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Red Hot Conservative is one woman’s desire to make a difference in the country she has grown up loving. A country were we have been  free to love God and live freely. A Country that is unfortunately changing rapidly before my very eyes . I am greatly concerned for my children and grandchildren’s future here in what was not only called “The Land Of Free” but it was “The Land of the Free“. If Americans do not wake up and pay attention to what is taken place locally as well as nationally their world will never be the same. 


My heart is burdened with those that do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Without a love for Christ no one is ever truly FREE. “You shall know the Truth and The Truth shall set you Free” John 8:32
“For God so Loved the World that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16
Do you know and have a relationship with Jesus?
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  1. Jim Clendennen

    Great info on your web site. I had never heard of Cscope before I read your post on Sanco Soapbox. I am going to provide links to this site when ever I can.

  2. ChrisJ

    How do I follow your site or blog? I see on the bottom WordPress. I follow several WordPress blogs already and would like to follow this one. Or how would I get on your mailing list for a newsletter or something like that?

  3. Vickie Echols

    Hi Ginger,
    I’d love to talk to you about your concerns regarding CScope. But I find that typing isn’t as good as talking – can I call you? I can share my number with you – but wasn’t sure who else would see a post on this site…you know.

    I am a teacher in Longview, Tx – have been in education since 1980…and have some insights I could share with you.

    I am impressed with how much you post. I’ve started thinking about starting a blog and would love some pointers on how you manage it.

    So, hope we can talk soon,

    • Ginger

      I never heard from you.

  4. Harold B Savage III

    Just found out about CSCOPE and Common Core being used in Texas Schools What can I do to help as currently I have 3 of my grand children just starting out in Plano schools

    • Ginger

      My advice is homeschooling. Thing are so bad now. What School are they in?

      • Man Of God

        How are you doing Ginger? I am writing to express my interest in this topic. I am a God fearing man and believe in what is right. We see this world is changing rapidly and we must draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If there’s anything that I can do to help, please let me know and would love to speak at forums or panels if possible to express my views on what’s going on before our eyes and the word of God. Thanks for your continued hard work and continue to turn the light on, for if we are truly in the word of God, we are no longer lost in darkness. Hope to hear from you soon and God Bless You.

    • Erin

      You could start by learning that grandchildren is a compound word. The Plano schools don’t need your help and it’s unlikely Plano schools are using the Common Core Curriculum as they are a large enough school system to develop their own curriculum.

  5. Cheryl "Froxy" Frocz

    Hi, Ginger!

    Just saw ur report on CSCOPE on infowars and soooo happy you’re out there bringing up these issues! I am actually in NYC and planning on “defecting” to Austin, Tx ASAP and have also been up against the agenda 21 infiltration here in my 6 year-old’s public school. (Today is Valentine’s Day and kids were told if they want to give one to a classmate, they have to make one for ALL kids in the class…can you spell COMMUNISM, boys and girls? well, no, they can’t spell that well, either, but don’t get me started!) I was just “delphi technqued” in a recent meeting about the “new approach” to teaching math (i.e, dumming down and wasting my girl’s time “showing her work” instead of moving on to the next concept)…only a few parents are taking issue with what’s going on as most seem like sheeple and catatonic. I was hoping it would be better in TX and now i’m really disappointed and concerned. Above comment you gave says you suggest home schooling but i’m not sure if i’ll be able to as i most likely will have to work when i get down there (i’m a single mom, so it’s just me and maybe my 82 year old dad). Are there ANY non-agenda 21 schools in the counties west of Austin that you know of? Appreciate any suggestions you have, Ginger, and may God bless you and your work!

    • dsanny lee

      If you are looking for a politically conservative area, Austin is NOT what you have in mind. Its just like California & Moonbeam Jerry Brown politically. Sometimes the Cscope or Common Core stamp shows up on innocuous pieces or parts teachers download to use as a teaching aid. Just because a teacher may use something in their overall presentation with one of those identifiers on it doesn’t mean that teacher is teaching the whole program, just that they found something on the internet that will help them illustrate a point or concept that meets the prompt they are actually required to teach. That is permissible.

  6. James E. Siegler

    I greatly appreciate what you are doing. As a father of 5 and grandfather of 16, I am very concerned about the corrupt public school system. All 5 of my children graduated from private Baptist grade school, high school and private Christian Colleges.1 of my granddaughters is in a Christian College, 3 are in a Christian high school, 10 are being or will be home schooled, and only 2 are in a public grade school. They are scattered through Illinois, Florida, Wyoming and Iowa. The threat of the public school system to the cause of Christ permeates this nation.
    I took my 2 oldest boys ,who are now 48 and 49 years of age, out of the public school system in 1976. The school had introduced the Macos system of study. One of the courses was “Introduction to Witchcraft.” You could go to that grade school every fall and see the student made witchcraft masks and voodoo masks adorning the walls of the hallways. This was in 1976, in a small western suburb of Chicago. Things have only gotten worse with the promotion of sodomy. This problem will not be resolved through the efforts of Republicans and Democrats. They are the ones promoting this evil. This problem will only be solved by God’s people with God’s help. God can only use clean vessles. That is why every Christian should heed the call of 2nd Chronicles 7:14. If America’s Christians will get right with God, God will heal our land. We don’ need government change, we need a spiritual revival among God’s people. Keep up the good work and speak out against evil, publicly, every chance you get. God is on your side. He has already won the victory!

