Magnolia ISD Implementing “Marxist” Curriculum

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Last week the World witnessed the United Nations 70th Anniversary Assembly in New York. The United Nations is notorious for promoting a Globalist Marxist ideology. We saw Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stare down leaders from around the world that would love nothing better than have his homeland of Israel obliterated from the earth.

You would think that here in Texas we would steer away from promoting the UN agenda but sadly that is not the case. We have local Texas School districts implementing the Marxist ideology with the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). Those of us that have actually researched the IB program know that is bent on changing our society.

 At this moment,  Magnolia ISD is promoting and implementing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) (11&12th grades). Why would a local Texas School District that supposedly has a “conservative” school board, sit idle by while the administration implements a Marxist program and give up local control of any of their students education to a foreign entity, such as Switzerland? Unbeknownst to parents and taxpayers, the administrations applied for the program in the spring of 2014. Board members and some progressive leaning parents as well  others will say “Well it is an optional program.” Seriously? Having an optional globalist program that supports “international numbness” and not American Exceptionalism that is bent on changing society is ACCEPTABLE? Are we forsaking what the Greatest Generation, as well as others, fought to protect our way of life from abject tyranny at the end of the day?

Magnolia High School signed their application March 31, 2014.

Magnolia High

Magnolia West High School filed their application on

January 4, 2014.


 As you can see,  the administration filed for the “candidate phase of the IB” program before ever officially presenting the program to the school board on September 8, 2014!! There was NEVER an official school board vote allowing the district to purchase and implement this Marxist program. You would think a school board would have a say on what their students are taught, right?

One parent called me recently asking “What use is a School Board”? My answer is NOTHING! As you can see in this situation, school boards for the most part are just “Rubber Stampers” for the administration. Th rarely have any real knowledge of the Administration’s agenda. One will rarely find a a school board member that will represent those that elected them into office. Why? They have businesses in the area and need to maintain a positive image by not making waves,  or they have kids in the district and fear they will be retaliated against, or they just promote the same “liberal” ideology.

The Diploma Program has a required course called “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK) that all students must participate in. The TOK has no academic value. It is a “brainwashing” class using Hegel’s Dialectic Theory having students questioning all they know that is “TRUE”. Reminds one of the scripture in Genesis when Satan deceived Eve into eating the apple.

The Magnolia ISD administration states that the IB program is not affiliated with the United Nations. That is a LIE!

#1 The IB program is a registered non-governmental organization of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This is a snapshot from the UNESCO website. unesco today

#2  UNESCO Document on the International Baccalaureate Program

#3 The United Nations International School uses the IB program.


Why Magnolia Independent School District must stop the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Program.

1. Anti American/Anti Christian.

UNESCO is about promoting a New Humanism unesco humanism

2. It promotes a Marxist (Collective) Ideology undermining America’s free market system.

3. IB undermines the US Founding Principals.

4. Promotes a world without borders …. Globalism.

5. Assessments are graded and scored on the fact that a students minds can be shaped toward globalism and socialism, rather than toward capitalism, democracy and pro-Americanism. If you don’t “cave in” to the globalist/socialist way of thinking on these assessments, you won’t get a high score, or get in to the elite colleges controlled by the same type of people that promote the IB curriculum to parents.

6. Promotes the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Agenda.

7. Supports UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child where if adopted a government’s right supersedes the rights of parents.

8. Should there be arbitration regarding scores or any other matter with the IB program it is handled under Swiss Law. NOTE….Arbitration under Swiss Law is handled by a United Nations Company.

9. The IB Program is very Expensive. Fort Bend ISD got of the program due to the expense. IB requires that all IB instructors be certified by IB–these costs include the IB fee for the seminar, travel, lodging and sometimes car rental expenses. Magnolia ISD has already spent over $50,000 to implement the program and the program is not being implemented until the Fall/2016. More on the cost of the IB Program. Why would Magnolia ISD agree to such astronomical costs to the district for only 2 grades?

10. Our students deserve BETTER!!!

tyler smoth


Please make your voices heard. Here are the dates for the up coming school board meetings. The next meeting is Monday, Oct 12th, 6:30 pm @ 31141 Nichols Sawmill Road, Magnolia, TX 77355.

You can also contact the Superintendent Todd Stephens @

todd stephens

You can also contact the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Anita Hebert @

anita hebert

Contact Magnolia ISD School Board members below letting them know you do not want to fund this program with your tax dollars.


steve crews

Chuck Adcox

deborah rose Miller

joe duncan


Gary Blizzard


travis moffatt


kristi MH




Additional Info:

Power Point on IB

IB Connecting the Dots

Social Change and IB World Schools

Is the IB really Good for Your Child?

All American Trouble

International Baccalaureate: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree


Below are snap shots of students work within the IB program or from an IB text book.






god force

God does not exist

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Why is the Church Silent?

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Some years back I have read the following book “How Do You Kill 11 Million People”.  How to Kill 11 Million

It was heart breaking and woke me up as to how Hitler and the Nazi’s deceived so many even to their death. One paragraph I found very disturbing.  It describe the scene of the Church members hearing the cries of a passing train carrying Jews to their death. The Church began to sing and sung louder as the cries intensified. One would think that could not happen today but they are dead wrong.


The church for the most part is silent today today as babies are being slaughtered and ripped from their mothers wombs daily. You have a US Supreme court ruling that something that is a non issue in our constitution like homosexuality trumping “Freedom of Speech” which is in the constitution. This gradual change in the freedom and the moral decency of our country has been a slow but active process within our government run public schools and public universities.

Our public schools with our tax dollars are indoctrinating our children with a Marxist “collective” ideology. America is in grave danger and unfortunately for the most part the “Church is Silent”.

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Magnolia High School Teacher Promotes Globalism & Population Control

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Katherine Cantu


Magnolia High School Teacher, Katherine Cantu definitely has a biased objective when it comes to educating your children. Cantu is Magnolia High School’s AP Human Geography teacher. Cantu serves on the board of directors for Houston Area Model United Nations.

Cantu is also a teacher trainer for Population Connection purporting the idea that the earth is overpopulated. Their mission statement is below.




You can look no further than her “class” twitter account to see her political ideals.


This link is Mrs. Cantu’s Welcome page for those interested in the Model United Nations program.


The following video was shared by Cantu on her social media twitter account for her class.












Time Cantu


Of course Ms. Cantu is on board with Magnolia ISD implementing the United Nations, International Baccalaureate Program in the district. The International Baccalaureate Program is a Marxist program based on the collective. It is a non-governmental entity of UNESCO promoting a “New Humanism.







Links on Ms. Cantu’s page.







Ginger Russell's photo.



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police state

The police state is ascending to new heights. President Bush & Obama’s agenda are to have all public school students undergo a mental health screening and unbeknownst to some parents that is taking place through our public school systems.  The days of children being the sole property of their parents is slowing fading away one step at a time?  Where does the public school system get their authority?  Where are our Texas legislators on this issue?

