Mayor: Adult Illegal Aliens With ‘Graying’ Hair Enrolled in Public Schools

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( – The mayor of Lynn, Mass. says that some of the illegal aliens from Guatemala who are enrolled in her city’s public schools are adults with graying hair and “more wrinkles than I have.”

“They are not all children,” Judith Flanagan Kennedy told reporters at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

“One of the things that we did notice when we were processing some of these students coming in was that they were adults,” she said.

She added that the federal government will not allow school officials to verify their ages, even though one of the students turned out to be 35 years old.

Kennedy said that the majority of those from Guatemala who are enrolling in the Lynn Public Schools claim to be between 14 and 17 years of age.

“But there were people with graying temples, hair around the temples,” said Kennedy, adding that although she did not see these individuals in person, she saw photographs of them in registration paperwork. “There were people with more wrinkles than I have around their eyes.”

However, the school district was directed by the federal government not to verify the age of the foreign enrollees, Kennedy said.

“We were told through a directive from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that we were not to question or verify – attempt to verify these ages,” Kennedy stated at the press conference, hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Kennedy said that she and the school superintendent in Lynn wanted to know why the number of students from Guatemala “almost doubled” from 56 who enrolled during the 2012-13 school year to 101 during the 2013-14 school year.

When asked whether she could be more specific about how they determined the ages of those enrolled, Kennedy replied that while school personnel cannot ask for age verification, they have confirmed that some of them are in fact adults.

“We have no ability to confront a student directly and demand an accurate age,” Kennedy said. “Every once in a while, we’ll be able to determine that someone is well above the age at which they would be entitled to an education in the Lynn Public Schools.

“For example, if a student does not show up for a few days of classes, we will send our truant officers out to find out what’s going on at that home,” Kennedy explained.

“One example: the woman who answered [the] door said, ‘He’s 35 years old — he’s not going to show up at school….But we cannot, per DOJ guidelines, we cannot ask them for any more verification of age,” Kennedy said.

“It does become very frustrating,” she added.

In May, the Department of Justice issued a statement to public schools reminding them that they are legally required to enroll all children, regardless of their immigration status.

“You must ensure that you do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin, and that students are not barred from enrolling in public schools at the elementary and secondary level on the basis of their own citizenship or immigration status of that of their parents or guardians,” the DOJ statement read.

However, under federal law, “the term ‘child’ means any person within the age limits for which the State provides free public education.” In Massachusetts, those between the ages of 3 and 21 are eligible to attend public school.

At the press conference, Kennedy said that the economic impact on American cities like Lynn, which is located about 10 miles north of Boston, includes an increase in cost to taxpayers for educating these overage students and for providing them with health services, including vaccinations that are required for all children attending U.S. public schools.

But the federal government has not said whether cities and school districts will be reimbursed for these increased costs, according to Kennedy.

She described Lynn as a blue-collar “factory” town with a diverse population of about 90,000. It is the ninth largest city in Massachusetts and has the fifth largest school district in the state.

As reported earlier by, the Administration for Children & Families’ Office of Refugee Resettlement said that by the end of July, 37,477 unaccompanied alien children have been placed with relatives or other sponsors around the country and are entitled to attend U.S. public schools. Of that number, 989 were sent to Massachusetts. is not funded by the government like NPR. is not funded by the government like PBS. relies on individuals like you to help us report the news the liberal media distort and ignore. Please make a tax-deductible gift to today. Your continued support will ensure that is here reporting THE TRUTH, for a long time to come. It’s fast, easy and secure.




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cscope is alive

Despite the controversy and public outrage surrounding Cscope,  the Texas Education Service Centers (ESC) continue to lease Cscope to many Texas School districts. Due to Cscope getting a bad name they have changed the name to Teks Resourse System. What I want you to understand Cscope is leased to school districts yearly costing taxpayers thousands.  From my perspective it keeps a job opening available for superintendents in the future, kind of like scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

Cscope is a Marxist curriculum management system bent on having all school district across the sate on the same page daily. It eliminates the creativity a teacher can bring to a class. Science Author Janice VanCleave asked the Cscope director Becca Bell from Region XII “What if I wanted to bring in a butterfly cocoon in teaching metamorphosis or bring in the fall leaves that are changing colors, with Cscope I am not allowed to do that, correct? ” Becca Bell confirmed that those would not be allowed to be taught in the classroom unless the Cscope Scope and Sequence called for it at that time but may be taken to another grade level that may be learning about that subject.  Seriously? Many good experienced veteran teachers have left the profession due to the control Cscope has.

Cscope was and has not been a SBOE reviewed curriculum. Lessons were part of the leased product until is was found it was riddled with controversial material. Though they have removed the lessons from the password protected website we know that the ESC’s called from teachers to download the lessons before they were removed and ESC’s have sold USB storage devices with the lessons on them.  To give you an idea of the mindset of those responsible for implementing this in our Texas Schools you can view some of the lessons HERE.

