people behind CScope are trying to change our country by indoctrinating, or brainwashing our children. I am retired and my children are grown, but I do have grandchildren and certainly do not want them taught in this curriculum. I would do anything I can to alleviate this course. Like Ginger says, why doesn’t the Board read the curriculum, although there is not text book – they should watch it, or however it is taught!!!

  7. wow

    Just so you guys know, in the rest of the country we like to teach our children about science and math and other things that are helpful for them in their pursuits in higher education. If you disagree with the curriculum, take your child out of public education, Please don’t force the rest of the children to receive a substandard education because you don’t believe in such things as “facts” or “scientific data”. The only thing I can say positive about the Texas Board of Education is that 2 of the right wing extremists have been removed from office.

  8. txteacher

    Dear wow–

    As a public school teacher, I would love to be teaching children to be able to write a sentence that has all its parts and from there go on to writing paragraphs and stories and information. I would like for them to love to read books of all kinds. I would like for them to be able to read and understand informational text and write an opinion that has support in fact. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to do those things that make me an English teacher. Instead, I am forced to follow C Scope with all its socialistic nuances. I suggest you make a trip to the nearest school and demand to learn exactly what IS being taught. It is’t what you in your ideal world would like to think it is. It has nothing whatsoever to do with right wing extremists, but left wing socialists. Give it a few years and you will be whining at the lower graduation rates because students can’t put a coherent sentence together, read high school level books, or express themselves in any other fashion that makes sense. And you will blame the lousy teachers. I “teach” middle school and the handwriting is on the wall. C Scopes agenda leaves no time whatsoever to impart a love of learning or excellence in English skills. No longer do we have time to drop everything and read, but then again, we don’t have time to take kids to the library either. C Scope dictates what we do and for how long and I guarantee it has nothing to do with academic skills.

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