Richardson ISD sent out a parental announcement to 7th grade parents to consent to having their child tested. (See Below).

teen screen.

The program being used in called TeenScreen. The Texas legislature passed SB 831 which says districts must use programs from a specified list for best practices for screenings. The program in question TeenScreen is not on the list. 

Despite the fact that the “TeenScreen” program fell under heavy criticism and was shut down in 2012,  Texas school districts are still using the program to screen students for mental illness.”

According to this article:
-Shaffer [TeenScreen creator] has long-term ties to drug companies and is a consultant for Hoffman La Roche, Wyeth and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).[9] He has been a member of a consensus panel discussing child and adolescent “bipolar” by: Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, and Solvay.[10]
-TeenScreen refuses to divulge the source of its funding. The website says they are funded by private family foundations, corporations and individuals. The national office of TeenScreen says it does not control its local chapters seeking pharmaceutical company funding.[15] In Tennessee, for example, Eli Lilly funded the program, which determined that over 50% of the 170 students surveyed ended up at a therapist’s office.[16] 
-One of the most successful, and alarming, off-label marketing scheme that needs to be investigated is the TeenScreen program. 
-By use of TeenScreen, the drug companies have gained access to the nation’s 50 million public school children. 
-Billed as a mental illness screening program aimed at suicide prevention, it is already being administered to students in schools all across the country and children are being labeled mentally ill on a regular basis, with the only treatment offered naturally being drugs.

-Tugging at the heartstrings, TeenScreen is presented to naive parents as a harmless little survey that may save their kids from suicide. 

-However, parents are not being told about the life-long consequences that can result from a child’s diagnosis of mental illness by way of this harmless survey.




Richardson ISD’s Counselor, Laurie Jackson’s message above you gives parents a link to the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. I called the Center to verify that they were using the “TeenScreen” program and they verified they were. I also emailed Laurie Jackson the following email.


Why are you subjecting students to Teen Screen. Can you tell me who is funding this program? Does the district have licensed Psychologist on campus to administer this?


I received the following response from Brenice Murlette PhD, with Richardson ISD…..

The TeenScreen questionnaire was developed by Columbia University and research has concluded that it is effective in identifying youth with possible emotional problems.  It is the only screener recommended for youth by the state of Texas. 

It should be known that there is inaccurate information on the internet about TeenScreen.  In response, we want our community to know that there is not a company connected to TeenScreen or to the confidential results.  RISD has partnered with the North Texas Suicide and Crisis Center (a non-profit organization) whose objective is to educate the community on teenage depression and suicide. Other school districts have been utilizing this screening for many years (Allen, Coppell, Grapevine-Colleyville, Highland Park, and Melissa ISD to name a few). 

Parent permission is required. The screening is free, offered during the school day in the computer lab and if the student is identified as depressed or showing signs of suicide ideation, he or she is then interviewed by a mental health professional to determine the level of risk.  The youth’s family is contacted and referrals for mental health resources are given. 


Brenice Murlette PhD

Responsive Services Counselor Support

Richardson ISD Guidance & Counseling Department

469-593-7414 (email is the best way to reach me)

I responded asking for clarification as to what data on the internet was inaccurate and would the students screening results be entered into the Longitudinal Data System. I have received no response. Parents should be greatly concerned that you local school would/could administer mental health screenings on your child. There is no information private today within a school system. All data is available to 3rd parties outside the district despite what the district may tell you.

The following was sent home from Allen ISD.


Additional info below:


TeenScreen said to be unreliable.


TeenScreen: Life Saving Intervention or Orwellian Nighmare.


TeenScreen National Center for Mental Health Checkups








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Texas schools train teachers to accommodate transgender students

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by  Victor Skinner
Victor is a communications specialist for EAG and joined in 2009. Previously, he was a newspaper journalist.

LAREDO, Texas – Two Texas school districts are training staff on special accommodations for transgender students to ensure they feel comfortable on campus.

The Laredo Independent School District and United Independent School District are educating staff and students about transgender issues and working with transgender students to meet their needs, KGNS reports.

Officials are devising special bathroom privileges for transgender teens, for example, and are using the Transgender Education Network of Texas’ focus on “educating, advocating and empowering” transgender students as the model for proper support.

“That’s what we want. We want the students to be a part of that student body to not have to go through bullying situations and so forth and so we want them to have a good experience in the classrooms and in the school environment, period,” UISD spokeswoman Gloria Rendon told the news site.

Another UISD representative, Juan Cruz, strived to stay ahead of transgender issues with specialized teacher training on the topic over the last three years.

“UISK has been kind of leading in this topic. We have been more on the forefront. We started doing transgender training prior to it becoming a national trend so to speak,” Cruz told the KGNS. “We started training our administrators from two years ago and have continued this summer as well.”

Laredo ISD superintendent Marcus Nelson said transgender students have raised issues and the district went to work to address them.

“We have had a couple of students who have expressed a need to have a specialized location for where they go to the restroom, and we’ve been happy to facilitate that because, for us, we value every student we have regardless of their background,” he said.

KGNS did not report how students in UISD or Laredo ISD have responded to the special accommodations and concerns for their transgender classmates, but the issue has generated a lot of controversy in other districts.

At Hillsboro High School in Missouri, about 150 students walked out in protest over transgender student Lila Perry’s demand to use the female bathroom, despite being biologically male, KMOV reports.

Two-thirds of students walk out to oppose Perry’s special privileges, while roughly a third did the same in support.

“There’s a lot of ignorance, they are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are,” Perry told the news site. “I think this is pure and simple bigotry.”

School officials allowed Perry to use a private gender-neutral restroom in previous years, but the senior now believes that’s not good enough.

“I wasn’t hurting anyone (by using the female restroom) and I didn’t want to feel segregated out,” Perry said. “I didn’t want to be in the gender neutral bathroom. I am girl, I should be pushed off to another bathroom.”

Protestors outside the school and others convinced Perry to drop out of gym class to avoid sharing the locker room with female classmates, but she said she has no plans to stop using the female restroom.

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Texas School Board Member….Treats Constituent Like A Dog!

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I have been saying for years that school board members do not represent their constituents, that they have morphed into being “rubber stampers” for ISD administrations. School Boards now are a “team of 8″, a superintendent and 7 elected board members (or in Magnolia’s case appointed) geared towards “Group Think”. You will rarely find a school board where there will be a dissenting vote on any matter. The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is to blame for brainwashing our school boards through their conference training. They frown upon a board member that actually can think for themselves and have labeled them as “trouble makers”. As matter of fact during the 2014 TASB/TASA conference there was a break-out session titled: “Dealing with Mavericks, Malcontents and Mutineers” led my TASB consultant, David Koempel. School board members are unapproachable, they will not return phone calls if they have knowledge you are not on board with the ISD’s agenda. This attitude is represented in Magnolia ISD school board member Ms. Kristi Baker’s retweet on twitter.

kristi tweet

On the heels of exposing Cscope (more on Cscope)  and the corruption within the Texas Education system in 2013, I then decided to run for school board in hopes of making a difference. I could see our country was at stake. So I applied to run for position 4 of the Magnolia ISD board, my opponent was incumbent Kristi Baker. Ms. Baker was appointed to the Magnolia ISD School Board, August 2013 a position vacated by member Brent O’Neil.