The concerns surrounding the  finances and management of Cscope were validated with the release to the State Audit Report this past June. An Article by Brietbart Texas highlights some of these concerns.

Parents and taxpayers need to wake up as to what your school district is purchasing and using to teach your children. A radical leftest turn has taken place with the funding from the federal government.



Dr. Brent Hawkins was the assistant directors from ESC VI in Huntsville. In a conversation with Dr. Hawkins regarding Cscope he told me I would not tear apart something they had implemented. Well 2 years later Cscope has become a huge controversy and Dr. Brent Hawkins has left the ESC to become superintendent of Livingston ISD. On the districts superintendent page I was surprised that Mr. Hawkins in going to phase out the product he was 100% supportive of. Why a change of heart? Don’t be fooled though I am sure Livingston ISD will write another curriculum management system bent on the same progressive/Marxist philosophy as Cscope.

phasing out


Texas Education Service Center promoting Obama’s Agenda


Texas Education Service Centers “Strategic Plan to Create Workforce”

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Anderson-Shiro CISD wasting Taxpayers $$$$

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Anderson-Shiro CISD is continuing to LEASE the controversial CSCOPE product (aka Teks Resource System). There was a state audit in regard to the finances surrounding the Cscope material which was condemning. Here is the report. The contents of the product can be accessed free from the Texas Education Agency with exception of the assessments, which are useless and nothing more than a document to collect data on students. A test and assessment are different. A test is used to access a students knowledge on material learned. Assessments are used to access students on data they do not know and collect the data. Assessments do not come home.


Anderson-Shiro CISD has also signed onto the radical transformation of education with Texas Association of School Administrators called Creating a New Vision of Texas Education .  This transformation is built on the leveling the playing field for all students. The ISD has hired an outside consulting company Engage 2 Learn  whose purpose is to convince the community what a great idea this transformation is.

Anderson-Shiro CISD paid Engage 2 Learn over $10,000 in April, 2014. Why does the district feel the need to spend thousands to convince the community how wonderful this transformation is?engage anderson




Former Anderson-Shiro Superintendent Brandon Core  initialed this transformation. Mr. Core has now gone to work for the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) who is responsible for this transformation. So Mr. Core supported the company  TASA with our tax dollars while superintendent; now he has gone to work for the same company. Wow! Sad thing is numerous Texas ISD are doing the same thing supporting with your tax dollars outside consulting firms and agencies then going to work for them.





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Grand Prairie ISD Partners up with Common Core Company

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Grand Prairie ISD partners up with AVID, a company working on implementing the Common Core Standards and the Marxist progressive teaching philosophy built on the collective. In 2011 staff from Grand Prairie ISD went to Florida to present at the 2011 AVID National Conference. The 2013 AVID conference was held in Grand Prairie, Texas.

It stands to reason that the school district does not inform parents or the community that their tax dollars are funding the demise of their children and grand children’s education.


Grand Prairie ISD also hires individuals that are not qualified teachers to facilitate and tutor students with the AVID curriculum, here is the tutors job description.

AVID and the Federal Government work together in implementing the program for low income students. It has everything to do with equity and nothing to do with opportunity.









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Senator Dan Patrick and AG Greg Abbott What Now?

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John Keel


Senator Dan Patrick called for a Cscope Audit in 2013. The audit was released in June/2014. The results are telling in relation to the mishandling of taxpayers money by the Texas Education Service Centers. Below is a list highlighting some of the auditors findings.

Despite the audit report the same individuals within the Texas Education Service Centers changed the name of Cscope to the Teks Resource System and they are still leasing this mess to the school districts. Seriously?

Will n0one be held accountable? Will anything be done to stop this?



  • Education Service Centers reported they collected 73.9 million from School districts, private schools, charter schools from Sept 2005 through August 2013.
  • Education Service Centers reported a expenditures to be 67.8 million.
  • Auditors were not able to verify the total amount that education service centers reported they paid for the development, installation, distribution, and marketing of CSCOPE because some of the education service centers did not separately track CSCOPE-related expenditure transactions
  • Some of the Texas Education Service Centers did not separately track their Cscope revenue transactions.
  • As a result, auditors were not able to fully answer the audit objective to determine the amount of revenue and expenditures related to the development, installation, distribution, and marketing of CSCOPE.
  • Auditors identified deficiencies in the processes used to procure and monitor the CSCOPE contracts.
  • The contracts between Region 8-Mount Pleasant and National Education Resources, Inc. from 2006 through 2011 lacked significant elements. (Ratliff District)
  • Region 8-Mount Pleasant was unable to provide its 2005 contract for the development and implementation of the curriculum management system because it destroyed all supporting documentation from the 2005-2006 school year based on its records retention schedule. (shocking?)
  • Auditors identified deficiencies in Region 8-Mount Pleasant’s procurement of the CSCOPE contracts in effect from 2006 through 2011.
  • Auditors were not able to determine the total amount of rebates paid to Region 8-Mount Pleasant or the other education service centers.




