Home Schooling Families Spoke Out Against Teen Curfew in Magnolia, Texas

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Thanks the mass emails from the Texas Home School Coalition and Home School Legal Defense Association, Magnolia City Hall was standing room only at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night, July 8, 2014.  On the meeting agenda was scheduled a public hearing to reinstate a teen curfew ordinance for the city of Magnolia.  The city let the ordinance lapse after now holding a public hearing to reinstate it in 2010. So reality the ordinance was inactive. Home school families showed up in droves to let their voices heard. Many adults gave public comments as well as some of their children. In attendance also was Texas HR Steve Toth who opposed the ordinance as well.

Unanimously the room was  against the day time curfew. The council asked for a show how hands who was against the night-time curfew as well and the majority raised their hands. The city the voted to let the ordinance die.


I would like to personally say I was well pleased with the council and their generosity in allowing any and all who wanted to speak do so. Magnolia  Police Chief, Domingo Ibarra was extremely gracious and showed concern regarding the ordinance as well. MagnoliaCity Administator, Paul Mendes thanked the audience for coming out and for being so well behaved.


The Home School Legal Defense Association is against day-time curfews and outlines why HERE.









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