I did not know and never met Ms. Baker so I had no personal vendetta.  My running had to do with the education system as a whole “state wide” knowing how the federal and state mandates were changing our public schools and not for the better. I truly wanted to make a difference.  I even reached out to Ms. Baker after announcing my candidacy in hopes of telling her why I was running and my knowledge of the Texas Education system. She never responded and it became apparent Ms. Baker took it personally.

If there were to be an ugly, hateful, spiteful race this race could win hands down with the help of the Magnolia ISD administration. Magnolia ISD superintendent, Todd Stephens visited his campuses and told the administrations they needed to get their teachers out to vote. Substitutes and parent subs were sought so teachers could vote during the school day. Students and teachers were utilized and on behalf of the Magnolia ISD High School principal, Jeff Springer and a bullying campaign was raged against me also  during class time throughout the whole school day. I can only assume no school work needed to be done.

Over a year has passed since the election and I am regularly contacted by disgruntled parents and teaches around the state that are seeing the changes I have been alerting them to. Last spring a church member informed me that Magnolia ISD was working on implementing the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). For those that will do their research you will find that the IB program is affiliated with the United Nations Marxist ideology (collectivism) and the handing over the education of our students to a foreign entity, Switzerland. Magnolia ISD has already spent over 50K on implementing the program with plans of spending that or more this year though the program will not be in effect until the fall of 2016. I have been speaking out about this waste of taxpayers funds at school board meetings and alerting the uninformed public. As expected no school board member or the administration will have an intelligent conversation regarding the program, at least not with me. What would I know?

This leads me back to Ms. Baker who has not been active in politics until the school board race and is now knee deep in it. LOL  She recently joined the board of directors of the “NEW” Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Group and seems to regularly show up at meetings that I have regularly attended.  I am glad that our race prompted her to become more involved in the political process. As a matter of fact I saw Ms. Baker at a Rep. Kevin Brady town hall meeting last night. Since these board members are unapproachable I found an opportune time to approach her and asked, “Kristi, where are you on this UN International Baccalaureate Program?” She looked at me and said, “Run Along Ginger.” as if I were some dog. I was not phased I knew she would be rude so I asked her again. She fumbled around for the words to say and responded with, “Good Night Ginger.”  I gladly left. As expected Ms. Baker was dismissive of my question. Why? Isn’t she is a “conservative” republican? Now that Ms. Baker is on the board of the Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Group one could only assume she would not want the United Nations Program in our local  school district indoctrinating our children.  Or does she? As Kristi would parrot “Let’s do it for the babies.”

Why you should be concerned about International Baccalaureate

More on our school board race.




Kristi Baker



Kristi Baker









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Progressive Media Mocks Texas Seniors Peacefully Protesting Arabic Immersion School Opening

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channel 11

Progressive media ridiculed a handful of harmless middle aged and senior citizens peacefully protesting outside the gates of the nation’s first Arabic Immersion Magnet School in the Houston Independent School District (ISD). The Arabic immersion school opened yesterday for 132 pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.


The protest group numbered about 30 people, at its height. They waved American and Israeli flags in solidarity of Western and Judeo-Christian values. Some had held two flags, others, held homemade protest signs that read: “Everything I ever cared to know about Islam was taught to me by Muslims on 9-11-2001,” “American Schools, American Kids,” and “Qatar Out of Our Schools.”

Outlets like NewFix insinuated that the mild mannered demonstrators were childlike, “throwing a hissy fit” for having concerns about how their taxpayer dollars were being spent by the public school system. The Houston Press characterized them as”assholes,” and the San Antonio Current mocked their elders as “dunces” and “an embarrassment to decent Texans everywhere.”

Even Houston ISD Chief-of-Staff Jason Spencer went for the cheap shot in an attack tweet that skirted any actual issues:


jason spencer

In news reports, the smattering of civilly obedient dissenters also expressed concerns over any potential Arabic immersion school funding from Qatar. The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is closely associated with the unsavory Muslim Brotherhood that was founded by Sheikha bint Al Thani, the founder of Al Jazeera, and they give to educational causes.

The Qatar Foundation International granted the Arabic immersion school $75,000, according to the Houston ISD Board of Education’s August 13 meeting agenda documents that break down those earmarked QFI funds.

The grant is for “Arabic language activities and Arab cultural events for students, teacher professional development, educational resources, the promotion of the Arabic language, community outreach, and curriculum development to promote the educational mission of the Arabic Immersion Magnet School,” it states in section D-2 Acceptance of Grant Funds in Support Of District wide and School-Specific Programs and Authorization to Negotiate and Execute Contracts Required Under the Grants, Attachment 7.

Because the grant money exceeded $5,000, it had to be approved by the board, although the D-2 packet memo stated that it was part of a summary of grants already awarded to Houston ISD. In writing, the board recommended accepting the grant funds at the bottom of the memo.

In 2013, Tucson Unified School District in Arizona asked its school board for permission to accept QFI money to be used to implement “innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom,” Family Security Matters reported.

In 2011, QFI partnered with the U.S. Department of Education’s Connect All Schools consortium “to connect every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016” digitally, which President Obama unveiled in a historic 2009 speech in Cairo.

Houston ISD posted opening day photos on its news blog that included several women sporting various degrees of hijabs, the Arabic veil worn by Muslim women.

Greer also called the school demographically diverse, asserting students were divvied up into equal thirds among Hispanic, white and black students. On the news blog, he said: “This year is especially exciting, as we continue to set our sights on making sure our students have access to a truly global education.”

Breitbart Texas originally reported about the Arabic Immersion Magnet School last November. Yesterday, district Superintendent Terry Grier declared Houston the “energy capital of the world,” but that was the same comment he gave last winter as the impetus behind the creation of the school. That, and an apparently overwhelming demand for such a school.

Houston’s KHOU-TV (CBS) reported that Arabic was the second most common spoken language at home, according to the district. In November, the school board claimed the Houston metropolitan area was home to more than 75,000 Arab-Americans, although, those figures did not add up to far more conservative numbers from 2013, which found the local Arabic-speaking population was at 23,300.

A 2014 Greater Houston Partnership white paper did not even account for Arabic as a language spoken at home since it only identified Arab as an ancestry for 0.7 percent (41,653 people) of the Houston metropolitan population, also reported by Breitbart Texas. More over, school district figures listed only 1.3 percent or 855 students who spoke Arabic as a native or “home” language out of the 215,000 total students enrolled last year.

The Houston Chronicle reported that number was up to 925 students this year, bumping Arabic as a home language right behind Spanish speakers. The district has 59,700 Spanish speakers. Houston ISD’s Spanish dual language program nearly doubled from 31 to 52 campuses this school year.