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“Fired Texas Principal Speaks Out: `It Would Be Best To Speak English in Classrooms`”

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fired principal8.10.14 –

“Fired Texas Principal Speaks Out: ‘It Would Be Best to Speak English in Classrooms’ “

Leah Barkoukis | Aug 10, 2014

On November 12, 2013, Amy Lacey , the principal of Texas’ Hempstead Middle School, was placed on administrative leave and subsequently fired when she made a simple request to students: speak English.

Now that the gag order has expired, Lacey is speaking out about what happened that day, dispelling rumors that she banned Spanish from the school’s campus.

“I informed students it would be best to speak English in the classrooms to the extent possible, in order to help prepare them for [state] tests,” she wrote in a letter to the Houston Chronicle explaining her side of the story. “It is important to note that I did not ban the use of Spanish anywhere in the school or at any time, even though teachers had reported to me that they had experienced instances in which students had been asked to stop talking during instruction, and they responded that it was their right to speak Spanish — ignoring the fact that they shouldn’t have been speaking [in any language] during class without permission. The perception of the teachers was that students were being disrespectful and disrupting learning, and they believed they could get away with it by claiming racism.”

By telling students to speak English, Lacey was not being racist, she was merely pointing out that the academic language in Texas is, by law, English.

“Even so, I did not suggest that there would be any adverse consequences for any student speaking Spanish at any time. I merely encouraged students to speak English in classrooms by advising them that it would be to their advantage to do so especially with regard to state testing,” she continued. “English language immersion is an accepted best-practice teaching strategy, and Hempstead ISD board policy provides for its practice.”

She ended the letter thanking those who supported her “even when true facts were never given to the media” because she and others were not allowed to publicly defend her position.

“I think the public needs to know that in public education there are only one or two district personnel designated to talk to media,” she wrote in closing, “so any teachers that would have liked to speak on my behalf were not allowed without risking their job status.”


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Destroying our Children’s Love of America

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We can stop this new AP U. S. History (APUSH) course if we as millions of concerned citizens stick together and pressure our local schools NOT to purchase any more College Board products (AP, SAT, PSAT, GED) since David Coleman as president of the College Board and architect of the Common Core has stated that he is aligning them with the Common Core, starting with the APUSH course.  Because the College Board is profit driven, if they see their profits going down the drain, even they will be forced to change direction.  – Donna Garner]




“Child Abuse – Destroying Children’s Love for America”

By Donna Garner

Originally published on 8.6.14; updated on 8.9.14



[Over 650 people nationwide were on this AP U. S. History (APUSH) conference call because of the tremendous concern over the “child abuse” that would occur if our brightest and best students in America are taught to hate America through this newly rewritten, Common Core-aligned,  high-school AP U. S. History course.]


PLEASE LISTEN TO PODCAST OF NATIONAL AP U. S. HISTORY CONFERENCE CALL (8.4.14) Jane Robbins, Larry Krieger, Ken Mercer, and others – 




Sign letter to College Board President David Coleman – Oppose AP U. S. History (APUSH) —




Resources – New AP (Anti) U. S. History Curriculum Framework —




7.18.14 — “Texas Mom Testifies Against #APUSH” — Texas mom Marijane Smitherman has 4 children who have taken a total of 41 Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  She testified at the Texas State Board of Education meeting against the new AP U. S. History course (i.e., APUSH).








8.7.14 – “New AP U. S. History: Greatest Americans Missing from Proposed Curriculum” – by Joshua Rhett Miller — —




7.30.14 — PODCAST – Alice Linahan Radio Show – Hear details on AP U. S. History takeover by the federal government and pushback by concerned citizens  – education bubble about to burst —





7.18.14 –  “Statement by Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor against the use of Common Core in AP U. S. History in Texas —




7.14.14 – “Scary New AP. U. S. History Course” — The College Board under David Coleman (architect of the Common Core Standards) is changing AP U. S. History for schools all across America.  –  Interview of Ken Mercer, member of Texas State Board of Education, by Glenn Beck:







Dr. Richard Middleton – Southwest Regional Director for The College Board — 866-392-3017 (Ext. 1808#)


Dr. David Coleman – President of The College Board —  888-225-5427 – Press #6 – talked to clerk who took my name and phone number – said she would escalate my call – to call me back from 5 to 7 days




1.5.05 — “Are We a Republic or a Democracy?” – by Walter Williams – WND —




Link to  — “More than 800 four-year colleges and universities do not use the SAT or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor-degree applicants.”