  7. Chris Thompson

    You should have some of the educators here proofread your work before posting it on the internet.

    The last sentence of your 1st paragraph makes no sense and incorrectly uses “taken” when you obviously intended to use the word “taking”…

    Sheesh….you should be complaining about the education you received as a child.

    • Ginger

      Thank you for editing my work. I will correct.

  8. Debra Graf

    I just became aware of CSCOPE today watching a Glenn Beck video with Dan Patrick as one of his guests. Thank you for all you are doing. My granddaughter is in a district that uses CSCOPE, my daughter is livid and is demanding a meeting with the principal of her daughters school. Any tips about how to best handle this? Right now, we’re both hopping mad.

    • Ginger


      I am on vacation at this moment. But if you daughter needs any information from me please don’t hesitate to ask. The grassroots is going to have to stop
      this. My email is gingerdr@sbcglobal.net.

  9. I have browsed your site – came upon it after trying to research core curriculum that has passed in our school district. So far I like what I see. Keep up the good work.

    • Ginger

      Thank you.. What state are you in?

  10. Vicki Leinen

    Ginger, I love your site. I look forward to seeing you tonight at the Rockwall meeting and hope that I will be able to meet you. Finding your site has helped me to see that I am not crazy after all and my district needs to change it’s ways immediately.

  11. Julia King

    I want to thank you for telling the TRUTH. I am so worried about our country and the up coming elections can they be trusted? and why aren’t the people we put in office doing something to stop all of this..??

  12. Bubba

    what is taken(sic) place. Only in Jesus are we free. So that means your God is the only way to be free. What a bunch of pious bigots and idiots

  13. Gerald Key

    The announcement this week by Sen Patrick is a real tribute to you and Janice. Thanks and don’t let up as this road is going to be long and hard.

    • Ginger

      thank you Gerald.. We have come along way but are far from over and probably never will be. Progressive are working feverishly to corrupt our education system.

  14. Ray Deason

    You are so far off base on your redical thinking. You believe CSCOPE is the ultimate fear without researching what is there. I read much of this website and grew weary of your anger and lack of intellectual understanding of ANY educational process. Teaching and instructional activities go together, but you don’t see that. All you see is what you believe believe to be “corruption” in the system. Name calling, lies, trying to instill fear, and groping for weak individuals that you want to entice wit you shallow beliefs of education. Put yourself in the system rather than outside so you can become an unwilling target. There is something wrong with this thinking. I heard MacFarland in Longview and it made me ill at the name calling, lies, misconceptions, etc that I was ashamed to be seen in that meeting because I was afraid they would believe “I was on their side.” The the group, We The People, of Longview said they would post her recorded presentation but that was two months ago and not posted to the website. Credit to you with your radical thought process postings.

    • Ginger

      Mr. Deason,

      I am so sorry we disagree. Have a Blessed Day!

  15. Mark

    Our mind is like a parachute … It works best when open. You should try it.

    • Ginger

      Wow.. you are full of wisdom aren’t you. How is you job at South Belton going for you?

  16. Anne

    Thank you for your article about Engage2Learn. We are struggling with the aftermath of Shannon Burke’s ideology . I would love to see you research and write about training by TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) called “Team of Eight”. It promotes a 7-member school board with the 8th member being the superintendent. It teaches school board members that they should be aligned with the superintendent and should not be accountable or responsive to the voters. It has the result of a superintendent who has no check and balance, no oversight.

    There is alternative school board training by The Center for Reform of School Systems (crss.org) that is free and tries to teach board members a more representative approach.

    I think the “game” that Engage2Learn plays is tied to this “Team of Eight” training by TASB. They both have the goal of grabbing the power and holding it at the superintendent level.

    Thanks for considering researching TASB’s “Team of Eight” training.

  17. locoman

    Just curious whether you can get a list of school districts using “Lead Your Schools” and how much they each paid for it. Distribute that list to lawmakers, newspapers, parent organizations, and news outlets and someone might start doing something about this ridiculous waste of money.

    I read Sean Cain’s book The Fundamental Five and nothing in the book is anything that trained teachers don’t already know from college and teaching experience. The test score increases he claims are due to his program are statistically insignificant and I’m not sure you can actually show that his program is what caused the increases. Give teachers the challenge to improve their schools over all disciplines and I’m pretty sure they could come up with something better.

  18. Craig

    Just curious. I know all about your religious beliefs and your agenda. But just curious, where is your degree from? What educational methods classes have you taken? How long have your worked in the public education system?

    With so much knowledge about how all these things work and teaching methodology, I expect you have some serious credentials.

    • Ginger

      I don’t have discussions with individuals that have to hide their identity.

  19. Temeika

    Hello Ginger, I would like to speak with you regarding your post, “College Readiness Scam”. I teach and would like to know the demographic of your students.
    Before I am judged by my name, as I type, I am listening to Alex Jones. I do not believe in partisanship as it seems to have done nothing more than divide us along social lines that often cannot be rectified through legislation. Of course we have been warned of this by George Washington. However, our congress continue to perpetuate these issues and allow our finances as a whole to be ravaged by anyone within the 1% while we are distracted by issues we have no control over. I said all of this in an effort to avoid being stereotyped.
    Email me and I would like to speak with you and move toward some collaboration in reaching various communities. Thank you.

    • Ginger

      Hi Temekia,

      The article written titled “college Readiness Scam” was written by my mother science author Janice VanCleave, She lives in one of the one of the worst school districts in the state, Marlin ISD.

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