Even though 445 students report Vietnamese as their first language, Houston ISD opened a Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion School in 2012, then serving a miniscule 0.5 percent or 319 of all enrolled students.

Last year, Houston school officials actively worked with the Arab American Cultural and Community Center to recruit Arabic-speaking volunteers for the district’s then-754 students whose first language was Arabic to serve an influx of “refugees from Iraq, Egypt and Syria, whose families fled violence and ongoing conflict,” according to KRTK-13 (ABC).

Arabic Immersion Magnet (AIM) School Principal Kate Adams says in “The Importance of Arabic Immersion” district promotional video that the new school will use a 50/50 model where “students spend half their day learning in English and half their day learning in Arabic” for them to eventually become bi-cultural. The pre-k and kindergarten youngsters learn math and science in Arabic but Language Arts and Social Studies in English. Adams said all teachers are native Arabic speakers.

Adams spent a portion of her childhood in Cairo because of her father’s career in the oil business, according to the Houston Chronicle.

She emphasized in the video that students will also learn to “really appreciate the uniqueness of each country in the Arab world.” Adams predicted boundless career opportunities she believed available for fully functionally bi-lingual student who “understand the [Arabic] culture and appreciate how to do business in a very diverse and unique environment.”

The district insists the Arabic Immersion Magnet School is not a religious school.

Follow Merrill Hope on Twitter @OutOfTheBoxMom.




Additional social media post …..

Think Progress


arabic immersion 2




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Grand Prairie ISD’s Green Environmental School!

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Grand Prairie Green Agenda


The Green Environmental Agenda has taken root in Grand Prairie ISD on a different level. Parents have seen this “green agenda” come home through classwork for years but Grand Prairie now has an elementary school “wholly’ promoting the green agenda, Lorenzo de Zavala Environmental Science Academy. Shocking!

Education today has come down to one word “INDOCTRINATION“. For those oblivious to the green movement it is a religion all its own in worshiping the creation not the creator.




With just a little research I discovered that Lorenzo De Zavala Environmental Science Academy has partnered up with “EARTH FORCE” a national non-profit to promote Obama’s green agenda. On the White House website it states that the the administration has partnered up with Earth Force in implementing the following goals…….


green goals



earth force




Additional info on this GREEN SCHOOL. 

Additional info about the Dangers of The Green Agenda.



Wake up Parents and Taxpayers!!!

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Texas Schools on Marxist Path!

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texas flag

Our government run public schools are working fast at indoctrinating America’s school children.  You can call it Out based education, Project-based learning, Common Core, Cscope (Texas) or the United Nations International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, it is all based on Marxism.  Parents,grandparents and taxpayers need to start paying attention!

International Baccalaureate  is another arm of U.N. Agenda 21 indoctrination of our children into “global citizenship, social justice, intercultural understanding and respect,” submission to one-world socialist government, using American taxpayer dollars.  IB programs are devoted to the “radical transformation” of America’s classrooms and unfortunately most parents have no idea what it is.

These children are our future!





Texas states that Common Core is illegal in Texas but it is all smoke and mirrors. Believe me the philosophy behind Common Core (collectivism/Marxism) is in every public school in Texas, they change the name to protect the guilty.  Schools districts are masters at deception.

Activists need to rally the troops in Texas and let’s get this International Baccalaureate Program out of our state. IB maintains UN status as a non-governmental organization. You can find a wealth of information on IB at


If you would like to know if your school district is part of this indoctrination check HERE. 

NOTE: Some districts are in different stages of the application process and may not listed like

Magnolia ISD. Please check with your district.


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Keller ISD Promoting Homosexual Behavior and Endangering Christian Students

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A Keller ISD student, Casey Akers was not allowed to preform a “promposal” on campus by asking another female student to prom and is now speaking out. She voiced her objections at the April Keller ISD school board meeting. This has prompted the administration into changing the district’s anti-discrimination policies while everyone was on summer break (no surprise there). The proposed policy changes redefine the word “Discrimination” throughout to include the new language “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation” YIKES…

News of these changes have been brought to light thankfully to the hard work of education activist Alice Linahan with “Women on the Wall” and conservative TV personality, Glenn Beck who lives in the Keller ISD district. These policy changes were set to be discussed on the August 13th school board meeting.

Glenn Beck posted an article by Alice Linahan about the policy changes and the school board meeting on his facebook page. Glenn stated he would be attending the meeting and encouraged others to do so also.

glenn beck alice

I can assure you that the negative news coverage is not what the school district bargained for.  School districts abhor any news that portrays them in a negative light.

The day of the meeting they posted that the anti-discrimination policy item was removed from the agenda. The following sign was posted on the board room door.

boardroom sign


As parents and taxpayers started showing up at the school board meeting they began posting photos of the boardroom filling up online.



I am assuming the board president delivered the following speech…..





 The news media shows up and guess who they want to interview…… yea you got it.




gay queer


Same ole  song and chant of “Black Lives Matter” now is becoming “Gay Lives Matter” while the Christian community and those students who believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ are marginalized. I can assure you with the Supreme Court legalization of Same Sex marriage this will not be the last school district in Texas to undergo policy changes in relation to the chosen sinful lifestyle of HOMOSEXUALITY.




More on the story to come…………………..


Board of Trustees
Craig Allen  817-741-6086
Karina Davis  unpublished
Jo Lynn Haussmann  817-938-1900
Ruthie Keyes  817-542-5628
Cindy Lotton  817-485-4177
Brad Schofield  817-431-7090
Jim Stitt  817-223-7209
Randy Reid  817-744-1011

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God Answers Prayer! Thank you Jesus!!!

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I have to give all Praise and Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the miracle He performed this Sunday. I posted a prayer request on here for Chris Barton who was in need of a heart transplant. Chris is 43 with a beautiful wife and daughter, Jenny and Makenzie. Last week we got the news that Chris could remain on the transplant list for only one more week and then he would have to get a LVAD Pump. He would be taken off the transplant list this Monday morning, August 10th. After this procedure it would be 6 months before he could be put back on the heart transplant list. Along with that came other restrictions that put Chris’ health in danger.

A dear friend of the family Connie Tanner set up an around the clock prayer chain last week for Chris to receive a heart during the week. As the week past and receiving no news of a heart becoming available our hearts were heavy. During church yesterday we got word that a heart had become available though it would take hours to perform the tests to make certain it was an exact match.  Praise God it was!!


With that said, you can see below the posts that chronicle the events of this past Sunday.


Chris blog 1




chris blog 2


Chris Blog 3

chris blog 4 chris blog 5 Chris blog 6


chris blog 7


chris barton blog 8


emily hill




 You will be on the lake again soon Chris!!!

chris 3

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Disturbing Summer Surge of Teacher Sexual Misconduct with Students in Texas

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sex photos

The summer months saw a disturbing surge of teacher sexual misconduct with students as the start of the new school year starts is just a few weeks away.