7.13.14 – “The New AP U. S. History Exam – Deal or No Deal?” — by Jane Robbins, Larry Krieger – Breitbart


7.14.14 – “To Georgia and States Across America: from Jane Robbins of American Principles Project” —


7.12.14 – “Common Core David Coleman’s Next Deception:  The New AP U. S. History Exam” — by Dr. Susan Berry —


7.11.14 — “Texans, Stop AP U. S. History Tests from Being Implemented – Illegal in Texas” — by Donna Garner —


7.10.14 – “ New War Over High School U. S. History” by Stanley Kurtz – National Review --


7.7.14 –“Dinesh D’Souza’s America and Our Schools” – by Stanley Kurtz – National Review


6.24.14 — “David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America” — by Donna Garner —


6.22.14 – “Urgent: AP US History Framework Tied to Common Core – Illegal in Texas” – by Donna Garner —

7.30.14 – Video — “Dr. Duke Pesta Exposes Common Core” —





(This 5-Part Series on Common Core was recorded before the new AP (Anti) U. S. History Framework came out in June 2014.  The new APUSH verifies all of the concerns that Jane Robbins and others have shared about Common Core.)  


Pt. 1 of 5:

Pt. 2 of 5:

Pt. 3 of 5:

Pt. 4 of 5:

Pt. 5 of 5:




Donna Garner





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Will Your Child Be Able to Read This?

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With the transformation of education throughout  Texas and the rest of the US, cursive writing is thought to be archaic and becoming a thing of the past. How better to eliminate future generations from learning accurate history. With the cursive writing being eliminated in public schools your children will not longer be able to read any of America’s founding documents.

After speaking to a family member this weekend she stated that her twins are not able to read their birthday cards from grandma. I then realized my grand children will not be able to read a journal I am writing to leave for them.

Not only is cursive writing faster but there are psychological benefits in learning cursive.

Why Writing by Hand can make you Smarter



declaration of independence






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CROWLEY ISD offers Training in Common Core for Teachers

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Teacher training in Common Core

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Texas Education Agency Implementing COMMON CORE

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Houston Independent School District received 30 Million in race to the top money. States or districts receiving funds are obligated to implement common core. HISD along with the Texas Education Agency are implementing the common core standards through their Texas Virtual School Network online school, Texas Connections Academy. I called the school @ 281-661-8293 and their representative validated they were in fact common core aligned. So when you hear that Common Core is illegal in Texas don’t buy it. Our education establishment has found many loopholes in transforming our education system.


The Blaze addresses Texas Connections Academy.


common core




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Please make copies of the following chart and distribute throughout your community. You will find every school district is radically transforming the way students are taught. This transformation is filled with various lingo, progressive, 21 Century Learning, Project Based Learning, Student led, outcome based, common core, Cscope, rigor, collaborative, etc….

Along with this transformation is a radical collection of your CHILD’S PERSONAL data. Texas has set up a Longitudinal Data System, funded by the federal government.








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Texas Education Service Center promoting Obama’s Agenda

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Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s) , once  anonymous to most parents and tax-payers is a tax funded state agency. In 2013 it was discovered the ESC directors had created the Marxist  curriculum system, Cscope aka “Teks resource System”  leasing it to over 850+ Texas School Districts. Texas Senator Dan Patrick called for a state audit of the of the ESC’s financials in relation to the curriculum. It was no surprise to to find that the ESC’s accounting practices were abysmal.Despite the millions  are uncounted for school districst still are funding these agencies by signing multiple service contracts and holding various professional development courses.  You can view the state audit report HERE.

The ESC’s thorough Cscope and other programs have worked on transforming our education system to a more progressive one. Students will no longer be graded on their individual achievement but as a collective group. The teaching philosophy is a Marxist one based on the collective and is called Project Based Learning.  There is not a school district in the state of Texas that is not implementing Project Based Learning with the help of their local ESC’s. Cscope was discovered to share vast similarities with Common Core with it’s”collective” teaching philosophy and data mining. In a nut shell Project Based Learning is meant to level the playing field amongst students.  Below you will find a chart detailing the vast difference in a traditional education and a progressive/collective one. Unfortunately for our students the transformation has been taking place for about 7 years unbeknownst to parents and taxpayers. It will only be when parents and taxpayers start showing up at their local school boards and demand transparency and accountability as well asking their teachers and administrators Can I See what you are teaching my child and who is profiting from it will things change.





There are 20 ESC’s across the state of Texas. In 1967 the Texas legislature along with the Texas State Board of Education created 20 ESC’s  to assist local district with media services and instruction-related services for teachers. The ESC’s have evolved into a big business making millions through our local school districts. Parents and taxpayers need to be involved in your local school district researching the amount of taxpayer money funding these agencies.