KBXT-3, the CBS News affiliate in College Station, reported that a 17-year-old male student in the East Central Texas area high school contacted local police on Monday, alleging that theatre arts instructor Gregory Stanley, 42, “initiated unwanted sexual contact” with him at Stanley’s home.

NBC local KAGS-6 reported the boy was given an alcoholic beverage by the teacher and told to drink it slowly. The specifics of the purported sexual encounter between Stanley and the victim were not released and it is not clear why the student was at the teacher’s home. On Tuesday, Stanley apologized to the victim for the incident by phone. The student recorded the call, which he turned over to police.

Stanley was taken into custody that evening at his home. Bond was set at $35,000. He faces second degree felony charges, which carry up to 20 years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine with a conviction. The teacher was at the College Station high school since 2013, heavily involved in the theatre department including in a one-act play that earned students a trip to the state’s University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition, according to KBTX-3.

In a statement, the College Station Independent School District (ISD) said Stanley was placed on administrative leave pending the results of a police investigation. The district also commented: “…accusations of this nature are disturbing, and if proven to be true, unacceptable” nor will “misconduct of this nature will not be tolerated by any employee.”

Also on Monday, former Dallas ISD teacher and coach, Philon Deberry, 45, received 10 years of probation for sexually assaulting a student and five years of probation for having an improper relationship with another. He must register as a sex offender as part of the plea deal, according to the Dallas Morning News. If he completes the probations, he avoids a formal conviction.

Throughout summer break, teacher sex scandals surfaced.

In June, Krum band director Steve Scher, 28, was arrested for having an improper relationship with a student. Also, Wichita Falls teacher Amber Witte, 29, was taken into custody on sexual misconduct charges. Although she admitted to having oral sex with a teenage male student, she denied having sexual intercourse, which the victim alleged. After a $5,000 bond, Witte was released from the Wichita County Jail.

In late June, a Central Texas high school teacher was arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with a 15-year-old female student. Shawn Westley Noordam, 29, the boys’ track coach and physical education teacher in Copperas Cove, was arraigned on one count of sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between and educator and student. He was later released on $50,000 bail. The Copperas Cove school said that Noordam was no longer employed by the district, the San Antonio Express-News has since reported.

Then in July, Dallas ISD teacher Troy French, 38 was arrested for allegedly having several sexual encounters with an 18-year-old female student. Although the sex was consensual, the relationship was illegal because it was between a teacher and a student, Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller told the Dallas Morning News. A district spokesman identified French as the girl’s wrestling coach and social studies teacher. His bail was set at $25,000.

South of Dallas, Hurst Euless Bedford (HEB) ISD elementary school principal Oscar Figueroa, 46, was arrested and the feds charged him with enticement of a minor, although he pled not guilty. According to the Frisco Enterprise, Figueroa was under investigation based on a Craigslist online ad he placed seeking male-to-male oral sex at a movie theatre with “young partners.” Officers arrested Figueroa at the upscale Frisco Stonebriar Center Mall AMC movie theatre. He resigned his post.

Last year, Breitbart Texas reported on the troubling uptick of improper sexual relationships between educators and students. One teacher gave a student a birthday lap dance. A school security guard allegedly sent sexual texts to female students, only to be suspended and then reinstated. A band director had sex with a high school girl in his music room, and a teacher was sentenced to 17 years in prison for producing child pornography with a 16-year-old student whom he impregnated. This year, Breitbart Texas covered numerous incidents across the state.

It is not just Texas. Nationwide, it is epidemic, says Terry Abbott, the former U.S. Department of Education chief-of-staff who heads up Houston-based research firm Drive West Communications. They track reports of inappropriate teacher-student sexual relationship across the country. Abbott credited social media for the eruption of classroom sexual predators that has “created an open gateway for inappropriate behavior,” including developing “improper relationships with students out of sight of parents and principals.”

In 2014, about 35 percent of the sexual misconduct cases between educators and their students involved social media nationwide.

In March, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) added 74 alleged cases to existing 2013-14 school year tally of 179 cases. Breitbart Texas reported that sexual misconduct cases increased by 27 percent from 141 purported cases since the 2009-10 school year.

Besides criminal prosecution, the TEA’s Educator Investigations (EI) unit examines these educator sexual misconduct cases once they are reported. The offender can be sanctioned. These recriminations may vary from a reprimand to permanent certification revocation. When an educator receives deferred adjudication for a crime, they may not teach while serving that sentence.

TEA tracks data on sexual misconduct cases that they report on a fiscal year end basis.

Previously, TEA told Breitbart Texas that 334,000-plus public school teachers comprise the overwhelming majority of teachers and they act in an appropriate and ethical sexual manner.

Follow Merrill Hope on Twitter @OutOfTheBoxMom.

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Texas: Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship with Male Student

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teacher arrested


On August 13, 2013 I posted an article titled Technology: Danger for Texas Students. The article highlighted a teacher, Brenda Pawelek and her social media behavior using vulgarity and tweeting students in her class.Which all public schools are promoting today unfortunately.



News agency reported this week, July 22 that Ms. Brenda Pawelek has been arrested for alleged improper relationship with a male middle school student. NEWS ARTICLE HERE.


I personally have experienced the bullying of teachers and students during the school day while running for the Magnolia ISD school board. As of today there is no record of these teachers being reprimanded. It appears that Magnolia ISD has no bullying policies if it is directed at someone off campus.

Magnolia ISD Exploits Students








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Jesse Jackson’s Newest Staffer

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Jesse Jackson’s Newest   Staffer

You can’t make up stuff better than this!
by Carlos Bringuier
File:Mel Reynolds.jpg
Mel Reynolds
Jesse Jackson   has added former Chicago Congressman 
Mel Reynolds to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s payroll..
Reynolds was among the 176 criminals excused in President Clinton’s last-minute clemency forgiveness spree.  
Reynolds received a commutation of his six-and-a-half-year federal sentence for 15 convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud, and lies to the Federal Election Commission.  
He is more notorious, however, for concurrently serving five years for sleeping with an underage campaign volunteer.
This is a first in American politics:
An ex-congressman who had sex with a subordinate….
Then won clemency from a president who had sex with a subordinate…
Then was hired by a clergyman who had sex with a subordinate!
His new job? Ready for this??
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I am asking you to be in prayer for a wonderful Christian man, Chris Barton. Chris is 43 years old and he is now in Memorial Herman Downtown Houston. Chris has been on the heart transplant list and has had some major set backs. He had a stroke on Saturday and had surgery today. Due to these set backs he has  been removed from the transplant list until Doctors can get him stable.

Chris is married to Jenny and they have one beautiful daughter, Makenzie. I know his family will covet your prayers in asking for his healing and a heart to become available.


two or three



chris 2 chris 3



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School District Needs and Wants

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needs and wants

Later this year, the Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments from attorneys representing over 600 Texas school districts who claim they cannot properly educate Texas school children because the State does not provide enough money.

As a retired teacher who taught in 4 Texas public school districts over 30 years, I know first-hand that “money” does not equal “learning.”

Yet, Texas School Boards and Superintendents seem to always be screaming that the answer to low performing schools is more tax dollars.

Some offer complex explanations of how items from testing requirements to unfunded mandates drain the districts’ budgets – so much so – that hiring classroom teachers only occurs if funds are left over.

But could there be a much simpler explanation?

Something as basic as “needs vs wants”?

Did Lt Governor Patrick  hit the nail on the head when he was quoted as saying:

“I am proud of the Texas Senate for uniting to produce a conservative, responsible, state budget that will sufficiently fund our state’s needs over the next biennium, while providing $3.8 billion in necessary tax relief to the businesses and property owners of Texas.”  The Texas Senate figured a way to fund the “needs” of Texans and cut taxes. Why can’t 600+ Texas school districts figure it out?

Look closer at Patrick’s statement. Notice the two words: conservative and needs.

The Texas Senate budgeted for the “needs” of Texans, NOT for the “wants” of every Legislator or school superintendent.

That is the true fiscal difference between liberals and conservatives.

Conservatives believe taxpayer  money should only be collected for “needs” that only government can provide, (roads, schools, military, etc.) while liberals believe they are ENTITLED to taxpayers supplying their “wants” (day care, health care, cell phones, etc.)

But so many education leaders are “liberals” these days,  that often student “needs” and district “wants” are  purposely mingled.

To prove the point, I tried a little experiment: comparing the spending habits of two public officials – a conservative who believes taxpayers should only fund the “needs” of government vs a liberal who believes taxpayers should be paying more to provide for “wants.”

I selected two public officials from my area who were both new to their offices –

                    Dan Patrick     

      Texas Lt Governor


Took office  1/13/2015 


James Colbert     

School Superintendent 

Harris County


Took Office 12/1/14 

I filed public information requests to find out how each official had spent public funds on “wants” vs “needs” from 1/1/15 thru 6/1/15.

Was there a significant difference? I will let you decide.

First – Office Needs

Both men were provided the same fully furnished office space their predecessors had used.

Conservative (Patrick)The CapitalBuilding required the office be repainted between occupants. Furniture wasselected from current inventory. Nothing was purchased for redecorating his office.

Liberal (Colbert) – Hired a decorator and went shopping with the taxpayers’ money. Chose the new, modern style furnishings complete with a custom refrigerator. Gave the previous furnishingsto his newly hired assistant, Jimmy Wynn, for use in his new office.


Conservative Liberal

Lt Governor

School Superintendent
Desk                                        2,998.21

Serving Cart                           2,548.08

Custom Refrigerator             1,971.74

Conference Table                 4,267.82

End Tables(3)                       4,509.31

Executive Chair                       966.46

Conference Chairs (6)        3,002.16

Guest Chairs (2)                   1,837.29

Sofa                                         1,857.02

Board Room Seating(10)   3,823.50

Board Room Buffet             1,697.06

Board Room Cart                2,423.01

Shutters                                 6,375.00

Picture(1)/Plants(3)           1,500.00

Chrome Coat Rack                 315.00

Freight                                   1,175.95

Installation                          2,732.00

Design Fee                              850.00

New Wall Paper                  2,475.00

New Lighting                       3,193.00


Total   $   0.00


Total    $  50,517.61



Second – Salary

Conservative (Patrick) – 2nd most powerful person
in the State.

Liberal (Colbert) – Oversees approximately
1,000 employees



Lt Governor

School Superintendent

$ 600 per month

$ 16,250 per month


Fourth – Gov’t Issued Credit Card

Conservative (Patrick) – The Senate does not

issue credit cards.

Liberal (Colbert) – School district credit card.

Charged for travel; taking board members, district employees, consultants and vendors out for meals; technology supplies.


Conservative Liberal
Lt Governor School Superintendent


School District MasterCard


Chilosos’s Taco House                  20.75

Best Buy                                         324.95

Shady Grove                                   38.48

Schlotzsky’s                                     12.19

Reale’s Pizza                                   66.77

Courtyard by Marriott                769.88

Champions Restaurant                 24.65

Shade Houston                               56.25

Laurenzo’s Grille Dello                 44.62

Laurenzo’s Grille Dello                 53.19

Capital Visitor Parking                   8.00

Lola Houston                                 20.52

Maggiano’s Houston                    69.26

Chick-Fil-A Houston                    10.15

Rudy’s Country Store                     8.15

Reale’s Pizza                                   10.97

Green Mesquite BBQ                    16.33

Marriott Austin                             26.82

Marriott Austin                             25.82

Marriott Austin                           553.61

Babin’s Katy                                   42.68

Chick-Fil-A Houston                    13.85

Shady Grove                                   17.56

Schlotzsky’s                                    12.19

Capital Grill                                    11.14

Shade Houston                             44.97

Shade Houston                             37.48

Embassy Suites Austin               20.00


Total              0.00       Total                    2,361.23

Is there really a difference in the way liberals and conservatives spend public dollars?

This simple experiment seems to show there is.

Do taxpayers work hard to pay their school district taxes because the superintendent “wants”  a custom refrigerator for his office?

Do taxpayers work hard to pay their school district taxes because the superintendent “wants” to use his school district credit card to dine out with his assistants?


Is a school superintendent ENTITLED to plush office furnishings and a tax funded expense account?

That is for you to decide.

But the real  multi-billion dollar question is:

If the 600+ school districts which are suing the taxpayers for more money would budget as the Texas Senate did – fund “needs” and leave out the “wants” – would they have enough money to educate our kids?

They won’t know unless they try.


If you would like to let Lt Governor Patrick know how much you appreciate his respect for our hard earned tax dollars, you may contact his comment line at 512-463-5342 or  email:

If you would like to let Superintendent Colbert know what you think of his spending habits with public funds, you may contact him at 713-696-0715 or email:

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Political Correctness will Kill America

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Ok, I may lose some friends over this but I am quite used to losing friends/family over my political opinions.

I am SICK of tolerance and political correctness being pushed off on society due to someone being offended. Everyone is offended by something.
The confederate flag does not and was never meant to represent racism. There were black soldiers on the North and South as well as slaves. While Amazon has quit selling the confederate flag (not before I bought 2 of them and a beanie hat) but they continue to sell the oppressive Burkas, North Korea Flag, Che Guevara merchandise, etc……

We already have people that say they are offended by the cross, the nativity scene, the 10 Commandments and they work to have them removed. We have had to change the name of the Red Skins football team. I assume that is another reason we don’t sell Big Chief tablets any longer. Surely there are people offended by the American Flag, are we going to remove it next. Lord help us, we can’t have people offended.

ISIS is murdering/torturing people daily and America is worried about a Flag.

A racist, Moron goes into a church a kills 9 innocent people and our political hacks want to make it all about gun control and a flag.