Texas ESC'sB

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“Common Core David Coleman’s Next Deception:  The New AP U. S. History Exam:


By Dr. Susan Berry

Polls increasingly show that as more Americans learn about the Common Core standards, they don’t like what they see.

Hopefully, Americans will feel the same way as they learn more about how the new Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History exam will decimate the teaching of traditional American history, turning it into a leftist view of an America that is based on identity politics rather than a Constitution meant to protect the rights of individual freedoms.


The new AP U.S. History exam has been authorized under David Coleman, known as the “architect” of the Common Core standards and, now, the president of the College Board, the organization responsible for the SAT college entrance exam and the various Advanced Placement exams.


Conservative commentator Stanley Kurtz, a contributing editor for National Review Online, wrote on Thursday about the secretive manner in which the AP U.S. History exam was rolled out as well as the significance of this new exam.


“We are witnessing a coordinated, two-pronged effort to effectively federalize all of American K-12 education, while shifting its content sharply to the left,” Kurtz states.


He explains that while the College Board under Coleman has put on a public display of a lengthy “framework” for the new AP U.S. History exam, that framework actually contains only a few sample questions.


“Sources tell me, however, that a complete sample exam has to be released, although only to certified AP U.S. History teachers,” Kurtz continues. “Those teachers have been warned, under penalty of law and the stripping of their AP teaching privileges, not to disclose the content of the new sample AP U.S. History exam to anyone.”


Perhaps Coleman’s method of operations with the AP U.S. History exam is more recognizable now since it is one and the same as the method used in stifling public access to the Common Core standards. With the latter, English and Language Arts expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky and mathematician Dr. James Milgram, who were both invited to be members of the Common Core Validation Committee — apparently for little more than to serve as “window dressing” – said they were sworn to secrecy not to reveal discussions at their meetings with the committee. Subsequently, their recommendations regarding the standards were then promptly ignored by Coleman and the other lead writers.


Public access to the Common Core standards was also curtailed through a liaison with the federal government in which states could be enticed into adopting the standards by dangling federal funding and the promise of relief from federal No Child Left Behind restrictions in front of their eyes.


Without much ado, 45 state boards of education, having been strengthened in power over local school boards through years of legislation as well as a useful relationship with the U.S. Department of Education, adopted the unproven, untested standards — sight unseen.


Coleman’s achievement of keeping Common Core from public and media scrutiny is extraordinary when considering that the standards were developed by three private organizations in Washington, D.C.: the National Governors Association (NGA), the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and progressive education company Achieve Inc. All three organizations were privately funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and none of these groups are accountable to parents, teachers, students, or taxpayers.


In addition, there is no official information about who selected the individuals to write the Common Core standards. None of the writers of the math and English Language Arts standards have ever taught math, English, or reading at the K-12 level. In addition, the Standards Development Work Groups did not include any members who were high school English and mathematics teachers, English professors, scientists, engineers, parents, state legislators, early childhood educators, and state or local school board members.


With his attention now turned to the AP U.S. History exam, Coleman is simply repeating a method that worked well for him with Common Core.


“This is clearly an effort to silence public debate over these heavily politicized and illegitimately nationalized standards,” writes Kurtz. “If the complete sample test was available, the political nature of the new test would become evident. Public scrutiny of the sample test would also expose potential conflicts between the new exam and existing state standards.”


Another deception observed by Kurtz is the College Board’s claim that the highly controlled new framework for AP U.S. History can be adapted according to the preferences of individual states, school districts, and teachers.


Once again, the parallel here is the now predictable pro-Common Core talking point that “the standards are not curriculum.” Supporters of the controversial standards claim teachers and local school districts can choose whichever curriculum they desire to comply with the standards. Of course, if they want their students to pass the Common Core-aligned tests, their best bet is to choose Common Core-aligned textbooks and lesson plans, which means content will be coming from those.


Regarding the AP U.S. History exam, Kurtz says that while it is true that the new AP framework allows teachers to include their own examples, the framework “also insists that the examples must be used to illustrate the themes and concepts behind the official College Board vision.”


Consequently, Kurtz observes:


The upshot is that James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders are largely left out of the new test, unless they are presented as examples of conflict and identity by class, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. The Constitution can be studied as an example of the Colonists’ belief in the superiority of their own culture, for instance. But any teacher who presents a full unit on the principles of the American Constitution taught in the traditional way would be severely disadvantaging his students. So while allowing some minor flexibility on details, the new AP U.S. History framework effectively forces teachers to train their students in a leftist, blame-America-first reading of history, while omitting traditional treatments of our founding principles.


Fortunately, leading the charge against Coleman’s latest deception, the new AP U.S. History exam, is Texas, which comprises about 10 percent of the College Board’s market.


As Kurtz explains, Ken Mercer, a member of the Texas School Board, is attempting to introduce a resolution that would rebuke and reject the new AP U.S. History exam. Mercer is being told, however, that the resolution cannot be introduced until September, when it will be too late.