The issues are about the heart not a flag, name, etc….

I am disgusted but I will maintain my Southern Pride!




You can buy a Chairman Mao T-Shirt on Amazon. Chairman Mao killed over 30 million people.

You can buy mass murderer, Che Guevara merchandise on Amazon and Walmart.




The Confederate Flag……Please take time to Read.
I am the Confederate Battle Flag. My design is based upon the Saint Andrew’s Cross of Scotland. Some prefer to call me the “Rebel Flag”. Either name I will wear with honor. There is certainly no shame
in being called Confederate, as the people who bore that same honorable title are remembered for their bravery on the field of battle, a Southern culture built upon hard work, and faith in God. As for the name “Rebel”, it was the Revolutionary War soldier and outstanding pamphleteer, Thomas Paine, in his series “The American Crisis”, said: “Let them call me Rebel and welcome — I feel no concern from it”. Because you see, it was George Washington and his Colonial Army who were the original Rebels. My boys in gray were the second to wear the name.
My soldiers were so proud of me and held me in high steem. Many songs and poems were written to praise me. Southern ladies especially loved me and often I was hand made by them and presented to Dixie’s heroes at formal ceremonies. My folds still bare the brown stains of the blood of young heroes.
A poem by Abram Ryan said: “Once ten thousand hailed me gladly, and ten thousand wildly, madly, swore I should ever wave. For though conquered, they adore me! Love the cold dead hands that bore me! Weep for those that fell before me”. I was carried high on Memorial Day, and Dixie was included in July 4th ceremonies. On Veteran’s Day, my men marched along with those from other wars. I waved proudly beside state flags in front of every state building in the South. The great grandchildren of my soldiers put me in tag form on their vehicles and posted me proudly in front of their homes. At some universities, I became the rallying cry at athletic events. The descendants of my warriors remembered both them and me with honor and reverent pride.
But history began to be revised and things such as hard work, personal responsibility, chastity, civility, even Christian symbols such as the cross, the nativity, and the Ten Commandments became unpopular as society became more crude and coarse. I find that I, the once honored flag of the Confederacy, have become the primary targets of the speech police. I have heard of this thing called “diversity”. And if I understand it correctly, it means that this country is working toward the inclusion of and equal treatment for all ethnic groups. Then why is my group singled out not only for omission, but also for slander?
The saddest part for me is that a great number of Confederate descendants have let the liberal media world convince them to be ashamed of who they are. Others have become afraid to display me. How I wish they could have seen their grandfathers hold my colors proudly at Shiloh, or witnessed the calm resolve at Gettysburg as General Pickett sent them forward into cannon and minie balls while I floated above their brave heads. There were no cowards at these places, only the valiant willing to die for the Constitution and the protection of their beloved homes.
Perhaps my people need to be reminded of who they are and what I am. I am a Christian symbol based on the Saint Andrew’s Cross, the native flag of Scotland. According to tradition Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland was crucified on an X-shaped cross. The X-shaped cross in my colors and in the flag of Scotland is also the Greek letter chi which has long been a Christian abbreviation for “Christ”. 19th century military tactics required perfect alignment in order to fire effectively upon an enemy. This rigid formation depended upon being able to align troops on the flag. Therefore, I was the rallying point for the “boys in gray”. But, I was respected by the Union, too. Union troops received the Congressional Medal of Honor for the capture of a Confederate Battle Flag. Because of the confusion between the similarity of first national flag of the CSA and the national flag of the USA, General P. G. T. Beauregard and Joseph E. Johnston adopted my design for their battle flag. I was first known as the Southern Cross and today I am generally referred to as the Confederate Battle Flag. Even the gaping bullet holes that appeared in me after every engagement were pointed to with pride as being further indication of valor for the men of the unit. It further reminds me of the courage and dedication were needed. Confederate soldiers had only to look at the blood stains of their fallen comrades which the battle action had placed upon my colors.
Even in the 20th Century I have been carried into battles for freedom. As the United Nations fought to protect South Korea from the aggression of North Korea, I flew over the front lines with the U. S. 7th Marines, 3rd Battalion, E Company (“The Civil War: Strange and Fascinating Facts,” by Burke Davis). When the TV cameras scanned the crowds witnessing the fall of a communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, I was seen waving in many hands in that sea of humanity. In Logar Province, Afghan Freedom fighters placed me on a pole into the barrel of a captured Soviet tank as they struggled to remove Russian control over their nation (1989, Southern Partisan Magazine). During Operation Desert Storm, a British unit took me with them into their zone of responsibility as they worked to lift the aggression of Iraq over Kuwait. Somehow across the years, I think I heard again, “Rebel Yells” in approval as brave men once more carried me into battle for freedom.
In the War for Southern Independence, Corporal T. J. Carlisle of the 37th Alabama Infantry said this about me: “Hail thou flag of the brave. We lift our hats in reverence as we behold the speechless but unmistakable evidence that you have passed through the firey ordeal of war in all its fury. We are proud of your history proud of your scars and venerate you for your age, trusting that your scarred folds may be preserved for ages to come and when time and its inevitable ravages shall dissolve your sacred folds into dust, may the patriotic emotions which actuated us in that memorial struggle pervade American hearts and live in vivid memories of Southern heroism and Southern chivalry.
Why do my people not still love me? Why do they not display me on their government buildings and their businesses? Above all, why do they not fly me on the occasions of Confederate Memorial Day (fourth Monday in April), General Lee’s birthday (third Monday in January) and President Davis’s birthday (June third)? Perhaps they just need to become reacquainted with who I REALLY AM not who those who hate me SAY THAT I AM. Remember and honor me openly, my children. I was based on a Christian symbol; represented a fight for independence, carried by fearless men; and loved by your grandparents. I am The Confederate Battle Flag.
Fly me proudly. I am your Inheritance.
Don’t Let Me Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


confederate man


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Texas Governor Abbott is Two for Two

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“Amazing News: Tex. Gov. Greg Abbott Is Two for Two”

By Donna Garner



Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is “two for two.”  Not only did Gov. Abbott make a wise choice in appointing Donna Bahorich to be the new Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, but today Gov. Abbott also vetoed SB 313 (please see both articles posted at the bottom of this page).   


With these two critical moves, Gov. Abbott has helped to stabilize two important structures in Texas upon which education reform is built – a strong SBOE Chair and the Type #1 curriculum standards (TEKS) that make our state the most unique and patriotic state in the United States.   


Besides giving our heartfelt thanks to Gov. Abbott, we also need to thank so many of the grassroots citizens of Texas who took their time to contact him and request that he (1) appoint Donna Bahorich as Chair and (2) veto SB 313.  


These are the comments about SB 313 that I sent to Gov. Abbott on 6.18.15, and many other concerned Texans did the same thing:


Gov. Abbott, we beg of you to veto SB 313 so that Texas can retain the most fact-based, patriotic curriculum standards (TEKS) in the entire United States.  No other state set up the parameters BEFORE a single word of their curriculum standards was written.  Texas did.



We said that our TEKS had to be knowledge-based, academic, grade-level-specific, clearly worded, increasing in depth and complexity from one grade-level to the next grade level, and measurable with largely right-or-wrong answers. This is what is called the Type #1 philosophy of education. 



If allowed to go forward, SB 313 would open up all of the TEKS in a helter-skelter, rushed manner and would invite those on the Board who are not conservatives to delete/change the wording, moving the TEKS into the same Type #2 philosophy as seen in the Common Core/CSCOPE products. 



Type #2 (instead of emphasizing facts and academic knowledge) emphasizes process over the right answer, emphasizes feelings, opinions, beliefs over facts. Type #2 stresses subjectivity, relativism, and opens the door to the social justice agenda to indoctrinate children’s minds.  SB 313 is not needed, and its only purpose is to trash our present TEKS.



The Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency have a well-orchestrated plan for revisiting the TEKS; and the English / Language Arts / Reading TEKS are beginning that process right now with the other TEKS in Science, Social, Studies, and Math going through that same, well-planned, systematic process in years to come.



SB 313 with its unrealistic mandates would throw that well-planned process into mass chaos. Chaos always breeds chaos which is exactly what the Type #2 proponents want to happen. Again, we beg of you to do the right thing and to veto SB 313.  Thank you.



6.20.15  — “Abbott Wields Veto Pen in Final Days of Decision Period” by Patrick Svitek  – Texas Tribune –

Excerpts from this article:

Senate Bill 313 was one of the more visible ones nixed by Abbott. The bill, by state GOP Sen. Kel Seliger of Amarillo, aimed to tailor the state’s K-12 standards, but critics considered it a potential back door to the Common Core national education standards dreaded by the GOP base. 

Many in Abbott’s own party had urged him to veto the bill, including the Texas GOP leaders who had unanimously passed a resolution urging him to reject it. On Saturday, Abbott took to Twitter to announce his veto of SB 313 before releasing his veto statement, which said the bill “potentially restricts the ability of the State Board of Education to address the needs of Texas classrooms.” 

…Abbott wrapped up his work on vetoes by 2 a.m. Saturday, well ahead of the deadline at midnight Sunday to take action.



To learn more details about why these two decisions by Gov. Abbott are so important to the future of our Texas public school children, please see these two articles:



6.19.15 – “Texas Governor Names Conservative As State Ed. Board Chair, News Upsets Board’s Lone Lobbyist” — by Merrill Hope – Breitbart Texas



6.1.15 — “Emergency Alert: SB 313 To Mess with Texas School Children” — by Donna Garner –




Donna Garner


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Texas Superintendent Making the Bucks

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6.22.15 – Dallas Morning News


Highland Park ISD’s new superintendent will make $325,000 per year  [plus perks]


By Melissa Repko 

Excerpts from this article:

Tom Trigg, the new superintendent for Highland Park ISD…after being unanimously voted into the position with students on June 1…

Trustees for Highland Park ISD have made it official: They’ve hired Tom Trigg, a Kansas educator, to be the school district’s new superintendent.

Trigg, 62, signed a four-year contract on Monday to lead the suburban school district, which covers all of University Park, most of Highland Park and parts of Dallas. He is the superintendent of Blue Valley Schools, a high-performing suburban district in Overland Park, Kan., which is about 12 miles southwest of Kansas City, Mo.

Trigg will make $325,000 per year, including a $5,000 annual stipend he’ll receive because he has a doctoral degree. He will get a car allowance of $1,000 per month and a technology allowance of $150 per month.

Highland Park ISD will also pay Trigg up to $20,000 for relocation expenses and cover realtor fees for Trigg to sell his home in Kansas and buy a new one in Texas.

As a condition of his contract, Trigg must live in the school district. He will receive a $1.2 million, interest-free loan from the district to pay for his home. He must pay back the money within four months of his contract’s expiration.

He will earn a higher salary than the former Highland Park ISD superintendent and the current superintendent of Dallas ISD, a district with many more students. Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles makes an annual base salary of $306,000.

Dallas ISD’s enrollment was 160,253 students this past school year, compared to Highland Park ISD’s enrollment of about 7,000 students.

Dawson Orr, who Trigg will succeed, made an annual salary of $260,818. He left the district to be a professor and department chair at SMU’s Simmons School of Education and Human Development.

Trigg was named the lone finalist on June 1

Donna Garner


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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton


“Taking Back Our Children’s Minds – TAG Ruling Requested by SBOE Chair”

By Donna Garner



For those Texas parents who are frustrated and worried about the type of instructional materials their public school children are being taught, your day has finally come.  


I am thrilled that Barbara Cargill, chair of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), has asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (TAG) for a ruling on the issue of instructional materials (IM’s such as textbooks, digitized curriculum, computer systems, programs, etc.) and whether it makes sense for there to be two different sets of rules – one that applies to SBOE-adopted IM’s and another set that applies to IM’s purchased under SB 6. 


By law (Texas Education Code), the SBOE has to follow distinct, detailed, and numerous requirements over the IM’s that are publicly adopted by the elected members of the SBOE and that are adopted at the local level.


Now Ms. Cargill is asking for the TAG to decide whether those very same TEC requirements should extend to the IM’s purchased under SB 6.  


It seems logical that the purpose of the public funds under SB 6 should be to purchase IM’s that cover the Texas curriculum standards (TEKS) and to prepare students for the STAAR/End-of-Course tests to the very same degree that the IM’s on the SBOE-approved list do.  However, this is not occurring in Texas.


Case in point: Publishers and Education Service Centers have been allowed under SB 6 to sell their products directly to local school districts without those IM’s having to undergo the close scrutiny and accountability to verify their alignment to the TEKS and STAAR/EOC’s.  SB 6 (using our tax dollars) has allowed CSCOPE and other Common Core-aligned curriculum materials to flood into Texas public schools even though the TAG (Greg Abbott) on 6.17.14 ruled that Common Core is illegal in Texas (RQ-1175-GA).


In the 82nd Legislative Session in 2011, hundreds of technology lobbyists came to Texas.  They and Thomas Ratliff (registered lobbyist for Microsoft) pressured the Texas Legislature into passing SB 6; and against the pleas of many concerned grassroots citizens (such as Neal Frey, MerryLynn Gerstenschlager, and others), Gov. Rick Perry signed SB 6 into law in  July 2011.


SB 6 allows vendors to sell their costly products without the oversight by the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education.  This is wrong.  Any IM’s that are purchased with our tax dollars should be held to the very same level of accountability as do the IM’s that are on the SBOE-adopted list.  Instructional materials that end up on our Texas students’ desks should be carefully vetted in public hearings and by citizen committees.  


Thanks to SBOE Chair Cargill, the matter is now in the hands of the Texas Attorney General.  His ruling should be rendered in a few months.  


To read Ms. Cargill’s request to the TAG on 6.8.15, please go to this link:




Donna Garner

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