Considering that if Texas could reject the new AP History exam the entire project could be cast into limbo, Ken Mercer needs to introduce his resolution.


Kurtz urges Texans to demand that Mercer’s resolution be introduced and passed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the other 49 states should demand similar action.


“The public should also insist that the College Board release its heretofore secret sample AP U.S. History test for public scrutiny and debate,” Kurtz adds. “There is no excuse for withholding this test from the public.”


“The controversy over the AP U.S. History Test is going to transform the national battle over Common Core,” Kurtz told Breitbart News. “The changes to the AP U.S. History Exam, enforced by none other than David Coleman, architect of the Common Core, confirm widespread fears that the Common Core will lead to politicized indoctrination.”


“Up to now, Coleman and his allies have done their best to avoid overtly ideological moves,” he continued. “Now they’ve tipped their hand. The AP controversy is going to energize the anti-Common Core forces and push this battle to a whole new level.”


“The AP controversy will also make it vastly harder for anyone to claim that Common Core is a conservative reform,” Kurtz added. “Battle lines will soon harden and the controversy over K-12 education in America is about to take off.”


According to Education Views, Texans are alerted to contact the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office and urge him to stop the AP U.S. History exam from being implemented this fall. More information can be found here.


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Home Schooling Families Spoke Out Against Teen Curfew in Magnolia, Texas

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Thanks the mass emails from the Texas Home School Coalition and Home School Legal Defense Association, Magnolia City Hall was standing room only at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night, July 8, 2014.  On the meeting agenda was scheduled a public hearing to reinstate a teen curfew ordinance for the city of Magnolia.  The city let the ordinance lapse after now holding a public hearing to reinstate it in 2010. So reality the ordinance was inactive. Home school families showed up in droves to let their voices heard. Many adults gave public comments as well as some of their children. In attendance also was Texas HR Steve Toth who opposed the ordinance as well.

Unanimously the room was  against the day time curfew. The council asked for a show how hands who was against the night-time curfew as well and the majority raised their hands. The city the voted to let the ordinance die.


I would like to personally say I was well pleased with the council and their generosity in allowing any and all who wanted to speak do so. Magnolia  Police Chief, Domingo Ibarra was extremely gracious and showed concern regarding the ordinance as well. MagnoliaCity Administator, Paul Mendes thanked the audience for coming out and for being so well behaved.


The Home School Legal Defense Association is against day-time curfews and outlines why HERE.









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WARNING: 21st Century Learning

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There is not a district in the state of Texas  not incorporating the progressive/radical transformation of the Common Core agenda. Thanks to lobbying efforts of the tax funded organizations,  Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and Texas Association of School Business (TASBO) and a legislature that are completely oblivious to the lobbyist agenda and tactics, Texans are now seeing the transformation in their local school districts. Parents across the state have been screaming about testing, lack of traditional math, no textbooks, no spelling, no cursive, fuzzy math, etc……

With the use of massive roll-out of technology schools are now promoting what they are calling 21 Century Learning or Project Based Learning where students are working more in groups. Individual achievement is becoming a thing of the past. It is all for the collective good. AKA.. MARXISM


I discovered this agenda when I discovered that 875 school districts has purchased the Marxist Curriculum CSCOPE from our Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s). Our ESC’s created this Marxist product and have continued to lease it to our school districts, yearly. Due to public outcry the ESC’s have now changed the name of the product to TEKS RESOURCE SYSTEM. And the age-old saying goes a rose by any other name is still a rose, and so goes the Marxist product of the Teks Resource System. Our ESC are still peddling it today for a pretty hefty price. Though a state audit has shown that ESC’s are incompetent when it comes to handling taxpayers money.

ESC 2o and along with many others promote 21st Century Learning. If I remember correctly man got to the moon using a BIG CHIEF TABLET. To think there is some new phenomenon that needs to be implemented for students to learn is a bunch of HOG WASH! Do NOT let these EDUCRATS intimidate you with their lingo.  You will hear the words, Rigor, Authentic Learning, Critical Thinking (like that is something new), 21st Century Learning Skills, student centered,  Project Based Learning, Collaborative work (socialism). They have developed their own lingo of what is now and acceptable way to be properly educated according to powers at be. PLEASE DO  NOT BE FOOLED.

On ESC 20′s website you can find a whole page and section about 21st Century Learning. When you run across these words know for sure they are on a path of total transformation, one that is not for the best of the individual student but for the collective good.



ESC 20


Below is a clip from ESC 20′s webpage. I have highlighted the words that should cause every parent to start asking the questions. Not only what you are teaching but how you are teaching my kid?



WARNING: Your children will be online at school more than you like. The dangers they will be exposed to is astronomical.

The ultimate goad of Common core and the whole transformation process is “Centralized Control” and along with this comes data mining. There are numerous online programs that students use at schools that are collecting data on your kids, such as the Khan academy.

Texas has put in place a student data collection. Are parents aware of this?


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Grand Prairie ISD on Common Core Path

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There is not a school district in the state of Texas that is not implementing the  Marxist/Progressive education philosophy of education of collectivism as that of Common Core. We saw that with the revelation of the controversial Cscope material. 43 states have officially adopted the Common Core standards but that has not stopped Texas school districts from implementing the same philosophy behind Common Core.  Common Core has more to do with how students are taught and creating a centralized control over education than it has to do with standards.

Grand Prairie ISD superintendent Dr. Susan Simpson Hull dr hull testified in support of  CSCOPE at the education Senate Hearing during the 83rd Legislative session. After doing some research I have found that Ms. Hull’s father, Hubert Simpson  is on the board of directors at Texas Education Service Center VIII.


The Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s) are the creators and own the controversial CSCOPE material that has now been renamed TEKS Resource System to save its image. The ESC’s lease it back to our school districts for a pretty sum of money.  Grand Prairie ISD school board voted this past week to lease Cscope once again for 129,000. Now I want you to understand that this product does not change its online content very often and ISD’s are LEASING it yearly! Nothing like a good ole textbook purchased one time and used for a few years.  Someone is making a nice profit! Who could it be?

Rather you school has leased the Cscope/Teks Resource System or not you will find they are implementing the same collective educational principles statewide.



Educrats are using various terminology to throw parents off as to what is taking place within the school districts.
To give you a little heads up when you hear the following terms used when trying to question the administration it is your clue that they are implementing the collective philosophy of common core.

 21st Century Learning Skills, now why this century has to be so radically different from any other era as to how children are taught is scarey. My friend Donna Garner said “Man got to the moon learning on a Big Chief tablet”.

Critical Thinking, what educrats actually mean by this is “Self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, self-corrective thinking, [that] entails effective communication and problem solving abilities and a commitment and a committment to overcome our native egocentrism and sociocentrism” A critical thinker tries to avoid prejudices, biases, distortions, uncritically accepted social rules and    taboos,self interest and vested interest.

Source: The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking : Concepts and Tools Richard Paul and Linda Elder      (2008)   

Rigor, “Educational expectations that are academically, intelligently, and personally ambiguous, or contentious, [and] that encourages students to question their assumptions……” Rigor is about what a student feels, perceives, a. nd does when there is no single correct answer or there are insufficient facts stated to reach a definite conclusion or when asked about material [that} has never been taught. It provides superb behavioral science data on likely future actions and it primes students to be willing to act in the face of uncertainty. ”

Source: Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Becomes a Weapon, Robin Eubanks, 2013

Project Based Learning (PBL), the is where student are taught more in collective groups. Individual achievement is no longer emphasized.

Collaboration, working in groups collaboratively.


Unfortunately, Texas students are being data-mined as well unbeknownst to most parents. Texas received over 18 Million to implement Texas Student Data System. Academic, personal, health, psychiatric, religion, etc.. can and will be collected and shared with 3rd parties. This information will also be available to a future employer.


If parents and taxpayers do not wake up and get involved in this mess and make your voices heard we are doomed a  FREE SOCIETY! GOOD BYE AMERICA!





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Sadly, the education system in Texas is no longer about educating  children. It is all political and the powers at be are working overtime establishing a progressive/centralized education system throughout the state. During the last legislative session a curriculum used in over 800+ school districts by the name of  CSCOPE/TEKS Resource System Curriculum was exposed, not only for its controversial lessons but concerns in regard to their financials. Senator Dan Patrick then requested a state audit and  Texas State Auditor John Keel released his report this month. The report was telling of how shaky our Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s) handle our tax money.

The Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s) that created CSCOPE which has renamed their product TEKS Resource System were found to be incompetent in handling millions of taxpayers dollars and lacked internal and external financial controls. The auditors were not a able to determine the actual revenue and expenditures of the taxpayer funded organization (ESC’s).

CSCOPE has requested that teachers sign a non-disclosure statement stating they would not release the contents or say anything negative about it or face legal action. Seriously!

Despite the controversy and the state auditors report Texas School Boards continue to show irresponsibility in voting to continue leasing the CSCOPE product and funding the entity (ESC’s) deemed incompetent in their accounting practices.

This past week Grand Prairie ISD’s school board voted unanimously to throw more taxpayer funds at this faulty product and incompetent organization. Public input was given at the beginning of the meeting voicing concern in regards to the curriculum and the financials and those concerns were ignored once again.  School Board members no longer represent the people who have put them in office they are brain washed through the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) that is funded with our tax dollars and they have become more of rubber-stampers of the superintendents agenda.

During the Grand Prairie ISD school board member Steve Pryor steve   made final comments insinuating that the concerns surrounding CSCOPE are a myth. So let me get this right. The original CSCOPE lessons are removed, the name is changed to re-brand their image, the managing company disbands and regrouped with a new name, the state auditor releases a bad report in regard to the financials surrounding CSCOPE and Mr. Pryor calls it a myth? Seriously?

Mr. Pryor also made a comment that none of Grand Prairie teachers have used any of the controversial material that was in CSCOPE. 1) Mr. Pryor I am sure isn’t in every classroom monitoring what is and isn’t used 2)  In light of all the controversy Mr. Pryor deems it acceptable to throw money at it none the less.

Parents and taxpayers once again have got to take control of their local schools boards once again. The rubber stamping taken place is unacceptable and it will not change without the involvement of the grassroots.

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TEXAS Secretary of State, Greg Abbott says NO to Common Core in TEXAS!

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greg abbott


Senator Dan Patrick asked the Texas Secretary of State, Greg Abbott for an additional ruling on HB 462 that passed the 83rd legislation banning Common Core in Texas. The secretary of state issued an additional ruling today, June 17, 2014 reinstating that common core is illegal in TEXAS!

I so appreciate all that Sen.Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott are doing by informing the education we are not going to  allow the common core standards to be adopted by the state of Texas. I just wished they would go further in pointing out what the repercussion will be when districts refuse to obey the law and believe me they will. The Texas Association of School Boards is not happy with the ruling. Wow, what a shocker!

Those that are familiar with Common Core and it’s agenda know that its agenda has more to do with CONTROL and DATA COLLECTION of students than it has to do with the faulty standards. The federal government has funneled more than 18 Million to set up a Texas Longitudinal Data System in all school districts, and the Education Service Centers.  They are collecting data on your children, their academics, disciplines, medications, psychiatric reports, etc…WAKE UP PARENTS. I am completely in shock that there is not an uprising from parents across the state in regard to the data collection taking place. Have we as a people really become that complacent?

HB 5 is another link to the common core agenda in creating “career clusters” or pathways for students at early ages in order to create a workforce (worker bees). I know of many college students that change career choices after going to college a couple of years. Why is the state mandating students decide after middle school their career path?


Abbott 2





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Texas Teacher Sexually Assaulted 6-Year-Old Kindergarten Student During Recess

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Texas Teacher Sexually Assaulted 6-Year-Old Kindergarten Student During Recess



A Texas teacher was arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a six-year-old kindergarten student in the classroom while the other kids were at recess.

Police say 33-year-old Alfredo Andrade-Gaytan told the girl to stay in the classroom while the other students went to recess and asked her to “play a game.”

The girl told her parents that she was sexually assaulted and her parents took her to the hospital where DNA evidence was recovered from her clothing.

After initially denying he had been alone with the girl, Andrade-Gaytan confessed, saying he “made a mistake.”

Andrade-Gaytan was immediately removed from the classroom and has been fired by the Austin school district.

Police say the girl was only in his class for one day.

Police Chief Eric Mendez said “this is very disturbing. This is not typical behavior. Usually in these types of incidents the suspect knows their victim or their intended victim for some time.”

Andrade-Gaytan has taught in the school district since 2009 and has worked as a teacher since 2005.

Kalina Orwick, who has four kids who attend Walnut Creek Elementary School where he worked, said “they don’t even know how to spell, they barely know their ABCs and they have to worry about parents and teachers that are crazy. I think they deserve to be protected just like how we protect them at home, it needs to happen at school.”

“You can very well put cameras or something in the classroom so we can see what they’re actually doing. That’s the problem. The teachers are free to say and do whatever they want,” Orwick added.

Andrade-Gaytan is being held at Travis County Jail on $50,000 bail.

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Opt out of the STARR TEST!!

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The Texas STAAR TEST is riddled with errors and students are failing right and left though they are honor roll students and making good grades through out the school year. reported today the following..

Waco ISD Opt Out Student Promoted To Next Grade

Posted: Jun 05, 2014 10:26 PM CST Updated: Jun 05, 2014 10:26 PM CST – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen


All STAAR tests results are in, but what does the future hold for kids who were opted out of the tests?  

Thursday was the last day of the school year for Waco ISD students, and parents who choose to opt their kids out of the STARR tests were anxious to see their child’s final report card.

Kyle and Jennifer Massey have been leading the “opt out” movement in Waco.

The couple opted their 9-year-old son William out of the STAAR tests this year, but they say even though he was given a score of zero, he is still being promoted to the next grade.

However, the Massey’s learned Thursday that one of William’s friends who took the test and failed is now being required to go to summer school.

“In our case, it did not affect William’s academic standing, it did not affect whether or not he was promoted to the next grade, and it was in our view in the best interest of his learning,” Kyle Massey said.

Massey believes this is proof that opting out of the test is a more viable option.


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